Audition for Season 9

Get ready for SYTYCD Season 9 Auditions!

UPDATE: Hometown auditions have wrapped. Thanks to all who came out and made it a huge success!

Summer’s hottest dance competition series, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, kicks off its ninth season with auditions beginning Thursday, Jan. 5 at the historic FOX Theatre in Atlanta, GA. The show will continue its search for America’s Favorite Dancer on Friday, Jan. 13 at the McFarlin Memorial Auditorium in Dallas, TX; Monday, Jan. 23 at the Manhattan Center in New York, NY; Thursday, Feb. 23 at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City, UT; and Friday, March 2 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Once again, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE will travel across the U.S. in search of the best and most talented dancers in the country. Those who shine during auditions are given a ticket to Las Vegas for callbacks, where they will work with top choreographers to learn and then be judged on multiple styles of dance. For more details on auditions for Season Nine, as well as eligibility requirements, go to

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE was created by Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe and comes from 19 Entertainment Ltd. and dick clark productions. The hit unscripted series showcases talented dancers – skilled in everything from Ballet, Breaking, Krumping and Salsa to Swing, Tap and Contemporary Jazz – competing for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Audition Information:

Atlanta, GA – Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012 – The FOX Theatre COMPLETED
660 Peachtree Street, NE
Atlanta, GA  30308

Dallas, TX – Friday, Jan. 13, 2012 – McFarlin Memorial Auditorium COMPLETED
6405 Boaz Lane
Dallas, TX  75275

New York, NY – Monday, Jan. 23, 2012 – Manhattan Center COMPLETED
311 W. 34th Street
New York, NY  10001

Salt Lake City, UT – Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012 – Capitol Theatre COMPLETED
50 West 200 South
Salt Lake City, Utah  84101

Los Angeles, CA – Friday, March 2, 2012 – Orpheum Theatre COMPLETED
842 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA  90014

**Venue information may change. For the latest information, auditioners should log on to or

Registration will begin at 8:00 AM at each venue. Auditioners traveling to cities for the open calls should make arrangements to stay for at least two days–if auditioning in Dallas, New York, or Los Angeles–or three days–if auditioning in Atlanta or Salt Lake City–following their initial audition in the event of a callback.

Dancers must be either a U.S. citizen, legal permanent resident of the U.S. or possess a current legal Employment Authorization Card enabling him/her to seek employment freely in the U.S. (i.e., without restrictions as to employer) by the date specified in the eligibility rules. Dancers must be no younger than 18 or older than 30 years of age on the first day they register for auditions. Any dancer who is a minor in his/her state of residence must also have a parent or legal guardian sign all required documents. Dancers must provide legal, valid proof of age when they register for auditions.

>>Release Form
>>Eligibility Requirements
>>Music Information Form
>>Audition Agreement Form

Last season’s winner, Melanie Moore, danced off with a $250,000 cash prize, the title of America’s Favorite Dancer and a cover feature in Dance Spirit Magazine. Additionally, she was featured as a Gatorade athlete on and in Gatorade’s G series FIT print campaign. Moore also participated in the 32-city SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Tour 2011 which concluded earlier this month.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is executive-produced by Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe and Barry Adelman. Become a fan of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on Facebook at Follow the series on Twitter @DanceonFOX and join the discussion at #SYTYCD.

>>Print the auditions flyer and post it in your dance studio and classrooms.


211 comments on “Audition for Season 9“

  1. Amber Bush - wrote:

    I’m in Dallas Texas and I plan on trying out this Friday. What time does registration end?

    1/11/2012 6:00 PM UTC

  2. Tati Lamas - wrote:

    Great!!!! But I’m so far…=/ Come to Braziiiiil!!!!!!!! One kiss to Nigel and Mary!!!!

    1/12/2012 3:57 PM UTC

  3. Jed-Ong - wrote:

    this will be my first audition to the show…and very excited to be part of it, and hope i meet all requirements to be part of it…for the music…do i have to have the actually cd of the track? or that’s the part i’m confuse about….if i found an original song on the internet such as youtube…how do i get the right to use the music??

    1/12/2012 4:44 PM UTC

  4. Donna Rae Viner - wrote:

    Regarding Auditioning, My daughter wants to audition to the one in Los Angeles. Where is states auditions begin at 8am, should we be there any earlier? Also, when it states staying for another 3 days in case of callbacks, does that mean we should stay 3 days after the audition has taken place?

    1/13/2012 5:48 PM UTC

  5. FRAN - wrote:

    I know I will probably be bombarded by hate mail but this show I have loved and followed for years has become propaganda for gay acceptability. Prop 8 passed in liberal Cali, the Prez against gay marriage, your show has pushed the limits with the fake kisses even to Nigel. If you go down this path you might as well kiss an awesome show goodbye cause this is not what America wants contrary to what a few loud voices say.

    1/14/2012 9:07 AM UTC

  6. Jay - wrote:

    I am really interested in your program. Actually, I am international student who hold F1 visa. Is it possible for me to participate in audition?

    1/15/2012 12:16 AM UTC

  7. jasmine burton - wrote:

    Will there be another auditions in Atlanta again ?

    1/16/2012 4:32 PM UTC

  8. teonie - wrote:

    why is auditions not in washington??

    1/18/2012 10:20 PM UTC

  9. Michael Martinez - wrote:

    I would like to ask, Why aren’t there any more auditions closer to Chicago, IL or Milwaukee, WI? There are many talented dancers in both areas that would love to give it a shot and audition to get one step closer to their dream. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! COME TO THIS AREA. IT WILL BE WORTH IT! :)

    1/19/2012 5:57 PM UTC

  10. Alex - wrote:

    Why Canadien residents aren’t ELIGIBIL to participate. Is very unfair cause by the way their isn’t a SYTYCD Canada

    1/20/2012 9:53 AM UTC

  11. DancingKing3000 - wrote:

    Thank You so much FOX and FOX Theater for having me on the 5th.. Auditions went great!! I didnt make it to Vegas but I had a Blast. See Ya Next Year season 10.. Ahh Yeahh!!

    1/20/2012 10:09 AM UTC

  12. DancingKing3000 - wrote:

    To answer some questions..
    @Donna Rae Viner- U need be there Early as possible cause the line will be CRAZY LONG and U will need to have a place to stay Only if Your Daughter gets a Golden ticket and a Call Back.
    @Jed-Ong Music is only an Issue once quilify and u get passed the first round.

    1/20/2012 10:18 AM UTC

  13. luciana - wrote:

    im just very dissapointed with the small amount of places the auditions will be held at, nothing in Miami or San Francisco???

    1/20/2012 10:22 AM UTC

  14. Fe - wrote:

    I have watched it every year online. You used to show it now it only comes on 2am and they are all old episodes.
    Luv u guys XxX
    PS the best program in the world!!!!

    1/20/2012 11:21 AM UTC

  15. Torrance - wrote:

    Come to miami please please please!!! I loved the show and always wanted to be on it and make it till the end!

    1/20/2012 3:08 PM UTC

  16. Leishka Rx - wrote:

    Me interesa muchisimo participar en el programa…. voy a entrenar bien duro para cuando sea mas mayor de edad… EXITO A TODOS LOS QUE VAN A PARTICIPAR DE LAS AUDICIONES…

    1/21/2012 10:38 AM UTC

  17. Chris G. - wrote:

    Do we need to bring original CD’s to the audition along with the sheet music? will legal itunes mp3 do? Please let me know as soon as possible! Thank you

    1/21/2012 8:04 PM UTC

  18. Ell - wrote:

    I am looking for the Preliminary Questionnaire for this show. (Not the Canada version) So I can audition. Can I please have the link so that I can bring it in to audition.

    1/22/2012 7:34 AM UTC

  19. John - wrote:

    Can you audition if you are only 17?

    1/22/2012 7:55 AM UTC

  20. greg - wrote:

    you have to come to Chicago! the best is in the Midwest!

    1/22/2012 11:49 AM UTC

  21. Allie - wrote:

    I’m a dance teacher and would I’d love to get tickets to view the auditions, with some of my dancers. How do I go about that?

    1/22/2012 4:38 PM UTC

  22. gabe - wrote:

    shoot… I am turning 18 January 30th =(

    1/22/2012 9:30 PM UTC

  23. Blue - wrote:

    i live here in new jersey and wanna know wen do regerstrations end i wanna do it but im so nervous its happening now but idk im too scared

    1/23/2012 9:45 AM UTC

  24. Hani B(Sthlm,Sweden) - wrote:

    I`m really looking foorward to SYTYCD season 9. It brings out so much joy in me it´s crazy. This time around i don´t know how to watch the show. they don´t broadcast FOX in Sweden. They did earlier, not Fox, but the show in local channels. but not any moore, it´s so sad. If could re-live my life i would aim to be a dancer hahaha. And some how i can´t stream the show threw internet at fox because they wont allow it. Damn local channels have bought the rigths to air without airing. Either way I hope all of you who can will enjoy the show, I know I would. Peace out

    1/23/2012 9:57 AM UTC

  25. Lotsie - wrote:


    1/24/2012 5:21 PM UTC

  26. Regan DuCasse - wrote:

    @Fran: you won’t get hate mail, but you’re a contradiction in terms. So what if the show IS about gay acceptability. Some of this worlds greatest composers, Broadway producers, dancers, choreographers, musicians, singers, and more than a few of SYTYCD’s very own choreographers are gay.
    You can’t love dance, the world of theater and other great entertainment and NOT love gay people and the wealth of contributions that have been made by this remarkably peaceful and important part of all humanity.
    Acceptance would be like accepting a great ally. Like accepting the thumb to the hand. The thumb doesn’t act in the same direction and isn’t as many in number as the fingers. Think of gay people as the thumbs to the fingers of mankind. Without the thumb, the hand is less strong and skilled. A world without gay acceptance, has been a world with less color and love in it.

    1/24/2012 7:49 PM UTC

  27. Neena - wrote:

    You guys need to come to Philadelphia ……… Or different places so unfair to many dancers out here that are unable to travel so far ……..same places every year

    1/24/2012 9:01 PM UTC

  28. William - wrote:

    When will the 2012 season air?


    1/27/2012 7:57 AM UTC

  29. Amreet Kaur - wrote:

    Hi,I am from Malaysia.I really wish to enter this competition.It had been my dream since I was 10 years old.I really don’t mind coming there for the audition.Please give me a chance for season 10.I just need to prove myself.Please email me as soon as possible.Thank you.

    1/28/2012 5:01 AM UTC

  30. j.shack - wrote:

    come to chicago il!!!

    1/29/2012 4:34 PM UTC

  31. MANNY - wrote:

    when does the show start?

    1/30/2012 1:42 PM UTC

  32. PSD - wrote:

    Dance Community??…..any time soon?…I hope it’s everything promised….for those of you who haven’t read posts in the Dance Community, when it it opens, there will be a survey in which you can participate. It is a collection of questions and suggestions for the show to pursue (if deemed warranted by TPTB) from many of the devoted SYTYCD fans and followers who would love for the show to continue and improve for many seasons to come.
    If a moderator is lurking somewhere here, perhaps they would be good enough to share a prospective date as to when the Dance Community might once again be available.

    2/7/2012 3:53 AM UTC

  33. Ali - wrote:

    The ‘Audition Agreement Form’ doesn’t seem to be working ??

    2/8/2012 11:25 AM UTC

  34. PSD - wrote:

    I asked about the reopening of the Dance Community and mentioned the survey I had posted within, but it appears my post didn’t clear moderation….did I break a rule or write something unfit for this blog?
    Please let me know…..I am hopeful for the Dance Community to open soon but I don’t want to over step in any way…Thanks

    2/9/2012 3:28 AM UTC

  35. Karan Thaman - wrote:

    When will the season 9 be seen on TV.

    2/9/2012 4:44 AM UTC

  36. Puja - wrote:

    p.s. I know you just pleayd NYC, but I sincerely hope it’s not another year before you play out live here again!

    2/9/2012 9:00 AM UTC

  37. PSD - wrote:

    Does anyone know when the Dance Community will open?

    2/9/2012 10:53 AM UTC

  38. Karen - wrote:

    Can the general public attend the auditions as an audience member? I live near Salt Lake and it would be wonderful to see these great dancers live and in person. Also, it would serve Fran well to spend some time with Regan, who wrote such a thoughtful and eloquent response to Fran’s homophobic and ignorant rant. That’s the difference between those that “hate”, and loving individuals like Regan. What a beautiful response…

    2/11/2012 2:59 PM UTC

  39. karen sylvia - wrote:

    oh man! i just found out that auditions were being held. and i missed nyc! i live close to boston but boston isnt on the list. nyc would be the closest. boooo i missed the open call.

    2/13/2012 10:23 AM UTC

  40. Devin - wrote:

    uh… ya… hi…
    It’s Devin, long time listener, first time caller… How do I obtain the Preliminary Questionnaire to fill out before the audition?? Is there a link or do I have to wait until the day of the audition to get it?

    2/13/2012 4:04 PM UTC

  41. Talon Baier - wrote:

    WOOO! so stoked for SLC tryouts! 2nd year and this year I know i got this in the bag (: whoop whoop!

    2/15/2012 11:13 PM UTC

  42. Ivan Adorno - wrote:

    Hey guys My names Ivan and I am a huge Fan of the show. Just to give an Idea why don’t you guys hold auditions in Latin America I Live in Puerto Rico and there is alot of talented dancers who would love to audition I’d be one of them. So why don’t you guys take it in consideration and maybe not for this year but for next years competition it would be awsome if you guys did it. :)

    2/16/2012 6:57 AM UTC

  43. Shalese Gallagher - wrote:

    where do you find the premilinary questions?

    2/19/2012 5:02 PM UTC

  44. Devin - wrote:

    Can anyone tell me what it means by 3 days? Does that mean after thursday than can have me tryout in front of the actual judges on sunday?? or…

    2/20/2012 10:37 PM UTC

  45. shawn - wrote:

    cant wait for next Friday iam so ready for it

    2/21/2012 9:32 AM UTC

  46. Britt - wrote:

    I am not a dancer, but I would like to watch the Salt Lake City auditions in person. Does anyone know if I can do that? I’d like to watch the upcoming February auditions for Season 9.

    2/21/2012 10:30 AM UTC

  47. Ashley - wrote:

    Come back to Milwaukee or Chicago…. Or anywhere in the Midwest for that matter!!!!! Let’s start with that before even thinking about Latin America! Sorry Ivan! :)

    2/21/2012 8:16 PM UTC

  48. Dancingirl1221 - wrote:

    Does anyone know how long registration is open? I don’t mind waiting at the end of the line?

    2/22/2012 7:00 AM UTC

  49. Gabriel Thomas - wrote:

    Can’t wait for the Los Angeles Auditions! So many DancersGlobal followers are going to showcase their talents..very exciting!

    2/22/2012 12:28 PM UTC

  50. Christopher Sain - wrote:

    I just wanted to know, do you take all the forms to the audition when you go?

    2/22/2012 5:25 PM UTC

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