Press Call with Amber and Brandon

Amber and Brandon opened up about their SYTYCD experiences

The morning after Season 9’s Amber Jackson and Brandon Mitchell were eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance, the couple hopped on a call with press to talk about their So You Think You Can Dance experiences.

How did Amber and Brandon feel about becoming partners for a week?

Amber said, “Our connection was strong from the beginning. We were friends before we were even paired up, so when we started dancing the chemistry was strong because of that previous connection.”

Brandon added, “When I found out Amber was my partner, I was very excited. I’m a huge fan of Amber’s and we were friends before we made the show. The connection was very natural, and the routine on top of that made it easier to connect with her.”

When only two guys and two girls were asked to dance solos, were they nervous?

Amber recalled, “I was just thankful for being in Top 20 period. In that moment I just wanted to leave America with the note ‘This is why I’m here’ and show them why I made Top 20.”

Brandon shared, “Every time you hit the stage, even when you’re doing your duet, I always feel like you’re dancing for your life. There’s always pressure regardless. At the same time, it’s an extra opportunity to show America what you got and to dance for America. It was cool.”

On exiting on a high note…

Amber stated, “I wish I would have done last night’s routine earlier in the season than last night, but it was a great moment and I went out with a bang.”

Brandon said, “I was just thankful for the journey and for making the Top 20, making it that far, and having a successful night. I had a lot of fun doing my solo and giving America the chance to see what I do.”

How has So You Think You Can Dance changed Amber and Brandon?

Amber explained, “I think it’s made me a stronger person, period. Not just as a dancer. This whole process pushes you and opens up so many doors, and the other dancers push you as well. You learn to enjoy every moment and attack it as well. For me, I opened up for America and I’m the shyest person you’ll ever meet. I can only go up from here.”

Brandon mentioned, “Being a stepper, just learning from all the different genres and from the other contestants – how they stretch, how they approach a turn or a step, where it comes from in your body – just all kinds of technical things I wouldn’t have known. It taught me a lot about myself and my values, worth, and identity. I have just grown all around as a dancer and an individual.”

What’s next for the dancers?

Amber told us, “I’m planning to go to New York to start my career – whether it’s Broadway, concert, or commercial – I just want to start fresh and work.”

Brandon replied, “I have a movie coming out, Step Up Revolution, so I am pretty sure I’ll be doing some promotional things for that. I think the next push for me will be acting. It’s another passion of mine and I’ve been taking classes for the last year.”

Watch Amber & Brandon’s sensual jazz duet.


5 comments on “Press Call with Amber and Brandon“

  1. juan - wrote:

    amber was the strongest dancer on the show she got good reviews from the judges every time her performance tonight was great but they did not save her and said how great the performace was.I have a real problem with this and will not watch the rest of the season.This was BS

    8/8/2012 6:09 PM UTC

  2. Tychelle - wrote:

    I love this show! It is my favorite show, I literally block out my Wednesday nights so I can be home to watch it. But this new format is weird and disturbing. It feels as if the audience has no control over what is happening. It seems like sad way to eliminate contestants, after watching them dance again then we find out that they are going home?? What if that night’s performance was incredible? They still get cut, it makes no sense. I was so sad to see Brandon and Amber go after such a great routine.

    I never like writing to a show, but I feel like in this case it was a must!!!

    Tychelle (a fan and viewer since season one)

    8/15/2012 5:49 PM UTC

  3. LIBRA - wrote:


    8/15/2012 7:12 PM UTC

  4. btwothaj - wrote:

    You know… fact someone will be eliminated ea week totally understand. But let’s be fair Amber was one of the strongest and beautiful dancers on the show. I totally feel that the judges got it TOTALLY wrong!!! I loved and will miss watching her dance and seeing her determination, drive and passion. Amber keep your head up and just know that you are not defined by “SYTYCD” and you showed America that YOU CAN DANCE… Please note I think the show’s name s/b changed to “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN ACT” because they certainly are not looking for dancers.

    What’s with all that kissing in the choreography not cute at all.

    8/21/2012 5:34 AM UTC

  5. Ayelet Haran - wrote:

    I think that it’s time to face the reality about Cyrus and all dancers like him. The choreographers are consistently going easy on him while challenging the trained dancers (notice I didn’t use the word “technique” – there are many types of technique), which often leaves them open to more criticism from the judges. Why do we expect a ballet or contemporary dancers to do ballroom and hip hop perfectly, while we give the hip hoppers much easier contemporary dances? Why is it that all the girls are expected to have gorgeous feet and extension, while the guys can just walk around the stage and lift the girl to stay in the competition? Cyrus is now in the final four, which to me is incredulous. Why does a show about dance not value the people who spent DECADES in a dance studio, slaving away while their friends are out shopping or hanging out, and instead keeps giving high marks to people who have ZERO dance experience (passion can only take you so far) because they were able to pick up a move or two without injuring themselves? I will not be watching another season of SYTYCD. As a dancer who’s been taking class for 25 years I’m done with this degradation of my art.

    9/6/2012 7:43 AM UTC

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