Chatting with Billy Bell and Ashley Galvan

Ashley and Billy share a hug on the Season 7 set.

As the Season 7 tour came to an end, we caught up with Top 7 finalists Ashley Galvan and Billy Bell. The two chatted about overcoming injuries, dancing with Ade Obayomi, and what the future holds.

You both sustained injuries on the show. How do you remain injury free after performing night after night on tour?
Billy: Healthy diet, lots of physical therapy, icing, heating, massaging.
Ashley: Oh my! I don’t eat healthy at all. It’s grueling hours. You get done with the show and you do Meet & Greets and you don’t get on the bus until midnight and you’re starving. They have after-show food—
Billy: But it’s always like pizza, so it’s hard to eat healthy for sure.
Ashley: Sometimes I get the salads,
Billy: But they’re just not good! You just want pizza!


Catching Up with Lauren and AdéChiké

Season 7 Top 4 finalists Lauren and AdeChike

When Season 7 winner Lauren Froderman and Season 7 finalist AdéChiké Torbert caught up with us on the second-to-last stop of the So You Think You Can Dance tour, the two opened up about their favorite performances, their fans, and their future.

What’s the best part about being on tour, and what are you going to miss about touring?

Lauren: My favorite part has been going and spending every day with these people. It’s been such a blast and I love feeding off of their energy. I feel inspired to dance when I watch all of them because we all bring something totally different, so it’s just been a blessing to be around them every day. I’m gonna miss them the most—them and free food. Four o’clock cookies—we get those every day!


Russell and Jose’s Words to Live By

America's Favorite Dancer, Season 6, Russell Ferguson

Dressed as twins while doing press before the penultimate stop on the So You Think You Can Dance Tour, Season 6 champ Russell Ferguson and Season 7 finalist Jose Ruiz caught up with us. The spiritual street dancers talked about traveling and gave advice to auditioners and fans.


Neil Haskell in West Side Story

Neil Haskell stars as Snowboy in the touring production of West Side Story.

I’m an avid musical theater fan, so when I heard that West Side Story was coming to The Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, I purchased tickets. I sat in my seat and flipped through the Playbill to see if any So You Think You Can Dancers or American Idols were in it, and sure enough I saw a familiar name—Neil Haskell!


Ade and Dominic Get Real

Ade Obayomi and Dominic Sandoval toured the country with SYTYCD.

Season 5’s Ade Obayomi and Season 3’s Dominic Sandoval had the exciting opportunity to travel around the country and perform once again on the So You Think You Can Dance Tour. When I caught up with the duo in Los Angeles, they joked about their favorite things: food, sleep, and dance.


Catching Up With Courtney and Allison

When all-stars Courtney Galiano (Season 4) and Allison Holker (Season 2) performed at L.A.’s Staples Center on their penultimate tour stop,  they opened up to Allison revealed something she’s never told anyone before and Courtney talked about Glee.

When asked what it’s like to get an opportunity to tour the nation once again with So You Think You Can Dance, Courtney and Allison said that it has been amazing. Dancers don’t often get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a huge production like this, the girls explained.


So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 Tour

The Season 7 stars toured the nation all autumn long.

I have yet to miss a So You Think You Can Dance tour, and I anxiously waited for the Season 7 tour to roll into my hometown. The Season 7 Top 7, plus special all-star guests, rolled into Los Angeles on their penultimate tour stop.


Vote for Cat

Vote for Cat Deeley in the poll.

So You Think You Can Dance’s host with the most, Cat Deeley, has been nominated and voted into the final round of Entertainment Weekly’s “Most Under-Appreciated Entertainer of 2010.” readers nominated Cat amongst 64 other competitors—and now she’s in the Top 4! Let’s pull together and vote for Cat.


Vote for So You Think You Can Dance

Kent and Lauren eagerly anticipate the results

The nominees for PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2011 were announced this morning. And thanks to all of the fans who voted, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is an official nominee in the category of Favorite Competition Show.


tWitch Boss Guest Stars on BONES

tWitch guest stars on BONES, Nov. 4 at 8/7c on FOX.

Season 4 runner-up and Season 7 all-star Stephen “tWitch” Boss guest stars on FOX’s Bones this week. tWitch plays a street dancer named Russell who becomes a murder suspect that Brennan and Booth must investigate. In the video clip below, tWitch says that he plays the “arrogant” version of himself as a battle dancer, but that So You Think You Can Dance fans will see a different side of him. The episode is named “The Man With No Bones” after the fluidity with which tWitch dances.