Fox and GetGlue Offer Exclusive Rewards

Fan Rewards

FOX and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE have teamed up with GetGlue to offer fans exclusive rewards for checking in to the summer’s hottest dance series.

Fans who check-in now through the finale can earn exclusive stickers. The campaign rewards fans for watching and checking-in during fan-favorite phases of the show — including the Top 20 performances, the Top 10 performances and the Season Finale — with exclusive stickers.

Users will be able to check-in to unlock these exclusive stickers via, GetGlue apps or check-in widgets on the homepage of


23 comments on “Fox and GetGlue Offer Exclusive Rewards“

  1. Theresa - wrote:

    I don’t this year is as good as last

    6/29/2011 5:25 PM UTC

  2. Rena' - wrote:

    I am disturbed by the blatant racism I see on “So You Think You Can Dance”. Ashley is a fabulous dancer yet Nigel never gives her kudos for a great performance. Ashely put 100% into the performance tonight, Wednesday, June 29th, with precision and power; yet Nigel criticized it. Additionally, Ashely was staged in the back of the last group dance performance and never got an opportunity to come to the front. The other female dancers were showcased and had front center blocking. I have been an avid follower of your show and have glossed over the indiscriminate actions of Nigel over the years. Tonight was blatant. Ashely is amazing and should be given the same opportunities to shine as in the other white female dancers. Someone needs to call the producers on it and hold them accountable. We need to remind them that the audience is made up of a diverse group of people, ethnicities, and we all are not blind. If you want to continue to enjoy your positive ratings, then do what you purport to do- hold a dance competition without the politics.

    6/29/2011 6:47 PM UTC

  3. Kathleen Berg - wrote:

    I would really appreciate it if Fox would figure out a way so that we could vote on line. I was able to last year but not once this year was I able to on line vote. Only on the phone and that is not fair. Too much activity on the internet is no excuse!

    6/29/2011 7:02 PM UTC

  4. Cassie - wrote:

    hey i’ve noticed that you have been featuring children dancers on your show recently and i just wanted to say that i used to be a dancer. i am a children’s world champion in tap, ballet, lyrical, and modern. four almost 5 years ago a group of us from CT went to Germany to compete in the children’s world championships and got the gold. i just wanted to get our story out there because no one knows the talent that we truly have and even though some of us have quite dancing that was a very big part of my life and i hope that the people at SYTYCD will recognize that. and please keep in mind that i’m only 14 and i was only 9 when this happened it still impacted lives.

    6/29/2011 8:49 PM UTC

  5. Miri - wrote:

    Would like to see breaking, hip hop, fox trot, waltz, cha cha, etc, without the plot/characters. Too much time in the routines taken up with acting, not enough dancing.

    6/29/2011 10:44 PM UTC

  6. Martin - wrote:

    I’d love it if every now and then The Camera would stay in a static wide shot for a whole dance. So many times the tricky angles, close ups and movements take away from the performance. How nice an audience (or judges) point of view would be in place of the dancing camera.

    6/30/2011 10:08 AM UTC

  7. Jacqueline Wallace - wrote:

    Cat Deeley is the most annoying host EVER!! I love the show, except I feel like there should be only 3 judges and most importantly – Cat Deeley takes over the show and her personality is abrasive. It would be best if she would leave and get a new host. If you must keep her on, here is just some advice:

    - Stop giving your opinion, you are not a judge… You can’t even dance.
    - Stop interrupting the judges. It is disrespectful!
    - Stop chatting so much. It’s not about you. You’re not funny or interesting.
    - Stop wearing short dresses, your knees are knocked and it looks very unattractive.
    - Stop speaking out of the side of your mouth. It looks fake.
    - Shut up! you talk too much.

    Just giving constructive advice.

    6/30/2011 5:04 PM UTC

  8. jose - wrote:

    BS!! miranda got kiked out

    6/30/2011 5:05 PM UTC

  9. Jill S - wrote:

    WHAT!!!!!!!!! you sent Miranda home instead of Ashley or Kaitlyn???? That did not make sense with what my eyes observed; Miranda’s solo far surpassed either of the others. Especially Ashley’s, which was particularly lackluster, as if she’d given up. This is my favorite show and I rarely disagree with decisions this adamantly. I hate to say this, but I fear some of the decision was influenced by a fear of racial backlash if two African American dancers were sent home in one night. I am so disappointed. I was really looking forward to seeing more of Miranda AND Robert. I would have rather seen Chris go than Robert. I am still a loyal fan, I love these dancers and their extraordinary talent. I just question the underlying motives of a decision that seems so glaringly wrong.

    6/30/2011 5:24 PM UTC

  10. Jeanne Womack - wrote:

    I can’t believe that they let Miranda go! She had the BEST solo by far! It was amazing!! One of the best I’ve ever seen on the show! My sister texted me very upset about it too and she doesn’t usually get upset like that. Wow, I’m so disappointed. She was clearly not the one who deserved to go, not even accounting for her incredible solo, which should have put her way over the top (over the other girl)! The girl who deserved to go was a good dancer and a very sweet girl but not the same caliber of dancer from anything I’ve seen from any of the dances. Her performance level is clearly not there yet. Miranda got robbed. It’s not right. Many times it seems so close but this time I thought it was so obvious…yet this.

    6/30/2011 5:45 PM UTC

  11. Jeanne - wrote:

    @Rena: That was a completely ridiculous comment you made about the show being racist. Seriously?? No way, that’s one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard! I agreed with what Nigel said and it’s 100% because of what we saw on stage…nothing else. I can’t even believe you’re saying that. If anything, she’s gotten very generous praise. On this show, you have to earn your way to the top by your dance technique and performance level, and by votes of course.

    6/30/2011 5:57 PM UTC

  12. Angelique - wrote:

    Tonight was a disappoint to me. Meranda and Robert should have never went home. I have watched this show every season and this has to be the most upsetting elimination show every. If Meranda or Robert can read this you brought something to show that was special and amazing. This season almost would have been the best, but they let you both go.

    6/30/2011 6:19 PM UTC

  13. Staci Walton - wrote:

    During elimination, Nigel told Ashely’s partner Chris that he loved their peacoak routine last week. When in fact that routine was done by the couple they eliminated tonight, Miranda and Robert. It’s not enough that Miranda and Robert danced their heart out in “Dance for your Life”; but I sincerely hope that they didn’t make this decision on error.

    6/30/2011 6:22 PM UTC

  14. Ashley - wrote:

    Rena, The show is not racist. You just do not want to believe that Ashley isn’t as good as the other contenders. So instead of seeing it like it is, you are blaming it on color. Ashley is not the best and frankly she should have been sent home yesterday. But America’s looking for their “favorite” dancer and not somebody who actually can dance. Once again the judges are not judging based on ability. Miranda should not have been sent home!!! Every week she has been challenged with a different form of dance. And every week she has done an amazing job. Has Ashley been put out of her comfort zone? Not really, and the one time she was…. lol. I am glad Chris, Mitchell, and Caitlynn were chosen to stay, but Miranda did not deserve to leave. I am sorry, Ashley is a good dancer, but America should be looking for a great dancer. It is time for Ashley to exit the stage.

    6/30/2011 10:26 PM UTC

  15. SFViewer - wrote:

    What happened last night? caitlynn literally fell on her Dance for Her LIfe and fell out of several spins. If the judges are always going to vote off pairs then be up front about it or dont have a Dance for Your Life component of the competition becuase it seems worthless – otherwise I dont understand how Miranda was voted off. Last night was infuriating.

    7/1/2011 7:49 AM UTC

  16. Kim - wrote:

    I am furious at the elimination of Missy and Wadi!!! First of all, how are you going to tell Missy that she is flawless and amazing, then tell Ryan that you think she “can show more”. So you eliminate Missy who has shown what she can do and more but keep Ryan because you THINK she can do better!!! She sucks. Then under the same concept, why wouldn’t you keep Wadi?? He’s awesome!!! I have watched every single episode, every season, and I almost gave up completely!!!! I am only continuing to watch because there are others I love to see. But thanks to the judges, I am hating Ryan and if she wins, I will never watch this show again!!!!

    7/1/2011 7:55 AM UTC

  17. kathryn - wrote:

    love your dances on here i loved judas remix thay missy and wadi did and for 2 years in arow the people i wanted to win won how weirod and awsome is that people i mean really!!! ……….. bye

    7/1/2011 1:13 PM UTC

  18. Kathryn - wrote:

    my b-day is coming up on sunday say happy b-day for me please people im soooooooooo happy people bye…

    7/1/2011 1:17 PM UTC

  19. Chera and Carlos - wrote:

    Soooooooooooooo Disapointed in the show. Miranda and Robert were out favorites- they danced with alot of heart
    I hate to say but I think Ashley and Chris should have gone home instead. I don’t understand why Miranda and Robert.
    I follow the show but am very disappointed

    7/2/2011 11:41 AM UTC

  20. Janis - wrote:

    What does this show have against Latin music? A Cha Cha to Kesha? A Samba to Alicia Keys? Come on people! The dances don’t even look like they go together. During last week’s Samba it looked liked I had my TV on mute with the radio on. Come on SYTYCD show us some Latin love.

    7/6/2011 7:51 PM UTC

  21. Todd - wrote:

    I agree with Martin and others who’ve complained about the camera work on this show. Last week a second camera actually caught the close up camera man walking onstage during a performance. The choreographers’ work and the pictures/stories they create are destroyed by the crazy camera work. This isn’t MTV. Use a static camera and let the choreography and dancers weave their magic. PLEASE! Is anyone in the SYTYCD production department listening?

    7/7/2011 1:07 PM UTC

  22. Trulygold - wrote:

    Damn….Switch! Switch! Switch!…..The hottest and best performance of the night. While the contestant who danced with him was great, he is just too awesome for words. I LOVE SWITCH.

    7/20/2011 6:07 PM UTC

  23. Eleanor M. Ellacott - wrote:

    This year’s dancers are superlative, and Cat Deeley is the best hostess ever!! Too bad nobody has the nerve to tell Mary Murphy to stop screaming and yelling. It is a BIG detriment to the enjoyment of the show.

    7/20/2011 7:28 PM UTC

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