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76 comments on “The Official SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Newsletter“

  1. Tamara C. - wrote:

    So very disappointed to see Jess “chosen” to leave tonight. Although Tad is dynamic and entertaining, Jess was clearly the superior male dancer in the bottom two tonight. His excellent performances are testimony to his years of training, practice, commitment, and skilled showmanship. What a huge mistake and insult to the dance community.

    7/28/2011 10:18 PM UTC

  2. Kat - wrote:

    I think Sasha should have gone home and Ricky too. The judges keep saying they want to see improvement yet these two don’t do anything terribly exciting or wow me. Obviously people are voting for them??? Maybe Gaga had all her fans vote for Ricky!!! I agree, Travis was an awesome judge. He actually gave them useful advice. You know, instead of useless celebrity judges…. how about putting an “all star” dancer on the panel. They would understand the process like no other, know what advice would be helpful, and would probably have a lot more respect for your emmy award winning choreograghers!!!

    7/28/2011 10:35 PM UTC

  3. marsh - wrote:

    I think the judges have a different agenda, and make it pointless for the contestants to “dance for their lives”. On two occasions that I noticed they said someone didn’t dance well and said they should go…and it was obvious it wasn’t the case. I think their agenda is to “balance” out the finalists. Tonight for instance they told Jordan and Caitlan they both didn’t dance for their lives, and it was pretty obvious to me that Jordan danced well for her life, and overall has danced uniquely and overall was the better choice, and the judges never really gave an explanation wy they did eliminate Jordan. Was she too strong a dancer, too much like the other two? I think it’s a real cop-out to insinuate it really doesn’t matter because they will all be going on tour. Disappointing judging, I adore this show and have watched it forever, but I do think the judges are trying to balance things out, not really put the top dancers in there.

    7/28/2011 10:43 PM UTC

  4. David - wrote:

    I love the show. I love what Sonya, Nap and Pad and Ty do with the dancers. Cat is great but can’t someone stop her from picking at her fingers all the time. It is very annoying.

    7/28/2011 11:32 PM UTC

  5. SJ_Robby - wrote:

    Two major things I don’t like about this Season:

    Judges should not be telling audience who to vote for.

    Choice of celebrity judges. Guest judges do not add much to the commentary and are often rude. Debbie Reynolds was hilarious though. Doogie Houser was a huge ego.

    Where’s Mia Michaels ????

    7/28/2011 11:40 PM UTC

  6. marsh - wrote:

    P.S. I love the guest judges…kind of fun and intriguing even if they can’t judge…I loved Lady GaGa, too. And I really love when the all stars come back and dance. Someone mentions Cat’s dresses…I think they are pretty good now….do you remember them way back when…they have made a leap and a jump

    7/29/2011 12:02 AM UTC

  7. Lulabell - wrote:

    To the producers/Directors: While there needs to be a number of changes to perfect the show, the most important one for me would be to show the performance as the audience would see it. I do not need to, nor do I want to see a close up of the dancer’s face, or even their feet for that matter. I want to see the whole thing, and not from the back or the side, unless the choreogropher specifically designs the dance that way. Take a lesson from the Fred Astaire movies. Those were filmed perfectly.

    7/29/2011 12:05 AM UTC

  8. scribble - wrote:

    @Lulabelle: I (and my sister) TOTALLY agree with you!!! We would love seeing the dancers’ complete movements, not just a partial view.

    7/29/2011 4:23 AM UTC

  9. gs - wrote:

    female elimination…just as I expected. Male…glad the voters
    kept Ricky and put Tadd and Jess in the bottom..Jess is to small and short to be a good partner…no muscles….
    Gaga was crappy and I do think her 15 minutes of fame is burning low….I saw her on Dave Letterman and on Idol and when she is not performing her immaturity and self promotion, childishness really shows….keep the show about dance and dance promotion…show case some people who really need the publicity….I don’t give a spit about gaga or justin beiber or Minaj or Florence + (she is awful I think anyway) or doogie howser, or Elen or Debbie Reynolds….they are not about dance……

    7/29/2011 5:37 AM UTC

  10. Sarah - wrote:

    I want to know why the judges are still deciding who stays and who goes. Every other season, once the contestants have been cut in half, it is always up to the votes. Whichever girl and guy get the least amount of votes goes home. This season has turned into who do the judges think is the best dancer rather than who America likes the most.

    7/29/2011 7:32 AM UTC

  11. sarahay - wrote:

    MOOSE from step up 3 and 4 should perform on SYTYCD!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….if he did it would be epic or hav him as a guest judge who knows just PUT HIM ON THE SHOW!!!!

    7/29/2011 8:49 AM UTC

  12. sarahay - wrote:

    i meant 2 and 3 haha wow

    7/29/2011 8:50 AM UTC

  13. FLShopgirl - wrote:

    I just don’t understand why Ricky hasn’t been eliminated. He has been in the bottom more than any other male dancer and should have been gone weeks ago. The fans obviously don’t connect with him. I think Wednesday’s votes were sympathy votes. He did not dance well, especially compared to Tadd.

    7/29/2011 9:45 AM UTC

  14. mztikicat - wrote:

    I was very disappointed in last night’s elimination of Jess. I feel that Nigel never has liked him personally and that is why he was eliminated.

    7/29/2011 10:51 AM UTC

  15. Mary Kaduthodil - wrote:

    How can the judges compare Broadway style to Hip-Hop. Jess is clearly the best & most dynamic dancer this season, in my opinion.

    7/29/2011 1:13 PM UTC

  16. Susanna - wrote:

    I agree with Lulabell. I realize directors may want to show dancers with different angles in videos, but I would also love to see the dance from the front on this show. You miss a lot of the dance with all the different camera angles. I love the guest judges except for Neil Patrick Harris. He was honest which I like, but he was acting like he was such an expert in dance. Melanie Moore is the fan favorite and my favorite, but she needs the votes just as much as everyone else!!!

    7/29/2011 6:09 PM UTC

  17. Abigail - wrote:

    I think Ricky should have gone in place of Jess. I connect better with Jess and although Ricky is an amazing dancer, I really don’t think America liked him best. Jess was better, but if the judges were judging solely on the solos, then I can see why they chose to eliminate him.Jess’ solo definitely didn’t do him justice. His movements were clean and sharp, and his turns were perfect-but that’s just it; practically the whole thing was composed of second position fouette’ turns and a few ballet pirouettes. He had excellent spotting, but the choreography was completely lacking. He didn’t show any of that Broadway that we know and love. If he really thought a bunch of turns would impress the judges, he should have at least tried ballet fouette’s; they’re harder. I am mainly a jazz dancer, and I was not impressed with his quantity of creativity, but the quality was top-notch. I hope he returns next season!

    7/30/2011 8:48 AM UTC

  18. Kat - wrote:

    Well, we all have our own opinions of how things should be done, lol!!! Someone made a good point… why are the judges still deciding at this point who goes home. At least this time they did listen to the voters and sent Jordan. She was just starting to grow on me, but she had been in the bottom almost everytime… it was her time to go! I can’t believe the comments about Tad… he’s a B boy (not hip hop) & look at the choreograghy he’s doing… awesome! I think that actually makes him the best dancer on the show. I think it is partly the judges fault he was in the bottom. Nigel made a point to say he wasn’t going anywhere & I think as a result people put their votes elsewhere thinking he was safe! Every genre is out of his element… unlike Melanie ( & I love her) but she gets to do almost every dance in her own style! How can we truly judge her growth?!

    7/30/2011 11:20 AM UTC

  19. Kat - wrote:

    P.S. If anyone important actually reads these comments, You know what would be an awesome treat on finally night or even the result show nights is to see the all stars dance with each other. My all time favorites Kathryn & Pasha…. I’d love to see them dance together. Also Allison & Travis…. I don’t think they ever got to dance together on their season?! I’d find that much more entertaining than a Gaga- gag performance!!! And one last thing, Nigel, THANK YOU for bringing back the all stars… brilliant idea! I never thought I’d get to see Kathryn dance again… what a treat!!!!

    7/30/2011 11:32 AM UTC

  20. Lette - wrote:

    I want to know what are past SYTYCD winners Joshua, Russell,and Sasha doing? They have never come back on the show to dance as all stars or even sit in the audience. Russell’s season didn’t even get a tour although they sent him on tour with the next season’s top 10. Why didn’t his season get a tour, and why didn’t any of the top 10 from his season go on tour with the next season.

    8/1/2011 6:58 PM UTC

  21. Lette - wrote:

    I like the fact that the judges are picking who goes and stays instead of the public. It’s a nice change up. All the other reality shows let the public pick and they usually get it wrong. After all the show is called so you think you can dance not america’s favorite dancer.
    What is Travis’s brother Danny doing? He has never been back either as an all star or in the audience.

    8/1/2011 7:04 PM UTC

  22. Randy - wrote:

    I hope either Sasha or Ricky win. They are the best this year.

    8/3/2011 1:19 PM UTC

  23. Linn1955 - wrote:

    After reading other fans of this season on SYTYCD their was things they liked and not like. I agree and said from the start is
    Judging is not fair as well as their comments about who is the favorites or who we will see in the finally gives America the best dancers to vote for. The guest judges were entertaining yet Lady gaga was more than enough of what’s wrong this season also not seeing the whole dance to see what each contestant really brought some of the calls of who won’t be staying was predictable. I still love SYTYCD they need to listen to the fans or people will stop watching.

    8/4/2011 7:48 AM UTC

  24. pb - wrote:

    thanks Nygel for letting America’s vote stand. I’m really disappointed that America likes Tad better than Ricky b/c I think Ricky is phenomenal but it’s fair since he did not connect with the audience.

    8/5/2011 12:07 PM UTC

  25. toomuch - wrote:

    So I am watching Season 6 on Ovation and it was just so AMAZING!
    How can Nigel Lythgoe have a SYTYCD without MIA and WADE? PLEASE bring the choreography back to the high standards that the show started with!

    8/8/2011 4:18 PM UTC

  26. Dianna T. - wrote:

    I feel this year was very unfair and it showed in the finale… especially when Sasha and Melody finally got dances not in there speciality, they both didn’t perform well at all. I hate to say it but Caitlyn could have done a much better job in the finale at least she can do more than one style of dance and pull it off. She was one dancer that I feel was over judged and simply put very seldom every got to dance her style and regardless of that made it into top six, just imagine how far she could have gone it she would have actually been fairly judged and given dances like Melody and Sasha. She might have won.

    8/12/2011 1:08 PM UTC

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