Play the SYTYCD Predictions Game

Dance Prediction Game

Play the SYTYCD Predictions Game

You can participate in the competition element of So You Think You Can Dance without knowing how to dance with the SYTYCD Predictions Game on Facebook.

Each week, we want you to predict which dancers will be “dancing for their lives” (in the bottom) and which will be “going home” (eliminated) on So You Think You Can Dance. If you believe a dancer will be dancing for their lives, you must move them to the DANCING FOR THEIR LIVES section. All you have to do is click their picture and he or she will be placed in that section. You get points for every match. The final week is a bit different because you will pick dancers and place them in the order in which you believe they will be eliminated and identify/pick America’s Favorite Dancer (the winner of So You Think You Dance).

If you change your mind after you predict a dancer will be in jeopardy, there’s an X in the upper right corner that allows you to move the dancer back to the SAFE section before that week locks. You must fill all 6 spots in the DANCING FOR THEIR LIVES section before you can reorder. The good news is that you can come back and change your Dance Predictions picks right up until the beginning of the East Coast broadcast of the So You Think You Can Dance results show. Remember, you are trying to pick which finalists are “dancing for their lives” and which are “going home.” Any dancer that is not moved to that section is someone that you are predicting will be safe and definitely dancing in next week’s episode.

Each week, you have the opportunity to answer trivia questions relating to So You Think You Can Dance. These are multiple choice questions that relate to the show or general information about Dance. Each question will display the amount of points you will earn if you answer correctly. As is the case in The Predictions portion of the game, you can change your choices right up until the East Coast broadcast of the results show. Get the question right and you get the points. Be sure to answer each and every question. There is no penalty for incorrect trivia answers.

Create a league and invite friends to compete. Check the leaderboard to see how you stack up.

What are you waiting for? Go to and make your predictions for this week.

Good luck!


38 comments on “Play the SYTYCD Predictions Game“

  1. Angie - wrote:

    I am so excited for this season…i dont want anyone to go home..hahaha but i have to say..i love all of the choreographers BUT i know one in the st. louis area that will sooo be perfect for this show..his name is Anthony “Redd” Williams! He is a beast! look him up!

    6/15/2011 6:42 PM UTC

  2. Adam - wrote:

    Where is Alex Wong? I thought he would be back this season. I am sure many people were expecting him back like…

    6/15/2011 7:26 PM UTC

  3. Ann - wrote:

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could customize a playlist of routines to watch on demand through netflix, online, or on a dvd? I know when I get in the mood to watch excellent dance to lift my spirits during the non-summer season, I end up watch Netflix’s LXD on demand, or a Step Up franchise if it’s available. There have been several brilliant, memorable routines through all the season and cast members. If you allow viewers to make their own playlist of favorites, not only do you gain the loyalty of viewers (which, let’s face it, you’re fox, you have a couple generations before that is a non-issue), but you also get data on what dancers and choreographers have the resonance necessary to obtain a level of indisputable respect and a devoted following. Utilize the resources you have. So much talent.

    6/15/2011 7:28 PM UTC

  4. grandmasrfun - wrote:

    You have to get Mary Murphy off of the show. She is such a loud mouth and her voice is so piercing that you cannot enjoy the show. I predict you will lose all kinds of followers because they can’t stand her bit loud mouth.

    6/15/2011 8:07 PM UTC

  5. Debbie - wrote:

    Love Travis and his choreography!! But I could strangle the camera people!!! I just want to see the WHOLE performance but when they keep going in and out or circling the dancers you miss soooo much of it and it is so very hard to follow the storyline of the contemporary dances. PLEASE PLEASE let the dancers and the choreographers be the stars and quit trying to be so fancy with the camera work!!

    6/15/2011 8:09 PM UTC

  6. veronica - wrote:

    where can i post comments about the show?

    6/15/2011 8:27 PM UTC

  7. tmhwriter - wrote:

    Tonight we got to see the top twenty perform and I must say what a bunch of talented dancers which is exciting to see this year. It looks like the contemporary dancers got a break today To Read More visit

    6/15/2011 10:51 PM UTC

  8. cjspriggs - wrote:

    WHAT IN THE H@$&L IS Lyrical “HIP HOP”!!! Are they trying to create a new dance category cause nigel don’t care for real Hip Hop?!!

    6/15/2011 11:37 PM UTC

  9. Debbie - wrote:

    I wonder if they are using a different camera crew. Some of the shots are to close, leave dancers cut off, not being able to see their feet, bad angles (making heads and
    bodies look big and distorted). I hope they get all the glitches worked out because I want to see all of the dance.

    6/16/2011 7:19 AM UTC

  10. Nancy - wrote:

    I am very glad to have Mary back. I truly missed her last year. Her enthusiasm makes the show more exciting. If you don’t like her volume, get earplugs.

    6/16/2011 10:36 AM UTC

  11. MelD - wrote:

    Why is Iveta allowed on the show? She’s a ten time champion, and I think it’s unfair that she is able to compete against less experienced amateurs.

    6/16/2011 4:14 PM UTC

  12. Jill - wrote:

    I would like to see the performances with the audience screams edited out. Thank you:)

    6/16/2011 4:56 PM UTC

  13. MKP - wrote:

    Travis is amazing. Mary gives great advise, but please quit screeching. This new judge–she said about 2 words and I zapped her every time her voice came on, I just couldn’t stand the tone. FANTASTIC dancers.Sasha and Ryan are my favorites. Clarice and Jess can go.

    6/16/2011 9:26 PM UTC

  14. Kati - wrote:

    I have been watching this show since the beginning. This season is going to be spectacular, and its a shame anyone has to be sent home.

    This is my favorite show. I’ve never really thought about which show was my favorite over time until now. This show is and will remain my favorite of all time.

    6/17/2011 7:52 AM UTC

  15. Dorothy - wrote:

    This year is the best ever. Hopefully, this will be the last week that there is a judge that does not know how to critique the dancing.

    6/17/2011 9:10 AM UTC

  16. Marie Quinne - wrote:

    To the judges: Please consider broadening your pool of dance styles. It’s incredibly limited. Consider doing a Belly Dance / Tribal Fusion style. Confused as to why the genres are so narrowed.

    6/17/2011 6:04 PM UTC

  17. Kariann - wrote:

    Lets go So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best show!!!! I love to dance and this show is were I can get all of my cool dance moves!!!

    6/22/2011 3:39 PM UTC

  18. teresa drummond - wrote:

    the celebrity judges are a waste of time. boring and dont bring anything. bring back adam

    6/22/2011 5:52 PM UTC

  19. Paula - wrote:

    It would be great to see three Professional dancers on the judges panel again. Having a token third judge lessons the credibility of the adjudications, and that was part of what made the show rise above the rest.

    6/22/2011 6:17 PM UTC

  20. Macy Carr - wrote:

    I love Mary and I appreciated her comment on it being a family show because i watch with my 10 yr old daughter and my friends watch with their kids as well. The choreographers are choosing terrible music this year. The cha-cha to cannable (REALLY?)

    6/22/2011 6:35 PM UTC

  21. Pat J - wrote:

    I love this show! To be it’s like going to broadway without leaving your home. The talent is great! I have only one problem and that’s voting. I get busy signals, wrong #’s, and operator telling me the # has been connected. Finally I gave up.

    6/23/2011 11:25 AM UTC

  22. Barbara - wrote:

    I do not like that they are letting America vote from the start–I liked it better when we voted at the Top 10, however, I am glad they brought back 20 instead of 10 and they are pairing up the past favorites with the top 10.

    6/23/2011 1:38 PM UTC

  23. charlene - wrote:

    What are the previous winners doing now?

    6/23/2011 3:04 PM UTC

  24. Charlene - wrote:

    This season is fantastic! The show is awesome. Will you have a link to the choreographers for the current week? I would love to know more about them.

    6/23/2011 3:07 PM UTC

  25. Dana - wrote:

    RYAN should NOT be in the bottom three! She is there because America did not appreciate the routine or the costume – too tacky. Not her fault. They should be cutting from the bottom six tonight, if they insist on cutting 2/3 of those in danger, but since they are not, they need to keep RYAN!

    6/23/2011 4:47 PM UTC

  26. Dana - wrote:

    They kept RYAN! yes! They also kept Ricky! Mistake! Hopefully next time they are in the bottom three RICKY will go home. He does not appeal personally in spite of being a fabulous dancer.

    6/23/2011 4:59 PM UTC

  27. thedeathofbirth - wrote:

    Please forgive me for being so blunt , but there is no polite way to say this .Americans love mediocrity and feel threatened by exellence, hence elimination of Iveta …

    6/23/2011 5:22 PM UTC

  28. ben - wrote:

    Forever confused. It seems that the judges are applying a double standard. If the point of dance for your life is to show the judges a dancer’s ability and motivation, then it stands to reason that the dancer that doesn’t dance for their life should not continue on the show. Tonight they kept Ryan while openly acknowledging that she did not dance for her life while keeping Ricky because he did. Just disappointed.

    6/23/2011 7:30 PM UTC

  29. Don Mizerk - wrote:

    What a joke. The judges really screwed up tonite. You made 2 mistakes. 1- Only having 3 couples to choose from really limited your choices. You should have put the bottom 4 or 5 couples in jeopardy. 2- Saving Dancer Ryan was a mistake. She was the worst of the bunch. Getting rid of Nick was enough to make me consider quit watching. Boooooooo! Next time let’s put the bottom three judges in jeopardy and get rid of two of them.

    6/23/2011 8:22 PM UTC

  30. aubrey - wrote:

    i will have to say that i am upset that ryan was chosen to stay on the show when she is the weakest girl on this season! she can not portray her character or decently act to save her life! i’m very disappointed in the judging, especially considering the two girls she was up against are so very talented. they made a BIG mistake!

    6/23/2011 8:42 PM UTC

  31. Barbara - wrote:

    I really think the judges got it wrong tonight when they saved Ryan. Ryan is a great dancer but can not get into character. She simply is not believable! She has a great smile but needs to figure out that her winning smile does not fit all the characters that she is asked to perform. I felt her performance was irritating because she is not believable. On the other hand Missy plays the part and understands the character and dances well too. I feel the winner tonight should have been Missy.

    The guys choice was right on!

    Thank you,

    6/23/2011 8:51 PM UTC

  32. Kathleen - wrote:

    Agree with the comment about Alex Wong from last season (7). Where is he & why didn’t he come back? I, too, thought he would be a contender this season. Anybody know????

    6/23/2011 9:10 PM UTC

  33. anya - wrote:

    I am dumbfounded! Ryan smiled at the camera during her supposedly hot number with Ricky and you let her get away with it. We recognized it and voted for others… she was the weakest of all while Missy, one of your “beasts” was sent home! Shame on you.
    Please get a third judge that really knows dance, and have the celebs as a fourth!
    Mary, you know your dance but please… you are shriller than ever…please tone it down!

    6/24/2011 11:36 AM UTC

  34. Terri - wrote:

    Two things: What is the status with Alex Wong? Please hold the camera work to a minimum (I’d like to SEE the dance).

    6/24/2011 11:54 AM UTC

  35. Grace - wrote:

    I think the show needs Adam Shankman back too!! Also, what about a group number featuring all previous seasons winners? Could be fun!

    6/24/2011 12:00 PM UTC

  36. rachelsluv - wrote:

    I see the regular network is as duplicitous as the cable network is.

    Only an idiot doesn’t realize that Tap Dancers and people over 24 rarely if ever last.
    As if I wouldn’t realize that pairing Iveta and Nick together was the “Kiss Of DEATH” FOR THESE TWO DANCERS. I wouldn’t be surprised either if all of the dances that they had to choose from were Bollywood.

    That’s why there weren’t any eliminations last week. The producers had to figure out how to eliminate the Tap Dancer and the WORLD Champion Ballroom dancer in 1 swipe.

    I won’t watch any more episodes.

    6/24/2011 12:04 PM UTC

  37. bekahchelle - wrote:

    I am sorry! This is not as good of a season as some in the past. I have not been thrilled with some of the routines and I am sick of every other dance being contempory or hip hop. That is all thetn as been on for 2 years now. where is the disco and other dances they have done. i am so glad to see Mandy Moore. Where are all of the other cHORGRAPHERS. i JUST KEEP SEEING THE SAME THREE OR FOUR THIS YEAR? I am so tired of Travis it does basically the same routines just different music and of course dancers.. Please do not let him or Carmen be a judge.

    7/7/2011 2:53 AM UTC

  38. kim - wrote:

    I am also disappointed in this season.When watching the tryouts I was sure it would be the best but thats not the case. I agree that there is too much contemporary and hip hop and not enough other styles. I am not impressive with this seasons choreographers…dances and music are boring and the costumes this season look cheap and don’t match. Waiting for another season 4 now that was the best!!

    7/13/2011 5:55 PM UTC

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