Top 8 Elimination Results

Jess and Jordan are eliminated

Finalists Jordan Casanova, 18, a Jazz dancer from Chino Hills, CA; and Jess LeProtto, 18, a Broadway dancer from Little Falls, NJ, were eliminated tonight on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

Last night, the Top 8 performed with a new group of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE All-Stars. Tonight, host Cat Deeley announced that the four finalists who received the fewest of America’s votes were Jordan Casanova, Tadd Gadduang, Caitlynn Lawson and Jess LeProtto. Then, judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, as well as guest judge Rob Marshall, revealed that Casanova and LeProtto would be going home. Also on tonight’s show, dance troupe LXD took the stage and pop music icon Lady Gaga performed two of her latest hits, “Edge of Glory” and “You and I.”

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The competition continues next week when the Top 6 finalists – Tadd Gadduang, Marko Germar, Ricky Jaime, Caitlynn Lawson, Sasha Mallory and Melanie Moore – compete on a two-hour, live performance show airing Wednesday, Aug. 3 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.

Next week’s guest judges will be actress Christina Applegate and award-winning choreographer Lil’ C, and the All-Stars making a return to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE stage will be Kent Boyd, Jaimie Goodwin, Pasha Kovalev, Janette Manrara, Ellenore Scott and tWitch.

Tune in the following night, Thursday, Aug. 4 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), to find out which four finalists will compete in the season finale, as well as for a special performance by AMERICAN IDOL finalist Pia Toscano singing her new single, “This Time.”


43 comments on “Top 8 Elimination Results“

  1. Totally Disappointed - wrote:

    I can’t believe that you let Jordan go. The girl who should have left was Sasha.

    7/29/2011 12:03 PM UTC

  2. Adrienne - wrote:

    The choregrapher’s dances are so complacent they don’t seem to be rising to the challenge anymore, it’s almost always my poor broken heart or some struggle, what happened to hot/sexy/fast dance. It’s really disappointing not to mention boring.

    7/29/2011 3:52 PM UTC

  3. Becky S - wrote:

    I think Jess should have been eliminated long ago he was not very good from the beginning. You let one of the best girls go
    this week. The judges have there favorite every week. I have been watching this show from the start. You are not always fair
    in your judgement when tha dancers dance for the life. I do not know if i will watch next season. SORRY

    7/29/2011 4:05 PM UTC

  4. diane - wrote:

    i think nigel and the other judges are forgetting one thing. they are looking for the BEST dancer…not the most improved dancer. not the most popular dancer. not the dancer who is best “suited for this type of show”. THE BEST DANCER…so how is jordan gone but even the bigger question….how is jess gone. are you kidding me. because he’s had a bit of a broadway career he shouldn’t be picked because you are trying to give kids who have had no chance yet a chance. there have been plenty of those in the past and they won because they were the best. you don’t vote people off so that those that have had lesser opportunites will get a chance. they have to EARN it….and jess’s solo was 10 times better than the others…keep your comments as to who is going home to yourselves and for God sakes..look at your top 3 guys left….there is only one worthy to be there and it’s not ricky or tad….you sent the best guy dancers home…let’s not lose site of what the goal of the show is…best dancer!! very frustrating to see jess go home. this season won’t be the same for me! he was wonderful

    7/29/2011 9:30 PM UTC

  5. Chris - wrote:

    Jordan should have stayed.. Caitlynn needed to go..’bout time Jess went- he has great skills.. but not at partner dancing AT ALL.

    7/29/2011 11:33 PM UTC

  6. rachel quesada - wrote:

    I feel that sometimes some of the choreography is boring and does not showcase the dancers and as a result some very talented dancers find themselves at the bottom of the “results” meter through no fault of their own.

    7/30/2011 4:57 AM UTC

  7. CG Flackman - wrote:

    The previous comment is way out of line. I can’t possibly take it seriously.
    Jess LeProtto is beyond amazing and America is being deprived of the opportunity to see great talent on TV. Jess is a younger dancer from the studio where my daughters and their friends trained and won trucks full of trophies. However, Jess was only ever interested in performing and making everyone happy. When he won the biggest trophies at 7 years old, he simply said, “I just like to dance”. At competitions, he would get standing ovations from other dance schools — even Urban Hip Hop Schools -for renditions of Copa Cabana with his beautiful duo partner. People would literally almost knock me over to rush back in the auditorium to watch Jess dance. If there was a stampede, Jess was going on stage.
    Nigel got it wrong. Jess will go on and be extremely successful but those outside the NY area may not have the opportunity to enjoy his talent.

    7/30/2011 8:42 AM UTC

  8. Melissa Miller - wrote:

    Jesse is an extremely talented dancer. I was surprised to see that he was eliminated. I thought Jesse and Melanie would be the top two with Melanie winning. Jesse was my favorite guy really sorry to see him gone!!!!!!!

    7/30/2011 11:45 AM UTC

  9. Jamie - wrote:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am writing to you to let you know that this past week, I was unable to vote for Jess LeProtto through my cell phone. I waited the two hours after the show, and received a message back saying voting is not open in my region (I live in Little Falls, NJ). I tried texting all day Thursday and received the same message all day, that voting is not open in my region. I tried voting right up until the show, but no luck. I did not know the phone number to call, and did not have a computer at the time. I am very disappointed that I couldn’t vote, and I hope this is not the reason he was voted off, because people were unable to get through.

    7/30/2011 12:26 PM UTC

  10. Rubye Del Harden - wrote:

    I only started watching this show last year and have become a faithful fan. However, I felt cheated last night when Jess was sent home. I was sure that the two girls would go home. I obviously don’t have a clue what your intent is. If you are looking for the top dancers under 20, there is absolutely no doubt that Jess is one of those dancers. Why should he be penalized because he comes from a Broadway background. He shouldn’t be penalized any more than anyone from any other background. The show is either fair or it is not. What is the difference in the challenge of a theater guy learning Hip Hop compared to a Hip Hop dancer learning jazz. They are very different and both very difficult. I don’t know why Nigel is so attached to Tadd. . . Did he send Jess home merely because he told Tadd that he “would not” be going home? Jess has by far the best articulation and precision of all the dancers. Not only that, he doesn’t just dance steps, but he “SELLS” whatever the piece calls for – be it hip hop, ballroom, jazz – you name it. You have criticized his face, you have not given him the advantages of having the best choice in partners or the most exciting routines. . . but every week he is stunningly ‘spot on’ with every single thing you ask of him and MORE. He totally delivers. I think it is wrong for Nigel to play the crowd, to have stated ‘favorites,’ to predict who is likely to go home. . . I have not previously heard of Jess or any of the other young people. But I have an appreciation for kids who pour their entire heart and soul on the dance floor, whose work ethic is unsurpassed and who master whatever challenges are thrown their way with style and vigor and joy. To me Jess exemplifies all of this. I watched the show this year to watch him dance. I do not mean to take away anything from the other youngsters. They have delivered heart and soul as well. However, for me, by your letting Jess go home, you compromised the integrity of the show. What is the point of the ‘dance for your life’ if it doesn’t mean anything. By all rights, after the dance “competition?” Thursday night, the girls should have gone and the guys stayed. If you are not going to go by their performances, why have them perform. Fairness is extremely important to me. The bottom line is that it just isn’t fair… not only is it not fair to Jess, it isn’t fair to your viewers. I am very disheartened by this and I fear that my faith in the judges – especially Nigel – is severely compromised. I was told by a friend that perhaps I didn’t understand the ‘inner workings’ of the show. There shouldn’t BE any inner workings. It is either a fair show and the results are based on performance or they are not!

    7/30/2011 1:24 PM UTC

  11. Mia - wrote:

    Honestly the only amazing dancers on the show now are Melanie and Marco..I don’t understand why the judges keep on sending home amazing dancers like Jess and jordan they were 2 of my favorites and now I just don’t want to watch the show anymore if Nigel keeps on keeping Caitlynn.. She’s not that good!

    7/30/2011 6:58 PM UTC

  12. HJonez - wrote:

    I was disappointed about Jourdan. I guess I should have voted. Nigel said they followed the vote, but they should have broken with it in Jourdan’s case, IMHO. But, OMG! Rob Marshall. How great would it be to know somebody like that? Such class. Elegant.

    7/30/2011 7:50 PM UTC

  13. Extremely Disappointed - wrote:

    I absolutely agree with the previous comment Jess and Melanie top 2 and Melanie winning. I can not believe that Sasha got a higher amount of votes then Jordan and Ricky got more then Jess……Its things like this that make people wonder if the shows are rigged. And even so the judges have the opportunity to save and when they choose wrong its like they dont care about anything but themseleves If Melanie doesnt win then I will never watch again.

    7/30/2011 9:12 PM UTC

  14. Extremely Disappointed - wrote:

    And If they have Sasha and/or Ricky in the final four then something is definately wrong………….

    7/30/2011 9:16 PM UTC

  15. Sue - wrote:

    Only Gaga had the nerve to tell the truth…Jess was given poor choreography and was not able to showcase his talent. His solo showed what a talent he is. Tadd had some great tricks…but that is not dancing.

    7/31/2011 4:42 AM UTC

  16. Shocked & Appalled!!!! - wrote:

    I am shocked and appalled that Jordan was let go. I have one question – Are the judges making it so Melanie can win? Almost every routine she does is contemporary (which is her field)! Does she really have range? What else can she do?

    7/31/2011 7:43 PM UTC

  17. mllea - wrote:

    Jess should have left as Tadd is incredibly versatile and much more of a balanced dancer. Jess always felt like he was mugging and not genuine.
    As for the girls we all know it is between Sasha and Melanie and the boys should be between Marko and Tadd as Ricky, while a wonderful dancer is not as capable in different genres.

    7/31/2011 8:19 PM UTC

  18. This Sucks - wrote:

    thank you nigel for ruining the show for us. how is caitlyn a top 3 girl? on what planet should this be happening. jess & jordan were the WRONG people to send home. ive been watching this show since season 1 and i can assure you i will never watch again its all fake bs now …. over it

    7/31/2011 8:43 PM UTC

  19. redcayenne - wrote:

    It’s unfortunate the Jess went. Tadd just uses acrobatics and tricks in his solos, not real dancing. I never liked Jordan, ever since her comments at the beginning of the show about how she always wants to be the “sexy” dancer, that it’s all she thinks about in her dancing. From then on everything she did seemed vulgar to me, no matter how good the dancing might have been. But what really struck me this week was how GOOD Gaga was! I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I was amazed at what a great critic she is! Just like on American Idol, she really honed in on the essence of the performer, was incredibly constructive in her advice, and masterfully creative in seeing a way to improve the performance. Hats off to Gaga! She’s a real artist. I’m impressed!

    8/1/2011 5:10 AM UTC

  20. jmar - wrote:

    Jordan was in her element this week and still didn’t get more than last place in votes. Of course they let her go. Caitlynn has had tough styles the last two weeks, and the CRAPPY choreography this week for that hip hop number (the first few measures had her just sitting there fretting or something… give her something to do!) Am I the only person that didn’t think Sasha and Melanie’s number was all that amazing? I feel like everyone just loves Melanie so much (Which I don’t really understand, she’s great, but I don’t think she’s fun to watch… so technically trained that the fun is gone out of it) that anything she does whether mediocre or great is termed “Outstanding” “incredible,” etc. It was well done, but I didn’t think it was worth all the standing o crap. (Obviously I’m rooting for Caitlynn in all this. I probably won’t watch if she gets cut from the show.) Marco is clearly the best guy. Ricky’s good, but his slender build makes him look awkward. (Hence Nigel’s constant comments on it.) Weirded out that Tadd has made it this far. Girls just like him I guess?

    8/1/2011 11:16 PM UTC

  21. Sammy J - wrote:

    wen would d next season b held on MBC 4? I’m from Nigeria.

    8/2/2011 10:44 AM UTC

  22. Kate - wrote:

    Not right that Jess was kicked off but the ray of light is that the none winners have done the best in the past. Look at Mark!

    8/2/2011 8:33 PM UTC

  23. scribble - wrote:

    I wasn’t heartbroken that Jess left. He’s good, but the mugging got on my nerves, as did the (seemingly) false humility. He just didn’t seem honest/genuine, although maybe he just came across that way.
    Jordan, however, is a much better dancer than Caitlyn, and I think the Jordan/Jess Samba was way above what the judges said it was.
    I still say that there should be a “Samba night” where ALL the contestants dance the samba, a contemporary night, and so on. Then we might be better able to judge ability and versatility of the dancers.
    I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing Kent dance again. Just wish he and Lauren F. could pair up again!

    8/3/2011 8:19 AM UTC

  24. Dani - wrote:

    i hope that caitlynn wins

    8/3/2011 8:22 AM UTC

  25. Jack - wrote:

    Melanie, hasn’t danced anything other than contemporary really…Because that’s the only dance genre she can dance

    8/3/2011 4:30 PM UTC

  26. Houston - wrote:

    Go Melanie and Marko. I know you both will be amazing as usual. You’ve got my vote. I love Ricky, Tadd and Caitlyn, too, but Sasha’s gotta go. I do not see what her talent is. I know this is minor but her toe pointing is the worst. I think each phone/pc should only be able to vote once. Then we would really see a much more accurate vote.

    8/3/2011 4:54 PM UTC

  27. Shelly - wrote:

    Sasha’s routine just killed me tonight. The routine had me in tears and I’m sure many can relate too. I have to admit I have loved the routines tonight and try in some to lose myself in them. I have a huge void in my life and would love to fill it with dance. My husband passed almost 3 years ago from a brain tumor and left me and our three girls. Even when he was sick he would watch so you think you can dance with me. The show always takes me to another world. Many of the routines over the years have just spoke to me. Thank you for helping me through many of rough years. Quick questions, any way possible Pache can give lessons, lol! He seems to bring out the best in his partners along with Twitch.

    8/3/2011 5:27 PM UTC

  28. Totally Out Raged - wrote:

    What is up with the politics and the sudden appearance of trauma in poor Shasha life! We all have trauma our life.
    Dancers should be judged on technique, talent and performance. And in that order. If the technique is sloppy and absent you can’t see the performance.
    And shame on Lil C, did he really say that if you are not in the “we” or “ghetto” class, you can’t dance hip hop!!!!! Really big fail Lil C.

    8/3/2011 5:58 PM UTC

  29. jj - wrote:

    It was a SHAME that they kicked Jess off of the show! His solo was by far the best — I guess the judges had their eyes closed during his solo.
    I’m not sure I’ll even finish watching the show this season. Also, saw Kent tonight on the show and was reminded that he didn’t win last year …. as he should have.
    The show has been more and more disappointing.

    8/3/2011 7:55 PM UTC

  30. smcoryell - wrote:

    I am sooooo tired of hearing about Melanie and Sasha….enough already! I am tired of them. Tadd and Caitlynn are amazing and so was Jordan. She should have stayed. The top 3 should have been Tadd, Caitlynn, and Jordan. Melanie and Sasha are good but I think they have just gotten lucky getting the choreographers that have more interesting routines. It doesn’t feel like its doing any good but I’m gonna keep voting for Tadd and Caitlynn!They are talented and adorable!!

    8/3/2011 8:23 PM UTC

  31. JoAnn - wrote:

    I have been watching “So you think you can dance” since season 3, and only missed season 6. I have watched the dancers try new dances that were really hard to do. The dancers either did them well or were elimated off the show. I can not believe this season! If you have noticed there has been more contempory dancing than any of the other types of dances. It has been like watching these dancers take the easy road, while the judges say this has been the best season ever. In my opinion these dancers have not worked as hard as those before them! I also wish the judges would just tell the dancers what is right or wrong with their performance instead of telling the public over the TV who their favorite is. That is something that I think a JUDGE is suppose to do, and that is judge and not give me their favorites. It seems to me like they are trying to influence the voters to go their way. If this is a voting show then I think they need to leave the voting to us, and to our opinions of who we thought was good. Then let their favorites be discussed among themselves perhaps after the show or at another time, but not on the air.

    8/3/2011 10:21 PM UTC

  32. Ashley - wrote:

    i was very upset that jess went home and that jordan did to! if it were my pick i would have chosen sasha and tadd to be sent home! sasha is a great dancer but she my least favorite girl! Tadd….all he does are traick in his solos….sure its great that hes versatile but he kinda sucks at it! i know caitlyn very well her and i go to the same school! i would of course want her to win but i think mealnie is going to win then marko then caitlyn then ricky…sasha and tadd go home! I hope im right!

    8/3/2011 11:37 PM UTC

  33. ddt - wrote:

    Melanie is the best!! Its’s so obvious she is so much better than the rest. She stands out in every style of dance she does.

    8/4/2011 2:38 AM UTC

  34. jmar - wrote:

    Well, I’m wondering who’s gone tonight, but I think I know who it will be. The judges (Nigel) made it VERY clear that they want Ricky and Caitlynn gone. Ricky really was pretty lacking, but Caitlynn is always great, and is so under-appreciated. The thing about this show is that plain and simple, it’s not always going to be fair. It’s not an even playing field. (dance floor?) So much just depends on what types of dance they get, and whether their choreographer is on or not. Caitlynn has had such tough routines and some terrible choreography (The number with Ivan didn’t give her a chance to do anything.) Then when she finally is given a decent Sonia piece, the judges act like she’s been hiding, and has a “coming of age?!” Anyway, Caitlynn’s my favorite. But I think Melanie will win, due to how popular she is. She’s a great dancer, but I like Caitlynn better. Sasha and Marko, too for that matter. A lot of it is just luck.

    8/4/2011 5:05 AM UTC

  35. Nat - wrote:

    Marko is over-rated and he’s getting preferential treatment from the judges. The judges are not coming down on him as hard as they should. If Ricky had stumbled his way through his routine the way Marko did with that Pasodoble, Nigel would have been all over him. Marco lost his footing several times during that number; he also lost his footing earlier in the competition in another routine, when he was paired with Melanie. Yet no one is coming down on him. Shame.

    8/4/2011 7:23 AM UTC

  36. Alesya - wrote:

    So sad to see Jordan leave, she was my favorite dance. A Total inspiration!!!! Plus this was the first time she danced her genre and she TOTALLY ROCKED it!!! I will miss her energy and dances!!!!

    8/4/2011 12:02 PM UTC

  37. JoAnn - wrote:

    I did not write this in my last post because I did not want to influence anyone unlike the Judges. But when Jordan and Jess were eliminated I knew why. The judges needed two fall guys so that their favorites would get the most votes and go on to the finale. Think about it as a numbers game! For example, you have 4 girls left, and the judges like three of them. What you do is pick the least favorite of the three favorites and let her go (Jordan). That way two of the judges favorites (Sasha & Melanie) will be in the finale due to them getting all the votes, and Caitlyn would automatic be out voted. Does anyone not just watch the dancing, but who the judges contsantly pick on? Well I do, and it would amaze you! I think every season they lose a number of viewers to this show due to the unfairness, the commits to the dancers. I am with the other person who wrote that they should choose one dance, and make them all dance that dance. Then the viewers can see who really danced that style the best, and it would be fair. Not all one person getting comtempory until the complaints start to come in. Yes we noticed this Judges! We the viewers are not stupid, but we are getting tired of this special treatment for YOUR FAVORITES!

    8/5/2011 8:46 AM UTC

  38. dance fan - wrote:

    did anyone notice when caitlyn’s mom said she was 8 years old when sytycd 1st aired? do the math….8 plus 7 (years sytycd on air) = 15. is she only 15? i thought they had to be 18 to compete?

    8/5/2011 7:43 PM UTC

  39. paige - wrote:

    As I have said in other blogs, Sasha is by far the best. Like Nigel said, she dances from her soul, and that is amazing! She puts everything she’s got into her dances and uses things that have happened in her life to inspire her and she uses that to create the passion that she dances with. She is a total inspiration to me and I want to dance just like her! On the other hand, I am just about convinced that contemporary is the ony genre that Melanie can do, and don’t think it’s fair that her specialty is almost all she did. I have to say that the nappy tabbs dance ‘I Got You’ lyrical hip-hop was amazing though. tWitch MADE the ‘dungen dragon’ dance though. that wasnt even her. the mirror dance was good, you know, the one with Tadd, but i have to say that i have been totally impressed with each and every one of Sashas dances. Poor caitlynn, she didnt deserve to go, she hit an amazing point of dancing after being split up from mitchell, but let’s be honest here, the competition is between Sasha and Melanie at this point, and i really do believe it has been between them from day one, but escpecially now. anyways, Caitlynn was the third best girl. (but her solo was totally unimpressive) i am astounded that Ricky was sent home. he was the best guy dancer and Tadd should have been sent home a LONG time ago, along with Jordan. All tadd does in his solos are acro stuff, not dance. he has the girls voting for him. and that wasnt on accident, he did the things he did to get the girls votes.

    8/5/2011 8:20 PM UTC

  40. Dancemom - wrote:

    The show was definitely missing an important presence without Jess. To the writer who complimented Kent and criticized the “mugging” by Jess, please remember that they gave Kent the same critique for his “Kent face”. However, with Broadway jazz and certain other styles, the dancers are trained to use exaggerated facial expressions.
    I definitely think Nigel influences the voting by encouraging sympathy votes and causing dislike for certain contestants by alleging arrogance or other attitudes. It is unfortunate that the voters cannot see beyond the manipulation.
    All that being said, I am so sorry to see Ricky go. I think he has amazing talent and range. He is very centered and controlled despite being so tall an lanky! As he matures, he will have more gravitational balance. I expect great things from Ricky and he was my second favorite after Jess.
    With regard to B-Boys, if they wanted to push for a B-Boy winner, they should have been more fair to Jose. Jose was amazing and absolutely lovable. Since he is on the Britt Spears tour, I am sure it does not matter in the end.
    The girls on the show are all certainly good enough. Some are a bit shakey in their turns or they are not able to jump high but they still seem to learn the routines and perform well. Miranda was the most talented girl but, if people don’t vote, we can’t expect to see her on TV!
    Too bad for us.

    8/6/2011 7:29 AM UTC

  41. Lisa - wrote:

    So sorry to see Ricky go instead of Tadd or Marco. Tadd’s solo are the same week after week. Not sure why Nigel kept griping about Ricky’s tall and slender build. He’s a brilliant dancer and had to execute some of the toughest routines in the competition. He also seems sincere and humble. I’m really starting to dislike Nigel. He really needs to stop telling contestants that they’ll land the bottom… this is not fair to the others. Melanie has been my favorite girl dancer from day one. Sasha is okay but for some reason she’s just doesn’t do it for me. Marco also definitely does not deserve to be there over Ricky or Jess. He has stumbled more than once during his routines and keeps getting away with it, but Jess was always solid. The top four should have been Ricky, Melanie, Jess and Clarice. I think Clarice was growing the most and was let go too early. She would have been a real contender if she had stayed.

    8/6/2011 2:33 PM UTC

  42. OMG - wrote:

    I hope everyone realizes there is an entire country of voters that don’t all have the same favorite dancers. Just because a fav. of yours went home doesn’t mean there is a conspiracy! Just means fewer people voted for them. For half this season I kept forgetting Tadd was a B boy… that’s how good he’s been at all the other genres. He never gets to dance his own style like many of the others. IMO he absolutely deserves to be in the finale!!! Caitlyn was another fav. of mine, but she had been in the bottom alot recently… it was her time to go! I personally don’t get Sasha. I don’t think she is that great, but that’s my opinion. Apparently her fans are voting like crazy to keep her safe… guess we all should have been doing the same so our favs. wouldn’t have been in danger in the first place.
    I do however agree about the judges constant reminding us who their favs. are. It is getting annoying! I don’t mind once in a great while, but it is every show now! BUT PEOPLE……. you still have the power to VOTE!!!! I hope no one really is that weak minded that they need to be told who to vote for…. PLEASE!

    8/8/2011 11:07 PM UTC

  43. JoAnn - wrote:

    Again did anyone notice the dance routines that were preformed in the finale. Marko got Disco, Broadway, Contempory (1), and Hip Hop. Tadd got Hip Hop (2), Cha Cha, and Contempory (1). Sasha got Broadway, Cha Cha, and Contempory (2). Melanie got Disco, and Contemporty (3). How is this fair? The boys got all these routines that were different, and Melanie got nearly all Contempory. Like the person before me said about voting, and that was to VOTE. Well I have been voting this season with the intensity of hoping to see my favorite continue on. The problem is I am so disappointed and discussed in what I have seen on this show this season that I now realize that I have truly wasted my time in watching. Not to mention the 2 hours of non-stop voting that I could be been doing something more profitable. I think I will join the other 5 people who said that they are going to stop watching this show. I can only hope others can see this show for what it is! The show should not be called “So you think you can dance”, but more like “Vote for the Judges Favorites”.

    8/10/2011 10:25 PM UTC

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