Melanie Moore’s Return to Marietta

Season 8's champion, Melanie Moore, with Host Cat Deeley

On Saturday night, America’s Favorite Dancer, Melanie Moore, returned to her hometown of Marietta, GA where she was met by family, friends, and fans upon her arrival.

Watch her homecoming.

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7 comments on “Melanie Moore’s Return to Marietta“

  1. Janie - wrote:

    Good job Melanie. Niguel should not be a judge next
    season what he said to the boys after their last dances
    was terrible. I know he said he had misspoken the
    next night, he should just be the producer and let
    someone else be a judge.

    8/18/2011 9:10 AM UTC

  2. Elizabeth - wrote:

    Congratulations Melanie. Sasha you are also a winner in my eyes. This was the best season ever. Sonja and Chris deserves an emmy for their choreography. It is going to be hard to top season 8.

    8/20/2011 11:59 AM UTC

  3. kelly - wrote:

    I’m trying to find seasons 1 -7 becuase I would love to purchase them. But I read somewhere they have not been released for sale. Is this true? If not where can I find them?

    8/22/2011 8:13 AM UTC

  4. Annabella - wrote:

    I wanted Melanie to win since she first auditioned!! She was so graceful and she killed the vegas rounds. But as the season came to a close I couldn’t decide between Sasha and Melanie. Niguel was right Melanie dances from her heart and Sasha from her sould but int he end dance wins!

    8/22/2011 1:25 PM UTC

  5. Gabriella - wrote:

    i love melanie moore, and i am very proud of her. For the first time ever one SYTYCD there were 2 top females, but not only that. It was the fact that it was one of the hardest finale’s ever. Those 4 dancers all equally won in my eyes. Good job guys.
    Oh and i can’t wait to see them on tour

    8/22/2011 3:40 PM UTC

  6. Liz - wrote:

    What happened to all the manly men this season?
    Men like Pasha Kovalev, Demetree, Twitch and Nick! Taller & more handsome.
    While the other men were talented, isn’t this show for entertainment also and the people on it should be somewhat pleasing to the eye? I saw other candidates that were more manly men that you just passed up. They were really talented also. I was really disappointed in most of the men this year! The girls were beautiful this year.

    9/4/2011 9:40 AM UTC

  7. Suz - wrote:

    I loved, loved, loved Melanie Moore and believe that she fully deserved the title of ‘America’s Best Dancer’ She danced with so much poise and was so inspirational to watch! I have to say it was such a tough desicion to pick who was going to win on this season of the show! All the dancers were incredible in there own way! I have to say though that the final decision of Melanie winning was a golden one because she completely deserved it in my eyes. Congratulations to all 4 dancers, Congratulations Melanie.

    10/13/2011 3:49 PM UTC

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