Randi, Gev, and Jonathan in Ballroom With A Twist

Gev, Randi, and Jonathan in Ballroom With A Twist

Three popular So You Think You Can Dance contestants currently star in “Ballroom With A Twist.” The show, created by SYTYCD choreographer Louis Van Amstel, features popular dancers performing ballroom and ballroom-fusion dances to live musical performances by two American Idol finalists, as well as some popular music tracks. Currently, Season 5’s Randi Evans and Jonathan Platero and Season 4’s Gev Manoukian star in the show at El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.

On Friday, I got the opportunity to attend the show, and I had such a blast! All of the dancers involved were amazing, but there’s something special about the So You Think You Can Dance alumni—they’re versatile! Anyone who isn’t familiar with Randi, Jonathan, and Gev would never guess what style of dance they were trained in. Contemporary dancer Randi, although pint-sized, fit in with the long-legged ballroom dancers and got to show what she does best in a few Contemporary pieces with her SYTYCD friends. Jonathan, a salsa dancer, not only performed in many of the ballroom numbers, he also tumbled and danced Contemporary. Hip Hop dancer Gev performed in every genre, and even busted out some of his “How does he do that?!” stunts.

Other So You Think You Can Dance alumni have performed in Louis Van Amstel’s “Ballroom With A Twist” before including Season 5/Season 7 All-Star Ade Obayomi, Season 2’s Dmitry Chaplin, and Season 4’s Chelsie Hightower. “Ballroom With A Twist” is currently at North Hollywood’s El Portal Theatre through February 13.

Jonathan Platero & Randi Evans in Ballroom With A Twist


3 comments on “Randi, Gev, and Jonathan in Ballroom With A Twist“

  1. Susan Campbell - wrote:

    Would love to see an Opening Production number with the whole group doing a perfect country line dance!

    Thank you.

    3/6/2011 1:23 PM UTC

  2. Bella - wrote:

    Wouldnt it be cool to ask young dancers that have a passion for dance come and perform on the show because my dance studio has outstanding talent!!!!!!!!!!

    3/24/2011 8:05 AM UTC

  3. Barbara Creamer - wrote:

    Where’s the new choreo for Nat’l Dance Day? Go to Health Dance Fitness want to get started. Three different dances or three levels of the same dance? Post it soon!

    6/16/2011 8:51 PM UTC

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