So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Auditions Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What time should I line up?

The show starts taping out in line by sunrise.  Everyone in line will be seen and we do not encourage anyone to arrive too early or sleep out in line.


2)  What do I need to bring with me?

Be sure to print out all the necessary registration forms off and fill them out ahead of time.  Also bring snacks and water, your individual solo music on a CD, and dance shoes you’re comfortable in.


3)  Can I bring guests?

For your initial audition, guests will NOT be allowed inside the building.  If you make it to a callback day, then guests will be allowed to attend.  The amount of guests may be limited by venue capacity.


4)  Are callbacks more than one day and is it in a different location?

The remaining audition dates for SYTYCD Season 10 are as follows; Boston, MA, FEB 28. Memphis, TN, MARCH 14. Los Angeles, CA, MARCH 22.  See location details at  You must attend one of the above listed dates to be considered for a callback.  If you make it past Day 1 of auditions in your selected city, you will need to be prepared to stay for an additional 2-4 days for callbacks.  Auditions can last the entire day, so be prepared.  If you make it through to callbacks, information regarding your callback day and location will be provided then.


5)  What exactly does the audition process entail?

Come to the audition with an individual and unique solo that best shows off your dance abilities.  Every audition experience is different, but there are multiple rounds where you will either have to dance improvisation to music we choose, and/or perform to a track of your choice.


There will also be many on camera interviews, taped dancing stations, as well as form stations, music stations and producer interviews you will have to go through depending on how far you make it.


6)  What should I wear?

You should plan on wearing dance attire and come with a look that you think best represents yourself for an on camera audition.  NO LOGOS, NO SPORTS TEAMS OR ANY OTHER COPYRIGHTED BRAND.


7)  Will I have time to warm-up?

You will have plenty of warning before you dance and you will have time to stretch and warm-up.


8 )  How long will the audition days last?

The initial audition and callback will be two separate days and both auditions are an ALL DAY process.


9)  Will there be any breaks?

Aside from a lunch break, there are no breaks throughout the day.  Bring enough water and snacks for a whole day.  Only snacks that do not need refrigeration and can fit in your bag will be allowed in the venue.  No food or drinks are provided by the show.  There will be no in-and-out privileges from the venue until the designated lunch break.


10)  What if the weather is bad?

Be prepared to be outside in line for a few hours as cameras will be filming before you enter the venue.  Dress appropriately for the weather in that city.  If conditions become too extreme, we will take necessary action to get the line out of the elements quickly.


11)  How long should my solo be if I get to perform in front of the judges?

There is no time limit to your solo.  The judges will stop you when they think they have seen enough.


33 comments on “So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Auditions Frequently Asked Questions“

  1. mary - wrote:

    When will the first episode of season 10 be aired? Has date be set? I can’t wait!

    2/6/2013 12:05 PM UTC

  2. Ginger - wrote:

    What is the age range for auditions?

    2/6/2013 12:13 PM UTC

  3. Mario - wrote:

    I thought it was extinct? When is the next audition and where?..

    2/6/2013 12:29 PM UTC

  4. Bonnie Looney - wrote:

    When is going to be on again

    2/7/2013 11:40 AM UTC

  5. Cherelle - wrote:

    If i did make it what do people do about your job/income i have a family two kids and a home plus a job

    2/7/2013 12:49 PM UTC

  6. Tamara Dawson - wrote:

    I live in Canada with full Canadian citizenship. What steps do I need to take in order to audition for So You Think You Can Dance in the US next year when I’m 18?

    2/7/2013 4:41 PM UTC

  7. Davide Barros - wrote:

    Is there any way i can audition if im 17 and will be 18 a month after ? Please please !?

    2/8/2013 2:52 PM UTC

  8. Zandra Thomas - wrote:

    I am attending Detroit auditions this week. The website says they are Monday Feb. 11 at St. Andrews Hall. Nigel tweeted that auditions will be Tuesday and Wednesday at the Fillmore Theater. Which info is correct? Could you please clear it up for me!? Thanks!

    2/8/2013 6:41 PM UTC

  9. christina dufor - wrote:

    If you get a ticket to vegas, what is the exact date you’l be flying to vegas?

    2/9/2013 10:08 AM UTC

  10. bboyiq - wrote:

    what is the lastest time someone can audition, if they cant make it to the 8:00 am registration?

    2/9/2013 2:18 PM UTC

  11. jen - wrote:

    I have a dancer that will be 18 July 5. Can she audition in Detroit next week?

    2/10/2013 12:15 PM UTC

  12. jasmine - wrote:

    Is there a limit for numbers of people in group auditions?

    2/11/2013 8:07 AM UTC

  13. Dee Alerre - wrote:

    You don’t have auditions dates for this year in Atl,ga or Florida????

    2/12/2013 10:51 AM UTC

  14. Johanna - wrote:

    Can groups audition for this show?

    2/13/2013 1:52 PM UTC

  15. Kevin Lau - wrote:

    looking forward to this

    2/17/2013 12:52 AM UTC

  16. Liesl Jaye - wrote:

    i cant find the registration forms. please help

    2/17/2013 6:11 PM UTC

  17. Bo - wrote:

    Are we allowed to start out solo at any time of the song, or does it have to start from the beginning of the song?

    Example: If my solo starts at 1:30 and ends at 2:15

    2/20/2013 7:06 AM UTC

  18. kelly - wrote:


    2/23/2013 9:19 AM UTC

  19. Cassie Hebert - wrote:

    What is the age limit!

    2/24/2013 11:45 AM UTC

  20. T Sturdivant - wrote:

    Nigal, How about making a show with the Choreographers? We love, love, love them!
    Use the dancers we all know and love from the show and then vote for the Choreographers. That would be so cool.
    And what about American Best Dance crew? When is it comming on? Will you please do a Jr show and keep the babies out of the big kids class?
    Thanks for all the great intertainment you give us.
    What do you all think?

    2/27/2013 2:34 PM UTC

  21. Julian - wrote:

    If we wanted to dance with a partner, do they have to be non-participants, or can we both audition together?

    2/28/2013 7:30 PM UTC

  22. steven duberstine - wrote:

    I just can’t wait to get up there in give it my all!!! This is something i love doing and it’s my dream.

    3/3/2013 10:50 AM UTC

  23. steven duberstine - wrote:

    I just can’t wait to get up there an give it my all!!! This is something i love doing and it’s my dream.
    now i have this grate opportunity too show the talant that my God has given me.A DREAM COME TRUE.thank you for your time and consideration and my GOD,bless us all.

    3/3/2013 12:20 PM UTC

  24. Krystyna Sevilla - wrote:

    I can not wait when the new season start again.?

    3/6/2013 7:19 PM UTC

  25. Sandy Landrum - wrote:

    What is the minimum age to audition?

    3/19/2013 8:13 PM UTC

  26. Cathy - wrote:

    This is my favorite show, by far but, I was really disappointed with last seasons new format and “rushed” season. I felt a little ripped off. If Cat and Nigel have so many other pressing engagements, why should the fans suffer?

    3/21/2013 12:07 PM UTC

  27. cynthia - wrote:

    i wanna audition are there gunna be any more audition dates comming up ?

    4/9/2013 8:59 PM UTC

  28. mary - wrote:

    what is the youngest age u can audition for on the show?

    4/22/2013 9:53 AM UTC

  29. mary - wrote:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4/22/2013 9:54 AM UTC

  30. Paul.W - wrote:

    after making it through to Vegas exactly when do we leave / fly out how long does it take from the last city audition?

    4/22/2013 12:06 PM UTC

  31. diana - wrote:

    hey im Diana and im a Canadian citizen i live in Israel can i call someone to find out more about the auditions ?

    4/25/2013 5:18 AM UTC

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