Idol’s Pia Toscano to Perform on Dance

Idol's Pia Toscano to Perform on SYTYCD

Singer Pia Toscano was a standout on Season 10 of American Idol. She recently debuted her first single, “This Time,” and tonight she will perform it on the So You Think You Can Dance results show.

Tonight’s live results show of SYTYCD is a big one, as the four finalists that will compete in next week’s finale will be revealed right after Pia performs.

Last month, Pia announced that she signed a record deal with Interscope Records and 19 Recordings. Pia has been performing “This Time” on the American Idols LIVE! Tour all summer long. To see where the tour is headed next, click here. To get tickets and details for the So You Think You Can Dance Tour, click here!


9 comments on “Idol’s Pia Toscano to Perform on Dance“

  1. guy - wrote:

    Nice,The one time Pia sings on National TV someone butchers her song with commercial cut ins,who did that. The song was cut off by some commerical and half of her finish was gone,she next appears at the end of her song,great job.

    8/5/2011 9:22 AM UTC

  2. jac - wrote:

    Get over Pia…she did not win American Idol, appears fake while singing and yet Nigel can’t let her go.

    8/6/2011 5:54 AM UTC

  3. Dawn - wrote:

    I was wondering if anyone knew how long the contestants have to learn their routines from week to week ???

    8/6/2011 7:19 PM UTC

  4. joyce jacob - wrote:

    Help!!! I have not seen a single eoiside of SYTYCD since before Pia’s supposed performance. It is not on FOX, where I live. I have Dish network and other things are taking that time. I LOOOOVE Dance…PLEASE Come BACK…IT’S My FAVORITE. ……Nigel…..Help….MARY Please SCREAM to the networks….LOVE U ALL JJ S. IN

    8/8/2011 2:58 PM UTC

  5. Joyce Jacob - wrote:

    I am a great fan…Love dance….Don’t fans make the sho?????

    Please come home to local Fox channel, Evansville, IN.

    Praying , J J

    8/8/2011 3:02 PM UTC

  6. Elizabeth McPherson - wrote:

    I wish you would go back to showing the clips of the dance moves that you discuss when you talk about the dance the contestants just did. You may talk about a move that I missed.

    You used to do it and you stopped.. Why?
    It is hard to make sense of the judges comments without showing the brief clips.

    8/10/2011 12:41 PM UTC

  7. tc henneke - wrote:

    this is our last season .weve decided as much as we love the show, we are tired of Nigel. Its a shame he decides who wins and loses. He put Sasha,his choice, in the better styles and raved about her performances. While others were put into disco and panned by Nigel. As producer he influences style,partner and performance position. Next year our weekly group of friends will look for more even handed entertainment.

    8/10/2011 4:47 PM UTC

  8. Liz - wrote:

    I love Cat Deely. I think she is a great host and she cares for the kids, well at least I thought she cared for all of them. Why is that she was trying to get Melanie a job with the other 3 contestant there? Not fair. Not very classy.
    To all the Sasha haters; if you were dancers or know how to dance, you would see the artist at work when she dances. Also, I have been wondering why Nigel and the judges keeps calling her “Warrior Princess”, Is it because of her Ethnicity?

    8/11/2011 1:19 PM UTC

  9. Alana - wrote:

    This was the worst season ever. The guest judges ruined the show. I am not even looking forward to its return.

    8/12/2011 6:09 PM UTC

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