Alex Wong is Going to Hollywood with American Idol

Alex Wong is going to Hollywood with American Idol!

Season 7 superstar Alex Wong had his dance career temporarily sidelined by his Achilles injury, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his other dreams. Did you know Alex can sing? American Idol’s Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler put him through to Hollywood after he auditioned for them at San Diego Auditions for the show’s 11th season!

Watch his Road to Hollywood video.

View a photo from Alex’s Idol audition.

Congrats, Alex, and good luck in Hollywood!

You still have two more chances to be on So You Think You Can Dance’s ninth season. Audition Thursday, Feb. 23 in Salt Lake City or Friday, March 2 in Los Angeles.
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10 comments on “Alex Wong is Going to Hollywood with American Idol“

  1. Sally Tung - wrote:

    Good Luck Alex!
    I’m such a fan of yours. You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Best of luck.

    1/26/2012 10:11 AM UTC

  2. Ashlee A. - wrote:

    I love this man!!! He is so talented and is now the only reason I’d watch American Idol! Good luck!

    1/26/2012 10:22 AM UTC

  3. pat202 - wrote:

    OMG! I love Alex Wong and felt so bad he didnt continue due to his injuries on SYTYCD…I will definitely be rooting for him in American Idol!

    1/26/2012 10:58 AM UTC

  4. Brandon - wrote:

    Congratulations, Alex! I’m rooting for you!!

    1/26/2012 3:05 PM UTC

  5. ma berry - wrote:

    So excited for Alex. I do hope he heals and does get to dance in the near future. I am now invested in Idol just because of Alex. Good luck!

    1/27/2012 4:54 AM UTC

  6. Alexandra Tran - wrote:

    You are such an inspiration Alex! I hope all your dreams come true!

    1/28/2012 10:37 AM UTC

  7. Abbie - wrote:

    Alex Wong’s dancing is nothing short of phenomenal. All of the dancers of season 7 were superb. Their routines were amazing and fun to watch. It was devastating when Alex injured himself and could not continue, as I looked forward to his performance every week. Good luck in American Idol as long as it does not interfere with your dancing. I am a big fan of SYTYCD, but was very disappointed in season 8. The routines were boring and the contestants were equally boring. The winner, Melanie, was an OK dancer, but pretty flat on personality. Maybe the contestants would have been more interesting if the choreography had been more interesting. Also, why so many different judges? Boring.

    2/8/2012 7:54 PM UTC

  8. greatestever - wrote:

    I hope ale the best of luck but sytycd is a way better show then idol. I think that season 9 is going to be another step for dancing. SYTYCD, season 8 was the best season yet and if ale would be able to get on another season it will only show the improvements of the dancers each season by comparising.

    2/29/2012 6:39 AM UTC

  9. Jo Ann Zinaman - wrote:

    Hey Abbie. I Don’t Agree with you at All. I Thought that Last Season which was Season 8 was Fabulous. That Choreography Was Very Interesting. Napolean and that Woman with The Woodpeckers and The Feathers and where Melanie was like A Pillar of Salt or made out of Stone. The Wardrobe was Great and The Make Up was Incredible with their White Hair and They Looked Like They were made out of Stone. I Liked that one in the Jungle and up on the Platform. That was Good also with the Cages at the Zoo and the Wall was Very Unique. Melanie Is NOT Just An Okay Dancer. Alex is A Ballet Dancer, but I don’t know if He could Leap Across the Room like Melanie Did. I didn’t care for Kent with that Baseball Number that he did. I wasn’t That Impressed with Lauren until Nearly the End. She was Great with the Tahitian Dancing and I thought she was Probably A Good Dancer after Learning that She was A Cheerleader and Took A Dance Class. I Enjoyed her with her Students. I thought Alex was Phenomenal when he did that Hip Hop Number. I thought Several People were Great Dancers in Season 8. Jody

    3/7/2012 8:32 PM UTC

  10. Aly - wrote:

    Just saw Alex (along with a few other SYTYCD alumns) on Broadway in Newsies. They were amazing!

    4/30/2012 3:19 PM UTC

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