Who Made it to the Finale?

Caitlynn, Ricky, Cat
A week before the grand finale, we said goodbye to Caitlynn Lawson and Ricky Jaime.

Tadd Gadduang, Marko Germar, Sasha Mallory and Melanie Moore were named this season’s SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Top 4 finalists on Thursday night’s exciting results show. Eliminated tonight were Ricky Jaime, 19, a Contemporary dancer from Miami, FL, and Caitlynn Lawson, 18, a Contemporary dancer from Moses Lake, WA.

Tonight’s show also featured performances by American Idol finalist Pia Toscano, who sang her new single, “This Time,” and dance troupe the Bad Boys of Dance.

Next week, the Top 4 battle it out for America’s vote on the season’s final showdown in hopes of winning the competition on a two-hour, live performance show airing Wednesday, Aug. 10 at 8/7c on FOX.

Tune in the following night, Thursday, Aug. 11 at 8/7c, for the thrilling two-hour season finale. On the season’s final results show, the Top 20 dancers will reunite on stage for the first time and viewers will find out which dancer will earn the title of America’s Favorite Dancer, walk away with the $250,000 cash prize and be featured in an online ad for Gatorade and on the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine.

Don’t forget to cast votes for YOUR favorite dancer immediately following Wednesday’s final performance show.


87 comments on “Who Made it to the Finale?“

  1. eles - wrote:

    melanie is overrated,. She cheeses all day. She is not really a great dancer at all. The judges are the ones pushing for her and it is not fair. I think she did deserve to be in the top 4 but she in no means needs to win. Sasha dances with conviction and that is more than I can say for Melanie, I hope she does not win! If so, this will be my last year watching. The judges shouls stop influencing the voters! shut up and let people decide for themselves!

    8/11/2011 9:56 AM UTC

  2. dml - wrote:

    After reading the above comments, I had to put my 2cents in! This has been my most favorite TV program for years, I wait for it each summer. This year has not disappointed me a bit. I too remember my favorites from years past and love to see them perform as “all stars” especially Twitch. I think he might be my favorite of the favorites! This year I picked Melanie from her auditions, as the one I wanted to really watch. She’s a wonderful dancer, but what is so appealing to me is her innate personality just shines! I think that the judges singling her out might cause a “backlash” as has happened in past years. 3 of these 4 could win and I’d not be upset, but Melanie is just superior! As to the judges, usually I love them,but what in the world were they thinking with Katie Holmes, and for the finale no less! She is just BORING no matter what she does! And it’s obvious that she knows nothing about dance! Last word, where has Mia been this year, she’s been sorely missed, both for her exceptional choreography, and she’s a really knowledgable judge! That’s all……..wonderful season.

    8/11/2011 10:16 AM UTC

  3. Let - wrote:

    For the first time this season, I did not watch an entire episode. I lost interest in the dancers tonight. It felt like some of the dancers were fresh off auditioning. Nothing out of t he ordinary. I was quite impressed by Sasha`s broadway number though. Marco was great. Time and time again, Nigel has predicted the winner. If you;re going to mention fault in one you must in all and that`s his main problem. I was not impressed with Melanie`s disco routine, nor her contemporary pieces. I love Melanie but tonight I wanted something different. I got different only in her piece with Sasha. That was my piece for the night. I hope next season is different. Each dancer should perform one of every genre. This would make the show way more exciting. And I mean all the genres not some.

    8/11/2011 11:15 AM UTC

  4. DR - wrote:

    I’ve seen every season, and Melanie could be the best dancer they have ever had. Sasha could win, but I think overall she has been slightly over matched. To complain about what type of dances they draw is idiotic! Both girls have drawn good and bad choreography. Both girls have been with great dancers, and drawn less talented dancers. On these programs it comes down to demographic’s, as well as popularity. Sasha is a big city favorite, and will get plenty of votes because of that. The judges have heaped plenty of praise on Melanie because of her talent. They have also set the table for Sasha, calling to her “struggles in life” even when she admitted her struggles were nothing different from anyone else. I think Melanie should win, but I think Sasha get’s the crown. Both will do well professionally! Melanie will be famous!

    8/11/2011 11:21 AM UTC

  5. Kat - wrote:

    @Nancy….. fluent english without an accent?! Are you for real… that’s so insulting on every level! People in America speak english with accents depending on what part of the country they’re from!!!! O.k, enough of that, back to dance!!!

    I love Cat Deely!!! She has so much personality & always has something clever or funny to say. But mostly she has the dancer’s back. When they are being criticized for not dancing so well, she always has something nice to say to them & I get the feeling all the dancers love her because of that!

    It’s funny that the judges got exactly who they wanted in the finale and then found they were underwhelmed by their performances! Hope Tadd wins!!!! I used to be a fan of Melanie but half way through the season I started to not care. I said this in another post, but I was so excited to see a disco routine and Melanie couldn’t even dance that very well or the hip hop from previous show… just say’n! Both her & Sasha are excellent dancers but I personally have not seen growth… they are the same as when started. They have been showered with praise and not given any constructive criticism which does not allow them to learn anything…. just how great they are, lol!!!
    Instead of Gaga telling Caitlynn to throw out her troughys she should have been telling Melanie & Sasha to not listen to all the praise!!!!

    As far as the choreograghy…. it’s a matter of taste! The choreograghers are not amatuers, this is what they do for a living & what they love! Don’t you think they are going to want to put the best possible routines out there…. it’s their reputations after all!!! It’s the dancers job to bring something special to it! I love NappyTab & Jason Gilkison and missed them in last nights finale, but that doesn’t mean the other choreograghers were lacking!!

    It may have been to many routines for the dancers, but I think that in the future when they get to the top 10 dancers they need to leave out the dancers style when pulling from the hat so that one dancer doesn’t get mostly her own style the whole season…. then we might have seen some real growth and a disco routine might not have been botched on finale night!!!

    8/11/2011 11:55 AM UTC

  6. Charlie - wrote:

    I love the show but I wish the didn’t try to do such fancy camera work. With the camera’s constantly moving, switching views, and zooming in and out it takes away from the beauty of the dance. It also takes away from the choreography because we don’t get to see it as the choreographer envisioned the piece. During some dances the cameras move so much it almost makes me dizzy. Again, I love the show but I wish they didn’t do so much camera changing!

    8/11/2011 1:07 PM UTC

  7. Cheryl - wrote:

    Didn’t you just love the way the host promoted Caitlin when she asked one of the judges if Caitlin could star in his upcoming movie *Dirty Dancing*. That was totally unfair to the other three dancers.

    8/11/2011 2:27 PM UTC

  8. Not a fan this season - wrote:

    I have watched this show with bated breath since the first episode of Season 2. My husband and I DVR every single episode, get the kids to bed and sit with our munchies to see what we thought was the best show ever. There are exactly 2 shows we watch in the summer, as everything else is reruns: SYTYCD and Big Brother. These 2 shows have been in competition with one another this summer, but it was a no brainer for us to choose the former over the latter when we found this out. Until we actually started watching. This season has seemed incredibly watered down, there are brand new choreographers every night, introducing new styles, trying to compete with Mia Michaels, Travis Wall, Shane Sparks, Tabitha and Napolean and Sonya. All it’s done is produced a mixed up bag of beginner basics. There is no spark, no WOW, nothing to strike a sense of awe into the audience. My favorite part of the whole entire season so far was watching Kent and Lauren dance a number from LAST YEAR! I have been sorry to miss Big Brother episodes over this show, but I kept thinking it would get better. Tonight I will actually be watching Big Brother instead of SYTYCD, as last night’s “Part 1″ of the finale left me totally wishing I had seen BB instead. Good luck to the 4 finalists, hopefully you all will get to partner up with some amazing dancers and choreographers in the months and years to come. I doubt we will be setting the DVR for this show after this summer.

    8/11/2011 2:36 PM UTC

  9. Star - wrote:

    Four finalist – One white and three minorities and what does Cat do? She promotes the white one by asking the judge if she can have a role in the judges upcoming Dirty Dancing movie. Prejudice is alive and is going to take people straight to hell. Cat should be dismissed for doing what she did.

    8/11/2011 2:52 PM UTC

  10. Feeds - wrote:

    This season has been great. All 4 finale dancers deserve the win, but if I were to pick I did have Melanie for the win from the get go. @Nancy about Cat. She is speaking perfect english maybe you should learn the language. She is one of the best hosts and has been nominated for an Emmy (yes an American award), accent and all.

    8/11/2011 3:40 PM UTC

  11. Jodi - wrote:

    I just stopped in to see who made it to the finale. I stopped watching this season weeks ago. I didn’t feel that the dancers were being pushed to their limits. Isn’t that what this show is about? Being such a good dancer that you can take on any style of dance and not just stay within your contemporary element? I felt like I was watching a home video of my dance recitals..

    8/11/2011 3:47 PM UTC

  12. Queen Dee - wrote:

    Okay, these judges, especially NIGEL, are out of hand! They should not be making comments about who they think is going to win. It’s obvious they have their favorites – and it’s getting more pronounced as each season passes. Last night was so unfair, between Nigel’s comments to the boys and Cat’s rhetoric about Melanie dancing in the upcoming movie. Cat had no right to single out Melanie and not include the other dancers on the show. It looked really bad. I’m not sure how Cat won a host nomination because when she speaks she’s very unclear and speaks in sentences that don’t even make sense! The whole show is going downhill and losing credibiltiy at a fast rate because of the judges and host. Too bad because the concept and dancers are good. Maybe they can redeem themselves next season. We’ll see?!?

    8/11/2011 4:51 PM UTC

  13. Loves2dancet - wrote:

    I Love LOVE LOVE this show, but why do you keep the stupid blonde MC??? (Can’t even think of her name right now,) she acts very ignorant of dance, and seems like she is only interested in making a “love” connection between the competitors. There has to be someone better qualified, and much less annoying available??? Please!

    8/11/2011 5:12 PM UTC

  14. Alli - wrote:

    Melanie is one of my least favorite dancers ever to perform on the show. Her dancing lack feeling and is by no means strong. It angers me how much the judges are stuck on her, there has to be an angle working here. Marko is definitely a worthy finalist but has a tendency to be a half step behind everyone else. Tadd is alright, I really have no criticisms seeing as there wasn’t to extraordinary about him. Sasha is by far my favorite. Her dancing is personal, its strong, her technique is flawless, and she in herself is just an amazing person.

    8/11/2011 5:20 PM UTC

  15. DDR - wrote:

    Melanie was chosen from the beginning and groomed to be the winner. She had it easy the whole time and the judges are naturally biased towards the girls (the “beasts”). That being said, it is just a show and they’ll have another crop next year from which they can choose whom they want to win.

    8/11/2011 5:58 PM UTC

  16. Wm. Deutermann - wrote:

    I’m not a fan, my wife is. But I had to wonder about this show last night when the English judge, Simon(?) Nicklaus(?) the blond old guy who seems to be in charge, said that he knew from the first day that “a girl would win”. I’m not sure that I would want to be involved in something like that.

    8/11/2011 6:03 PM UTC

  17. Former Fan - wrote:

    I can not believe that Sasha do not win!!! The judges favored Melanie with their comments . I am very disappointed with the outcome tonight. I will not be viewing the show again. Before the winner was announced, Nigel comment about Melanie being the best dance played. RIGGED!!!

    8/11/2011 6:12 PM UTC

  18. susie - wrote:

    why do i watch this show over and over again. when you know you do not let the best dancer win. you let some chick win, who has can not dance to save her life. all she have is that one dance move. SASHA you won in my eyes. you go girl

    8/11/2011 6:18 PM UTC

  19. Jessica - wrote:

    I think what someone said about Melanie with all the contemp dances is wrong. If you watch the show every time it comes on, then you should know that the contestants pick a dance out of a hat or bowl. The judges don’t give them the dances they have to pick out the dances. She just got lucky to get her style of dance. And another thing if you get mad like that THEN DON’T WATCH THE SHOW! If you don’t like it then don’t watch. I remember way back on a few shows back that another contestant got lucky with their style. I hate when others put people down like that. You don’t know crap about what you are talking about. It’s not like they are taking dance lessons and get to choose the style of dance they want to go into. People are just mad that the ones they liked didn’t make it that far. If you wanted them to make it further into the show then you should have voted more and got others to help in your voting. Melanie is an awsome dancer!

    8/11/2011 6:46 PM UTC

  20. Marilyn - wrote:

    Why did the judges just not crown Melanie 4 weeks ago? Why let the public vote at all?? And what’s with Nigel’s comment to the guys last night about “the winner will be a girl”? All of these dancers were amazing so for the judges to favor one over all the rest and influence the voters was unprofessional and biased. Shame on them!!! I am extremely disappointed with the show and as with American Idol…I will vote with my remote control turn SYTYCD off. Emmy nominees…what a joke!

    8/11/2011 7:40 PM UTC

  21. Sad-jean - wrote:

    I mean it … I am sad! Sasha would have won if Nigel hadn’t been so biased. And, Travis Wall, makes me want to puke. I liked Melanie but she was no Sasha … not even close. They wanted all american, apple pie … somebody that they thought would keep the ratings going . That’s okay, Sasha is a winner and the light has definitely illuminated more clearly on what SYTYCD is all about. Put in talent as side-lines and carry out your duty for viewership. It’s good to add pepper to the salt but defintely when it comes to headliner and who comes in first it’s all in the family!

    8/11/2011 8:32 PM UTC

  22. MP - wrote:

    This is to everyone who’s posting crap about Melanie. Obviously you have no idea about dancing/performing. Even if she was given the best dances (which is not true BTW) she has performed them with class, and true greatness. She is by far the best (check out the number of votes between Sasha and her) and possibly one of the top 3 dancers EVER since the show began. I’ve actually picked her to win since she took the stage the very first time during the auditions. Nobody came close to her at any time. You go Melanie! You are the best, and you are a BEAST!!!!

    8/11/2011 9:27 PM UTC

  23. Bill Hollis - wrote:

    I don’t know if the producers or the judges read or even see these comments but here is the deal. I am going to personally pull the plug from this show if the following actions are not done on the show. First, the judges must refrain from saying who there favorite dancer is. Second, Nigel has to stop saying who he thinks will be in the final and saying that he thinks a girl or a guy will win, like he did on Wednesday show to the 2 guys. He has had to publicly apologize for this incredible gaff and total disrespect to all the final contestants for the past two years. These actions are so uncalled for, disrespectful and tend to orient the viewers to a certain contestant or gender. Aweful. Was hoping Sasha would win, happy for Melanie tho. Was so saddened when Ricky was eliminated. He clearly is in the top two dancers in terms or incredibly beauty and talent along with the other super star, Russell, season 6 winner. These two guys are the best dancers this show has or probably will ever see or have.

    8/11/2011 10:13 PM UTC

  24. Dr Rev Catherine Bradford - wrote:

    You know Sasha should have won but you know that they block her votes so that the other girl could win I hope everybody see this because we all know Sasha was the winner not Melanie. So if you court the votes right you will see that Sasha was the winner not Melanie so when it comes to a blacks. The white wins everytime. so if you think I’m wrong let me know. Watch you will see what I’m talking about watch them take Sasha votes away and give them to Melaine So she can win watch it so going to see what I’m talking about.

    8/11/2011 10:35 PM UTC

  25. gs - wrote:

    Very glad I have a DVR. way to many comercials and way to many people at the judge table, way to many “favorite” dances from the season etc. Results…Very predictable….exactly as we
    here in this household expected. Glad that Mr. Lithgoe made an
    apology for his previous night comments toward the male dancers that he felt a “girl’ would win this year. Maybe there was bias for Melanie but we picked her as the winner from the very beginning. Sasha is absolutely fabulous though and if she had won…that would have been perfect also. It was kind of a vanilla season with the choreography. I see the show as more about these people than the contestant dancers. Next season I would like to see more bollywood, more hip hop, more stomp and better classic versions of tango, cha cha, salsa, rumba, mambo, quick step, waltz. I am very tired of contemporary “stories” and silly hanging off chandeliers or walls or bars etc…
    if I want broadway…I will hit the broadway theatre shows…and better guest performances…thank God they didn’t parade Justin Bieber out this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I never see Ellen again or Gaga…like he music but she makes me want to gag…

    8/12/2011 5:26 AM UTC

  26. Lee - wrote:

    I have liked Melanie for most of the show but then Sasha just kept on getting better and better. Not sure if the show is rigged or not but agree; Nigel keep it zipped. Also leave Cat alone. I am English so understand everything she has to say and she certainly does not seem to have any bias and appears to love all the dancers. If you want to talk about accents there are enough in the US and although I have been here 15 years there are definitely some people I just cannot understand – that is life. When Nigel keeps on making the comments he makes then yes the show does appear to be rigged but not sure how you can block votes. Anyway love the show most days – nothing is ever perfect – and cannot wait for the next one. Maybe be careful who you choose as judges, Katy Holmes gosh she had nothing constructive to say and yes she is very boring. Love Mary – is she going to marry Nigel!!

    8/12/2011 6:01 AM UTC

  27. Jim - wrote:

    Love the show, but the judges have become so biased and blatenly try to control the voting. They should just judge the performances, not campain for their favorites. They essentially told the 2 guys “you don’t have a chance”. This has gotten worse year by year and should stop!

    8/12/2011 7:08 AM UTC

  28. Let - wrote:

    Are you kidding me? I am black and Dr. Rev your comments are not appreciated. Sasha and Melanie are both awesome dancers and I am so proud that they took first and second. These dancers never got out of my head the entire season from day one and I am proud of them. I am very impressed with Sasha’s strength and Melanie’s grace. They are wonderful. Great stuff guys. let’s refrain from the whites and blacks comments. Dance is so much more than that. I now Sasha feels hurt because she came that close but Sasha, lift your head. You’ve won our hearts. Keep up your friendships that you’ve formed and let no one sour up this moment for you. Think positive always.That will be your upliftment.

    8/12/2011 8:59 AM UTC

  29. Blessings - wrote:

    I’m so sadden that I was not able to vote at the finale. I had to DVR the show. I am still so hurt that Sasha didn’t win. And Ricky should have been 2nd runner up. I just pray that God will richly bless Sasha, Ricky, Tadd and Marco with outstanding dancing careers. Melanie will be given great opportunities anyway, because she is Caucasain that is just the way of American. But God seems to bless those who society sees as second class citizen. , Those who voted for Melanie just because Sasha is Black and truthfully in your hearts know that Sasha dances much better, should really begin to ask God to search your hearts so that you become better people and not judge because of skin color. I would have loved to see Melanie perform dances where she had to move her hips more and tangle. She appears too stiff for those types of dances. Yes she performed that statue dance well because there was not too much movement. Sasha keep your head up, be positive, love, be pure-hearted and God will show you favor. Sasha and Ricky, please put your trust in God and not man! Continual Blessings,

    8/12/2011 10:05 AM UTC

  30. Ss - wrote:

    I loveeeeee this show. Yes sometimes the judges are bias,but that does not take away from the talent of the contestants or the teachers. But this year was incrediable.
    I agree with most of the comments about Melanie. I loved her from day one, and that is an opinion of only a spectator (without any dance experience). She moved me, made me cry and rewind my DVR many times. Sasha was good too. The top 20 were the best ever.

    8/12/2011 11:10 AM UTC

  31. MC Mary - wrote:

    Incredibly amazed at the comments about racism on here. Whether this contest is rigged or not, why is it everytime a white person wins it is a knockdown to the black community and racism? It is such a weak argument these days- be intelligent people. GOD provided logic and reason, which you develop through life to have intelligent conversations… OK, enough of that. Watching this season, as a trained dancer, it was easy to see why Melanie won. Yes, Sasha was great too and honestly, my vote was a toss up between the two of them. Both have great technique, showmanships and wonderful demeanors. I think Melanie’s personality and hard work ethic may have won over the judges (she was known for renting additional studio time outside of scheduled rehearsals). As far as genre goes, they all unknowningly pick out of a hat the style they are assigned for the week and who the partner will be (when dancing with all stars) so there is no way they gave Mel an extra boost by assigning her a particular genre. People need to stop wasting energy with unfounded arguments about racism and if this is the foundation of their argument then why did tWitch ever win? Answer me that!

    8/12/2011 3:06 PM UTC

  32. Ruffy - wrote:

    Nigel’s asking for forgiveness from his comments that a girl will win is unbelievable! It’s a day late! He already influenced viewers to vote for the girls. It very unfair. He’s the Executive Producer and he should remain neutral at all times. Too bad for the boys. Now there’s a hanging question regarding the legitimacy and integrity of the Network’s Reality Shows.

    8/12/2011 3:22 PM UTC

  33. Sharon - wrote:

    I love sytycd. I have enjoyed seasons 2 – 8. Season 8 has been the most amazing. This was the first time ever the top 4 were my top choices and in the exact order – Melanie, Sasha, Marko, and Tadd – they are all amazing. Although, I have to say, I kept changing the order because I just couldn’t decide. Each of them is so unique. I couldn’t wait to see them each week. I don’t know them yet feel quite proud of them. Melanie, Sasha, Marko, and Tadd congratulations to each of you, and a special winning congratulations to Melanie. God bless them with long safe dance careers and contented lives and friendships. I also love to see dancers from previous seasons.

    8/12/2011 3:36 PM UTC

  34. Kat - wrote:

    First of all Rev. what ever…. who knows Sasha should have won?! I don’t think so! But I bet if you ask Sasha she probably feels like a winner anyway! Personally I don’t think either girl should have won but I’m not crying conspiracy! Nigel & other judges can say what ever they want, but we are still the voters…. please! If Nigel is saying your fav. is going to be in the bottom…. then vote your you know what off!!!!! And if they’re still in the bottom, well then… all of America simply doesn’t agree with you!

    As for all the comments about Cat promoting Melanie… did you actually watch it?! It was actually guest judge Mr. Ortega that said he would push to the front of the line to work with Melanie and then proceeded to add he was remaking Dirty Dancing.

    8/12/2011 8:20 PM UTC

  35. liza (from GUAM) - wrote:


    8/13/2011 5:16 AM UTC

  36. Lisa - wrote:

    WTH???? I wish black people would stop using the race card every time a black person doesn’t win something. I am black and I did not vote for Sasha… not because I was hating on her but because I do not think she was the best dancer. My personal favorite was Ricky. But although he didn’t make it to the finale, I never once felt that it was because he’s black. I blame Nigel partially for constantly picking on him, which probably helped to sway the audience’s opinion. I also have to take into consideration that maybe the rest of America just didn’t connect with him as much as I did. When he was sent home, it was down to Melanie, Sasha, Tadd and Marko. The latter three are okay but I prefer Melanie over them. So even though I am black, I voted for her.

    Black people, PLEASE stop using the race card every time a black person doesn’t win. It’s getting old and it makes us look stupid and unintelligent. I agree that Nigel needs to stop commenting on his favorites, who he thinks will be in the bottom next week, and who he thinks will win. This is a competition and the judges are there to critique the performances… nothing more, nothing less. If they STOP being so unfair to the other contestants maybe they won’t have so many pissed off viewers.

    8/13/2011 11:29 AM UTC

  37. Dee - wrote:

    I stopped watching the show. My entire family did. I still have the episodes DVR’d and I may or may not watch them. I am not upset that Melanie won, I think they had incredible dancers (except for Ryan) this season. But….I feel and my family agrees, that the show is fixed. In the beginning, it was stated that Melanie could win and surprise! She did. I have nothing against her, but many viewers believe that the judges, especially Nigel make comments and or predicitions and guess what folks. What Nigel wanted, Nigel got. It just takes all of the magic and excitement out of the show. And I truly feel that it is so unfair, to all the dancers that work so hard. When Jess got eliminated, that was enough for me. Jess’s solo was amazing, my jaw dropped when I watched his solo. When NIgel made his critque, we went back and watched Jess’s solo and did not see what Nigel saw. When Iveta was eliminated and Ryan wasn’t, it was clear the judges or producers already had a plan. I know dancer’s who mute the comments when the judges critique, because they are so sick of the BS…. To bad, we watched the shows for years, and have no desire to do so any longer.

    8/16/2011 11:39 AM UTC

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