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Meet your Season 9 Top 20

Tonight, after thousands of auditions from some of the best dancers in the nation, the judges of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE announced the Top 20 finalists who will compete to be named America’s Favorite Male and Female Dancer. This season’s Top 20 finalists are: Girls – Alexa Anderson, Lindsay Arnold, Witney Carson, Audrey Case, Janaya French, Eliana Girard, Amber Jackson, Janelle Issis, Amelia Lowe and Tiffany Maher; and Boys – Daniel Baker, Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Cole Horibe, Matthew Kazmierczak, Dareian Kujawa, George Lawrence II, Brandon Mitchell, Cyrus Spencer, Will Thomas and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp.


In two weeks, on Wednesday, July 11 at 8/7c, the Top 20 finalists will dance for the judges and America on this season’s first two-hour live performance show. The Top 20 will be paired into 10 couples and work with world-renowned choreographers to compose a dance routine representing their assigned genre. After the performances, viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite dancers via phone, text and online. We have all the voting information available here on


Then, the following week on Wednesday, July 18 at 8/7c, on the first performance and results show, the 10 couples will perform again, but in this week’s assigned genre. America’s votes from the previous week will also be revealed and at the end of the show, the six finalists comprising the bottom three guys and bottom three girls will be revealed and may be given a chance to perform solo routines. The judges will then decide which dancers stay and which two will be eliminated. If couples are split apart, the dancers who remain will form new couples.


The SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Top 10 female finalists are:
Alexa Anderson
Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Age: 19
Dance Specialty: Contemporary
Keep up with Alexa at:

Lindsay Arnold
Hometown: Provo, UT
Age: 18
Dance Specialty: Latin Ballroom
Keep up with Lindsay at:

Witney Carson
Hometown: American Fork, UT
Age: 18
Dance Specialty: Latin Ballroom
Keep up with Witney at:

Audrey Case
Hometown: Edmond, OK
Age: 18
Dance Specialty: Jazz
Keep up with Audrey at:

Janaya French
Hometown: Aurora, CO
Age: 20
Dance Specialty: Lyrical Contemporary
Keep up with Janaya at:

Eliana Girard
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Age: 21
Dance Specialty: Contemporary Ballet
Keep up with Eliana at:

Amber Jackson
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Age: 21
Dance Specialty: Contemporary
Keep up with Amber at:

Janelle Issis
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Age: 24
Dance Specialty: Belly Dancing
Keep up with Janelle at:

Amelia Lowe
Hometown: Butler, NJ
Age: 18
Dance Specialty: Contemporary
Keep up with Amelia at:

Tiffany Maher
Hometown: Plantation, FL
Age: 19
Dance Specialty: Jazz
Keep up with Tiffany at:

The SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Top 10 male finalists are:

Daniel Baker
Hometown: Newcastle, Australia
Age: 24
Dance Specialty: Ballet
Keep up with Daniel at:

Nick Bloxsom-Carter
Hometown: Oak Park, CA
Age: 20
Dance Specialty: Ballroom
Keep up with Nick at:

Cole Horibe
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Age: 26
Dance Specialty: Martial Arts Fusion
Keep up with Cole at:

Matthew Kazmierczak
Hometown: Peoria, AZ
Age: 21
Dance Specialty: Contemporary
Keep up with Matthew at:

Dareian Kujawa
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Age: 20
Dance Specialty: Contemporary
Keep up with Dareian at:

George Lawrence II
Hometown: Decatur, GA
Age: 19
Dance Specialty: Contemporary
Keep up with George at:

Brandon Mitchell
Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Age: 27
Dance Specialty: Stepping
Keep up with Brandon at:

Cyrus Spencer
Hometown: Duluth, GA
Age: 22
Dance Specialty: Animation/Robotics
Keep up with Cyrus at:

Will Thomas
Hometown: Troy, MI
Age: 19
Dance Specialty: Contemporary
Keep up with Will at:

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland
Age: 23
Dance Specialty: Ballet
Keep up with Chehon at:

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE was created by Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe and is produced by 19 Entertainment and dick clark productions, inc. The series is executive-produced by Fuller, Lythgoe and Barry Adelman. “Like” SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on Facebook at Follow the series on Twitter @DanceonFOX and join the discussion at #SYTYCD.  Also, follow host Cat Deeley at @CatDeeley and follow judges Nigel Lythgoe @Dizzyfeet and Mary Murphy @hottamaletrain.


28 comments on “The Top 20 Season 9 Finalists Revealed“

  1. linda - wrote:

    I am so disappointed in the show. Judges keep saying what a great group they have but the shows has gone down hill since it started. I want to see people who are not professional dancers I want to see people who do not have a professional gig or are otherwise pro’s. TO me that is not what the show is about it is finding those gems ou there who are truely amateurs that is when it is really great. Also all these hip hop and any like them are really boring.

    6/28/2012 12:37 PM UTC

  2. D Gale - wrote:

    Hampton Williams was amazing! I saved his performance on my DVR and have replayed it almost everyday when I come home from work, sometimes several times and get the same feeling everytime. I hope Nigel will find a way to incorporate Hampton into the show season finale because it would be a shame not to see him perform again. It would be great if Chris Scott would choregraph him and Syrus together. That would make dancing history!!! I guarantee it. Please Nigel see this comment and make it happen. Nigel I love this show and what you do with it and the passion you have for the dancers and dance itself. Thank you so much for bringing this entertainment to primetime television and please bring Hampton Williams back for a performance at some point during the season. It would be a shame not to experience his dance again.
    All the best for a great Season 9,
    D. Gale

    6/28/2012 3:31 PM UTC

  3. Patricia Hendren - wrote:

    I was so shocked when they announced Cyrus as their final selection. I have been a loyal fan of this reality program from day one. However, their decision to choose someone who struggled all the way through Vegas week over someone who did very well and was acknowledged for it, has turned me off (literally). I thought their purpose of Vegas week was to pick the best dancers; not the best hopefuls. I could say more of the same, but why bother. My solution to their poor judgement is to stop wasting my time watching their popularity contest. I have no ill feelings towards Cyrus; he just didn’t out perform the other person. When these two dancers were standing side-by-side during the decision time, I made myself a promise never to watch this show again should Cyrus receive the final slot of the top 20. HE DID AND I WON’T!

    6/28/2012 4:42 PM UTC

  4. Tanji Gibson - wrote:

    Shouting out Amber and George!!! You are looking fabulous! Stars in the making! You are representing yourselves and Dance Makers of Atlanta extremely well! We are so super proud you. I have to admit that I shed some tears. Happy tears of course! We can’t wait to see you kill more choreography. Both of you are phenomenal talents! We will be celebrating you and rooting for you in the ATL! Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!


    Dance Makers of Atlanta

    6/29/2012 6:33 AM UTC

  5. Traci - wrote:

    Continue to be frustrated that you won’t allow the shows to be seen online for 30 days (though in many places it still says 8). How can such a massive company such as FOX not be more on top of things? And today is 30 days since the second audition video and it says we can view it, yet it still won’t play. I haven’t even seen auditions yet and you’ve chosen a top 20. You’ve ruined the fun of the show. What a ridiculous marketing decision on Fox’s part.

    6/29/2012 11:34 AM UTC

  6. bummed - wrote:

    I still love this show and all it does for Dance in America.

    Nice that we’ll see a guy AND girl picked this time. Helps to encourage them Partner better.

    Agree with the selections for the most part.. I realize this is a TV show, so I wasn’t surprised that Cyrus got picked over other very strong male dancers. he won’t last and I think the girls won’t want to partner with him.

    disappointing that there are no Hip Hoppers or B-Boys at all this year. Hip Hop is a crowd/audience pleaser…

    6/29/2012 12:13 PM UTC

  7. Gabriel Thomas - wrote:

    I think the top 20 this year is phenomenal, which will make the competition very hard to judge. Best of luck to all.

    6/30/2012 1:13 PM UTC

  8. Fuzzed1 - wrote:

    Just got around to watching first week in Vegas from DVD. Very disappointed that background stories of black females never featured. No names, they don’t speak on camera, barely ANY face time on camera, unless they were getting cut. As the mother of a little girl who enjoys watching the show, where is the representation of women dancers of color for this generation to look up to? Do better Lithgo & Fox!

    6/30/2012 8:39 PM UTC

  9. Patrice Nantel - wrote:

    I was truly touched and enthralled by the top 10 girls routine…but I was also puzzled with their numbers… 9 of them! What happened? Where was the tenth? Hopefully it is nothing serious, I would hate to see a serious injury this early in the season. Keep up the good work SYTYCD! You inspire me!

    7/1/2012 3:32 AM UTC

  10. Bil Connelly - wrote:

    Some of the selections this seasson were not the best of the ttwo competitors. The selection of Amelia and Cyrus are the two that I question. Their competition had outperformed them during Vegas week, and this was acknowledged by the judges. So how conme they were selected// I have been an avid fan of this show since its inception, and look forward to it for summer entertainment. Cyrus’ story is a great one, but he was totally outdanced in Vegas. I did love his Dance for you Life solo, but that was only one aspect of the competition.

    Glad to see the return of Mia Michaels. I absolutely love her routines. I do hope that she will be working for the entire season. She is a welcome addition to Tyce, Travis, Sonya, Stacey, Desmond and Chris. Also hope that NappyTaps will be a part of the season.

    It will be interesting to see how they handle only one show a week. No Results Show was a shocker to me. Also glad they changed to one male and one female winners. Should be a big improvement.

    Looking forward to the remainder of the season.

    7/1/2012 7:39 AM UTC

  11. Amy - wrote:

    I think the top 20 are great, but what is up with the weird camera angles the whole time? I noticed this last season, and it’s even worse this season. Don’t the choreographers choreograph for the stage, facing the audience?! If so, then why are we at home watching on TV subjected to constantly-spinning nonsense? It’s so frustrating because we can’t see the dancers at all with all the weridness going on…

    7/1/2012 8:14 AM UTC

  12. cece - wrote:

    I don’t have anything against the top 20 because they’re all great and beautiful dancers, BUT i do have something against having about HALF of the top 20 be contemporary/jazz dancers. I just wonder what happened to the people who dance hip hop, other types of ballroom besides latin, tapping, broadway. But it is what it is and I guess those people couldn’t cut it in Vegas so hopefully come performance time, the judges will be super critical and honest about each dancer in the top 20 instead of forcing positive commentary on certain dancers to, in turn, have america love them. We’ll see.

    7/2/2012 10:10 AM UTC

  13. Dancing Dianne - wrote:

    I have been a loyal fan since season one and have a few issues with the way this season has started off. First, favoritism played a part in establishing the top twenty dancers. While I’m sure they’re all wonderful people, and some of their stories are quite compelling, at the end of the day, this is a competition and should be treated as such. I get the point is to choose America’s FAVOURITE dancer, but I think the judges should do more to be impartial and focus on those with charisma AS WELL as technique. Second, while I am SO excited about TWO male ballet dancers, I do feel that if someone has already established a professional career as a dancer, they should not be allowed to audition and compete. Let others have a go at it… you’re already living your dream!!!! Finally, I am quite disappointed about no tappers being in the top twenty. Best of luck to everyone and here’s to a great season ahead!

    7/4/2012 5:07 PM UTC

  14. Heather - wrote:

    I’ve been seeing a big problem in recent seasons where the show focuses on certain dancers and doesn’t help us get to know more of the selection so when it comes time to pick the Top 20 we have no idea who half these people are until about 5 seconds before they are in the Top 20. America is supposed to be voting for these guys! How do they expect us to vote for people we don’t even know?
    I’m pretty happy with the Top 20 this year. There are some people who I think shouldn’t be on there. As for Cyrus, I love him and yes, maybe he shouldn’t have made it, but I think he’ll be able to bring it. We’ve had huge surprises in the past.

    7/5/2012 4:19 PM UTC

  15. Carla - wrote:

    I have been a fan of this show since season 3. Love it and will always watch it, but can we please stop having celebrities as judges? I am a dancer and i appreciate the feedback from other choreographers. As much as i like zooey, she just doesnt know as much as a professional. Thanks.

    7/6/2012 6:10 AM UTC

  16. L.B. - wrote:

    I am very excited for the new season! It will be hard to top Season, but you have a great group. I know some people are questioning some of the choices, but if you listened close the judges really talked about how they were looking people with amazing drive and that something that just made them stand out…so while Cryus may have struggled he was a go getter, motivated others and continued to imporve each time…

    7/9/2012 4:06 PM UTC

  17. Angie M - wrote:

    I can tell this will be another disappointing year for two reasons. First, the music sucks. I guess Nigel refuses to pay for good top 40 music. Also, I have the feeling that again this year Nigel will chose the winner rather than all the voting be legitimately done by America. (The tables turned the year Adechekee kept getting voted for so Nigel ignored voting results). This used to be my favorite show. I don’t think I can say this anymore.

    7/11/2012 4:33 PM UTC

  18. Steph - wrote:

    STOP THE CAMERA I WANT TO GET OFF!! I haven’t gotten this dizzy on amusement park rides. PLEASE, PLEASE just let us enjoy the dancers and stop all the crazy camerawork. How can we vote if we can’t see the dancers. I am sad for them, and for us.

    7/11/2012 5:56 PM UTC

  19. Grace A. - wrote:

    I love the show and i love Cyrus. I think he is awesome and brave to dance with people who have all that training behind them. I was happy to see him come so far and disappointed in his friends for quitting. I think he deserves to be in top 20 because he shows that you don’t have to have the training, be confident in what you do, whatever the genre. It inspires me to be a better, more confident dancer! I love the way this season brings it! I cannot wait for more! Please Lil’ C do some dances this season!

    7/11/2012 6:28 PM UTC

  20. Too Smooth - wrote:

    I actually think that the judges for once didn’t just go with the obvious over-studied, over-practiced dancers whose moms & dads have been footing the bill for years & picked someone like Cyrus! I hope his natural talent, drive & perseverance gives some of the dancers with their overpriced “talent” & parents bank account a run for their money! Go Cyrus! Give the rest of us scraping by someone to cheer for!!!!

    7/12/2012 1:49 AM UTC

  21. Maria - wrote:

    Finally the judges didn’t just put through dancers whose always had the money for training & classes. I was overjoyed to see Cyrus make the final cut. It’s about time that mommy & daddy’s money made way for undeterred spirit, natural ability & heart that’s not bank rolled by those economically blessed dancers & their parents! Congratulations Cyrus! You belong in the top 20 & it gives hope to those of us who struggle between putting food on the table or asking daddy to pay for just one more tap class!

    7/12/2012 2:28 AM UTC

  22. Katrina - wrote:

    This is a show, and I am perfectly fine with the judges taking some chances (like Cyrus), but I have to agree with another commenter above – how come HALF of the dancers are Contemporary or Jazz? They are willing to cut the amazing hip-hoppers, standard ballroom dancers, etc, but don’t touch the contemporary??? I think that is awfully biased!
    I still love this show, and look forward to watching this season. The choreographers are awesome… I am super excited to see Mia back!! But really, I hope you can take this criticism to heart for next year.

    7/13/2012 2:05 PM UTC

  23. Susan - wrote:

    1. Cyrus? Really??? I hate to keep seeing more talented dancers lose a shot in favor of mediocre talent!!! The judges kept crying over his dances–so fake!!!

    2. Whitney gets a vote for the Hot Tamale Train? She is a ballroom dancer and was assigned the samba. Not much of a stretch.

    3. Hope we won’t have to deal with the AllStars this season. I never want to see Twitch, Comfort, Pasha or Anya EVER AGAIN.

    4. Louis Van Amstel is awful–why keep bringing him back???

    7/15/2012 11:32 AM UTC

  24. Stormy - wrote:

    I have to say I absolutely LOVED the Marilyn Manson choregraphy!! Nice to have something a bit different from the norm and the dancers did an excellent job!! Would like to see more of the crazy fun stuff!!

    7/18/2012 7:31 PM UTC

  25. kimque - wrote:

    I am SO disgusted that Cyrus has not been held to the same scrutiny as the other dancers! What is wrong with the judges? What is going on here?! You have embarrassed yourselves!! He is not even REMOTELY close to the caliber of the other dancers and it is not fair to them that they have sweat in class and worked so hard and this guy slides in…REGARDLESS if he does his own style well! That’s what the choreography round is all about ..can he do other styles and HE SUCKED…HE COULDN’T !! EH?! I’m so pissed off that others have gone & this guy remains AND what about the poor GREAT dancer that gets paired with him..they risk going home because alot of America doesn’t know technique. 4 dancers left tonight & this non-dancer remained! Sickening! I can only imagine what the other dancers think. He’s great at standing and posing on stage while the ballerina jetes and makes him look good 2 weeks in a row now! SHAME ON YOU!!!! SHAME< SHAME<SHAME .He should never have been in the top 20! Are you kidding? If he doesn't get cut this week I won't watch the rest of the season because it's a joke.

    7/18/2012 7:34 PM UTC

  26. Dancingqueeneee - wrote:

    This season is such a joke! I’m still pist off! The format is stupid! NO SOLOS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME FOX? REALLY! ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE SHOW ARE THE SOLOS! So stupid! Cutting Alexa: Stupid.

    7/19/2012 12:30 AM UTC

  27. Walker7 - wrote:

    I agree with Dancingqueeneee that Alexa should have continued on to next week. That was really wrong. It was very heartbreaking for her to leave this early. I hope that she will get a chance to come back next season. After all, cutting four people at once in the beginning of the season is painful.

    As for the solos, I think they will come back in the following weeks. I think that Nigel said that they didn’t need to see solos just for this week. Keep in mind that the judges know the voting results on the morning before the elimination.

    7/21/2012 4:21 PM UTC

  28. Kety - wrote:

    me encanta balair,creo que es una manera de expresar mis sentimientos y mi pasion por el baile,no soy balairina todavia,pero dentro de poco empezare a tomar clases de ballet y me gustaria mucho formarme como balairina profesional e ir a audiciones en los estados unidos,como por ejemplo presentarme en audiciones de cantantes famoso como lady gaga,beyonce,britney spears,rihanna,christina aguilera etc,o en audiciones para entrar a shows como so you think you can dance en fin AMO BAILAR y me encantaria algun dc3ada poder formar parte de so you think you can dance me llamo daira medina,tengo 15 ac3b1os,soy de buenos aires argentina Graciase299a5

    8/7/2012 4:47 AM UTC

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