National Dance Day and the Dizzy Feet Gala

Take part in National Dance Day 2012

This year, National Dance Day is Saturday, July 28, and the Dizzy Feet Foundation has partnered with The Music Center and Los Angeles County to present the west coast’s largest National Dance Day celebration. We’re thrilled to hold the event at Los Angeles County’s newest, most exciting outdoor destination, Grand Park, and everyone’s welcome to come out and move!

The Dizzy Feet Foundation has created two new official National Dance Day routines: a Hip-Hop Master Class from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE all star Lauren Gottlieb (with help from Season 7 winner Lauren Froderman and Season 5 runner-up Brandon Bryant), and an Everybody Dance routine from Zumba Fitness®, which has teamed up with Dizzy Feet to spread the message of dance and movement. Learn both routines, submit videos of you and yours performing them, and show us what you’ve got on National Dance Day!

Join us from 10:00AM-12:00PM on July 28, 2012, at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles. You’ll witness fabulous dance performances and follow along with some of your favorite dancers from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and amazing talent from Zumba Fitness® as they lead the crowd in the official National Dance Day routines. But the fun doesn’t stop there — plan on sticking around until 2:30PM for fun, free dance classes for all ages and exciting performances by some of the best and brightest young dance talent in Los Angeles!



Don’t miss the dance event of the summer! On Saturday, July 28, National Dance Day, the Music Center and Ovation will present the Dizzy Feet Foundation’s second Celebration of Dance gala, taking place at 7:00PM at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at the Music Center and followed by a Celebration Supper.

This is your chance to see some of your favorite SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE routines performed live, including Mia Michaels’ “Bench” routine, Tyce Diorio’s breast cancer routine and Napoleon and Tabitha’s hip-hop routine performed by Alex Wong and tWitch — not to mention breathtaking performances by talent from Alvin Ailey, American Ballet Theatre, The LXD, “Dancing with the Stars” and “Step Up Revolution,” among many others.

Performance tickets range from $34-$125. VIP tickets are $400 and include a preferred seat at the performance and dinner and dancing at the Celebration Supper in the Eva and Marc Stern Grand Hall at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

The Dizzy Feet Foundation was established in 2009 by Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Katie Holmes, among others, to support, improve, and increase access to dance education in the United States. Guided by a board representing all aspects of the American dance community, the foundation’s mission is threefold: To sponsor, fund and/or support dance education programs which expose children in underserved areas to the lifelong benefits of dance education through and with local community organizations; to provide scholarships to talented students studying at accredited or nationally regarded dance schools, studios or institutions; and in conjunction with recognized credentialing organizations, to support and increase the quality of all styles of dance education in the United States.


78 comments on “National Dance Day and the Dizzy Feet Gala“

  1. Karen - wrote:

    Any news of any NDD gatherings in Northern California? Eager to participate, not so eager to organize! :-) Please advise. Thanks.

    7/22/2012 10:39 AM UTC

  2. Paige - wrote:

    Where will we be celebrating in Chicago? I want to participate.

    7/24/2012 7:55 AM UTC

  3. Angela - wrote:

    Looking for a NDD event in South Florida… Ft Lauderdale or West Palm Beach area… anyone?

    7/24/2012 9:40 AM UTC

  4. Kristin - wrote:

    At Galter LifeCenter in Chicago from 9:30-11:30 am we will be learning the 2012 dance day dances and revisiting 2010 and 2011 dances. This is free to anyone who wants to join us! If you live in the area come by:

    7/25/2012 7:45 AM UTC

  5. annie eanes - wrote:

    Irving TX love this show so much

    7/25/2012 4:41 PM UTC

  6. Helen Brewer - wrote:

    what the heck happened to New York? don’t see anything advertised??!! we are the dance capital of the world!!!

    I’m really disappointed this year. Would love to help get this together in the city next year!!! we have central park for goodness sake!

    a devoted, loving dancer……


    7/25/2012 6:30 PM UTC

  7. Sharon - wrote:

    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada will be dancing with you:-)

    7/25/2012 6:32 PM UTC

  8. t ford - wrote:

    you made a mistake letting amber go!

    7/25/2012 9:08 PM UTC

  9. Angelle - wrote:

    National Dance Day event just added in San Diego!!! We’ll be learning the “Crazy Love” Zumba routine and celebrating NDD with two hours of Zumba. Join us at Merrill Fitness-12120 Alta Carmel Ct, San Diego, CA 92128.

    7/25/2012 10:08 PM UTC

  10. Alysa Haas - wrote:

    We will be West Coast Swing dancing by the Hudson River on 125th St! Great music! For those who know the routine when the song comes on you can do it while we swing and get it all on video! :) .

    7/26/2012 8:17 AM UTC

  11. Alysa Haas - wrote:

    Dancing at 125th St Pier from 6pm-9pm. There will be a beginner class taught at 7-7:45pm. Look for dancers and National Dance Day poster!!

    7/26/2012 8:24 AM UTC

  12. sassi - wrote:


    7/26/2012 9:48 AM UTC

  13. UBallet - wrote:

    Free dance performance in Chicago on NDD! We’ll be performing ballet excerpts, and kids are encouraged to learn ballet steps with the dancers at the end of the performance. Details here:

    7/26/2012 12:06 PM UTC

  14. Teresa - wrote:

    Love that everyone is getting up to DANCE!!! Make sure to wear your favorite Dance or HipHop TagTailz on National Dance Day 2012!!!

    7/26/2012 2:21 PM UTC

  15. Lady Chapeaux - wrote:

    I agree, what happened to New York?? Also, I would love a simple dance for seniors [60's and 70's]

    7/26/2012 3:22 PM UTC

  16. Franadance - wrote:

    Delaware, OH is dancing! Meet by the Rotary Shelter in Mingo Park, East Lincoln Avenue at 10am.

    7/27/2012 3:40 AM UTC

  17. National Museum of Dance - wrote:

    National Dance Day event in the Capital Region!
    As the only museum in the country dedicated solely to dance, we HAD to have a huge event!

    Join us at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs, NY for a two hour dance-a-thon. NDD will be held at the Museum’s School of the Arts studios from 2-4pm with guest appearances from Dancing With the Stars participants!

    For more information, check out our website!

    7/27/2012 9:04 AM UTC

  18. Judy Bushnell - wrote:

    Any Dance Days listed for Springfield or Jacksonville, Illinois?

    7/27/2012 10:45 AM UTC

  19. Furry_Mike - wrote:

    How do you post videos for National Dance Day? I have no facebook.

    7/27/2012 9:07 PM UTC

  20. sharon - wrote:

    hey what happen to NY? i want to participate but no advertisements for NY :-( btw STEP UP movie was great!!!!

    7/28/2012 6:46 AM UTC

  21. simon - wrote:

    i am georgian dancer if you interesting for me write on email

    7/28/2012 7:08 AM UTC

  22. Kainos Dance - wrote:

    Celebrating National Dance Day with Leap of Faith 2012 Adult Women’s Praise Dance Fest – live now at The Dogtown Dance Theatre in Richmond, VA!

    7/28/2012 7:35 AM UTC

  23. Rach - wrote:

    Why isn’t the Bench routine in the Celebration of Dance program?! I really hope that wasn’t a bait and switch because that is by far the #1 reason I bought tickets.

    7/28/2012 12:07 PM UTC

  24. Live out Loud youth group - wrote:

    Us doing our own dance…..THE BURNIE!!!!!!!! happy national dance day from newberg oregon!
    Here is the link to our dance burnie video!

    7/28/2012 1:01 PM UTC

  25. candy - wrote:

    Not enough specific info on locations. Tried to join in on the Mall in Washington DC, but could not find any dancing. Would like to see more info for particular cities

    7/28/2012 4:59 PM UTC

  26. Alice K. Cardone - wrote:

    Such a fun dancing event – glad to see dance is loved nationally, especially Zumba!

    7/28/2012 6:05 PM UTC

  27. Rick - wrote:

    In honor of National Dance Day and So You Think You Can Dance!!!! Please watch this video =)

    8/5/2012 5:51 PM UTC

  28. monica - wrote:

    I need help because I wanth you dance that song ” we run night”

    11/6/2012 8:31 PM UTC

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