Calling All Dancers and Friends of Dancers!

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 auditions are rapidly approaching. There is still time to audition!

EDITORS NOTE (1/20/11): Audition details have changed. Make sure you have the most current information.

Click here to view and share flyer.

Not only do we want to see you at auditions, but we want you to print out this flyer and post it at your dance studios, forward it to your friends, and spread the word to help us find America’s Favorite Dancer.

>>Personal release form

>>Audition Agreement and Release

>>Eligibility Requirements

>>Music Registration Form <NEW>


14 comments on “Calling All Dancers and Friends of Dancers!“

  1. Jordan - wrote:

    what the heck happened to charlotte?? we have the best dance team in the NBA, so you think you can dance!! you are supposed to be coming here!

    1/21/2011 10:10 PM UTC

  2. VIK - wrote:


    1/25/2011 8:03 PM UTC

  3. Kim - wrote:

    What about Chicago???? Or even Milwaukee??? Don’t leave out the midwest – we have awesome dancers here!!!

    1/27/2011 7:20 AM UTC

  4. J. Reo - wrote:

    What’s with the age limit of 30? SYTYCD producers should change that immediately. Why should people over 30 have to be excluded from auditioning. Most of the choreographers on the show are over 30!

    1/27/2011 8:27 AM UTC

  5. MINA - wrote:

    So what do I have to bring to the audition? just ID or do I have to have all these forms filled out before arriving? Also, with the sheet music… what version of sheet music do I bring if it is an old song remake and the sheet music versions are all a little different? I’m so confused. Please help!!! thank you

    1/27/2011 10:00 AM UTC

  6. pooja - wrote:

    i’m from India, here i stay in Boston i really want to take part in this contest.Can anybody tell me, do they have any audition in Boston.

    1/27/2011 2:47 PM UTC

  7. khaos - wrote:

    do you have to pre register or register when you get down there???

    1/31/2011 5:04 PM UTC

  8. Davin - wrote:

    Hey. They say that cotestants must be at least 18 years old. But I’m 16, and season 8 is the last season, I guess. It’s now or never. I simply MUST go for the audition. I just love this show so much and being on it is my dream. I hope they can ease up the age limit. I really want this, not for the money that I might win, but to tell the whole world that dancing makes me feel like a star. It’s just awesome.

    2/15/2011 11:06 PM UTC

  9. Joseph Fernandez - wrote:

    Season 8 Final Season? NIGEL!!! This is one of the best shows all year.
    If FOX is taking it off the air, then move it to LOGO (the GAY chanel). The Dance community is supported largely by the GAY community and could use your support on our only channel. We love you and your productions. PLEASE let there be a Season 9.

    3/13/2011 5:56 AM UTC

  10. Coryn Howell - wrote:

    when does this show start coming on???????????????

    3/23/2011 9:12 AM UTC

  11. Bryce Martin - wrote:

    im a dancer who practices everyday and i know i would go the distance but i live in Indianapolis, are they gonna have auditions here? please god

    5/26/2011 6:46 PM UTC

  12. Susan - wrote:

    I just watched Nigel make fun of a young lady with a brain injury. Totally sick. I’ll never watch again.

    6/1/2011 4:46 PM UTC

  13. Taylour - wrote:

    When are the next audition dates going to be. Please be in Texas this year.

    10/19/2011 10:37 AM UTC

  14. Michelle - wrote:

    I agree with J. Reo……..what’s the deal the 30 yr. old age limit…..I’m 36 and I can move like I’m 18 darn it!

    10/7/2012 10:05 PM UTC

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