Top 6 Results and Top 4 Week

These 4 dancers made it to the Season 9 finale!

Last night, after America’s vote was revealed, Eliana Girard, Tiffany Maher, Cyrus Spencer, and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp were named the Top Four finalists on So You Think You Can Dance. Witney Carson and Cole Horibe received the fewest votes and were sent home, without the judges – Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and guest judge Christina Applegate (“Up All Night”) – saving any of the contestants.

Next week, on a new night, Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 8/7c, the competition continues when the Top Four finalists – Eliana Girard, Tiffany Maher, Cyrus Spencer and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp – will be paired with new All-Star partners. Because there was no voting after tonight’s show, no one will be eliminated next week. Rob Marshall (“Nine,” “Chicago”) will guest-judge and Jean Sok, a one-legged break-dancer, will perform.

The following week, don’t miss the season finale, when the Top Four finalists take the stage for the last time and America’s favorite male and female dancer are revealed on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 8/7c on FOX.

On tonight’s show, Nigel also announced the So You Think You Can Dance Experience, a three-day dance convention filled with classes, seminars, a mock audition and performances during which participants can learn, watch and be inspired by their favorite SYTYCD dancers and choreographers! The first clinic will take place from Sept. 21-23 at the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. For details, please click here.

Tickets are on sale now for the So You Think You Can Dance tour, which kicks off in San Diego, CA, on Tuesday, Oct. 23. More details can be found right here.

Here’s what the final four contestants had to say about making it to the finale of So You Think You Can Dance:

Eliana Girard
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Age: 21
Dance Specialty: Contemporary Ballet

Keep up with Eliana at:

What making it to the finale means to Eliana: “It’s been a dream come true to make it this far and to learn so much from all these amazing choreographers! Of course, making it to the Top Four also means I am that much closer to meeting all the incredible and supportive fans! Yay!”

Tiffany Maher
Hometown: Plantation, FL
Age: 19
Dance Specialty: Jazz

Keep up with Tiffany at:

What making it to the finale means to Tiffany: “The journey has been absolutely the most incredible experience I have EVER had! I am out of my mind with excitement! Making it to the Top Four is such an honor and privilege! It’s like a dream you never want to wake up from! I have learned and grown so much and I have also gotten to show the world my passion! There is NOTHING I’d rather do than dance!”

Cyrus Spencer
Hometown: Duluth, GA
Age: 22
Dance Specialty: Animation/Robotics

Keep up with Cyrus at:

What making it to the finale means to Cyrus: “I feel blessed beyond belief and would just like to thank everyone for supporting me, believing in me and voting for me. You all have kept me on the show and I have grown each week, not only as a dancer but as a person. Thank you!”

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland
Age: 23
Dance Specialty: Ballet

Keep up with Chehon at:

What making it to the finale means to Chehon: “Making the Top Four completes my journey on this show! To win or not to win, in the end, is irrelevant, because I feel that having made it this far is something I could only have achieved through growing and learning as both a person and a dancer! Being able to grow in front of America is the greatest feeling of achievement!”

View photos from the Top 6 performance show.


26 comments on “Top 6 Results and Top 4 Week“

  1. Elaine - wrote:

    Let’s be real here. The judges will never criticize the choreographers and sometimes the dancers were wonderful, but the choreography was awful, but it’s the dancers that suffer the criticism and sometimes that results in being voted off.

    9/6/2012 10:48 AM UTC

  2. Andrea - wrote:

    Are you kidding me America? Cyrus stays yet Cole is off? To put it bluntly: ALL of the top ten guys could REALLY dance – Cyrus doesn’t move across the stage or leap like any of them can. Yeah, what he does is different – BUT IT’S NOT DANCE!!! The choreographers are being so easy on him and designing around his extremely limited strengths. Cole was one of the most talented dancers this season. America has no taste.

    9/6/2012 12:01 PM UTC

  3. AMSC - wrote:

    I think it this show has been ruined by the fact that someone who can’t dance, but is essentially a one trick pony, has made it to the finale. Cyrus hasn’t shown that he has grown or learned new skills, but has been catered to during the competition by everyone making it easy for him. The judges should have axed him early on in the season. I have no faith that the judges actually keep those that are worthy and work hard. He can’t dance and hasn’t been challenged at all. It is sad, and he is being robbed by a false sense of accomplishment. Cyrus isn’t as good or talented as some that have been dismissed by the judges. It is obvious that this is just for ratings. I would prefer to watch contestants that can actually dance than Cyrus. Such a shame that he is still on the show.

    9/6/2012 7:18 PM UTC

  4. Season - wrote:

    Very disapointing season. Do not like the format – seems cruel to have made Whitney and Cole do 4 dances tonight though they were already voted off, and then we didn’t get a chance to vote ourselves on any of the dances. Cyrus has not been held to the same level of dance difficulty all season and is the only dancer the judges won’t give an honest critical critique to ( yes, he has a great personality – but they shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind that with dummied down choreo and judging). Eliana and Cole were absolutely incredible tonight – such a fabulous piece!!! Such an incredible pity that Cole is gone. Tiffany and Benji – fun piece! Cheon had another fab solo and that emo piece was beautiful. Wish the show went back to old format; and that everyone got the tough pieces equally. Go Eliana!!!!

    9/6/2012 10:06 PM UTC

  5. Dave - wrote:

    Wednesday night America got the results wrong. Dance should be judged by the ability to do all forms of dance. Cyrus has only one form of dance and no others. All the Chorographers seem to give Cyrus the type of dance he can do while giving other dancers all the difficult dances. What kind of talent does he really have? He never improved. Cole should have never been eliminated.

    9/7/2012 11:41 AM UTC

  6. Vee - wrote:

    the result to eliminate Cole is absolutely ridiculous while Cole is such a unique dancers and perform so well among the whole season, HE IS REALLY DANCING ON STAGE…. Cyrus is respectful given his dance style but com’n, only one form of dance really not deserve to reach to finalist and it’s pretty insulting to other REAL dancers who put so much effort in every choreography

    the result is as insane as PR S9 which picked the winner who only has 3 months of sewing skill and doesn’t know how to sew a pants!!!


    9/7/2012 11:11 PM UTC

  7. SYTYCDfan - wrote:

    Cyrus, please don’t take this as a comment about you either as a person or as a skilled performer. I enjoy your personality and was delighted by your dubstep performance with Comfort.

    Is Cyrus helping the show attract and retain viewers? There seems to be an odd conspiracy by SYTYCD producers to keep Cyrus on the show. First of all, judges influence voting; they’ve been praising Cyrus’s performance and AVOIDING honest criticism of his dancing all season while they’ve been sincerely critiquing both the performance AND the dancing of the other contestants. (The winner is supposed to be America’s favorite dancer, Nigel, not America’s favorite performer.) Secondly, the comparatively less demanding choreography being assigned to Cyrus this season feels like a slap in the face to Twitch, Comfort, Legacy and similar, former contestants and their efforts to survive the choreographic and stylistic challenges assigned to them during their respective seasons.

    I have watched with excited anticipation every single episode of SYTYCD since its inception. This season, I’ll be watching the finale with resentment.

    P.S. There should be some control on what styles are assigned to the contestants. On any single episode, ALL contestants should be dancing in their own styles or ALL contestants should be dancing in styles that are “foreign” to them. It’s a matter of fairness.

    9/8/2012 3:50 AM UTC

  8. Cici - wrote:

    Very, very disappointing!!!! I am wondering who is choosing the dance routines…The judges and choreographers were so easy on Cyrus…I honestly want to see Cyrus dancing some ballet, some cha cha and paso doble. That will be pretty funny, I bet. Any kid at the corner at the street knows to dance like Cyrus…Very bias, I’ll stop watching this bs.

    9/8/2012 8:59 AM UTC

  9. Madeline taulor - wrote:

    Cat refers to the first lady that way?? Our Family will consuder not watching the show.

    9/8/2012 4:33 PM UTC

  10. Robert - wrote:

    Can’t criticize the judges for not kicking Cyrus off when he has never been vulnerable. They have never had the chance to vote him off. Not once!
    I went to the dizzyfeet gala and I think its insulting to say what he does isn’t dance. Hell yes it is dance, amazing dance. He did not pale next to Alvin Ailey, or American Ballet theater. Both of whom I love and see whenever I can. Have the choreographers gone easy on him, absolutely! Has he grown in leaps and bounds, certainly. He wont be the best dancer by the end of the Season, but he has done amazing things for a guy who has never had choreo or partnered. So take a deep breath everyone and support a hard working kid. I loved Cole and he is a better dancer all around, no doubt, and with a unique style of his own….but settle down folks

    9/9/2012 2:02 PM UTC

  11. Robert - wrote:

    And Chehon and Eliana should win in my opinion, but I wouldn’t be upset if any of them win. The level of dancers that are on the show these days means they are basically all worthy from the top 20 down. If anything bother me this season, it is the fact that two of the top 4 are basically professional dancers. They should either determine they have to be amateur or change the format again as the complexion of the top-20 is totally different now.

    9/9/2012 2:05 PM UTC

  12. August - wrote:

    I love Cyrus. He’s such a great guy and a talented dancer. But the judges refuse to criticize him. Mary said nothing about his final routine except- “cyrus, we love you.”. Meanwhile Nigel criticizes Eliana, the best dancer this season, for the choreography she had nothing to do with. And cheon, a ballet dancer who has never dome a samba in his life gets hammered. We’ve seen many untrained dancers show major growth, especially Joshua and Twitch, but aside from his own genre Cyrus has merely survived. I applaud him and think he’s a brilliant dancer and inspirational man, but Cole should be in the final. He is responsible for at least 5 memorable performances this season, especially this week. Could Cyrus do that Mia michaels routine? No. Could Cyrus have done ANY of Coles great pieces? No. This format just does not work. And please, can we see Cheon and Eliana do a pas de Deux? Let’s separate the men and women from the boys and and girls.

    9/9/2012 11:00 PM UTC

  13. Josie - wrote:

    I understand why people are getting so worked up about Cyrus and getting him into the finale. The truth is that while I’m reading these comments, they’re right for the most part. Judges aren’t really critiquing, the choreography is watered down for him, but, that is what I love about this show, that it’s not just about being the most talented. I think about Jeanne, she certainly wasn’t the most talented of the season, but she had that thing, America voted for her and she won. I have a feeling Cyrus is getting the best voting numbers and I wouldn’t be surprised if he won the whole thing. Also, if you are going to say that Cyrus can’t do any of the things Chehon can do (true), it’s also fair to say that Chehon could never have pulled off that dub step with Comfort. Either way it should be a great finale on fox on Direct TV!
    click here

    9/10/2012 2:49 AM UTC

  14. Vicky - wrote:

    I agree. Cyrus seems like a nice person, but he can only do one dance (if you even want to call that dancing). I have always watched SYTYCD and I will miss it. But I don’t think it’s fair to the other contestants who have to pass muster and compete on a professional level when Cyrus was given a pass every week. Nigel, you should be ashamed of yourself for your little speech promoting Cyrus. You lowered yourself in my eyes. Keep the show real and professional!

    9/10/2012 2:18 PM UTC

  15. Roger - wrote:

    Not fair Cyrus in the finale. He didn’t improve enough and judges didn’t criticize him at all. His movements are awful. Cole was fantastic!

    9/10/2012 5:59 PM UTC

  16. Lee - wrote:

    I was appauld by the comments that Nigel made to Cyrus tonight. It was totally unprofessional and inappropriate at the moment. He did not have to state that he wasn’t going to vote for him. He didn’t mention this to any other contestant. Time and time again Nigel has stated that the show isn’t about the best dancer but Americas favorite dancer. And there are people who like Cyrus as a performer. Nigel you owe Cyrus an apology.

    9/11/2012 6:56 PM UTC

  17. Heather - wrote:

    I actually cannot believe all of the negativity toward Cyrus and sytycd that I am seeing here! First, as Nigel has made a point to say time and time again, season after season, the winner of this show is America’s FAVORITE dancer, not America’s best dancer. If everyone posting has watched the show since the beginning as I have, you should remember and realize this is not the first time a better dancer has been eliminated in lieu of someone who has grown a lot, overflows with passion, and/or leaves his heart on the stage. You are all wrong to say Cyrus has not been given a negative critique for his dancing. There have been several times where they have said the dancing was not that great. If you are one to say that Cyrus’ performances haven’t moved you or pulled at your heartstrings, then you are being blinded by your insistence on technical perfection. I have seen many technically brilliant performances on this show that have left me feeling empty for whatever reason — lack of passion, absence of chemistry, deficiency of personality. I’ll take one of Cyrus’ performances any day. I think he has risen to challenges all season – partnering, learning choreography, having great performances outside of his style in Broadway, contemporary, Paso doble… And shame on those of you who are so closed-minded and limited to say that what he does is not dance. You need to look up the definition of dance and think again. I came on this site to see if anyone felt as I did — that Nigel, though he did have many kind words, was somewhat harsh to specifically point out that Cyrus was not getting his vote (was that really necessary?). So again, i was shocked to see all of the negativity. Apparently and luckily, it is only the few of you here that feel the way you do (i.e., Cyrus has consistently gotten votes). If you stop watching the show, it will be your loss. As a final note, I thought the piece that Chehon and Cyrus did tonight was amazing. What especially came to mind was how beautiful and wonderful it is to have a show where these two artists have the opportunity to perform with and learn from each other (yes, Chehon too! How do you think he’s learned to open up the way he has over the season?), and how lucky it is that we get to see the genius created by this unexpected, unlikely pairing. I will always be a fan and continue to watch, and continue to feel sorry for people who complain so much! :)

    9/11/2012 8:55 PM UTC

  18. Heather - wrote:

    Oh, and I also wanted to address the comments that the choreographers have catered to Cyrus. I may be naive or rosy eyed, but throughout the season I have thought that the choreographers must have felt challenged yet lucky to have an opportunity to work with Cyrus. With him and his distinctive talent, they could add something unique to their pieces. I’m sure not many of the dancers they normally work with can move the way Cyrus moves.

    9/11/2012 9:10 PM UTC

  19. Kiwigirljacks - wrote:

    I believe Nigel may have unwittingly SABOTAGED Chehon’s chances of winning!! By making the comments he did to Cyrus he has ‘called to arms’ his supporters who will go into a voting frenzy!!

    Had he wanted to show his support for Chehon he should have said so in comments to HIM.. not in comments to Cyrus! BAD MOVE!

    Anyway, who really ever knows who is actually the most ‘popular’ in these voting talent shows, when multiple votes are allowed?? One person may have 5000 fans who can only vote once, another may have 500 who can vote 50 times!! So we never really know who is the most popular.

    As for the ‘best’ dancer… that is clearly Chehon.. though I love Cyrus to bits!

    9/12/2012 2:17 PM UTC

  20. George - wrote:

    I think Nigel was out of line by saying he would not vote for Cyrus and would cast his vote for Chehon. None of the other judges expressed their voting preferance. Keep it impartial Nigel!

    9/12/2012 4:08 PM UTC

  21. julia - wrote:

    I think Nigel was wrong to tell Cyrus that he is not voting for him. Nigel is trying to influence the voters. I love Cyrus and he is a great and talented dancers. Those of you who say what Cyrus dies is not dancing dosen’tknow what dancing is. Cyrus has grown and gotten better. Chehon is a great dancer, however he is a professional dancer also. Also Crus has been criticized many times, and I did not see anything easy about the choreography given him. With that said, what is the real reason you’re hattin on Cyrus? America will never change!!!

    9/12/2012 11:28 PM UTC

  22. Wanda - wrote:

    Well, all of you Cyrus haters got what you wanted. Nigel made it a point to sabotage him by declaring he will not vote for him but Chehon. Why make that a point? To satify all of you people! The problem is that you people cannot appreciate something different. Dancing is not always about being “trained”. Look at all the trained dancers who can’t perform. There’s more to dance than technique and I think Cyrus has worked had to get where he is. Is he perfect? NO but he has more heart and personality than many of the trained dancers who were on the show. So instead of tearing someone down why not give him support? He’s doing things he’s never done and making it look fairly good. If you can do any of what he’s done, shutup try out for the show and see if you can even make it to Vegas week!

    9/14/2012 7:02 AM UTC

  23. Dee - wrote:

    I have always enjoyed watching the show. It was wonderful to see the growth of each dancer with the different choreographers. This year was disappointing with Cyrus making it to the final show. He may be a good person but he does not have the dancing ability as all the other dancers. If this is the direction the show is taking, I will no longer be a viewer.

    9/16/2012 11:00 AM UTC

  24. DB - wrote:

    I cant believe judges especially nygel has been kissing and brownnosing Cyrus even on the night of finale..Dude is good at what he does but he has not learned any other form of dance..Cant do justice to anything other than what he does..Opening act he was coming across as a thorn in my eyes when rest were dancing gracefully and classically. Look at twich how good he is and does other dances well..Cyrus and Comfortz are 2 below average dancers when it comes to other dance forms..

    I am lost between the two girls as they both are fab…Chehon is stupendous dancer and in Male I want him to win and for girls it is a toss up…Gosh they both are sooooooo good.

    9/18/2012 8:41 PM UTC

  25. DB - wrote:

    Thank god Cyrus did not win..

    Congrats to Chehon and Elliana…Tiffany girl you should have shared the trophy with elliana…

    Good luck cyrus with your career as you will have plenty of opportunities from having the great exposure on SYTYCD…

    9/18/2012 8:49 PM UTC

  26. SFG - wrote:

    I’m watching reruns of Season 9 and I fast forward through all of Cyrus’ performances. I have to. I watched him during the first run and it angered me and frustrated me so much, I once threw a pillow at the judges soft comments; Mary judges the posture, the turned out feet, the whatever of everyone else and for Cyrus, she may say well, the whatever….. Wan’t perfect, but man, you have so much personality, so much joie de vive, you were wonderful tonight. And the viewers base their votes, for the most part, on what the experts say. What a travesty that he was in the finale and some wonderful dancers were prematurely kicked off. When I think of all the fabulous dancing we could’ve seen ….but missed. Is this just a ratings ploy? And I feel sorry for Cyrus for he was deluded into thinking he’s a good dancer.

    4/12/2013 3:52 PM UTC

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