Season 9 Premiere and Format Changes

Season 9 Premieres May 24

The wait is nearly over! So You Think You Can Dance, the Emmy-nominated hit dance competition series, returns for a ninth season on Thursday, May 24 at 8/7c. The auditions in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas and Salt Lake City feature host Cat Deeley and resident judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, as well as guest judges Debbie Allen, Lil’ C, Tyce Diorio, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Adam Shankman.

For Season Nine, during which the series will reach its 200th episode, So You Think You Can Dance will once again travel across the country in search of 20 dancers – 10 males and 10 females – from the thousands who auditioned to continue in the competition. Each week, contestants will be paired up to perform inspired pieces choreographed by some of the biggest names in the business. The following week, the couples at risk after the previous week’s performances will be asked to perform solo routines, after which the judges will decide which male and female are eliminated. If a couple is split apart, the two individual dancers who remain become a couple the following week.

So You Think You Can Dance will air once a week, and each jam-packed two-hour show will feature awe-inspiring performances and eliminations, as the contestants compete to be named America’s Favorite Dancer.

Once the series is down to the Top 10, each finalist will be joined by a So You Think You Can Dance All-Star dancer. These All-Stars are experts in various styles of dance – Ballroom, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Jazz – and will partner with one of the Top 10 finalists to perform in their specialty. Each week, it will be revealed who keeps dancing and who goes home.

As announced by Emmy-nominated host Cat Deeley, Season Eight champion Melanie Moore was voted America’s Favorite Dancer last August and danced off with the cash prize of $250,000.  Moore was featured on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine, and as an athlete in Gatorade print ads in select publications and online at

Throughout its eight seasons, So You Think You Can Dance has received 22 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and garnered 10 Emmy wins, including Outstanding Choreography for Mia Michaels in 2011, 2010 and 2007; Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo in 2011; Tyce Diorio in 2009; and Wade Robson in 2008 and 2007. The series also received awards in the category of Outstanding Costumes for Soyon An and Graine O’Sullivan in 2010 and Soyon An in 2009, and Outstanding Lighting Design in 2011. Last year, So You Think You Can Dance celebrated eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations including two firsts: Outstanding Reality-Competition Series and Outstanding Host for Reality or Reality-Competition Series for Cat Deeley.

So You Think You Can Dance was created by Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe and is produced by 19 Entertainment and dick clark productions, inc. The series is executive-produced by Fuller, Lythgoe and Barry Adelman. “Like” So You Think You Can Dance on Facebook at Follow the series on Twitter @DanceonFOX and join the discussion at #SYTYCD.


74 comments on “Season 9 Premiere and Format Changes“

  1. Ani - wrote:

    PLEASE BRING THE TWINS BACK, as part of the show, AS BACK STAGE COMMENTATORS. THAT WAS SO ENTERTAINING AND THE BEST PART WAS THAT IT SEEMED SO GENUINE. I’M SURE I’M ONE IN MILLIONS WHO ENJOYED THEM AND MANY WOULD WATCH BECAUSE OF THEM. And no, I’m not their relative nor am I getting paid to write this. Actually, I never comment on these things. I’m surprising myself by doing this.

    5/30/2012 5:00 PM UTC

  2. chacha - wrote:

    I LOVED the Nija twins! Too bad they were too old to compete! I think they should have their own show! They are crazy, funny, talented and so likable….I wanted to see more of them. Hope SYTYCD gives them a special showcase spot!!

    5/30/2012 7:50 PM UTC

  3. Angelica - wrote:

    Dancing is My life. I live and breathe for it. I’m Michael all My Friend’s Call Me Coco, I’m 25 years old live in Miami Fl Kendall I am very pasaoinste, loving, crazy and very outgoing. I love to laugh, make jokes and do random, stupid things. If I let you into my life, you will see the most amazing side of me and my heart! I will never change for anyone! Ie28099m not someone who will kiss everyonee28099s butt 24/7 because thate28099s what you call fake! I deal with my own issues and problems everyday. I have tons of love and respect for the universe and for all the people within it. I have no problem with you until I have been offended or looked down upon. I feel everyone should be treated equally and I am working more on this myself. It is very easy to get caught up in your own life, but at the same time I have dreams and goals to capture while I’m on earth! Nothing or no one will ever stand in the way of me getting something I really want unless it is not in the lords plan for me! So hate me or be with me because were going to the top and I hope you’ll stick with me until the end!!!

    5/31/2012 5:52 AM UTC

  4. Mickiwg - wrote:

    Last Night’s audition show for Los Angeles was amazing. Loved two hours in L.A., and LOVED that the crazy people were kept to a minimum – even the quirky folks were talented last night. Great vignettes! Can’t wait to watch it a second time on DVR!

    5/31/2012 9:27 AM UTC

  5. Charlotte - wrote:

    I agree… backstage with the NiJa twins! Now that is a show within a show! Hilarious and so real/honest. My mom, who is 65 even watched the show with me and was quite entertained by the boys. Nigel, SIR… pleeeeeze find a place for them.

    5/31/2012 11:35 AM UTC

  6. Jamie - wrote:

    The pole dancing was too much. PLEASE don’t show close-ups of a girl’s crotch on TV anymore! It was pretty awful.

    BUT I still love your show and I’m so sad it’s only one night a week!

    5/31/2012 9:21 PM UTC

  7. PSD - wrote:

    I am still waiting a response from moderators or anyone concerned about the ‘dance community’ ; last year it was a terrific way to communicate with others sharing their interests in dancing and the show. The live blogging while the show was airing is something I also miss… what’s up with ‘dance community?’
    I don’t have any other social networking available…..i.e. face-book or tweeting etc.
    So if anyone out there has the skinny on this…..i’d be grateful.
    Mods, you could even email me if its not already public……thanks.

    6/2/2012 5:10 AM UTC

  8. KLH - wrote:

    watched a clip online with Adam Shankman and the “hot tamale” ballroom dancer. It said it was Season 9, Episode 1 but I never saw it. LOVE Adam and how much fun he has as a judge. What happened to that section????? It’s not on my DVR nor on your full episode video.

    6/2/2012 9:05 AM UTC

  9. Milan - wrote:

    Does anybody know the name of the Spanish sounding song that was playing when the contestant was dancing with the girl from the audience?

    6/2/2012 1:33 PM UTC

  10. katherine - wrote:

    sytycd is my favorite show. The only reality tv I wathch. I do think the auditions they chose to show this year were more enjoyable. what would be even better would be if they showed less weeks of auditions & had the top 20 dance wihout elimination for 2 or 3 weeks. I think it would give them all some more time to enjoy the experiance; after working so hard to get there. it would also give the viewers more to judge. I believe last season had the best dancers yet. I hope this year has such beauty, grace & excitement. .

    6/4/2012 12:19 PM UTC

  11. Becky - wrote:

    Is there anyway to make choreographer requests? Id like to see Nappy Tabs do a piece choreographed to Alex Clare’s song Hummingbird.

    6/4/2012 2:05 PM UTC

  12. Ray S. - wrote:

    Would like to add my comments about the NinJa Twins. Absolute entertainment. Would like to see more of them. Would enjoy them in their own show/sitcom/whatever. I hope that Fox could find an outlet for their energy, humor and talent. Don’t let them disappear just because they are to “old’.

    6/5/2012 7:48 PM UTC

  13. Alexa - wrote:

    Thank you for another great series! We can’t wait for auditions to end and the competition to begin. Nice to see Adam Shankman is back, love him! Really miss Mia Michael’s choreography, her concepts are ethereal and thought-provoking. The Ninja Twins were very funny, they could have a successful show on Bravo.

    6/6/2012 12:46 PM UTC

  14. Jamie - wrote:

    Why why I ask does the producers of So you think you can dance, feel we the audience watch the show for their reactions….please stop the madness, we want to see the dancers performance not the judges guys!

    6/6/2012 8:10 PM UTC

  15. Mike Gish - wrote:

    As a UFC (mixed martial arts) fan, first let me say congradulations Nigel for producing the best show on TV.
    Ever. My only problem is with your camera work. It’s way over the top, constantly changing perspective, zooming in for close ups (when you need to be seeing the whole body), and cutting away to the judges. This causes distractions that interfere with a persons ability to concentrate on and be transported by these supurb performances. Or maybe you should change the name of the show to “So You Think You’re A Videographer”.

    6/7/2012 1:49 PM UTC

  16. Lynn - wrote:

    Three generations of females watching and loving auditions. Fantastic talent! Our only negative thought was Nigel’s perverted comments. At times he seems to be such a gentleman, then he has to make inappropriate comments about these beautiful young girls. Nigel, it is not cool, not cute, more like perverted. Cut it out and be respectful!

    6/8/2012 9:02 AM UTC

  17. zemarkable - wrote:

    it’s been more than 8 days, please unlock the 2nd full episode already!!!

    6/8/2012 8:49 PM UTC

  18. online viewer - wrote:

    what’s up with unlocking the shows 30 DAYS AFTER it airs?! it was 8 days before & it pisses me off cuz i’m not home at night to watch on tv – & now having to wait 30 days is just stupid – you better hope i don’t lose interest

    6/10/2012 8:37 PM UTC

  19. Kairos - wrote:

    WHY ARE THE EPISODES NOT UNLOCKED AS PROMISED 8 DAYS AFTER AIR DATE? False advertising. Please unlock the episodes as you promise on your website. Or give us accurate information! You are losing your online audience.

    6/17/2012 5:37 PM UTC

  20. no cable - wrote:

    Why, why, why the 30 DAY delay to unlock episodes?? I work nights and I don’t have cable. Watching online is the only way I see the show. Waiting 8 days was bad enough when friends and family saw the show the week before. 30 days is just unreasonable! Why should I even bother getting involved in the show? I can’t talk about it with anyone watching live. Are you willing to risk losing an online audience just because we can’t add to your MILLIONS of votes cast for dancers?

    6/25/2012 8:15 AM UTC

  21. timechallenged - wrote:

    why no results show? get rid of the chair turning show and give
    us more talent on Thursday nights. And where the heck is
    Wade Robson. He’s one way to bring the ratings back up!!!

    6/25/2012 5:42 PM UTC

  22. Ya Think - wrote:

    This is going to be the best season ever!!! So glad you cut out most of the bad auditions. I’m really disappointed in the cut to one day a week. I can see no reason for it!? There is nothing on Thursday night. Not on Fox or any other channel. I wait all year for SYTYCD to come on. I am soo excited that there is a belly dancer on the show!! I can’t wait to see her on the stage.

    6/29/2012 9:34 AM UTC

  23. Jibayo - wrote:

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    8/8/2012 8:56 PM UTC

  24. Kim - wrote:

    I have been watching the show since the very first episode. I think it would be wonderful to see all the winners, and possibly the runners up too, do a routine together on one of your shows.

    9/19/2012 8:34 AM UTC

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