Audition for Season 9

Get ready for SYTYCD Season 9 Auditions!

UPDATE: Hometown auditions have wrapped. Thanks to all who came out and made it a huge success!

Summer’s hottest dance competition series, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, kicks off its ninth season with auditions beginning Thursday, Jan. 5 at the historic FOX Theatre in Atlanta, GA. The show will continue its search for America’s Favorite Dancer on Friday, Jan. 13 at the McFarlin Memorial Auditorium in Dallas, TX; Monday, Jan. 23 at the Manhattan Center in New York, NY; Thursday, Feb. 23 at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City, UT; and Friday, March 2 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Once again, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE will travel across the U.S. in search of the best and most talented dancers in the country. Those who shine during auditions are given a ticket to Las Vegas for callbacks, where they will work with top choreographers to learn and then be judged on multiple styles of dance. For more details on auditions for Season Nine, as well as eligibility requirements, go to

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE was created by Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe and comes from 19 Entertainment Ltd. and dick clark productions. The hit unscripted series showcases talented dancers – skilled in everything from Ballet, Breaking, Krumping and Salsa to Swing, Tap and Contemporary Jazz – competing for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Audition Information:

Atlanta, GA – Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012 – The FOX Theatre COMPLETED
660 Peachtree Street, NE
Atlanta, GA  30308

Dallas, TX – Friday, Jan. 13, 2012 – McFarlin Memorial Auditorium COMPLETED
6405 Boaz Lane
Dallas, TX  75275

New York, NY – Monday, Jan. 23, 2012 – Manhattan Center COMPLETED
311 W. 34th Street
New York, NY  10001

Salt Lake City, UT – Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012 – Capitol Theatre COMPLETED
50 West 200 South
Salt Lake City, Utah  84101

Los Angeles, CA – Friday, March 2, 2012 – Orpheum Theatre COMPLETED
842 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA  90014

**Venue information may change. For the latest information, auditioners should log on to or

Registration will begin at 8:00 AM at each venue. Auditioners traveling to cities for the open calls should make arrangements to stay for at least two days–if auditioning in Dallas, New York, or Los Angeles–or three days–if auditioning in Atlanta or Salt Lake City–following their initial audition in the event of a callback.

Dancers must be either a U.S. citizen, legal permanent resident of the U.S. or possess a current legal Employment Authorization Card enabling him/her to seek employment freely in the U.S. (i.e., without restrictions as to employer) by the date specified in the eligibility rules. Dancers must be no younger than 18 or older than 30 years of age on the first day they register for auditions. Any dancer who is a minor in his/her state of residence must also have a parent or legal guardian sign all required documents. Dancers must provide legal, valid proof of age when they register for auditions.

>>Release Form
>>Eligibility Requirements
>>Music Information Form
>>Audition Agreement Form

Last season’s winner, Melanie Moore, danced off with a $250,000 cash prize, the title of America’s Favorite Dancer and a cover feature in Dance Spirit Magazine. Additionally, she was featured as a Gatorade athlete on and in Gatorade’s G series FIT print campaign. Moore also participated in the 32-city SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Tour 2011 which concluded earlier this month.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is executive-produced by Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe and Barry Adelman. Become a fan of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on Facebook at Follow the series on Twitter @DanceonFOX and join the discussion at #SYTYCD.

>>Print the auditions flyer and post it in your dance studio and classrooms.


211 comments on “Audition for Season 9“

  1. STEPHANIE - wrote:



    11/15/2011 6:47 PM UTC

  2. Rachel - wrote:

    When will dah New Season start ?

    11/16/2011 3:35 PM UTC

  3. abnre - wrote:

    Definitely a Yes!!!!

    I’ll watching it from start to finish…

    For sure many contestants will emerge into great talents!!!

    Thumbs Up!

    Visit Crumblrr

    11/16/2011 10:52 PM UTC

  4. Onawa - wrote:

    Hi im Onawa! Im only 17 right now but love this show! Wondering if a person gets the amount of signitures needed if they can tryout knowing they wont get in but to be there for feedback upon what I need to work on from the audtion?

    11/17/2011 4:20 PM UTC

  5. Corinne Galvani - wrote:

    How Long should the routine be? Can it be a duet?

    11/17/2011 9:46 PM UTC

  6. Michael Parker, Jr - wrote:

    Will you be coming to Miami?

    11/21/2011 7:41 AM UTC

  7. j - wrote:

    come to boston please!!

    11/21/2011 2:55 PM UTC

  8. Frankie - wrote:

    Please come back to Oakland for auditions!

    11/21/2011 4:45 PM UTC

  9. Joseph Cross - wrote:


    11/22/2011 9:02 AM UTC

  10. Haley - wrote:

    What is some good advice for auditions? Also, does the way you look really make a big difference on whether you continue or not? For example, hair color, weight, body build, clothing, etc…Thanks.

    11/22/2011 7:13 PM UTC

  11. Leslie Somreith Pil - wrote:

    i have been dancing for a long time and have been waiting for so long for this moment to be able to try out for SYTYCD. the only thing is that, would there be a problem if i auitioned when i am currently 17 at the New York audition? the thing is that thats the only city that is closest to Ohio, and my birthday is on Febuary 7th…only 15 days after the audition day in New York. Please i have dreaming about this for so long, hopefully, i can at least show the judges the talent and love i have for dance.

    11/22/2011 7:42 PM UTC

  12. Tre'chon Creer - wrote:

    I an so ready!!! i am happy that its time!!! Good Luck to everyone!!

    11/23/2011 2:29 AM UTC

  13. V Mosley - wrote:

    I am stoked! I am really amped for Season 9! Let the race begin for America’s Favorite Dancer!

    11/23/2011 8:54 PM UTC

  14. Juan Gonzalez Jr. - wrote:

    Are the auditions not coming to the midwest? Im in chicago and i want to audition

    11/24/2011 3:29 AM UTC

  15. Eve Viner - wrote:

    Does it cost anything to audition for “So You Think You Can Dance”?

    11/24/2011 6:28 PM UTC

  16. Aleah Alamo - wrote:

    Im 15 years old living in connecticut would I be able to audition if I have a parent, parent consent, and papers?
    please reply as soon as possible, thank you.

    11/25/2011 2:34 PM UTC

  17. Kory - wrote:

    For the music sheets, it allows us to put 3 songs on the CD. Do they have to be the same song or should there be 3 different songs?
    Also, does there have to be 3 songs, or can I just place one song on the CD?

    11/26/2011 2:50 PM UTC

  18. Derek - wrote:

    I will be auditioning in New York, I know it says you can’t wear logos but I was wondering if I could wear my LXD shirt considering Chris Scott and Travis Wall wear theirs alot on the show. If I could that’d be great! They are the reason why I dance! :)

    11/27/2011 3:50 PM UTC

  19. Rouvee - wrote:

    Rouvee here from Manila! been a fan for the past 8 seasons! can’t wait to watch the show!!! missed it so much!

    11/28/2011 10:00 AM UTC

  20. dana davis - wrote:

    Where can I download the audition agreement?. I couldn’t find it with the rest of the forms. Thanks!

    11/28/2011 11:01 AM UTC

  21. christine - wrote:

    when does season 9 start?

    11/28/2011 11:40 PM UTC

  22. Dietrich - wrote:

    Why is there an age limit? I know amazing dancers that are under 18 and over 30. The judges are well over 30 and some of the guest artists like the Complexions Dance Company are over 30. This show is starting to get boring and the format has nothing to offer anymore.

    11/30/2011 10:59 AM UTC

  23. J.D. - wrote:

    I love that I’m the first comment. Now maybe you can change the age restrictions and let everyone audition. The show needs to have some more variety.

    11/30/2011 11:04 AM UTC

  24. Nye - wrote:

    Good luck to anyone who auditions!

    12/1/2011 9:10 AM UTC

  25. FunFearlessFemale - wrote:

    Let the fun begin.

    12/2/2011 12:47 AM UTC

  26. Raneka T. - wrote:

    SAlt Lake City, Here I Come!!! WooooHooooo!

    12/2/2011 11:34 AM UTC

  27. sandra martin - wrote:

    when does the new show start ? i keep forgetting when it start’s. can’t wait to see all the dancer’s. my husband 83 and me love to watch, have a hard time waiting from week to week. thank’s for the show and keep it going. you never to old to love dancing and music, and great dancer’s sandy

    12/4/2011 6:15 PM UTC

  28. Tyler - wrote:

    CAn you send in audition tape?

    12/5/2011 8:35 AM UTC

  29. Rachelle - wrote:

    Is there going be any auditions in Miami.

    12/6/2011 6:14 PM UTC

  30. Madison - wrote:

    What if you are 17 but have parental permission and or a parent with you at the audition?? Can you still be eligible?

    12/7/2011 1:47 PM UTC

  31. joshua cordero - wrote:

    i will love to try out for season 9 and show how talented i am

    12/7/2011 6:35 PM UTC

  32. ashley hannesson keil - wrote:

    when will the actual competition start

    12/8/2011 12:20 PM UTC

  33. ThomAs - wrote:

    I am so excited for this season. Can’t wait to share the wonderful gift of dance with america!! Season 9 is here and Im ready to rock it!!!

    12/8/2011 8:00 PM UTC

  34. kyra and savannah - wrote:

    we really want to dance on your show but we might be to young and the places were you audtions are at we can’t get to and we are in oklahoma and we are 11 years old we like your show and if we go on there we would do cha-cha and hip-pop mixed together

    12/11/2011 1:48 PM UTC

  35. abdirahman - wrote:

    i love watching this season. so how i can download an Audition for Season 9

    12/12/2011 9:45 AM UTC

  36. Laura Ghezzi - wrote:

    Why the strict age limit? Why not stop at 40 or 50?
    Just seems a little bias… I’m 39 & probably could dance circles around many 18 to 30 year olds if given the chance. Just a little discouraging.
    Laura Ghezzi

    12/12/2011 9:57 AM UTC

  37. rhiannon - wrote:

    Quit hatin on the midwest! We have great dancers here too! :)

    12/12/2011 10:24 AM UTC

  38. Erica Zacher - wrote:

    Why aren’t there auditions in Milwaukee or Chicago?

    12/12/2011 10:38 AM UTC

  39. Amanda - wrote:


    12/12/2011 4:49 PM UTC

  40. Patricia Caudle - wrote:

    Why is there no auditions in Chicago, IL this season? My daughter just turned 18 and has been waiting for this season to begin!

    12/13/2011 5:55 AM UTC

  41. Avery - wrote:

    Can anyone come and watch the auditions?

    12/13/2011 2:57 PM UTC

  42. Marcia - wrote:

    Por favor me encantaria que pasen las nuevas temporadas por la tele en argentina. Solamente pasan la temporada 5, me lo se de memoria porque termina y vuelve a empezar, por el canal “Liv”. Soy una fan mas de muchas aca en Argentina que amamos la danza y votariamos si pudieramos. Muchas gracias.

    Please i will love to see the new seasons of sytycd in Argentina. Here it’s able to see’s it season 5 only which one i know it all because when ends come back to start all over again and for channel Liv. I’m just one fan over a lot of fan’s in Argentina who we love dance and we’ll vote if we can. Thank you!

    12/15/2011 7:11 PM UTC

  43. Miguel Banda - wrote:

    I will be looking forward to the Dallas auditions! :)

    12/18/2011 7:18 PM UTC

  44. Richard Curtis - wrote:

    On the music sheet, do i NEED 3 different songs, or just the one i made choreography to for my audition?

    12/19/2011 11:07 AM UTC

  45. zhu - wrote:

    is this season non-audition people can get in and watch ?

    12/20/2011 12:50 PM UTC

  46. kendra - wrote:

    awwwsome random dancers

    12/20/2011 9:23 PM UTC

  47. latisha - wrote:

    hi my name is latisha and i would like to try out for the show and im waiting for it to come to rochester ny

    12/21/2011 4:00 PM UTC

  48. chelsea jones - wrote:

    Why can’t you let little kids dance too? I’m 11 yearas old and have a lot of spirt. I wish you would let kids join they actually can do more than adults. So plese let us join as a kid.

    12/21/2011 6:00 PM UTC

  49. sushanta kumar das - wrote:

    this dance show is world bert dance show.its dance style is dream cotemprery style

    12/21/2011 6:57 PM UTC

  50. lisa - wrote:

    why is there no audition in the midwest?

    12/21/2011 8:35 PM UTC

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