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Hello, So You Think You Can Dance Fans! I’m the SYTYCD Insider and will be chatting with you all season about our favorite show. I started working on So You Think You Can Dance back before Season 5, attending auditions, writing recaps, conducting interviews with talent, and posting blogs. I’m also a huge fan of the show and have been watching it since the very first episode.

As of last week, I launched a SYTYCD Insider Twitter page and Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter for live tweets from the SYTYCD rehearsals on Tuesday and live show on Wednesday. You can also view my Insider photos on Instagram @sytycdonfox and on the SYTYCD Insider Pinterest board.

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40 comments on “Meet the SYTYCD Insider“

  1. sydney johnson - wrote:

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove so you think you can dance!!! cole i do martial arts just like you!!! you`re my idol!!!

    7/20/2012 3:27 PM UTC

  2. Gaynor Songer - wrote:

    I’m trying to see the dance numbers for National Dance Day. We are having a big event here. We are not competitive, just dancing along. We are practicing but I can’t see the steps on SYTYCD’s web site. The dance videos are “private.” Bummer!

    Can you send me a link oh please. We are such fans.

    7/23/2012 9:08 AM UTC

  3. Laurie - wrote:

    I have a great suggestion for an opening dance number for the show. How about Joe Walsh’s “The Confessor” any choreographer would love to put together a routine for this song!

    7/23/2012 1:11 PM UTC

  4. Billy - wrote:

    Thank you for the video that showed what happens after the show.

    One thing I’m curious about is how much time do the choreographers spend with the dancers? Also, how much do the assistants to the choreographers help the dancers?

    7/24/2012 10:01 AM UTC

  5. Jay - wrote:

    If a dancer is doing a cha cha … PLAY A CHA CHA … not club music etc!!!! It ruins the whole dance … and two of the judges mentioned that the music didn’t allow the dance to flow well. It is not fair to the dancers to have music that doesn’t go with the type of dance and style!!! It’s so bad that I either mute the music or flip to another station.
    Otherwise, the show is fantastic!!

    7/25/2012 5:41 PM UTC

  6. Michele Kelley - wrote:

    I am NOT pleased with the way this season is going! Tonight 7/25 -2 more getting voted off after they have already danced??? The votes are from last week? This does not make sense! The bottom 6 are the best dancers on the show. Why the big change up this year? I love this show but it is turning me off with the new set up. WHY WHY WHY??? the changes??? Please explain the reasoning behind this!!

    7/25/2012 5:43 PM UTC

  7. Mrs. M - wrote:

    I love SYTYCD, and have watched it from the first season, but I just watched tonight’s episode, and was insulted when Christina Applegate’s comment, “Jesus, I loved that…” was bleeped. Since when is “Jesus” a vulgar word? I’m appalled that is so acceptable to offend Christians.

    7/25/2012 6:10 PM UTC

  8. Duncan - wrote:

    I can not believe they just eliminated Amber.

    7/25/2012 6:24 PM UTC

  9. Chaba - wrote:

    Feel so cheated that amber got kicked off so soon, her and amelia are the 2 most passionate dancers on the show, you can always see that they not only dance the music but they feel it, they were and are the 2 best female dancers and now we won’t see one of them anymore, I think the judges were wrong on this one!

    7/25/2012 7:16 PM UTC

  10. Rick - wrote:

    It is so unfair to ask contestants to perform Latin dances to non-Latin (sometimes bizarre) music. To add insult to injury some of the judges criticize the dancers for not showing enough Latin attitude!??!!? Nothing looks sillier than 2 people stomping their feet like matadors while dancing to music that may have the beat (and that’s questionable at times) but definitely not Latin. What’s next SYTYCD? Waltzing to Latin music?

    7/25/2012 7:26 PM UTC

  11. Kim - wrote:

    I’m LOVING Cat’s dress on episode 8 (the hot red tomato, as Adam Shankman put it). Who made it?

    7/25/2012 8:23 PM UTC

  12. rainsoothe - wrote:

    I think the new format is better for the dancers and the audience, because in this way, the judges get to see the dancers perform an extra routine instead of (or besides) the solos/dance for your life. So if the results are from the past week, the bottom 6 still get to perform another routine to convince the judges. My only surprise (but that’s got nothing to do with the show, but with the voters) is that the bottom 6 this season usually are top dancers (I mean Eliana in the bottom 6? wth, she is the best dancer in the show – imho – nothing “in your face”, just perfection). Otherwise, I think this is one of the best shows to come out of the US, and it does the country a great service – both abroad representation-wise and for showcasing artistic stuff to their audience. Very nice and positive show indeed.

    7/26/2012 11:38 AM UTC

  13. Walker7 - wrote:

    Of course, I have a suggestion. Instead of the rule that says “once you make the Top 20, you can’t re-enter the competition”, how about this change:

    Once you make the Top 10, you can’t re-enter the competition.

    After all, the Top 10 go on tour. That is also the time in the season when the All-Stars come into play, and pretty much anyone who has made Top 10 has or will soon be an All-Star. Therefore, Top 10 seems like a decent cut-off point in my opinion, instead of Top 20.

    I still miss Alexa Anderson very deeply. It is probably the most heartbreaking elimination EVER in the history of SYTYCD. It even hurts more than the eliminations of Allison in Season 2, Janette in Season 5, and other eliminations that were shocking. Alexa deserves to still be in the competition.

    And yes, please make a better effort to make the music fit to the dances more often. It can, and probably does, make all the difference.

    7/26/2012 12:42 PM UTC

  14. Miss Saida - wrote:

    I LOVE SYTYCD!!! I’ve watched every season, and enjoyed all of them. Except the new format of season 9. I don’t like how the eliminations are being handled. I think it’s not fair to the dancers. They perform one week, and the next week they can have an even better performance, but get voted off for last week. I can’t follow it. I hope that next season we can have a 2 night show. I think everyone would be happy.

    7/27/2012 10:53 AM UTC

  15. JR1 - wrote:

    I’ve been watching since the first season. How fantastic are all these dancers!! I’m hoping the show will eventually move back from inching toward soft porn to the great artistry displayed in previous seasons. I was embarrassed for the dancers a few times this week.

    7/29/2012 9:18 AM UTC

  16. Gary T - wrote:

    I love the fact that there will now be a favorite male dancer and favorite female dancer; this should have been done from the beginning. There are two factors that have bothered me from the beginning of this series. Choreographers are often the reason some of these dancers fail to impress the American audience; why are the judges so reluctant to blame uninspired or wrongheaded choreographers for failing the contestants? Also, as has been stated here many times before…..always match the music to the dance style. It is ridiculous to waltz to a rock and roll song. The dancers this season are magnificent and should be treated with the greatest respect.

    7/30/2012 12:42 PM UTC

  17. Kerry - wrote:

    How can I put in a request for Sonya Tayeh to choreograph a routine to the song “Too Close” by Alex Clare?

    7/31/2012 12:58 PM UTC

  18. Brittany - wrote:

    Why was it necessary to bleep out Christinas JESUS comment? Just curious… As vulgar as this show is from top to bottom… Jesus isn’t acceptable?

    7/31/2012 3:35 PM UTC

  19. Neva - wrote:

    hands down my favorite show on tv – billion times better than the stars (which I no longer watch) – why the changes every season??? I want two nights. I want full fall line up – I fear the changes are to get station to keep it going… but if fox drops this show I will drop fox!

    8/15/2012 8:41 PM UTC

  20. Tressa - wrote:

    what is the song that plays during the girls elimination tapes?
    I want to be free..does anyone know the name/artist?

    8/16/2012 4:17 PM UTC

  21. Jacques - wrote:

    How long did Nigel going to manipulate that show to keep Cyrus on the show, He has been given only performance matching is own genre, no bollywood, no ballroom dancing, no anything with technique. He is on trick ponny. While other accomplished dancers have been ejected, he is still here. Sound very fishy and manipulated.The show is : So you think you can dance and not So you think you can dance one dance. Please comment, answer !!

    8/16/2012 5:57 PM UTC

  22. Debbie - wrote:

    I didn’t care for Mia Michaels being tributed Wednesday night. I didn’t care for her when she was one of the judges last year and I don’t know why she got the spot light Wednesday night. Give me a break!!!! I didn’t think it was fair that you kept comparing the dancers to the original dancers. I think they all did a great job. It is really hard because all of the top twenty were amazing. I don’t like the show only being on one night. I loved the way it was before- why the change? Matthew- sorry your gone- we will miss you!

    8/17/2012 8:01 AM UTC

  23. btwothaj - wrote:

    Amber was eliminated! It’s almost like she was set up to fail but passed EVERY dance test. 1st the Waltz really all the others had up beat routines, 2nd Tango…I must say I was impressed and I know others were surprised that she dance it so well and finally her own style which she KILLED…she and Brandon…and then what…ELIMINATED!!! Judges you goofed up AGAIN!

    8/21/2012 9:35 AM UTC

  24. Paul - wrote:

    Really disappointed this season. Don’t like the format when 4 dancers are eliminated. Judges are letting great ones go yet keeping others who should go first. This entire season just seems rushed and out of sorts. Time to replace some of the permanent judges as they are getting very boring!

    8/21/2012 6:38 PM UTC

  25. JR Ewing - wrote:

    Whitney needs to go. Quit keeping her just because you think she is sexy you dirty old man.

    8/22/2012 7:17 PM UTC

  26. Marco - wrote:

    Cant believe Will got voted off :(
    What Is that song do they play for girls elimination please answer

    8/29/2012 6:06 PM UTC

  27. Mona - wrote:

    Please go back to when dancing wasn’t just throwing themselves around. The days of Ivan, benji, and nick. The routines then were beautiful. Where is Mia michaels when we need her?

    8/29/2012 6:13 PM UTC

  28. Sue G - wrote:

    Hey Lighting people, it’s so you think you can DANCE not so you think you can light. Twitch dressed in black against a black background – Cole costumed in grey against a grey background. Really? Is the costume designer color blind? Are you trying to camouflage the dancers so we can’t see them at home? Then to strobe lights behind the dancers so we can’t watch their moves. What a crime to take a brilliant show and mess up the art direction.

    8/30/2012 12:16 PM UTC

  29. A. L. - wrote:

    I have really loved the show dancers and the guest acts. Is there a listing of those guest acts somewhere? Tonight’s wheelchair dancer was amazing!!!!! He really showed my son (who is in a wheelchair) and I what a little hard work and determination could bring!

    9/5/2012 6:32 PM UTC

  30. Kathy - wrote:

    Sad to see Cole leave. Why doesn’t Cyrus have to dance at the same level as the rest of the dancers. He never has to do ballroom. Stinks! Don’t know if I will continue watching if it continues.

    9/6/2012 5:15 AM UTC

  31. tom & marilyn - wrote:

    We are flabbergasted that “one trick” (hip hop) Cyrus
    is in the top 4. He certainly is not talented enough to be anywhere
    near the top 5 male dancers.
    We think the judges have made a big mistake by not pointing out his short-comings. His competition has been treated unfairly by
    allowing Cyrus to “slide” thru for reasons we don’t comprehend..

    9/11/2012 10:10 PM UTC

  32. Karen Cornell - wrote:

    Nigel, what in the world were you thinking tonight when you told Cyrus you would not vote for him?? Did you see that boy’s face? No one needs to know how you vote, especially the contestants! Your comments were uncalled for and thoughtless. You may have changed the outcome for the winner with your announcement. Shame on you! You owe Cyrus and America an apology!

    9/11/2012 10:57 PM UTC

  33. mary - wrote:

    I have a problem with Nigel in his comments with Syrus? Now if your looking for the dancer who has grown alot then it would be Syrus and for you(Nigel) to say that you aren’t voting for him but for the other guy is such an insult to his dancing. Youv’e said he’s your favorite person and the other is your favorite dancer so now how do you keep knocking this man down and all you do is lift the other dancers up??? But I gurantee that if Syrus had the training that he or the other dancers had then yes he would be able to do all that they have trained to do. Now to also say you probably won’t win either it’s just a harsh way of saying that the other three people are better than you and the only reason your here is because their voting to keep you here. But Syrus has done a 390 degree turn as far as doing what he has in his heart as a dancer that came in not knowing anything about all the other dances. I give him a WIN even though you(Nigel) will stop him from winning the whole thing, like when Twitch was or should have won his season. I feel Syrus’s heart is bigger than anyone of those dancers cause they have been taught and now what can stop them in winning???nothing cause they’ve trained for this moment. Now Syrus hasn’t had that type of training and has been better each time he’s danced every time and for you to say he probably won’t win I can’t believe you.!!!! What about others kids dreams??? Just come on and you already know there’s someone better than you and surely your not going to win, whoa what encouragement you have for the one’s that doesn’t have the training or the money to do this? What happened to you can do what it takes to be a WINNER if you have the HEART and SOUL to do what it takes as a SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and to GROW as a dancer in the show. In my mind Syrus has shown he has it to do what it takes to dance. Noone can do what he does and sure he can’t point his toes on some of the other dances but I think he has come a longer way than any of them. God Bless You Syrus!!!!!!!! Nigel’s just one sided and just what he thinks of someone’s hearts in it is just not right as a judge. But nigel upset me when he said he wasn’t voting for you but he didn’t vote for Twitch either so what does that tell you America…….

    9/12/2012 12:35 PM UTC

  34. Tats - wrote:

    Mary you are wrong in your conclusions. Cyrus is not repeat not a dancer. He has done very little “dancing” outside of his speciality since he cannot dance at all. The judges have been extremely kind and only have commented on his personality not on his lack of dancing skills. The dance instructors have only given him variations on his speciality or had him walk around the floor without performing any actual dance steps. The voting has kept him in the competion so it appears to be a personality contest, he should have been voted off the first week. When competing on a level playing field it is painfully obvious that Cyrus cannot dance. By your own observation he has not had training so what conclusion can you reach other than to vote him off. Sombody had to say it thanks to Nigel.

    9/13/2012 1:20 PM UTC

  35. Dolores - wrote:

    I am very disappointed with this year’s show. Everything feels off, rushed, too political, tainted. Judges ignoring the voter’s dislike of Whitney week after week. Keeping her over better dancers…I don’t get it. Was it the boobs? The whole finalist outcome would be different if this was truly America’s favorite dancer and not the judges stacking the deck. Should be the voter choice all through the competition. And please stop moving the cameras around during the dances. It is very annoying.

    9/18/2012 12:32 PM UTC

  36. Atino - wrote:

    What happen to Russell from season 6? I thought he would have been great with Twitch and Cyrus this year!

    9/24/2012 7:33 AM UTC

  37. Anthony - wrote:

    does anyone have a link to the season 10 audition schedule??????

    10/13/2012 6:12 PM UTC

  38. jaclyn terlecki - wrote:

    what is the age cutoff for auditions and when are they

    11/4/2012 12:59 PM UTC

  39. Pharma352 - wrote:

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    1/30/2013 3:16 PM UTC

  40. LaShanae - wrote:

    Omgeevi love SYTYCD when does season 10 begin?

    3/29/2013 5:21 PM UTC

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