Voting Update

Voting didn't take place on 9/5, but it will resume on 9/11.

You may have noticed while watching Wednesday, September 5′s Top 6 performance show of So You Think You Can Dance that no voting numbers were given out. Voting did not happen because there will be no results next week. On Tuesday, September 11, your Top 4 dancers – Eliana Girard, Tiffany Maher, Cyrus Spencer, and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp – will dance for your votes one last time. Then, on September 18, America’s Favorite Dancers will be revealed in the Season 9 finale.

Who will you vote for next week?

Watch Season 9 performances.


95 comments on “Voting Update“

  1. Kariqui - wrote:

    Respectfully but at the same equal time absolutely ashamed, I must say the following…
    Tonight Mr.Nigel himself, has committed an another huge error with his ridicule comments…unfortunately, he opened his big mouth against the most adorable, humble, sweet, grateful human being ever…CYRUS!!!
    This evening Cyrus was extraordinarily magnificent as well as more excited than ever before. His last performance has shown us all how talented he is…there he wasready to hear the judges one final time and again…there Nigel was with his lack of care, kindness, so rude and pathetically absurd (forgive me sir) telling him his unnecessary ideas about the way

    9/11/2012 7:20 PM UTC

  2. Patty Rizzi - wrote:

    I appreciate and enjoy most of the judges’ feedback most of the time. However, Nigel surprises and upsets me with some of his misguided, prejudicial comments. For example, he told Cyrus upon his last dance performance that he would not vote for him in the finals, because he favored Chehon who has many more years of dance training. This comment was given at the end of the show right after Cyrus and Twitch performed a sterling automated dance number. I believe, Nigel should have only given feedback about Cyrus’s performance, and not compared him to another dancer at that point. He could have told Chehon during one of his dance numbers that he would vote for him because of his many years of dance training instead of waiting to say this to Cyrus. I was all set to vote for Chehon even though I loved Cyrus’s dancing and seeing him blossom during the competition. But when Nigel voiced this opinion, it made me decide to vote for Cyrus just to spite him. I wish Nigel would exercise some self restraint at times, especially when his opinion is not constructive, but a slap in the face to contestants. We don’t need judges to be telling dancers that they like so and so better! Thumbs down on insensitive Nigel.

    9/11/2012 7:27 PM UTC

  3. Kariqui (2) - wrote:

    …That he was going to vote…
    How silly, low class, repulsive way to behave…
    Mr. Nigel, sir…the American Nation is the one that’s going to decide…you sir, don’t have any right to erroneously guide people to vote somebody else…you sir, shouldn’t say what you said…aren’t you British after all? Your people is known by their manners…you sir, respectfully…don’t have any!!!
    I hope that Cyrus Win!!!
    Cyrus this great nation adores you and want you to win.
    Mr.Nigel…apologize to Cyrus…he deserves it!!!

    9/11/2012 7:31 PM UTC

  4. Elena - wrote:


    9/11/2012 7:44 PM UTC

  5. Andres - wrote:

    Nigel you did it again old man…
    Shame on you…how DARE YOU talking to Cyrus in such an ugly way…go it an apologize to HIM nationwide.
    You ARE a sick old individual full of yourself…be kind, simple, humble like Cyrus and people will Like you.

    9/11/2012 7:50 PM UTC

  6. Gforce508 - wrote:

    Why do the dance snobs not “get” this show? Considering the large portion of the country that watches SYTYCD, most of us are not professional dancers and have not taken formal training. This is where America’s FAVORITE dancer comes in. I have no idea if someone’s feet are correct in a ballroom dance. I do have an idea whether or not someone has a personality. The format this year kinda sucked, but I don’t think they could do anything about it. If Fox didn’t give them a second slot, then they had to work around it. It’s not really their fault, and while it wasn’t my favorite way of doing things, they did the best they could, I’m sure. I love the All Stars. Definitely keep them. I agree with a prior comment that you should have a special show with just All Stars in it as a showcase. Yes, I will be voting for my favorite dancers. Eliana is fun, bubbly, and her legs are ridiculous. Cyrus may not be the best all-around dancer, but his personality is off the charts. I don’t care if Chehon (sp?) has better technique. His personality is dry as mud. I could watch Cyrus for hours. If you don’t like it that he got this far…vote…and quit whining.

    9/11/2012 7:50 PM UTC

  7. Eva - wrote:

    I have watched the show since season two and absolutely love it but have been quite dissapointed this year and only because of CYRUS. I find it extremely upsetting and offensive to the rest of the dancers that Cyrus gets praises for horrible dancing. Yes, he is great at what he does but is no where near the same level as the rest of the contestants. He should have gone home in week 1. You know is bad when all the choreographers have to change their routines because Cyrus can’t dance. IT’S DISTURBING!!

    9/11/2012 7:52 PM UTC

  8. Jennifer - wrote:

    I happen to love SYTYCD I dont care about the format you still get to see the dancers do their thing. All this hatin on Cyrus is shameful i for one will be voting for him you guys act like it is the shows fault for him bein there its not America has voted for him every week he has not been in the bottom at all I give mad props to him he has done nothing but grow as a dancer on that show and if you guys cant see that you are ignorant. Can’t wait for Season 10

    9/11/2012 8:04 PM UTC

  9. Rachel - wrote:

    Wow- feel totally different about it. I really don’t mind the new format (as someone else said- at least it’s not taking up 2 nights of my week), and the ONLY reason I actually made it through a full season of this show was because of Cyrus- his style is new, different, and makes the show so much more interesting than it has been the last few years where so many dancers were almost indistinguishable. As said over and over, it’s not about `best dancer in multiple genres`- and arguably, when compared on each of their individual genres, he is the best at what he does. Sorry to the haters, but obviously a lot of people (considering he`s still there) support Cyrus being on the show- he`s definitely made the season for me (along with Cole).

    9/11/2012 8:40 PM UTC

  10. Marleen - wrote:

    I thought that the 9/11/12 show was terrific and was really on a high until Nigel’s remark to Cyrus at the end. If you are going to vote, my friend, make it YOUR OWN business. Your remarks to Cyrus we akin to political bullying meant to sway voters. Of course Chean is a fantastic dancer and deserves to go through, but hope your remark doesn’t work like reverse psychology and lose it for him – hope everyone ignores you and votes for their favorite with no influence from you!!!

    9/11/2012 9:28 PM UTC

  11. Rachelle - wrote:

    I am a huge fan of the show and I’ve watched every season. This is my first time writing you but I felt it was necessary after tonight’s show. It upset me to hear how many times Nigel made comments about who his favorites are or who he would vote for. This competition isn’t about Nigel… I felt that his comment in regards to Cyrus was inappropriate and unnecessary. It’s up to the public viewers to decide who they want to vote for. Nigel’s job is to critique the performance-not to provide personal biases. I love both Cyrus and Chehon for their own particular gifts. My plan was to vote for Chehon because his performances moved me but then after I heard Nigel insult Cyrus, my heart ached for him. Nigel frequently states that this show isn’t about “the best dancer,” it’s about “America’s favorite dancer.” If that’s true, then Nigel’s comments after the last performance, were unnecessary. Let America decide.

    9/11/2012 9:36 PM UTC

  12. sharizzles - wrote:

    It’s amazing to me that so many comments posted here are direct attacks at Cyrus, and yet he remained the ONLY dancer to stay out of the bottom 3.
    Maybe if all of you Negative Nancy’s had exercised your voting ability as well as your b-tching ability, that wouldn’t have been the case?
    The skinny: Cyrus may not have spent his whole life training to be a dancer, and sure there are areas in which he could use some improvement, but to say that he is “talentless” or a “wiggler” (wtf that means, I have no idea), or, my personal favorite, “an insult to all the other dancers”, is mindless and irrational prattle.
    There are many types of dance, and to chastise Cyrus’ abilities based on your own subjective views of what classifies as “real” dance is no better than those who call rap or hip-hop artists “not real musicians”. Take your myopic beliefs elsewhere.
    I’d challenge any of you to be able to move like he can. Or demonstrate such a stage presence and remarkable likeability that he exudes. Dancing is more than just pirouetting and jumping. It takes personality, dedication, and passion. While I believe that Chehon is a fantastic dancer, I don’t think his personality shines through like Cyrus’.
    As for the judges, they didn’t control Cyrus’ presence in the top 4, AMERICA did. So the petty judgments aimed at them are irrelevant. And, to be honest, the dancers who some of you have referred to as “far far better” than Cyrus probably are *better* in technique… but shouldn’t they be? After all, they’ve been dancing their whole lives. If they truly were spectacular, why on Earth are they on a basic cable TV program trying to prove it? Why aren’t they auditioning for actual dance positions? If they weren’t good enough to be noticed before, what makes them think America will notice them?


    9/11/2012 9:40 PM UTC

  13. Krystyna - wrote:

    The most brilliant Dancers I have ever seen, withone exception, Cyrus. Wonderful guy and deserves to be trained but to watch trully amazing Dancers leave as he was voted through week aftere week, well……I beg to differ with Nigel, this is NOT called America’s Favorite Dancer and if Cyrus wins a great injustice will have been done to those brilliant dancers who have trained for years to compete at world class levels.

    9/11/2012 10:00 PM UTC

  14. Bessie - wrote:

    Ive been a loyal fan of sytycd from the beginning and find the show very inspiring. Was a little disappointed in Nigel’s comments to Cyrus in the end and a little distressing. He’s entitled to his opinion as an expert and judge, and ive always welcomed his constructuve criticism, but I think went a little far when he told Cyrus he wasn’t getting his vote for personal reasons. No need to sway America’s vote in that manner.

    9/11/2012 10:49 PM UTC

  15. susie - wrote:

    i agree with the other comments about the new format. The one thing that I do like about it is the fact that the judges can “save”dancers from elimination. I loved the fact that the dancers had to perform dances from past seasons. Dances that were “not” created for their particular talents. Although it is truly amazing that Cyrus is still on the show.!! it is also amazing what he has been able to absorb and continue to perform. However, he was not judged as critically as the other dancers. Would he have survived if he had to perform the “kiss of death” dances like the quick step, waltz. lyric contemporary dance or any other dance that required any sense of line or form? Some of the dances he performed consisted of lifts and movements within his vocabulary. He does perform with intensity and raw emotion, but many more talented dancers were eliminated because of him which I find disturbing.

    9/11/2012 10:55 PM UTC

  16. Teresa - wrote:

    I also have been a faithfull viewer for years and I love the new format of the show, its good they changed it up a little so it wasn’t so repetive of past shows, YES a lot of truely amazing talent this season. But all top 10 will do well, and personally I adore Cyrus, he is amazing at what he does and how he has adapted to all the other styles. for being self taught in his own style which is amazing to watch,!! sometimes its heartwarming to see the underdog win by sheer personality , hard work and determination.

    9/11/2012 10:58 PM UTC

  17. Barbra - wrote:

    Well…don’t worry Nygel’s comment will assure that Cyrus is not the winner…but remember all twitch was not a dancer either and now look at him…I don’t think it would be a sin if Cyrus did win…and I hate the new format and think that it is not fair to the dancers to make them dance and they may already be voted off.

    9/12/2012 12:54 AM UTC

  18. Rachel - wrote:

    I love the show, and while I did not really like this years’ format the show was still enjoyable and I the performance finale was wonderful. I must say that while Nigel has been very supportive of all the dancers this year, I was somewhat disappointed by his final comment regarding who he was going to vote for and why. He has every right to his opinion but it did not need to be said on air. Cheon is an amazing dancer and has worked hard at dancing to get there. Cyrus may not technically be as good or polished but he is an amazing performer and he is – despite what others say – a dancer. While he may not have “worked hard” at dancing his whole life, what we have seen of him indicates that he has worked hard to become the man he is today. His work ethic, outlook on life, and ability to expect new challenges eagerly and positvely are all things that he has worked his whole life to develop and what make him the man and dancer he is today.

    9/12/2012 1:35 AM UTC

  19. Antoniya - wrote:

    I can’t believe that Cyrus might win! He is charming and I am sure he has to handle a lot of pressure being the least experienced of them all, but there is no doubt in my mind that quite a few of the eliminated dancers were noticeably better than him. There has to be a problem with the system if he ends up winning over Chehon too.

    9/12/2012 4:41 AM UTC

  20. Lisa - wrote:

    I too disliked the new, disjointed format of revealing those voted off immediately AFTER they’ve just danced often their best dances, and found it very frustrating. I also greatly preferred having the guest choreographers as judges to the celebrity guests – I just can’t take them seriously and don’t find them as interesting and informative.

    Furthermore, while we all know Nigel thinks he can do and say no wrong, I found it very unprofessional and disheartening when he gave his little speech to Cyrus last night. I’ve felt all season that he and Mary both have made a point of reminding him that he’s not a REAL dancer. He knows that, we know that, just do your jobs and offer constructive criticism, not digs. I loved Cole, and probably would have voted for him to win. But right or wrong Cyrus is still there, and while I hope to see Chehon and Eliana win, it kills me to hear and read all these condemnations when we should be encouraging and building up these young people. Shame on you.

    9/12/2012 4:50 AM UTC

  21. Watcher - wrote:

    I have been watching SYTYCD since season 4 and have always enjoyed it except for this season. The new format is terrible but the worst thing is the voting. You can vote as many times a s you want for two hours. With the fast redail you can get with most phones one person can easily pump out 500 to 700 votes in the two hours. Plus they now have an app for voting. A dedicated supporter can use multiple devices and pump out thousands of votes. I know because I have done it. It’s a really dumb an unjust voting system. You should get a maximum of two or three votes per telephone number or device.

    9/12/2012 6:05 AM UTC

  22. Leslie - wrote:

    The new format is fine…..although I think it’s cruel to send dancers home based on what they did LAST week, when they may have turned in the performance of a lifetime THIS week.

    My husband & I are fans from the beginning…..however, we were appalled at Nigel’s speech to Cyrus at the end of the show. Whether or not she SHOULD be here at this point, he IS! Nigel’s remarks about why he would not vote for Cyrus were totally inappropriate. He was covertly telling America to voate for Chehon (who we also love) because of the years of preparation v. Cyrus’ being a quick study and infectious personality…..this is America’s FAVORITE dancer… Nigel has noted a number of times. Bad show on Nigel! BTW…I will be happy for any of these fine young dancers to win.

    9/12/2012 7:08 AM UTC

  23. Lalisa Edwards - wrote:

    I think Nigel was out of line for saying what he did to Cyrus. I think who he’s voting for should have not been told on national television. Although Cyrus hasn’t ever taken a dance class, his charm and sweet nature has sailed him through this competition. He has never told anyone in the past who he would be voting for and this to me was out of line. Just as much out of line as last year when he told the boys there would be a girl to win the competition. America has a right to their opinion and I respect that, but all the negative comments about Cyrus is truly unfair. There are many times in the past that very good dancers were voted off and Cyrus isnt any different. That’s why I feel no matter what, despite Nigel’s antics and some of the viewers, he will win, Hands Down!!! Talent is talent, its just that simpled. He is just the favorite of the season. Be prepared because he will be there for a very long time. Many Blessings to you, Cyrus!!!!!!

    9/12/2012 7:46 AM UTC

  24. pam - wrote:

    Not sure where to post these two comments:
    1.) Not a fan, AT ALL, of this season’s show format. Please bring back the format from previous seasons. Much more satisfying.
    2.) Shame on Nigel for his comment to Cyrus last night (Sept. 11th…last 4 contestants). I was startled and very surprised that he was so candid. There was no
    need for him to prejudice public comment like that. Who needs to know how he would vote, especially when he didn’t do the same for the women? By coming out so bluntly, it embarrassed poor Cyrus and it was an obvious attempt to sway the nation’s vote. I think he is so afraid that Cyrus might actually win that he had to do something to see that didn’t happen. I hope and assume he’ll apologize to Cyrus next week, but it’ll be too late then, won’t it?

    9/12/2012 7:49 AM UTC

  25. Debbie - wrote:

    What a cop out Nigel is. He invited Cyrus on to the show. He basically was giving his disclaimer by telling Cyrus he would not be voting for him because he couldn’t take the bit**ing about having Cyrus on the show. No Cyrus is not the best dancer but he is clearly is one of the most loved. Why would Nigel bring him on the show to sh*t on him? He didn’t have to put him on in the first place, so since he did, he needed to stand by his decision. PATHETIC.

    9/12/2012 8:53 AM UTC

  26. Threnda - wrote:

    Fox has given us an absolute pleasure with this program. I am always so sad when it is finale time. The dancers are truly magical and the choreography is fabulous. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this season and I love everything about the show, the lighting the stage the judges the format, Cat and most of all the true hearts of the these dancers that we know LOVE to DANCE.

    9/12/2012 9:48 AM UTC

  27. Amy - wrote:

    Very sad Nigel that you would use your judge position to attempt to influence the viewers to not vote for Cyrus. You remind viewers all season that we vote for our favorite dancer. Than you switch it up by suggesting that Cyrus does not deserve to be the winner. It was rude to say that at all. To top it off it was to Cyrus and on TV. You have sealed the fate of these dancers but choosing your favorites and throwing out that title so easily. Hopefully you retract your statement even with the results complete. This may be a show from your seat but these are people lives and futures. Your comments should take that into consideration. Maybe the voters judged for themselves. But who knows I could be a fan because of how the show decided to show him off. Its very disappointing how out of touch this show has become.

    9/12/2012 11:08 AM UTC

  28. Stephen - wrote:

    Not too sure when this will be posted….today is the day AFTER the performance finale. Have been a faithful follower since season 1…..I hold Nigel in high esteem for what he has accomplished for the arts in America..especially in the public schools…and he judges and critiques fairly for the most part…because let’s face it…he is knowledgeable… however..I consider the comment proffered by him last night about who he was or who he wasn’t voting for to be deplorable……..after Cyrus’ performance w/Twitch… was not appropriate and the subject should NOT have been broached… has not been the 1st time he has said something he has had to apologize for on the next show…….for ALL of the propping up Simon has done to champion Cyrus’ cause… was felled with one tasteless swoop of ill-timed personal opinion.

    9/12/2012 4:13 PM UTC

  29. Glenn - wrote:

    This season was awesome….The performance finale was one to remember.
    The draw back was Nigel’s comment to Cyrus that he wouldn’t get his vote was totally un-called for and quite SMUG. Cyrus didn’t deserve that on National television. I guess a producer can do what they want no matter how Glib of a comment.

    9/12/2012 5:38 PM UTC

  30. Marie - wrote:

    I prefer the old format, but wasn’t as bothered as most by this new one. I do like the choice of guest judges this year, and the choreographers were great. What disappoints me is Nigel’s final comments about Cyrus. To have that be the last words as a judge to end the season is deplorable. It’s absolutely shameful. You don’t cut someone down after he lasted against all odds. At the very last dance, very last comment. Talk about negativity. Love the show. For shame, Nigel. For shame. So Cyrus may be America’s FAVORITE dancer (as you keep saying throughout the show) and not the beautifully technical Chehon. It’s the way you set up the show. Don’t skew the votes. And don’t tear down the raw talent. Nigel–as a teacher, dancer, judge and human being, you officially disgust me.

    9/12/2012 6:02 PM UTC

  31. B - wrote:

    I love so you think you can dance, been watching from the first season. I am totally disgusted by the comment made by Nigel to Cyrus after that wonderful performance with Twitch. Cyrus is not the most technical dancer but if he had all the training that the other dancers had….trust me he would be world class. Cyrus is an inspiration for all the young dancers who may not have had the money or opportunity to have dance classes and train from a young age but he shows that with talent and dedication and humbleness you can go a long way. I thought he danced spectacular in the finale and he proved that he is there to learn when all his other house mates gave up…he continued. Cyrus you are an inspiration to people all over the world and not just America. Love u and continue dancing from the heart.

    9/12/2012 8:43 PM UTC

  32. Terri - wrote:

    Okay, really Nigel? What a way to change the energy of a great performance by Cyrus and Twitch. I’m okay with you having your favorites or praising for technique but deciding to stop the momentum of a great moment for Cyrus was a low blow. All season you praise him only to tell him after his final performance he’s not worth your vote. You should have kept that to yourself, the other judges had no problem showing humility and keeping their voting preferences to themselves. Your comments may have very well backfired and cost Chehon votes. Unfortunately I had a hard time trying to determine if Chehon could show emotion because his partnering was never believable. Though he is a great technical dancer he lack the ability to show why he should be America’s favorite dancer (technique and personality).

    Nigel next time humble yourself and vote quietly, Mary did.

    9/12/2012 9:15 PM UTC

  33. Julie - wrote:

    The whole Cyrus thing… I don’t blame Nigel for his last comment. The entire season Cyrus has been given this very likable image. He has not been judged with the same standards as all of the other dancers. He’s only ever been praised for improving. And that’s great that he’s improved! Nothing against Cyrus, he is an awesome dude, and Nigel SAID THAT. Cyrus is his favorite PERSON. Which is true, Cyrus is fantastic. And while he is amazing at his own style, put him next to any of the other dancers in any other style and he is just not as skilled. He shouldn’t win a competitive dance show. All of the dances he’s been in have been made simpler to make him look good (or even for him to be able to actually do them). And Cyrus KNOWS. I feel like Cyrus wasn’t offended by Nigel’s comment. Guys, Cyrus is already in the top 10. He’s going on tour. He clearly has a future in dance. He’s only going to improve. But Chehon. He is already so… He’s THERE. And Cyrus is GETTING there. I’m glad Cyrus was able to get this far and have this experience, but the show is about dancing. And Chehon definitely has the upper hand in that department.

    And honestly, I kind of really hated watching dancers get booted off who were clearly more skilled. It’s not Cyrus’s fault. Maybe Nigel shouldn’t have said anything because now I think people are going to try to prove him wrong or something. And that stinks. Because Chehon has to win. Otherwise there’s something wrong with this show and I’ll have a hard time getting myself to watch the next season.

    Love ‘em both. But my vote went to Chehon.

    9/12/2012 10:08 PM UTC

  34. Linda - wrote:

    I agree with the previous posters, Nigels comments that he wouldn’t be voting for Cyrus, was in such bad taste, and he really should apologize for it. Never have i seen a dancer with such passion and commitment at Cyrus.

    9/13/2012 10:49 AM UTC

  35. Judy - wrote:

    I totally agree that Nigel was totally out of line. I also fee that any of the employees of the show should be barred from voting and that “America” should have a limited number of votes per phone number.

    9/13/2012 12:24 PM UTC

  36. raz - wrote:

    I wonder if anyone has given thought to the fact that Nigel is well aware of his power of persuasion… and that he fully anticipates everyone to do the exact opposite of what he stated he would do. I haven’t had opportunity to watch it yet, but I have noticed a pattern in the voting as compared to what the Judges comments are. I believe they know exactly what they are doing when they make the negative comments, and as someone above stated, it is a form (albeit a bad form) of reverse psychology. This is not about America’s BEST Dancer, it is about America’s FAVORITE Dancer. Most of the people voting 1.) are not professional dancers so don’t give two hoots about technique and 2.) are casting multiple votes (which shouldn’t be allowed) for their favorite personality. So, you can imagine that Cyrus will probably be on top because everyone loves him, everyone loves the underdog, and although Cyrus is very talented, he is up against some pretty tough competition. That being said, he has more than likely taken some personal time during all of this competition to get some lessons to be able to keep up with everyone else. He has given all of himself in every performance and I just don’t see that choreographers necessarily had to lower their standards just for him. I like him. I think he’s astounded that he has made it this far. And I don’t think he’s going to let it go to his head if he wins. I’m happy, though, that if his competition wins, Cyrus will still be on tour. He deserves that.

    9/13/2012 5:33 PM UTC

  37. WGB - wrote:

    For the most part I truly enjoy Nigel’s contributions to the show, however on the last broadcast he completely CROSSED the line for me!!!! All season long he has been spouting show policy that SYTYCD is NOT to find the BEST dancers but rather the audience’s FAVORITE. Nigel, what in the world was that speech about not being able to vote for or support Cyrus’s efforts!?!?!?!? Firstly, how can you as a judge make such a judgmental pontification??? Not only do you owe Cyrus an apology but you owe the audience an apology for interjecting yourself into their considerations! This is the one thing that could make me question the integrity of the voting when you so overtly try and influence the outcome!

    9/14/2012 2:58 PM UTC

  38. Michele - wrote:

    I agree with alot of the other comments about Nygel and his rude uncalled for comments to Cyrus.I think it was totally uncalled for and did not need to be said on air about who he would vote for! My boyfriend and i have been watching for years and cannot remember a judge even talking about voting we didn’t even know they voted! Cyrus did not deserve that,he definitely deserves a apology!

    9/15/2012 4:45 AM UTC

  39. Karen - wrote:

    I didn’t see the episode where Nigel apparently discredited Cyrus, but I ‘ve seen all the the others where he praised Cyrus for his passion, no matter how inferior he was as a dancer compared to the others. I believe Nigel selected Cyrus from the very start as a popularity symbol of the season, and decided he was going to praise Cyrus, whether Cryus picked up a variety of styles or not! Cyrus has star quality because of his personality (and maybe because of his earrings), but certainly not because of his mastery of a variety of dance styles. Usually dancers are cut before Vegas if they can’t do styles other than their specialty. But for some reason, Nigel decided Cyrus would add to SYTYCD’s ratings and neglected to mention Cyrus’ weaknesses (except in the episode I didn’t get to see). I know we are looking for AMERICA’s FAVORITE DANCER, not AMERICA’s BEST DANCER. And FAVORITE, yes, I can see Cyrus being that. But he should at least be able to compete with the other dancers in a variety of styles, And Nigel, really, when responding to Eliana and Cheon’s Pas de Deux from the Nutcracker: “I’ve never seen that number before…” Even people who know nothing about dance have probably seen that famous piece of music! Although ballet is not your specialty, it seems odd to me you’re not at least familiar with this cornerstone of dance. Should you really be a dance judge?

    9/15/2012 6:15 AM UTC

  40. Julia - wrote:

    First I need to say that I love, love to watch Chehon dance…WOW….Is he good! He flies through the air….Now, you also have Cyrus in competition with Chehon for the finale….What a joke. Cyrus may be sweet, have a good personality (although I have never seen it), etc…But he cannot dance any other style than his own. He is great…at his own style and that is all! On one show, Mary’s critique of Cyrus was..And I quote.”Cyrus, I just luv ya.” That’s pretty hilarious….And that says it all about the judging and comments to Cyrus….What it did say is that from now on…..When they are choosing who to be on the show, the dancers only have to be good in one style…and that is it….There can be no more comments about “I’m not sure how your going to be in the other genre’s.” That ends…The reason Nigel said what he did to Cyrus is because behind the scenes, Nigel is catching crap about how he has promoted a dancer throughout the competition who cannot dance….And that’s it in a nutshell……It has been the biggest disappointment of any show this year….I have always looked forward to the show, but now I know it is unfairly judged, biased, and unfair to the dancers who can really dance…….I will not be watching next season as the competition has been reduced to being a joke….I will watch the finale and Chehon better win…..I WILL BE VOTING FOR CHEHON!

    9/15/2012 6:31 AM UTC

  41. Miss B - wrote:

    Nigel was totally out of line.. it should be a rule for judges not to say who they’re favourites are n put others down like he did.. its just not.. I think Cyrus is a quick learner it’s great.. win or lose though they have both have a bright future ahead.. so well done to both.. but no one criticize Cyrus he can dance.. n I believe the title doesn’t specifically say Wat kind.. thing is some people don’tlike change it’s sad.. so Mr Nigel.. next time hold your tongue..

    9/15/2012 9:04 AM UTC

  42. Nita - wrote:

    First of all, thank you to SYTYCD for showcasing dancers with limitations. It shows that dance can inspire all people.
    Second, since voting is out of your hands Nigel, why on earth would you try to sway the vote by your comments to Cyrus. Shame on you. This isn’t Dancing with the Star or the X Factor where the judges are full of themselves – This show is about the dancer, the dance, and inspiring future dancers. When it gets political, then it’s time to turn it off. Please, if you care anything about your audience change the show back the way it was. There is nothing wrong with critique but keep your opinions to yourself.

    9/16/2012 4:10 AM UTC

  43. torri - wrote:

    Nigel – ick! That was just plain ugly. It doesn’t matter who you think should win and you may have swayed the vote just by convincing people they have to prove what you say doesn’t matter!

    9/17/2012 12:14 PM UTC

  44. toni - wrote:

    I hope next season Nigel learns to keep his big mouth and opinions to himself about who is the best and who he will vote for. He stuck his foot in his mouth last season and did it again with his egotistical comments about not voting for Cyrus. That was piss poor Nigel – America will vote for their FAVORITE dancer inspite of what you say. I was hoping Chehon would win but your stupid comments may have cost him a landslide of sympathy votes for Cyrus! Maybe you need to sit out next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9/17/2012 9:41 PM UTC

  45. gloria - wrote:

    I was so upset that Cyrus didn’t win & I blame Nigel for it. To stand up & tell Cyrus what a great dancer he is & how far he has come but “I am not voting for you”. Nigel that was mean & rude of you to tell him that. You owe him an apology & I hope that Cyrus will go far & I am sure he will just like Twitch.

    9/18/2012 6:28 PM UTC

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