Cat Deeley Wins Critics’ Choice TV Award

Cat Deeley Wins at 2nd Annual Critics' Choice TV Awards!

The second annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards ceremony was held yesterday, Monday, June 18, 2012, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. So You Think You Can Dance Host Cat Deeley tied with Tom Bergeron for the Best Reality Show Host award!

Cat has been nominated for the award both years that the award show has been around. Last night she tweeted from the event, “We won!!!!! Xxxxxxx”

Congratulations, Cat!

Watch the award-winning host in action on So You Think You Can Dance, Wednesdays this summer at 8/7c on FOX!

>>Checkout the Cat Deeley photo gallery!


5 comments on “Cat Deeley Wins Critics’ Choice TV Award“

  1. Mommioffour - wrote:

    It would amazing to see so you think you can dance TEEN. My daughter is 14 and would love it.

    6/20/2012 7:28 PM UTC

  2. Judy Johnson - wrote:

    I just wanted to say that the judges on the show are wonderful ! They really care about the dancers, kind with their comments and criticism. Their sence of humor is off the chart funny and light, I very much enjoy watching the show.

    6/20/2012 9:01 PM UTC

  3. Melissa B - wrote:

    LOVE the show, however the lighting sucks! Blinded half Tue time with lights blocking out the dancers, appears that camera looking directly into the lights. PLEASE fix!!!!!

    6/27/2012 6:12 PM UTC

  4. Layne B. - wrote:

    The judges are talking too much! Excessive descriptions are not necessary and are BORING.

    7/11/2012 6:37 PM UTC

  5. Janice M - wrote:

    This an unbelievable group of kids! I have to agree about the lighting, seemed a little better this week,but last week it was so frustrating!
    I too love the compassion,encouragement and sense of humor the judges have. I was upset though at their critique of the difficult number that Alexa and Daniel did (both all in red) and saying they lacked chemistry…they had no time to show it! I think that’s the choreopgrapher’s fault,I hope they say something like “stop trying to see how many tricks you can put into a number and focus on the dancers too”. I watched that dance routine in slow motion and there were plenty of times where Daniel and Alexa connected,it was just so fast in real time to see.(and they weren’t even short of breath!)

    Cat Deeley rocks,love her humility and how she bounced back from calling Mary Murphy, Mia Michaels this week,she is adorable.

    7/14/2012 2:31 PM UTC

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