Top 16: Miranda and Robert Eliminated

Robert and Miranda

After last week’s quadruple elimination, finalists Miranda Maleski, 19, a Contemporary dancer from Pittsburgh, PA; and Robert Taylor Jr., 31, a Hip Hop dancer from Brooklyn, NY, were eliminated tonight on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

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The three couples who received the fewest votes tonight were: Ashley Rich and Chris Koehl; Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor Jr.; and Caitlynn Lawson and Mitchell Kelly. Judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, along with guest judges Lil’ C and Emmy and Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth, asked the six finalists to perform solo routines and then eliminated Maleski and Taylor.

This week’s results show featured performances by AXIS Dance Company, a critically acclaimed Northern California-based dance company that features performers both with and without disabilities, and champion ballroom dancers Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian.

The competition continues next week on America’s favorite dance show when the Top 14 finalists – Jordan Casanova, Alexander Fost, Tadd Gadduang, Marko Germar, Ricky Jaime, Mitchell Kelly, Chris Koehl, Caitlynn Lawson, Jess LeProtto, Sasha Mallory, Melanie Moore, Clarice Ordaz, Ryan Ramirez and Ashley Rich – compete for America and the judges, including dancer and actress Carmen Electra, who appears as the week’s guest judge, on a two-hour live performance show airing Wednesday, July 6 8/7c on FOX.

Tune in the following night, Thursday, July 7 8/7c, for special performances by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and chart-topping artist Florence and The Machine, as well as to find out which two dancers will be sent home next.


91 comments on “Top 16: Miranda and Robert Eliminated“

  1. Carlos and Chera - wrote:

    We are soooooooo disappointed with this wks show- We have followed this show since day 1 and have to stay it sems so unfair to have voted Robert and Miranda out, We would have never guessed the outcome I was sure Miranda and Robert were safe, they both have the biggest heart and personality, and they could definitely dance. This show is not like the others, and don’t agree with having a 4th judge either. Very DISAPPOINTED.

    7/3/2011 3:58 PM UTC

  2. Avid fan - wrote:

    I’m completely shocked about this result show! I literally jumped out of my seat! I have never been so disappointed in the judges decision. Miranda was FANTASTIC! Leaps and bounds above all the other girls in the competition! She is completely flawless! She did an Ariel in heels for goodness sake! I was completely positive that she was going to win the whole show! She was definitely my favorite dancer of all time on this show. This season was completely ruined for me and I want to know the reason behind sending Miranda home! The decision must have been based on something they are not sharing with the public, sending her home because she is partners with Robert and they seem to be sending home couples, or the fact that Nigel & Mary seem to be on drugs and are mixing everything up. I don’t know if I want to keep watching if this is where the show is going. Please bring Miranda back or incorporate her in some other way. I know I’m not the only one who agrees. This show is nothing without Miranda! I love her! I hope to be able to grow and be at least half as amazing as she is.. I’m still shocked

    7/3/2011 8:00 PM UTC

  3. veryhappyann - wrote:

    The saddest things is that Miranda was sent home even without explaining why. It feels so unfair…

    And Robert is such an amazing dancer – much more interesting to watch his solos than boring contemporary over and over again.

    7/4/2011 3:34 AM UTC

  4. Danielle - wrote:

    After watching So You Think You Can Dance last Thursday, Danielle begins hatching a sinister plan to win the show next season. Danielle’s thinking to herself:

    “Ohhh I get it now! This isn’t a show in which the best dancer wins. It’s a popularity contest… for Nigel! And here I was thinking it was about talent; I’m such a silly billy gumdrop bear. Based on what I’ve seen thus far, I’d bet Melanie and Marko get eliminated next (sorry guys you’re just too talented)!! Hmmmm maybe l should try out next year. Who cares if I haven’t taken a single dance class in my life. If next season is anything like this season’s competition, I’ve got a better chance of winning than someone who is actually talented. Let’s see… Nigel and Mary will be too busy entertaining the audience with their childish antics that they’ll unknowingly eliminate all of the truly talented dancers. Kinda like what’s happened to Miranda……..and Nick……oh and Iveta…..and oh yeah Missy (who’s Cha Cha was amazing by the way). Then, they’ll have weird guest judges, like Debbie Reynolds, who are more focused on taking the dancers home then giving actual feedback. Then, to top it off, the judges will confuse which dancer performed which piece! Yep next season, the win is mine for the claiming BWHAAAAA!!!!!! Hmmm, wonder if Walmart sells cheap ballet shoes?”

    7/4/2011 7:56 AM UTC

  5. gs - wrote:

    I like all the contestants overall…really good this year.
    I would like to see less “contemporary” story telling dances…and more classic stuff…danced to tunes that really fit the dance…
    where is the real quick step, rumba,mamba, samba, cha cha,
    waltz, tango?????? can these contestants really do these dances…????? the stuff being done is kind of boring…and I do like the bollywood…more of that please….I like the judge situation…and the positives and guidance given to the contestants….and the fact that you never see or hear Cat Deely in the Enquirer or talking crap like other “hosts”…good going..nice professional stuff….class act

    7/4/2011 8:36 AM UTC

  6. yr - wrote:

    awsome songs to dance to

    7/4/2011 12:56 PM UTC

  7. Ina - wrote:

    I am absolutely OUTRAGED that Miranda was sent home!!!!! I am a mature adult woman whose guilty pleasure is watching this show, and seeing the most proficient female dancer being sent home was infuriating. Her solo alone was much better than those of the other two, and her performance throughout the show has been nothing short of stellar. If it was because the judges didn’t want to break up the couples, then that is a REALLY UNFAIR reason. Really, the judges should explain themselves here. Sending Miranda home ruined the whole show for me!

    7/5/2011 1:51 AM UTC

  8. LBFW - wrote:

    I am soooooooooo sad to see Miranda and Robert go! One of the best dancers and the biggest personalities I just don’t understand. I am really shocked about Miranda. Out of all the solos that night she had the best control… I could go on and on about what I liked so much better about her routine over the other two girls but it doesn’t matter cuz the judges sent her home. Viewers may vote but thats why the final decision is left up to the judges and I think they just really missed the bar this week. I only have a couple favorites left and if they end up leaving as well it won’t really matter who wins in my mind so I just may not watch… BOOOOOO i demand a recount!!!!!

    7/5/2011 4:54 AM UTC

  9. JBJAB - wrote:

    Were the judges watching the same dances I was? Miranda going home? She was by far the best dance for your life of the whole group of gals. She had exceptional control, extension, and her leaps were gorgeous. Caitlynn overdanced to the point her limbs were flailing during her leaps. She was a mess up there. And Ashley underdanced to the point of inducing yawns. Nigel has a thing for Caitlynn, which has been apparent from the beginning. And Ashley is there because she is a beautiful ballerina. But neither girl came up to the calibre of Miranda during their dances. On the other hand it was probably Robert’s time to go. But, the judges really blew it on the women. This whole dance contest format makes it all about your partner. I’d dump Jordan in a heartbeat if it weren’t for Tadd. He keeps the couple afloat. Then the judges compound the problem by insinuating that the reason the couple is in the bottom 3 is because they cannot connect to the public. Usually, it’s just ONE of the partners that is not connecting, but then they lay it at the feet of the wrong partner! WAKE UP!!! You judges really blew it last week!

    7/5/2011 5:09 AM UTC

  10. TB - wrote:

    I am so disappointed in this show. I used to love to watch it but it seems the show is all about who is the “sexiest” or “hottest”. The routines are about infadelity and casual sex. They wear very little clothing. It really turns me off and I will no longer watch the show. It is really to bad because this used to be a good family show about talent, where kids could watch and learn to love dance. I would never let them watch it now. I really hope the producer(s) of this show get off the popular band wagon and turn this show around…

    7/5/2011 9:45 AM UTC

  11. Lauren - wrote:

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Miranda and Robert were sent home!!! Miranda’s solo was above and beyond Ashley and Caitlynn’s dances and Robert’s was way better than Chris’ hip hop solo. I really don’t understand why the judges sent these two home…especially since they were not in agreement about the girls. Clearly by the head shakes, Lil C and Kristen Chenowith didn’t want Miranda to go home, which means it was at least two to two…of course with Nigel being the producer, who else’s opinion REALLY matters? And Nigel, pay more attention to who actually did the dances – Chris did NOT do the woodpecker dance, that would be Robert…BIG, BIG mistake.

    7/5/2011 12:47 PM UTC

  12. MusicWriter - wrote:

    Oh COME ON guys. Stop chewing the judges out for their decisions. Like you know a FRACTION of what they do about dance. You can’t let who’s cut ruin the season for you. Man. Sometimes you just have to grow up!

    7/5/2011 7:42 PM UTC

  13. DISSappointed - wrote:

    and so upset with the show : ( Miranda should never have been eliminated ! Our family has lost interest and could not even care to watch the remaining episodes !! It was totally wrong to showcase the dancers’ in the dance for their lives and eliminate Miranda who was the BEST. I completely agree with all of the previous posts and want to say, “shame on you for getting this so wrong !!! “

    7/5/2011 8:27 PM UTC

  14. M77J - wrote:

    Miranda deserved to stay. She wasn’t just “most improved,” she was one of the very best dancers on the show from the start. Her talent is jaw-dropping, and although the other two women who stayed are clearly wonderful dancers, Miranda is above and beyond them both. It was a poor decision on the judges’ part to send her home and one that watered-down this year’s competition. Boo.

    7/5/2011 8:35 PM UTC

  15. Jen - wrote:

    I’m so disappointed. My favorite dancers were thankfully safe, but I disagree with the judges choices. Ashley is not bringing enough emotion in the dances. I just can’t connect to her. And Mitchell, though he’s very talented, has looked ridiculous in all of his costumes. He is just so small compared to the other men. Miranda is a great dancer and so is Robert. He toned down the “whoo” and really matured. Just like the ballroom dancer, he deserved to stay. For the most part, I usually agree with the decisions, but this has been the most disappointing season as far as who the judges choose to leave.

    7/5/2011 8:46 PM UTC

  16. Megan - wrote:

    I can’t believe Miranda got sent home. I love this show because the Judges have the ability to save the truly talented dancers besides leaving it to a popularity vote from America. Miranda had the STRONGEST solo dance than anyone on this show EVER! Robert wasn’t that great of a dancer and the choreographers knew that so Miranda was never pushed to dance a great piece. She got to dance jive and a woodpecker. I agree Robert should have left but so should have Ashley!

    7/6/2011 11:46 AM UTC

  17. dlt - wrote:

    I’ve watched every episode of every year of this show, and the decision to eliminate Miranda was the worst call that I have ever seen. Truly unbelievable!

    7/6/2011 1:09 PM UTC

  18. redshoes - wrote:

    I’m confused about a few things. Why are they only sending home couples this season? This is not that other “stars” dance program. Do they not see dancer as the individual? Did they not break up couples in past seasons? I would love to see these dancers mix it up with each other-showcasing true versatility.
    And as far as the prior comment about how we should not complain, and that we viewers know little about dance (not as much as “music”), let me elucidate that many of SYTYCD fans have many many years of dance training and knowledge-that’s why we love the show!-and can and should therefore comment.
    Miranda grabbed my attention from the start, and it is truly a shame she is gone. Wish you the best Miranda.

    7/6/2011 1:55 PM UTC

  19. Mike - wrote:

    My wife and I have been huge fans of this show. We have been in the studio audience and can’t wait for each season. This week left me doubting the credibility of this show. Miranda quickly became our family’s favorite based on her talent. The real issue is her dance for her life was amazing compared to the other two girls. Granted the dancers have improved over the seasons so there is now more parity, but can you really send her home before either of the other two???? Dumb-founded….

    7/6/2011 2:23 PM UTC

  20. Tiffany - wrote:

    …I can’t believe this. Miranda should NOT have been eliminated. She’s one of the best dancers in this season and she has never failed to bring to the audience an amazing performance. So disappointed.

    7/6/2011 2:35 PM UTC

  21. MelanieF - wrote:

    I thought Robert was terrific. The choreography killed him — and a couple of the others that got eliminated as well. Very disappointing.

    7/6/2011 4:12 PM UTC

  22. Justine O - wrote:

    This years choreography is not has good as previous years. We at our household are actually quite bored. Where is Mia??? Why is the choregraphy not up to its normal standards even though the dancers should be well ready for some hard choreography? We are very dissapointed and upset. Also, the camera men should be getting the dancers from the FRONT…almost always!!! We should be seeing them as the judges do. If those who do not dance, have not danced, think that is boring…then so be it! It should be about ALWAYS seeing the lines, the moves, the synchronicity in the routines, the dances and the couples..not about where the camera men are placed. Maybe you should cut some camera men and just have three…RIGHT OUT FRONT OF THE STAGE! Its about the dancing and the contestants…not about the cinematography and the choreography. Where is BOTH this year? Sorely dissappointed so much that this will be the first year we (family voting as individuals) are not voting (at all!).

    7/6/2011 5:25 PM UTC

  23. Sarah - wrote:

    They were defiantly the weakest links, I think it was a good thing that they went. Next to go are probably Chris Clairice and. So far I think that the judges and America have done a great job of choosing who is eliminated.

    7/6/2011 5:26 PM UTC

  24. Jen - wrote:

    ERROR! I said Mitchell, but I meant Ricky. I had them mixed up. Mitchell is a fabulous dancer. Ricky is the scrawny one. Lots of love for Mitchell.

    7/6/2011 5:41 PM UTC

  25. Daniel - wrote:

    I too believe that an error was made in releasing Miranda. Though I enjoyed Robert’s showmanship, Miranda was technically sound from day one and only got better as the routines piled up. What truly had me puzzled was there wasn’t any explanation given for Miranda’s departure, only that all of the judges didn’t agree. Ouch!! Today, Alexander and Sasha were told that they needed “Hip Hop for Dummies” by Nigel! I’m a big Nigel supporter but this comment to two of the 14 top dancers seemed out of place. Dance on.

    7/6/2011 8:07 PM UTC

  26. Nancy - wrote:

    Please get rid of the celebrity judges!! They are incapable of adding constructive criticism that gives viewers insights into the contestants’ performances. Their flowerycomplements are boring and slow down the show. Let’s get back to having the judging panel consist of knowledgeable dance experts who have meaningful things to add. Bring back some of the old judges, like Mia Michaels and (I can’t remember the man’s name who is also a movie producer who recentlly had hip or knee replacement), and some of the choreographers. Their comments were interesting and educational. Now I simply DVR the show and skip over the celebrity bravado.

    7/6/2011 9:13 PM UTC

  27. Matt - wrote:

    Cutting Miranda was a travesty IMHO.

    Aside of maybe Melanie, she was the best female dancer on the show. I hate to say it but the elimination is starting to get very formulaic. Take the weakest non-contemporary dancer and cut them and their partner even if their partner doesn’t deserve it. That’s why Nigel couldn’t make any comment to Miranda about the decision. Like what…”we’re sorry for cutting you but we had to follow the show’s formula.” Give me a break. Pathetic.

    Let’s be real here and call it “So you think you can contemporary dance.” I’m sorry guys this is tough love, I just don’t want to see the show jump the shark.

    7/6/2011 10:00 PM UTC

  28. Karin - wrote:

    In SHOCK!
    How in the world could Miranda be eliminated??

    7/7/2011 6:25 AM UTC

  29. Rose - wrote:

    I have to agree with the majority here. Miranda truly danced for her life. Ashley, not so much.

    7/7/2011 10:50 AM UTC

  30. Rachel Chapman - wrote:

    There were good comments about Travis’s contemporary routine with Sasha & Alexander. But no comment of submitting it for awards. I have saved the 6/15 show and continue to watch it daily. I think I’ll buy the song just to remind me of the power Sasha displayed (in beating Alexander up). Also, Miranda will be sorely missed! She was the one girl dancer I thought would of been safe of the three! I was interested to see how Robert would have grown as well. He had shown great progress to date and was entertaining. Ricky seems like a nice girl but her expressions are clueless.

    7/7/2011 1:18 PM UTC

  31. Adam - wrote:

    What on earth is Ryan still doing on this show? She is nowhere near as good as Miranda, who was wrongly sent home. That decision sent me into shock; by far the worst judgment call of all 8 seasons! The girl did not put a single foot wrong! Seriously – bring her back!!! The show is starting to look rigged.

    7/7/2011 4:28 PM UTC

  32. Carol - wrote:

    I have NEVER been so pissed and disappointed in a set of judges for any reality TV show as I was when you all decided to vote off Miranda. What a waste and a huge flaw in judgement. I never thought this show would turn into what it has….Please consider next year not allowing contestants to keep the same partners each week so that American can truly see “great dancing” and not just “great partnering.” Have you guys ever talked about voting off the two not so great dancers, whether they are male, female, partners, or not?! Is there any other reality show on TV that has everything even Steven boys vs. girls?! NO! It’s obvious some couples just get lucky. Case in point: Miranda is gone & Jordyn is still on the show. Wake up Mary! Why are you shocked tonight?! America does not like Jordyn> she’s still around because America loves Tadd…..she’s too sexy/slutty…..if she makes it into the Top Ten this will be the first time I ever miss the SYTYCD Tour. I WILL NOT spend one dime to see her. I know in marketing “sex sells” but not to true fans who JUST LOVE DANCE. Miranda would have been a much better choice for America…..The only way this season will make the history books now is if Melanie wins!

    7/7/2011 4:48 PM UTC

  33. erin - wrote:

    I hope the judges read this but I am shocked at tonights elimination. I am talking about July 7 but this thread is not up. Ryan and Ricky end up in the bottom close to every single time, and you judges do not get the message. This is a show for american’s favorite dancer and we are telling you every week that these two will never be our favorites. You do not care about the people’s vote because you spit in our face every week. I have been watching this show from season 1 and after this week i am never watching again because I finally realize that it does not matter what the peoples favorites. It is just going to be the judges personal favorite. The fellow blogger is right this show is turning to so you think you can contemporary dance, and if you can’t then forget you. This is what the judges think they only keep the contemporary dancers.

    7/7/2011 6:08 PM UTC

  34. Darryl - wrote:

    Yep, I pretty much agree with everyone else. This season sucks. Judging couples and not the individual, not splitting them up, AND the choreography is the worst of all the seasons. For the first year ever, BORING.

    7/7/2011 10:39 PM UTC

  35. PSD - wrote:

    Well! So You Think You’re Saddled with the same partner each week? Gee, I guess after Ashley was cut, the guys had no clue? Coincidence? What has happened to this show? Please, at least tell us that they have a new formula for cutting the dancers. It appears the weakest dancer in the partnership brings them both down, so is the contest mainly decided by who your partner is at the beginning of the show? If not, then how is it possible to cut Ashley this time when she was saved last week over Miranda? No one will ever convince me, and I suspect many others, that Ryan is a better dancer than Miranda or any of the other dancers. Is it true that Dancing for your Life is just wiggle room for the judges so they can keep whoever they want? Did I hear Nigel say that we’re keeping Tadd because Travis wants to work with him next week? I like Tadd’s talent and agree he should stay, but who are we kidding? The judges panel has revealed they will make up random reasons no matter how unjustifiable to keep exactly who they want regardless of the initial premise of the show which used to be ‘who is America’s favorite dancer?’ But why?? So if we are to keep watching, we’ll have to settle for ‘who is the judges favorite dancer?’ I suppose we should be grateful that we can see some great dancing on SYTYCD, not ‘pretend’ like DWTS. In closing, I’m glad Alexander and Sasha were not in the bottom 3….ooooh…. the judges were mortified that it was Ryan instead……yes America, you did get it right. Besides, Alexander will be great if given the opportunity and some choreography suited to his talent.
    ‘Til next week.

    7/8/2011 5:30 AM UTC

  36. gs - wrote:

    I was not surprised at all by the elimination this week.
    and not surprised that Ryan was at the bottom…not that she or her partner are bad at all…both very talented…but …true..people
    are not “connecting”…but it is not to the contestants..we are not connecting to the dance routines….this year it seems more about THE CHORIOGRAPHERS than the contestants…the stories are
    getting nutty and the routines are kind of BORING..costumes…
    ehhh…just ok…again…I want to see RECOGNIZABLE dances
    cha cha, samba, rumba, salsa,tango, mamba, quick step, waltz..the judges are just fine and keep it positive even when th contestants do not do so great….
    It’s all fun to watch
    and personally…I think Ryan tries to hard…the others do not act like they like her much either…and she acts like she is the best and will just win this thing
    I tend to agree with matt all comes across as “contemporary”…..I am getting bored

    7/8/2011 6:25 AM UTC

  37. Whitney - wrote:

    Sad to see Robert go. He was one of my favorites to watch this season and I loved his energy and personality. I have to say I got pretty angry when Nigel told him to tone it down and stop saying “Woooo” so much–that is part of who Robert is and he shouldn’t have been told to stifle it. Maybe someone should tell Nigel to tone down his annoying personality. Anyway, despite that Robert still came off as poised, gracious, energetic and likable and I love the guy. Glad he left with a “Wooo!” And I also agree with so many others about Miranda being cut–wrong again, judges. Wish I could somehow just watch the dance routines and skip the meaningless commentary and incomprehensible eliminations.

    7/8/2011 9:58 PM UTC

  38. Kristen - wrote:

    A. Miranda’s solo was by farrrrrr the best. Even that is an understatement
    B…. I love how Nigel compliments Chris for a dance he didn’t do and then goes on to cut the person who actually did do the dance. I don’t think Chris should have been cut, I just wonder if the outcome would have been any different had Nigel had his facts straight…

    7/10/2011 2:47 PM UTC

  39. Shelby - wrote:

    Even though I was extremely sad to see Miranda go, and can name several girls I would have rather seen go in her place, and am shocked and surprised out of my mind as to the reason why they sent Miranda home, because there is no reason to why you would send Miranda home, the best dancer is Sasha. She is the best dancer that has ever been on the show and I wish I could take her classes, but but I can’t because she lives in California and unfortunately I don’t. But she is my absolute role model as a former competition dancer and my goal in life is to be like her. My friends are probably sick of me by now because I can not stop talking about the show and Sasha Mallory because she is amazing!!! My desktop background is a picture of her with the show logo and if she doesn’t win this season I think I will go bonkers!!! And what’s up with Alexander and Ryan being voted off because they were cool too! Oh My Gosh I just can’t wait until wednesday!!!

    7/18/2011 10:28 AM UTC

  40. Shelby - wrote:

    I have been reading the other comments on this one and I have to say, it is kind of fishy that you judges didn’t split up couples even when one outshined the other and deserved to stay and the only time you did split up couples in elimination was ryan and ricky and sasha and alexander and you were going to split up all of the couples anyway. so i don’t get that but i have to disagree with some people and say that this is the best season yet but i think miranda should be here instead of somebody else but i am not going to say who because I don’t know if she is reading this right now but she probably is so with that i’ll go away cuz i have said enough… please comment by the way….

    7/18/2011 10:41 AM UTC

  41. doralee - wrote:

    I am getting so frustrated with the elimination of couples instead of individuals also why does Nygel keep making predictions to sway the audience. He is supposed to be a judge and I don’t think he able to make the separation between producer and judge fairly this year. I get so frustrated with his little comments on what HE thinks america should do! aaaaah Be impartial for heavens sake.
    If america is truly the ones making the decisions then leave us alone- We can think for ourselves. This years judging has been very frustrating for me – It doesnt always seem as though the best dancers or the ones that have continuely made the most gains have been the ones the judges continue to support,

    7/28/2011 3:32 PM UTC

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