Press Call with Witney and Cole

Cole Horibe (pictured) and Witney Carson were eliminated from Season 9.

The morning after Witney Carson and Cole Horibe were eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance, they hopped on the phone with the press to chat about their Season 9 experience, the tour, and the future.


What was the biggest shock?

Witney – I had no idea what to expect. This experience was much harder than I thought it would be, mentally and physically.

Cole – Getting on to the show in general. I wasn’t expecting much when I tried out, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise.


What was your favorite piece from the season?

Cole – The Sonya Tayeh routine with Allison Holker was my favorite. Overall, it was such an amazing experience working with Sonya. She inspires you to give 200% into everything. She also instills confidence in you and trusts you as an artist to make your own interpretations, and Allison is also phenomenal.

Witney – The Whitney Houston dance with Stacey Tookey. She is the sweetest person ever and pushed me so hard. That was the most rewarding and trying experience for me.


What about the tour are you most looking forward to?

Cole – I’m excited to travel around the country and do what I love – dance!

Witney – I’m excited to see the fans and show them what we love to do.


What are your post-tour plans?

Witney – I just want to keep dancing.  I would love to get into acting and singing too. I am excited to see what the future holds.

Cole – I want to be in movies and on TV because acting has been my goal since I was a child.


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29 comments on “Press Call with Witney and Cole“

  1. laura Tomco - wrote:

    I enjoy Cyrus and his delightful fun attitude but Cole is a very unique dancer and he should still be on the show. How many times do you keep someone on without the training just because he tries hard and is a lovely fellow? This is a DANCE show and although Cyrus shows raw needs to polished. No offense meant. Just loved the drama and expertise of Cole. He was evaluated under much stricter criteria. I will miss those leaps and dramatic facial expressions as he translates the music and theme with his entire body.

    9/6/2012 12:45 PM UTC

  2. Just a guy - wrote:

    Cyrus is still there and Cole is gone ?? Are you kidding ? I know I don’t fit the 13 year old girl demographic the show goes for (I’m an old guy that loves the arts) but I know talent as opposed to favorite..
    Let’s change the name of the show to ..”So you think you can sell tickets to the tour”.
    I couldn’t be more diassapointed in a show. Last time I”ll watch..

    9/6/2012 1:16 PM UTC

  3. Sharron Haymore - wrote:

    America must be crazy to vote in Cyrus over Cole. Cyrus has not been challenged with any waltz, tango’s, cha cha, contemporary….This show challenged twitch, joshua, and other hip hop dancers. What’s up with this????

    9/6/2012 6:21 PM UTC

  4. Jan - wrote:

    So sorry the rules have been changed for sytycd. Voting numerous times in different ways is ridiculous. We will no longer be watching the show.

    9/7/2012 6:23 AM UTC

  5. wayne mccrea - wrote:

    AMERICA, you got it soooo wrong by keeping Cyrus and eliminating COLE!!
    What were you thinking America??
    You can’t understand dance if you continued to vote Cyrus in each week! Wake up America!!!

    9/7/2012 10:53 AM UTC

  6. Linda - wrote:


    9/7/2012 8:10 PM UTC

  7. AmyW - wrote:

    Everyone is very disappointed that Cyrus got through and Cole was eliminated when Cole clearly had the whole package. But what I don’t get is why everyone loves Eliana. She bores me. The only thing I can think of is because she is Nigel’s fav, everyone loves her. I have always found Whitney to be extremely talented. She is a very versatile dancer. The way she performed as a ballroom dancer in a hip hop routine last week was amazing. I judge dancers by their ability to dance in genres other than their own- and she excelled in this. I guess America just hates pretty blondes. That’s the only thing I can think of……

    9/8/2012 5:13 AM UTC

  8. Doug - wrote:

    Its is appalling that Cole was cut in favor of Cyrus. Even though it was decided by audience votes, the judges have obviously favored Cyrus throughout the show.

    He has not been given the same technical challenges as the other dancers and the judges do not critique him by the same standard. Every dancer at some point receives a negative comment about their technique or emotional content or connection with their partner. However, when Cyrus dances, the judges laugh off his technical weakness and rave about his raw energy and his expertise in his own style! This is not fair and it does influence the voting because the judges are the authorities.

    There is nothing wrong with bringing untrained dancers on to the show and allowing them to learn and progress. It is fun and enjoyable to watch and sometimes incredible in the results such as Joshua and Twitch. However, Joshua and Twitch were given challenges that they met and exceeded. Cyrus has not.

    I’m sure although they don’t say it, that the other dancers must feel cheated. Cyrus obviously has worked hard at what he does and he is incredible at it. But he doesn’t have the versatility of the other dancers. Professionalism, Quality and Versatility used to be a hallmark of the show and made it unique among the other dance and entertainment shows. It seems however, that the standards that made this show so successful are slipping.

    So now the finale has a contestant who, let’s face it, can’t dance in anything except his own style.

    We also have judges who are willing to overlook his flaws and lower the standards that they stringently apply to the other contestants in order to be his cheerleaders.

    If SYTYCD and Fox is trying to stir up controversy then it appears they’ve succeeded. However, viewers are not stupid. This show has taught us over the years how to recognize a quality performance that transcends dance steps and pretty poses. Case in point would be Melanie from last season as well as several dances from this season.

    Hs Cyrus ever “taken our breath away” like Cole did in his Mia Michael’s routine or Cheon with his Tango? I think not.

    If this year’s prize goes to a one dimensional contestant who is unable to truly compete at the other dancer’s level, then the show is a failure and I won’t watch it again.

    9/8/2012 5:44 AM UTC

  9. Chrsitine - wrote:

    Sorry Cyrus, you are a nice guy and all but as far as dancing goes Cole should have won hands down. I don’t know how the numbers got skewed, but the sure did.

    9/8/2012 7:27 PM UTC

  10. CathyR - wrote:

    It was very interesting how Nigel reminded everyone not once but twice that Cyrus was never in the bottom 2. I wasn’t keeping track frankly. He was saying it was never up to the judges to give him his walking papers (please correct me if I am wrong I would love it!) This seems to be the “favorite” dancer show not the “best”…then again hasn’t it always been that?

    I just hope the show survives another year.

    9/9/2012 3:15 PM UTC

  11. Becky - wrote:

    Cole was robbed. I agree with everyone above. I blame the show for giving Cyrus a free pass.

    9/9/2012 3:50 PM UTC

  12. Lanikka - wrote:

    I started watching sytycd during season 3 when Sabra won. I remember them saying that she had only been dancing for a few years before she auditioned and won the show. Joshua won and I remember Nigel going on and on about poor technique, and Russell was a krumper that had almost no other training. The show is not just about dance its more than that, it brings dance to the masses, it’s diverse in both the dance styles and its dancers, more importantly the show has for me, always been about giving dancers an opportunity that they wouldn’t normally have. Cyrus and Chehon ,Tiffany and Eliana are in the top 4 because not only are they incredible dancers in their styles but they are beautiful people on the inside and out. They have a genuine quality that comes across and for the boys especially they have a story America can be inspired by and that makes good television. That means that people will watch and that means the show can stay on the air so that more dancers will have an opportunity to be seen. They don’t have to win the show to win. Twitch didn’t win and he’s a star, so is Travis Wall. I’m a forever fan.

    9/9/2012 6:33 PM UTC

  13. Sharon - wrote:

    As much as I love Cyrus, Cole should have been in the finals.
    He is a very intense dancer & you can see how much passion
    he puts in his routines. I also wish there was a way to tell the
    SYTYCD audience that when there is a very dramatic dance
    routine to not yell out cheers at certain moments, it really takes away from the dance. When the fun routines are going on the cheers work well but just tell them to watch & enjoy the serious dances. Please! It is really annoying sometimes.

    9/9/2012 8:03 PM UTC

  14. Sabina - wrote:

    I think the judges need to get back to voting the show all the way to the end. Cyrus is a nice guy and fun to watch but if this show wants to be sincere and not just function as an entertainment event, they need to have real dancers make the calls. How about having the choreographers have a word in all this as well?
    The way it is now, it is disrespectful to those who have had years of hard training in all kinds of areas of dance. SYTYCD should be about the quality of dance and not about the likeability of a dancer. It seems manipulated and I am not sure if I will watch another season.

    9/10/2012 3:05 PM UTC

  15. Zena - wrote:

    The show coddles dancers like Cyrus. Choreographers either wrote pieces for him or they have the skilled dancer (e.g. Tiffany) do all the work in the routine to make it great and memorable. It is clear that a certain demographic VOTES while the other demographic JUST WATCHES after voting hours with their DVRs and can’t vote. I would venture to guess the latter demographic may be older and more likely to pay to see the show on tour. I think I will pass now. When the show opens the voting to ALL demographics to vote the results will be much different. Jacob should have won that year over the crumper, but at least the crumper was versatile! This is ridiculous. Cole should be in the finale and Cyrus should have been off weeks ago. I am bored watching this one trick pony.

    9/10/2012 10:10 PM UTC

  16. Zena - wrote:

    P.S. I second Doug’s post above who very clearly articulated everyone’s frustration with this season, the bias of the judges and the unfair playing field of the routines given to skilled and unskilled dancers. He also remembered the crumper’s name, Russell.

    9/10/2012 10:18 PM UTC

  17. Amelia - wrote:

    I agree with everything said above. Cyrus IS NOT and CAN NOT dance. I see no talent in the vibrating movements people describe as unique and talent.He belongs on the street! NOT in a dance studio. I think it’s admirable of the other contestants not to show their true feelings or disappointment that the show has degraded into a popularity contest risen from the ghetto masses. Chances are I will stop watching

    9/11/2012 12:42 AM UTC

  18. Kathie McCloskey - wrote:

    I found this season disappointing. The single night format feels rushed and results in dancers sometimes putting on brilliant performances, but they’ve already been voted off. Changing broadcast nights makes the whole thing feel haphazard. The double standard applied to Cyrus, helping to keep him in the competition over the brilliant Cole, was the most disappointing of all.

    9/11/2012 4:55 PM UTC

  19. VP - wrote:

    Not sure who is voting for Cyrus and not sure why the judges pick him to be in TOP 20..

    AmyW you feel Eliana is boring…You need to get your head and eyes checked…Girl is a gorgeous looking and stupendous dancer..She is so perfect…Both the girls are an amazing dancers and cheon in boys…Cyrus is kept in the show for who he is and not for his dancing talent..Sorry folks he is the token…They are kissing way tooo much…Hyped for no reason…he is great at his thang but nothing to write home abt with all other forms of dancing..

    Cole, Whitney, and her other blond friend from her home town should have stayed over Cyrus..

    Dont meant to hurt or offend anyone…But Cyrus needs to go..

    9/11/2012 8:30 PM UTC

  20. tee tee - wrote:

    @DANCEonFOX I love the show but Nigel the last statement you said to cyrus was a real downer, even though you not going to vote for him you didnt have to tell america. I thought that was real wrong of you to influence people to whom to vote for. Like Cyrus wasnt a good dancer or he dont deserve to be here,. Cyrus you just earn my vote and i dont vote often but tonight i will be voting for you. Thanks to Nigel comments

    9/11/2012 9:47 PM UTC

  21. Sharon Irene - wrote:

    I love Tiffany!! I think she is underappreciated. No one has ever floated across the stage as lightly as Tiffany . She is like a feather and I enjoy her drama much more than the others. Although it’s not applicable to this format… She would be wonderful in a”Lark Ascending” on the Stage. I just love watching her!!!

    9/12/2012 9:58 AM UTC

  22. Elizabeth - wrote:

    I have a lot of respect for Cyrus but he is not what Nigel always refers to season after season as “the complete package”. Cole is the complete package. Cyrus looks awkward and unpolished for the standards SYTYCD has set. Clearly Cyrus is most improved but he should not have made it into the finals. There were also other dancers who were prematurely voted off due to some of the questionable choreography. I think the voting needs to yet again be modified and the choreography should be judged as well so the dancers are not penalized for errors in judgment.

    9/12/2012 9:18 PM UTC

  23. Jennifer - wrote:

    I agree with pretty much most of these postings. Not only did Fox network screwed with the days which I winde up missing last weeks but it seems they are going for the more “Drama” approach. This is not “Hells Kitchen”. As for the dancers, to many where cut that I feel should be still there naming one in particular “Will”. I loved the way that boy moved. He kind of reminded me of “Benji Schwimmer”. Everything that was thrown at him he conqured. Cyrus no offense your great dancer but however, there has been no challenges for him. I think I saw 1 or 2 differnt dance styles. Whereas, the others everything from Ballroom to Bollywood was thrown at them. This year I have been disenchanted with the whole thing. I liked the way the judges could save some people cause most of the people are not voting because of dance strenghs but more on the order of who they think is “cute”. If that is the case then the show should be “So you think your cute”. As for Russell, yes he was a street dancer but took on and achieved everything they through at him and did it to perfection or near perfection. He did not have the formal training but alot of his dances you would never know it. He was a phenom. Cyrus is not. I really think Mr. Lythgo needs to really look on how his show is going. I also dont like the 1 day thing. Like someone said it is more of a rush then anything. I love the “save your life” dances and it gave the dancers one more try to not be cut…

    9/13/2012 8:05 AM UTC

  24. Linda - wrote:

    I agree with the above viewers about voting for Cyrus over Cole..! In my viewCole was probably the best all around dancer. Such a different style,such an intriging look and could perform anything! I hope some tv producer sees him and gives him a chance…So much talent there..sorry to see him go!!

    9/13/2012 12:42 PM UTC

  25. Cathy - wrote:

    So disappointed in Nigel this week. I don’t think that the judges so say who they will be voting for. When they selected Cyrus to be in the top 20 that is their vote after that it should be a private matter. I think that it was unfair what Nigel said to Cyrus about not voting for him and he could be unfairly infulence the outcome. This is supposed to be about who the people want.

    9/14/2012 11:38 AM UTC

  26. Rebecca - wrote:

    I love Cyrus. I think he has heart and passion. This show has always been America’s favorite dancer, not America’s best dancer. I have mixed feelings about that. Whenever you allow the viewers to vote, you don’t always get the most talented person – you get the person everyone gravitates towards, finds the best all-around star, and just loves. If this were truly about the best dancer, it couldn’t be called “America’s” favorite dancer, because only the judges/choreographers would vote – and they don’t necessarily represent what the majority of the American audience thinks. Either way, whenever a person votes (no matter if they’re a viewer or choreographer), personal feelings always get involved. People are not computers. I’ll restate it – I love Cyrus. I’m not saying Cole isn’t the better dancer as far as skills/talent, but there is something about Cyrus that comes through when he dances that is missing in Cole’s performances. I believe he deserved to be in the top four. However, I don’t think he should necessarily win. I can’t decide – they are all terrific.

    9/14/2012 12:58 PM UTC

  27. Mary - wrote:

    This sassy hot tamale is getting off at the next station. SYTYCD is getting as stale as garlic croutons — leaving a bitter aftertaste, too. The fawning over Cyrus wasn’t just disrespectful to respected dancers, it underestimated the intelligence of their faithful viewers.

    It’s easier to catch the best clips online & avoid all of the schmoozing & gushing over Cyrus and anyone who follows in his predictable footsteps. He’s a one-trick pony: Every week, same popping, stern face, scoots on the floor. During more technical group numbers they stick him in the back. They never had the guy tackle a truly challenging dance style…instead they dumbed it down to fit his lack of ability.

    More annoying than entertaining this year…..

    9/14/2012 7:46 PM UTC

  28. Robert M - wrote:

    I totally agree with everything Mary wrote (posted 9/12). Obviously, the two best male dancers this season are Chehon and Cole. Hands down. Nobody else even in the same league. As for the girls, Eliana may well be the best female dancer the show has ever produced. She is absolutely incredible, especially when paired with Alex Wong. Those two are pure magic. Toss a coin between Witney and Tiffany for the other “best girl”; Tiffany seemed to beautifully understate everything she did. But Witney just sparkled; when she took the stage she owned it. Did Wit have any male partners this past season? If she did, I didn’t notice…

    9/16/2012 10:52 PM UTC

  29. VINAY - wrote:

    I am indian. ilike dance and is my life

    10/16/2012 7:30 AM UTC

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