Press Call with Amelia, Janelle, and Dareian

Eliminated dancers Dareian, Janelle, Amelia, and Matthew

The morning after their So You Think You Can Dance elimination, Amelia Lowe, Janelle Issis, and Dareian Kujawa hopped on the phone with press to talk about their journey on the show and their plans moving forward. See what they had to say about working with Mia, their future plans, and more.

What was it like working with Mia Michaels?

Amelia – We only had a short time working with her before during the Top 20 group dance. Getting to work with Mia again was great. I’m honored to work with her so closely.

Dareian – She’s so amazing and I’m happy that I got the chance to work with her one-on-one. When she choreographs, her process is so amazing and she really brings something out of you – that fire.

If you could have danced any other Mia routine, which would you pick?

Amelia – I wouldn’t have picked a different one. The one I was given was perfect for me and I felt the most comfortable with it.

Janelle – I wouldn’t change mine either, but I would love to do the butt piece. It looks like so much fun. Dareian and I never really got to play a character.

Dareian – I second Janelle. It would’ve been really fun to do the butt piece. It’s so playful, really physical, and the characters are funny. The be was a really good fit for me though.

If there could be a night dedicated to another So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, who do you think it should be?

Dareian – Travis Wall. Everybody is so amazing, but he’s one of my favorites and I would have wanted to work with him.

Janelle – I agree. Travis Wall has an enormous body of work. It’s amazing to see how far he’s come since he was a contestant on Season 2.

Who were their favorite choreographers to work with?

Amelia – It’s a toss-up because each choreographer is just so different, but one of the funnest was NappyTabs the first week. They’re a riot to be around, but you still get so much work done.

Janelle – It is hard to pick because each choreographer brought something different. Sonya Tayeh and Sean Cheesman each went for blood with us. Pasha was funny to work with. Mia was a lot of fun, and it was a little surprising because we were a little afraid of her.

Dareian – When I went into the show I thought of it not as a competition but as an opportunity to grow as a person and dancer. I worked really hard to get something out of each choreographer. Sonya kicks your butt and her work ethic is amazing. Pasha’s style is so amazing and he’s such a man when he dances so I tried to take that away. NappyTabs is sick; their group number was amazing.

What’s next for the dancers?
Amelia – I’m looking to kind of branch out and go into movies. Acting in film would be exciting for me. When I get home I’m going to enroll in acting classes.

Janelle – So many doors have been opening. The belly dance community is rather large and I love to teach so that’s something I would want to do. Or maybe even have my own belly dancing cooking show, or do some modeling or acting.

Dareian – I am considering moving out to LA now that I’ve been on the show which is a huge advertisement for a dancer. I’ve tried the Vegas scene, but I feel there’s so much more commercial dance in LA. I’d love to do some singing, acting, dancing, and underwear modeling.

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22 comments on “Press Call with Amelia, Janelle, and Dareian“

  1. taban n son - wrote:

    My all time favorite show Was very sad about all those inspiring dancers leaving. Mia and Sonia have a special place in my dancing heart. Love you all and love merry’s train and her kindness. Thank you for being magical. By the way my son who is 11 says ”Mr. N. L. I think you should grow a mustash”. He likes you and all your shows. He dances a little himself.
    TL & AS

    8/17/2012 9:04 AM UTC

  2. Kerri - wrote:

    Bring Amelia back as a wildcard. I’ve read so many comments saying the same. Without her the tour will not be the same. She is the heart and soul of season 9.

    8/17/2012 5:12 PM UTC

  3. Sylvia Currie - wrote:

    I’m very disappointed in the judges’ decision to eliminate Amelia. It was very unfair to base her performance on just on one dance – she has been OUTSTANDING in her previous routines and poured her soul into her ‘Dance for Life’. She’s an amazing dancer who very much reminded me of last year’s winner. Judges, I’m afraid you made a terrible mistake!

    To Ameila – YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!

    8/17/2012 5:55 PM UTC

  4. Marsha - wrote:

    You are all WINNERS!!!!! Loved all of you on the show. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

    8/18/2012 9:06 AM UTC

  5. Werlin - wrote:

    Big mistake letting Amelia go, she is uniquely different from the vanilla cookie cutter ballroomers, they bore me now. I didn’t think the comparison to Randy was fair because her style and look was more french street to me. Amelia will do better than dance movies, she’s much more just like Melanie was.

    8/19/2012 10:20 AM UTC

  6. Sandy - wrote:

    Amelia was the best dancer you had–we were VERY disappointed she is off the show now. What were you thinking??

    8/19/2012 2:37 PM UTC

  7. Pete - wrote:

    The judges made a BIG mistake letting Amelia go. All the contestants are great dancers. It’s subjective to say she was better than any other one. But none of the others have the spark and character that she has. Another Melanie. More than just a dancer. I hope she goes into movies. They were made for her. Take the classes Amelia.

    This is not only my favorite show but one of the few shows that I watch. Don’t know if I’m going to watch the rest of the season. Amelia was just refreshing and now she’s gone.

    8/20/2012 4:12 PM UTC

  8. Farrah - wrote:

    I will miss seeing Amelia on the show so much. She is a fabulous dancer with heart and soul. I wish she was not eliminated; she & Audrey were my absolute favourites this season.

    8/20/2012 9:00 PM UTC

  9. Budge - wrote:

    without Amelia,i will not be paying for a ticket to see the tour.
    very disappointed in the judges’ decision to eliminate her.

    8/21/2012 7:31 AM UTC

  10. TK - wrote:

    I was very dissapointed seeing Janelle go. I don’t think she was given a fair shot! The dances she was given never showcased how fabulous she is. The last dance was terrible and she basically hid behind the bed the whole time. Sorry, my opinion!

    8/21/2012 10:10 AM UTC

  11. lori - wrote:

    Amelia was definitely the one that caught me up in the dances she did. She stood out every time. This season has lost a great deal of its appeal with her gone.

    8/22/2012 4:29 AM UTC

  12. d jones - wrote:

    I was also disappointed to see both Janelle and Amelia go – they brought something interesting to the otherwise boring mix of plain jane ballroom and modern dancers. I think we should also be able to vote choreographers off the show for giving really bad routines to really good dancers and causing them to go home. How about bringing in choreographers from different disciplines and letting the modern dancers have a crack at trying something (repeatedly) out of their comfort zone instead of so much of the boring, emo, jar of hearts dance dreck?

    8/22/2012 10:16 AM UTC

  13. d jones - wrote:

    And why is it that only the b-boy dancers that get taken out of their comfort zone? How about mixing it up with Tahitian, Russian folk, clogging, more Bollywood, gypsy, or yes, belly dance (fusion!!), and other types of dance so that the modern dancers don’t have so much of an advantage? I’d love to see any of the plain janes do the multiple simultaneous isolations required in good fusion belly dance. (And I’d bet that there would be no way they could do it in a week!)

    8/22/2012 10:23 AM UTC

  14. Susan - wrote:

    Both myself and my teenage son were shocked to see Amelia go home. She’s an amazing dancer that has that extra something that draws your eye to her even in the group pieces. There are some very strong dancers but she has the whole package. They made a mistake in letting her go but she will go far without them.

    We also don’t think the right guy was sent home but since fans are keeping Cyrus safe, someone that was better had to go home. Sorry Cyrus you are amazing in your style and you have shown growth but not enough to warrant still being on the show.

    8/22/2012 12:31 PM UTC

  15. Judi - wrote:

    Judges – you suck! How could you let Amelia go? She was awesome! Unique, refreshing, talented, adorable, humble – the best dancer of the season! These 4 dancers that were eliminated were all great. THEY could be dancing tonight instead of the All Stars. Half the fun of the show was watching the chemistry build between dancers and that is now gone! You are turning this show into Dancing with the Stars. I may never watch my once favorite show again.

    8/22/2012 4:45 PM UTC

  16. NE - wrote:

    Soooo disappointed to no longer see Amelia. She was AMAZING, ETHEREAL, A GORGEOUS DANCER!!! She had that “IT” factor. I was so stunned that you let her go!! And now Audrey?!?! Horrible new format, horrible decisions — I feel like someone else is pulling the strings, and this show no longer has the integrity of previous seasons. My favorite show seems to be a thing of the past.

    8/22/2012 8:17 PM UTC

  17. Stewart - wrote:

    +1 majorly disappointed to see Amelia go. And no longer interested in watching the show without her too. :-(

    8/22/2012 8:17 PM UTC

  18. Karen - wrote:

    I have to agree with the comments. Last week you let Amelia go and this week, you let Audrey go. Two bad decisions two weeks in a row. For some reason you need two blonde, ballroom dancers with no distinguishing personalities who have been in the bottom consistently. I can barely tell the difference between the two of them. (no offence to blondes or ballroom dancers) Go Eliana! She is the only female left worth watching.

    8/23/2012 4:55 AM UTC

  19. Sandra Copeland - wrote:

    So sad to see Amelia go…she was a great presence. Wish you could find a way to bring her back. I’ve loved DWTS, and have gone to many of the tour shows, but don’t plan to go this year. Last year I was let down because the “All Stars” were not in the show. It just wasn’t as good as the other shows. You might consider dropping that format…maybe keeping more dancers on tour???

    8/23/2012 3:41 PM UTC

  20. Stacey - wrote:

    Agreed that losing Amelia killed the spirit of this season. There’s good variety remaining with the men but all the remaining women are so samey same. Great technicians but boring (although eliana’s got some game).

    8/29/2012 3:23 PM UTC

  21. Dina - wrote:

    I love Janelle. All the other girls are sorta boring, then Janelle comes out and is awesome. How come she always got bad routines, while dancers like whitney got really good routines? I would have liked Janelle to be in the top 10 tour. I would have gone then

    9/4/2012 4:31 PM UTC

  22. MK - wrote:

    I am so sorry to see Amelia leave. I was close to tears and I got the feeling she is well loved by the rest of the dancers. She is an amazing dancer and I felt she nailed the character pieces. She IS an entertainer!

    3/11/2013 7:56 AM UTC

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