So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 Tour

The Season 7 stars toured the nation all autumn long.

I have yet to miss a So You Think You Can Dance tour, and I anxiously waited for the Season 7 tour to roll into my hometown. The Season 7 Top 7, plus special all-star guests, rolled into Los Angeles on their penultimate tour stop.

Wondering what was performed on tour? Here’s the list of performances, according to the November 16, 2010 show at Los Angeles, California’s Staples Center.

-Announcement of dancers and group number.
-Season 7 & 6 champs: Lauren Froderman & Russell Ferguson (in tWitch Boss’s place) for NappyTabs’ “My Chick Bad.”
-Kent Boyd & Ade Obayomi (in place of Neil Haskell) to Tyce Diorio’s “Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, MO.”
-Robert Roldan & Courtney Galiano to Sonya Tayeh’s “XXXO.”
-Jose Ruiz & Dominic Sandoval to NappyTab’s “Battle For The Beat.”
-Billy Bell & Lauren Froderman to Mandy Moore’s “Boogie Shoes.”
-Robert Roldan & Kathryn McCormick to Stacey Tookey’s “Heaven Is A Place on Earth.”
-Season 7 Top 7 jazz to Sonya Tayeh’s “Royal T.”
-Season 6’s Russell Ferguson & Kathryn McCormick to NappyTab’s “I Can Transform Ya.”
-Kent Boyd & Robert Roldan (in place of Neil Haskell) in Travis Wall’s “How It Ends.”
-Group Number to Kelley Abbey’s “All That Jazz.”
-Ashley Galvan & Dominic Sandoval to NappyTabs’ “How Low.”
-Lauren Froderman & Ade Obayomi to Mandy Moore’s “Oh Yeah.”
-Robert Roldan’s solo
-AdéChiké Torbert & Courtney Galiano to Tyce Diorio’s “Manteca.”
-Kent Boyd & Allison Holker to Stacey Tookey’s “Sundrenched World.”
-Billy Bell & Robert Roldan to Nakul Dev Mahajan’s “Ganesh.”
-Group Bollywood
-Lauren Froderman & all the guys to Mia Michaels’ “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.”
-Robert Roldan & Dominic Sandoval to NappyTabs’ “Scars.”
-Kent Boyd & Courtney Galiano to Tyce Diorio’s “Amy Amy Amy.”
-Ashley Galvan & Ade Obayomi to Dee Caspary’s “Cosmic Love.”
- AdéChiké Torbert & Lauren Froderman (in place of Comfort Fedoke) to NappyTab’s “Fallin’.”
-Kent Boyd’s solo
-Hip Hoppers Jose Ruiz, Dominic Sandoval, & Russell Ferguson to NappyTabs’ “Din Daa Daa.”
-Group Disco number by Doriana Sanchez
-Russell Ferguson solo
-Billy Bell & Ade Obayomi to Stacey Tookey’s “Mad World.”
-Lauren Froderman solo
-Robert Roldan & Allison Hoker to Travis Wall’s “Fix You.”
-Lauren Froderman & Kent Boyd to Travis Wall’s “Collide” and then to Jean-Marc Genereux & France Mousseau’s “My First Kiss.”
-Ritual closer to Adam Shankman’s “You Can’t Stop The Beat.”

What was your favorite moment of the Season 7 tour? Share it below!

Do you want the opportunity to dance on that big stage? Audition for Season 8!


7 comments on “So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 Tour“

  1. Chatting with Billy Bell and Ashley Galvan - wrote:

    [...] the Season 7 tour came to an end, we caught up with top 7 [...]

    4/4/2011 6:25 PM UTC

  2. snazzyjazzy - wrote:

    i love sytycd i cant wait for the new seasons but i want to know how many more there are going to be.

    4/30/2011 7:56 PM UTC

  3. joshua - wrote:

    this is a very very nice season./ very young and well dancers!! nothing else to say. i love the top 9 most of them all!! their great. and i’ve been watching their videos on and on.. since then.. very inspiring. i love dancing now!! wew!!

    5/1/2011 5:40 AM UTC

  4. Francesca - wrote:

    I LOVEEEE SYTYCD <333 it has inspired me to never give up in my dancing :D

    5/20/2011 1:46 PM UTC

  5. dhiraj - wrote:

    hey ..i love sytycd ..wanted to know is it coming to india ..plz speak to nigel and tell him to take it to india ..plzzz plzzz

    5/25/2011 12:30 AM UTC

  6. Micheal - wrote:

    Season eight is going to be over shadowed by SEASON 7 cause those dancers last season (Kent & Lauren & Robert) set really high standards for this show and the Top 20 for season 8 can NOT live up to SEASON 7′S TOP 20.

    6/9/2011 8:50 PM UTC

  7. Michelle - wrote:

    LAUREN- you have inspired me as a female dancer to not care what other people think and that I should always strive to push myself as a dancer and achieve my goals.
    KENT- <3 you have showed me that no matter where you come from you should always strive for your goals and never let anyone else tell you otherwise, as long as you be true to your self and always look to the bright side of things you can take on any obstacle in your path.
    ROBERT- you inspire me to continue dancing and learning different styles of dance so maybe one day I can tryout for so you think you can dance. Before last season I went through a hard time in my life were I was seriously considering dropping dance to focus on helping my family but even after a week of not dancing i found myself dancing around my house all the time and i noticed a hole in my life that dance filled and I realized that there was absolutely NO WAY I could possibly live with out dance, DANCE IS SUCH A PART OF ME AND MY LIFE THAT WITHOUT IT IT FEELS LIKE I"M NOT BREATHING. So, I knew without a doubt that i had to have dance in my life, there was no way around it. But with personal issues I wondered how i would be able to pull it off….once I saw "Fix You" I realized I could chanel my emotions about life into my dancing ( Kind of like an outlet) and that year I won first place for my solo (not trying to brag here). So, Thanks SYTYCD for everything :)

    6/9/2011 9:13 PM UTC

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