SYTYCD Receives a Second Teen Choice Nomination

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The next wave of nominees has been announced for TEEN CHOICE 2011, airing live Sunday, Aug. 7 at 8/7c on FOX. So You Think You Can Dance has received a second nomination, this time for Choice Summer TV Show. Earlier this summer, it was revealed that SYTYCD is up for the Choice TV: Reality Competition award.

Fans ages 13-19 can vote once each day, per category, for all of their favorite TEEN CHOICE 2011 nominees at Voting concludes Friday, August 5.

Click here to sign up and cast your vote for SYTYCD for Choice Summer TV Show and Choice TV: Reality Competition.

In addition, it was just announced that SYTYCD received EIGHT Emmy Nominations. Check them out!


14 comments on “SYTYCD Receives a Second Teen Choice Nomination“

  1. KathyJean - wrote:

    LOVE the show…. Love all the choreo’s…. BUT how about something with LOVE that isn’t BITTERsweet….. a UNIVERSAL world song, upbeat /worldbeat that rings a different bell in the dance world…. The love/breakup/pain/drama is part of life, yes, BUT I bet one of you guys /gals can come up with that theme!! LOVE your show

    8/3/2011 10:01 AM UTC

  2. chris - wrote:

    Is there any way we can get rid of Cat? She makes so many inappropriate comments and steps on the judges comments and I could go on and on! I love SYTYCD but I have to record it and watch it thru without Cat’s comments.

    8/3/2011 4:43 PM UTC

  3. Starzhine - wrote:

    Shasha, don’t have your “possie” start accusing Melaine of not being challenged in other dance form, in a lame attempt to push yourself up. You don’t want to go head to head with her on technique. Yes you have talent, but girl, you are so sloppy from your knees down, it hurts me to watch you move your feet. Melaine has no such problem.

    She went head to head with you last week and wow, put it in slow motion and take a good hard look from the knees down. You will see.

    So just concentrate on your own dancing, and try to improve your extension from the knees down. If you even know what that means.

    8/3/2011 5:14 PM UTC

  4. Sally Smith - wrote:

    Nigel Lythgoe,

    I would like to suggest that the dancer contestants be given as a task for one week to create a choreographed piece for a boy/girl couple with a story and scene just like the pros. This would expand them to use their learned skills beyond their comfort zone solos.

    Thank you

    8/3/2011 6:23 PM UTC

  5. Linda - wrote:

    I know that Melanie is a great dancer but I get so distracted by her way of smiling. She seems to be snarling .. grimacing or squishing with her nose and eyes and it comes off unsettling … to me at least. I don’t know if it is natural or that she is putting on … so that is why it is off putting.
    I adore this show though and have watched it from it’s beginning!!

    8/3/2011 6:42 PM UTC

  6. Dee - wrote:

    I have been watching this show since inception… There are favorites and the judges make them known. Melanie is a great dancer but the hip hop routine was TERRIBLE, had it been someone else, the truth would have been exposed. The is was the only routine she did not dance well, and the ONLY hip hop routine for princess Mel.

    8/3/2011 7:32 PM UTC

  7. Terra - wrote:

    I think one of the choreographers should create a routine to this song:

    8/3/2011 10:48 PM UTC

  8. Let - wrote:

    @ Starzhine – This is where I think comments start hitting low. It is obvious that you are trying to put Sasha down but come on!!!! Try something else. Melanie and Sasha have been my favourites from the beginning of season 8 and it’s amazing to see how their unique styles compliment them. To one, it’s all about superb leg extensions and we go…”Awww, oooh, wowww!” To the other it’s all about leg extensions but with an additional kick to it…tossing the viewer in a world of …”Ooohs, Ahhs”. One thing I have learnt about dance is that each artist has his/her unique style and each viewer has his/her unique taste. That’s why votes are important. No matter what Nigel says every week, I have my own opinion. It’s left to America to vote not just on what the judges say but what to them is the best dancer. Don’t just let the judges decide for you. Which dancer makes you go…Wow? Vote for him or her. But remember, appreciate all the other dancers because they are unique in their own way and are bold to face you each week. Forget about all the production details. They face serious challenges.

    So Starzhine, don’t encourage this kind of talk or engage in this type of criticism. If you want to push Melanie…..Shout it out because you would be no better than the supposed “sasha possie”.

    Work Hard Sasha and Melanie!!!!

    8/4/2011 10:12 AM UTC

  9. cheyenne - wrote:

    why did u eliminate JORDON YOU R SO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8/4/2011 11:42 AM UTC

  10. Kris - wrote:

    I wish that SYTYCD would do something you could buy online for all the great music they use for the dances. Every song from every dance. Place that on their website and poof a money maker!

    8/4/2011 3:20 PM UTC

  11. Kat - wrote:

    SYTYCD season 6 is on OVTV (274 if you have direct tv) Fri.- Mon.

    8/5/2011 8:41 PM UTC

  12. Rod Reyes - wrote:

    My wife and I were thoroughly enjoying this show for weeks. Unlike IDOL, ALL the contestants were super talented, and it was difficult to eliminate any of them, although favorites emerged. My wife and I stopped watching because we both got seriously tired of watching and listening to the judges fawning over Marko and Melanie, who are wonderful performers, but have been pretty much given a free pass to the finals from the beginning. Too bad.

    8/8/2011 9:45 AM UTC

  13. Derrick Baker - wrote:

    I haven’t watched the show all season but, I’ve watched the last 3 weeks with my wife and the one obvious thing to me is that the judges(Nigel in particular) has already made up his mind that Melanie is the winner and it doesn’t matter that the other dancers are out dancing her. Tonight her first performance was boring and short and he raved while Sasha killed her performance and he actually felt the performances were comparable. As the night has gone on Melanie was woefully average tonight and her last performance with Tadd was 1 big gimmick that they raved about. I’m going strictly on performance tonigt and I feel that Sasha or Marco hands down outshined Tadd and Melanie. I would definately give Sasha the best performance of the night but, she may get hurt by having to carry Tadd who doesn’t even belong in the finals. When he danced with Melanie the choreographer was smart enough to disquise his lack of dancing ability while Sasha’s choreographer attempted to give him choreography that brought down the performance.

    8/10/2011 5:48 PM UTC

  14. Derrick Baker - wrote:

    Rod I agree with you totally while I do think Melanie and Marko are both great dancers the critique from the judges is definately not objective. Melanie did not get it done tonight and Tadd should not be in the finals. This is why on these shows I disagree with letting home voting decide because it’s a popularity contest where having more friends will make you the winner opposed to your performances and despite what we may think the judges comments will also influence the voting. Tonight I enjoyed the performances for the most part but, to me by far the best performances were the opening number by Sasha and Marco’s performance with the All-star. By the way Josh made Tadd look silly in the hip hop number!

    8/10/2011 5:58 PM UTC

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