Come Out and Dance with Your Favorite SYTYCD All-Stars and Dancers!

On Saturday, April 9th, the stars of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE will bring some special moves to the first ever Reality Rocks Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Fans will be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in an intimate interactive experience with SYTYCD all stars and dancers, when they choreograph a special dance that fans will have a chance to perform.

Come out to learn some new moves as well as meet your favorite SYTYCD dancers in a special meet and greet autograph session! Among the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE stars expected are Kūpono Aweau (Season 5 finalist), Kent Boyd (Season 7 finalist), Comfort Fedoke (Season 4 finalist and an All-Star), Lauren Froderman (Season 7 winner), Lauren Gottlieb (Season 3 finalist and an All-Star), Gev Manoukian (Season 4 finalist), Robert Roldan (Season 7 finalist), Chelsea Traille (Season 4 finalist), and Will Wingfield (Season 4 finalist).


13 comments on “Come Out and Dance with Your Favorite SYTYCD All-Stars and Dancers!“

  1. Lindsey - wrote:

    How old do you have to be?

    3/27/2011 1:26 PM UTC

  2. Maria - wrote:

    i can’t wait for season 8 to premier

    3/30/2011 11:31 AM UTC

  3. MzzQ - wrote:

    You can be any age! See you there!

    4/1/2011 5:14 PM UTC

  4. ian ramer mondano - wrote:

    I love KENT BOYD.. I really love his moves..I Like him…

    4/7/2011 6:24 AM UTC

  5. ian ramer mondano - wrote:

    I hope the 3 finalist of You think you can dance Session 7 will have an opportunity to have an ASIAN TOUR specially in the Philippine Republic. I am KENT Fanatic…The Filipino people/ community supports KENT BOYD.

    4/7/2011 6:28 AM UTC

  6. Susan - wrote:

    How can I attend one of the shows this 2011 season?

    5/17/2011 5:07 PM UTC

  7. Eliya Yakubyan - wrote:

    Hope Danny Tidwell as All stars

    5/23/2011 7:01 AM UTC

  8. Alexis - wrote:


    5/26/2011 6:03 PM UTC

  9. Lynne - wrote:

    Saw the taping of the final 20!!! They are amazing!!! You have to watch. Can’t decide who my favorite is. The top 20dance is choreographed by Tice and is fabulous.

    6/8/2011 9:08 PM UTC

  10. Manisha Mishra - wrote:

    Okie- clearly the Bollywood choreographer should be fired and the judges given some lessons on the dance form. The dance moves (sans the lifts), are very simple and very stupid.

    The dance that Jose did was more Egyptian than Indian- I should know I am an Indian- why don’t you get an Indian choreographer like Bhairavi or Farah Khan. What you showed on the show is utter crap and is very embarrassing to watch. Even I can do a better job than that guy. And I’m no dancer.

    The judges should know that this dance form has some rules- you cannot give the same comment EVERY season- you looked like you’re having fun’… come on guys

    6/9/2011 4:31 AM UTC

  11. emilee.5747 - wrote:

    will kent be one of the all stars for season 8???

    6/9/2011 10:54 PM UTC

  12. Virginia Sheets - wrote:

    What happened to Alex – thought he would be back after his injury. What happened?

    6/10/2011 4:19 AM UTC

  13. Hannah - wrote:

    sooo sad I’m just barely hearing about this and missed it!! are they doing another one of these?? Lauren is my hero and I’m totally in love w/ Robert!!! ahhhh!!

    6/29/2011 8:57 PM UTC

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