Chatting with Billy Bell and Ashley Galvan

Ashley and Billy share a hug on the Season 7 set.

As the Season 7 tour came to an end, we caught up with Top 7 finalists Ashley Galvan and Billy Bell. The two chatted about overcoming injuries, dancing with Ade Obayomi, and what the future holds.

You both sustained injuries on the show. How do you remain injury free after performing night after night on tour?
Billy: Healthy diet, lots of physical therapy, icing, heating, massaging.
Ashley: Oh my! I don’t eat healthy at all. It’s grueling hours. You get done with the show and you do Meet & Greets and you don’t get on the bus until midnight and you’re starving. They have after-show food—
Billy: But it’s always like pizza, so it’s hard to eat healthy for sure.
Ashley: Sometimes I get the salads,
Billy: But they’re just not good! You just want pizza!

What are you going to miss most about touring?
Billy: Ashley.
Ashley: Aww, I know, it’s going to be sad. We’re all going to be going home and he’s on the east coast and I’m here in California. It’s going to be weird waking up and not seeing them.
Billy: A really good investment that we made is we all bought phones that have FaceTime.
Ashley: Except for Jose (Ruiz). He has a different phone. He’s not into it. For the past few months on tour there’s been a guys bus and a girls bus, and that’s even been weird because during the show we all lived in the same apartment complex and always hung out. We even FaceTime each other on the bus.
Billy: We were split up and we were like, “WHAT?!” We figured it would be all-stars on one bus and contestants on the other, but they were like no, boys and girls.

What is your favorite dance you performed on the tour?
Ashley: Mine’s “Cosmic Love” with Ade. I love it.
Blogger: Is it physically taxing because you play someone who is broken in that piece?
Ashley: Literally broken! I broke my rib in that dance! I don’t know; it never gets easier. That’s hard. But me and Ade say every night, “We’re going to take it easy tonight,” but it’s never that way. It’s always the same—hard-hitting. But it’s definitely something I’m going to miss. It was my favorite.
Billy: Mine’s also with Ade. It’s “Mad World.” I guess that’s kind of a given. If you dance with Ade it will be magic, I promise. He’s a really awesome partner and that piece is really special. Stacey (Tookey) did a really beautiful job with it. It’s definitely emotionally draining. What’s fun is that Ade and I don’t talk before we perform it, and we just kind of go on stage and kind of figure out what our intension is for that night and just go with it. Sometimes I really aggressive and he’s really compassionate, or vice versa, or sometimes we’re both really aggressive. It really keeps it fun.

What’s next for you?
Ashley: I’m hoping I can get on GLEE! Oh my gosh, I love that show. Courtney has already done it, so c’mon whose next? Me! I want to keep dancing, I want to channel into acting a lot more. Hopefully that works out. I love to act; I love to be different characters all the time so I feel like that could suit me pretty well.
Billy: I’m actually pursuing a lot of my own choreography with my own dance company, Lunge Dance. I’m extremely excited to start creating and I’ve got a really awesome cast lined up. We have some shows out here in LA and one in Canada.

What advice do you have for the Season 8 hopefuls who want to be in your shoes?
Ashley: Just show who you are. It’s TV and it’s a dance show. They want to see your personality and they don’t want to see you hiding. Just bring it 200%. Show them everything that you have. Never hold back!
Billy: Just be fearless.
Ashley: Be yourself.
Billy: Nothing you do is going to harm you by any means, so you might as well keep going and keep being yourself.

If you want to dance in Billy and Ashley’s shoes, there are three more audition cities left.

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