SYTYCD Tour Launch Party

The Season 8 Top 10 took over Six Flags.

Your Season 8 Top 10 celebrated the launch of the tour by taking a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, where they took over the park on Friday, September 2. The park was closed especially for the dancers, who are about to embark on a 32-city tour. The tour kicks-off on September 17 in Orlando, FL. See when your favorite dancers are coming to a city near you, click here!

The Season 8 dancers going on tour are Season 8 winner Melanie Moore, Caitlynn Lawson, Clarice Ordaz, Jess LeProtto, Jordan Casanova, Marko Germar, Mitchell Kelly, Ricky Jaime, Sasha Mallory and Tadd Gadduang.

View photos from the Season 8 finale.


4 comments on “SYTYCD Tour Launch Party“

  1. Ronnie Peterson - wrote:

    Sometimes 8 season is quite surpring how this show is in rerun on ovation. Well, all things must change. Starting monday in the launch of, 19 entertainment welcome back full episodes of two show American Idol 8 seasons and So You Think You Can Dance 8 seasons U.K.’s got idol on The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, So You Think You Can Dance: The U.K. and Australian Version and Australian Idol: The Aussie Version. Bring them back to and and I can watch em’ here.

    9/19/2011 5:41 AM UTC

  2. Ronnie Peterson - wrote:

    I chose Jordan and Tadd and all other top 19 dancers who was eliminated and one won in cash and dancing magazine. Let’s salute all 8 season as I get my digital cameras to pose them. Whew! what an incredible season that was.

    9/19/2011 5:44 AM UTC

  3. Jill Barker - wrote:

    We went to the first night of the tour at the Amway Center in Orlando. We bought our tickets within an hour of the box office opening when the tour was announced and asked for the best available at the top price. When we got there on Saturday we found our seats were the second row from the back on the floor level. Couldn’t see anything except the tops of the dancers heads! Watched the first half on the screens and when we returned to our seats after the interval we found everyone around us had left obviously because they couldn’t see either. We gave up soon afterwards and went home ….$186 poorer and very dissappointed. Been calling the Amway Center all day today and finally spoke to the events organiser. He told us the arrangement of the seating was nothing to do with them and the tour organisers were responsible for where the seats were positioned. He advised us that we would have been better to have got cheaper seats at the side of the area because they were higher up with a view of the stage! Wish we had saved the money and bought a copy of the show on DVD,

    9/19/2011 1:09 PM UTC

  4. Kat - wrote:

    Question…. can you buy a dvd of the tour show? That would be awesome!!!

    9/20/2011 11:57 PM UTC

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