Download the SYTYCD app for a free interactive experience.

You can now enjoy a unique interactive experience on your mobile device or tablet while you’re watching SYTYCD Season 9. Whether watching So You Think You Can Dance LIVE Wednesday’s at 8/7c on FOX or a recorded episode, this “second screen” app synchs with the show and gives you insider tweets, polls, badges and lets you vote for your favorite contestants!

Launch the app and synch to the show on Wednesday’s 8/7c on FOX!

-Earn points as you collect badges, answer polls and share content
-Vote for your favorite contestants
-View insider tweets from cast, judges and contestants real time
-Select your favorite contestant and upload to APP home screen
-View latest photos, clips and much more!



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26 comments on “Get the SYTYCD FREE App“

  1. Ellen - wrote:

    Downloaded app, but it’s not in English!

    8/16/2012 5:29 PM UTC

  2. Ally - wrote:

    Is the app in the US app store only? I’m in Canada & clicked on the link, got an error message.


    8/16/2012 6:07 PM UTC

  3. Adam - wrote:

    You downloaded the wrong one if it is in a different language you need the download the one from the company fox there is an another for a different country so you think you can dance and you probably downloaded that one……

    I’m have a problem log in every time I try to sign up it keeps saying failed enter age but there is not spot to put age please HELP :( …… THANKS

    Also not is not just US it is under the seller FOX broadcasting but you need an apple product or an andriod

    8/17/2012 10:28 AM UTC

  4. Sally and Kim - wrote:

    Why no Michigan? You should definatley go to Will’s hometown…..

    8/17/2012 1:54 PM UTC

  5. Janelle - wrote:

    Where’s the app for windows phones??? Don’t forget about us!

    8/17/2012 10:06 PM UTC

  6. Sam - wrote:

    Im also on canada and the same thing happened to me!

    8/18/2012 1:07 AM UTC

  7. Susie - wrote:

    From Canada – Error message :( .

    8/20/2012 8:46 AM UTC

  8. Melanie - wrote:

    Pleeeeease make it work in Canada!

    8/21/2012 6:55 AM UTC

  9. Tianna - wrote:

    In Canada- please make it work !!!

    8/22/2012 5:47 PM UTC

  10. Phyllis - wrote:

    I tried to download the App but it keeps telling me “it can’t be completed”

    8/22/2012 6:02 PM UTC

  11. Phyllis - wrote:

    I’m Canadian, I ‘m using an iPad and I keep getting “your request cannot be completed”

    8/22/2012 6:18 PM UTC

  12. Karen Sherwood - wrote:

    Ditto. Downloaded it from SYTYCD website. It is in a strange language. I am in Canada. Can we have one in English please?

    8/22/2012 6:20 PM UTC

  13. Lmckay - wrote:

    I can’t believe this app isn’t available in Canada!! Please fix it ASAP!!

    8/22/2012 9:52 PM UTC

  14. Kim - wrote:

    I wanted to love this app, it’s a fantastic premise. But did anyone there actually try to use it? It’s clunky at best and non-functional at worst.

    Last night, I fired it up to try and answer the question “How tall is Will?” I found Will, found his bio, but could not get the info to open at all. The app crashed.

    I was also disappointed not to see the guest judges listed. I wanted to see the credentials on last night’s guest judge and all that was there was Mary, Nigel and Cat. How about some information about the choreographers as well?

    Syncing with the show? Great idea! You have to sign in first, though, no thanks. I can see signing in to comment, but to watch?

    8/23/2012 7:33 AM UTC

  15. Kirsten - wrote:

    The dancers should not be dancing with all stars. It makes the show just as bad as dancing with the stars. If you want a show with All Stars.. then have a season with all All Stars.

    8/23/2012 6:13 PM UTC

  16. gerry - wrote:

    I am done with this show. I miss the young aspiring dancers struggling to make it. The drama of it all. Now, what we get is So You Think You Can Choreograph. I miss the amateurs. All that is on the show now is pro dancers to hall mark the choreographers. I can go and see pros dance……I want to see the youngsters work through the competition and then in the end one achieves the dream. I am over So You Think You Can Dance.

    8/24/2012 5:31 AM UTC

  17. Erla - wrote:

    I cant believe that i cant get this app cus I was so excited when I heard about this app but it’s not available in Iceland, please fix this!!!

    8/25/2012 8:05 AM UTC

  18. Alicia - wrote:

    Why does the app need to access personal data when I’m offline. That’s a little scary. Bad enough that I won’t download it.

    8/26/2012 1:01 PM UTC

  19. Jessica - wrote:

    No app for windows phone???

    8/29/2012 5:25 PM UTC

  20. Linda - wrote:

    Nigel I use to have the utmost respect for you until you turned this years show into a popularity contest. What I loved about your show was that you gave young dancers who were extremely talented an opportunity to really grow. However when you allowed Cyrus into the top twenty and keep complementing him on his personality rather than he true lack of ability while you let real talent leave the show. This boy may be a nice kid and does do his ONE thing well but he is no Twich. If he ends up winning the show and you continue to put on untalented kids . You have lost my vote for your show!

    8/30/2012 4:03 AM UTC

  21. xmsteele - wrote:

    Nygel should not have told Cyrus he wouldn’t vote for him I thought that was very unprofessional I lost respect for him it was as if he said he didn’t stand a chance

    9/11/2012 6:16 PM UTC

  22. jonny g - wrote:

    The comment you made about Cyrus JUST before voting seemed manipulated and just flat out rude trying to sabotage someone career is not right and needs an apology. I thought you were always fare before and had respected you on the show and will see if I will in the future

    9/11/2012 9:32 PM UTC

  23. Lisa - wrote:

    We have been fans for 9 seasons. I have never witnessed such an obvious disadvantage for a contestant as Nigel did tonight to Cyrus! It was so rude to state he will not be voting for him for the finale. Nigel, your words and comments influence voters. It makes this season rigged. I am not even voting for Cyrus but felt it was unfair and unjust. He has worked as hard as any schooled dancer. You owe a public apology!

    9/11/2012 9:50 PM UTC

  24. Lisa - wrote:

    Linda, quit being such a hater. The fact is America decides, Americans buy tickets to shows, Americans buy records, Americans buy and make or break the industry of the arts. Tonight, let America decide. Not your personal opinion.
    No haters for dance!

    9/11/2012 9:57 PM UTC

  25. Laura - wrote:

    Every time I click on the link it says that it’s not available in the us store. I’m following the link from, not searching from my phone even. Why the error?

    10/7/2012 4:58 PM UTC

  26. Ashish joy - wrote:

    Hey u forgot nokia.

    12/9/2012 5:22 AM UTC

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