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So You Think You Can Dance’s host with the most, Cat Deeley, has been nominated and voted into the final round of Entertainment Weekly’s “Most Under-Appreciated Entertainer of 2010.” readers nominated Cat amongst 64 other competitors—and now she’s in the Top 4! Let’s pull together and vote for Cat.

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Cat has been on the road with So You Think You Can Dance for Season 8 auditions. See where she’s headed next.


84 comments on “Vote for Cat“

  1. Whatlene - wrote:

    Agree Cat great generally
    Too bad you can’t help the judges be fair and objective about Cyrus.
    How do they credibly criticize great dancers for relatively minor flaws on difficult routines that Cyrus never performs and only praise Cyrus?
    Why is Cyrus always in the back on group numbers?

    9/5/2012 7:48 PM UTC

  2. feliciano - wrote:

    this season seem to be the worest in make a decision in the show their care so much and are equally patner should reiecvie the prize. one true thing I can say is going to be great show.

    9/6/2012 3:53 AM UTC

  3. armchairqb - wrote:

    Totally agree with Whatlene. Cyrus manages to keep up and that’s great but the 9/5 performance with Comfort was a perfect example of how he gets special treatment from the judges. Nothing but praise even though Comfort showed him up.

    9/6/2012 5:02 AM UTC

  4. fan - wrote:

    i have to say i am extremely disappointing with this season; i feel like i barely got to see the dancers dance since they were voted off by 4′s in the initial episodes. then the show was off for 2 weeks then they came back and voted off another 4. it has just been a messy season with great dancers but no all stars in my eyes. its tough to beat melanies insane pedestal. i loved the all star pairing season because you could really focus on the individual contestants skill. anyhow the season is almost over and i have yet to connect with anyone on the show. It just felt rushed. If i had to chose eliana is great and reminds me of allison in her passion and technique but still shes no melanie. Cole was my favorite male and he got kicked off when he hasn’t done one single bad routine in fact he had passion intensity technique and just fluid motion is the best way i could describe it.

    And Cyrus, YES he is insane in his genre but you cant compare the raw emotion and passion from other dancers to this incredible technique he has. technique in one style and a teddy bear face is not enough.

    hope next season is better.

    9/6/2012 8:39 PM UTC

  5. Gloria - wrote:

    Come on!!!! I am sooooo tired of Cyrus doing the SAME thing….I have to tape your show ’cause I work and so do not want to miss it…BUT when you ‘NAIL’ Chehon for his CHA-CHA with Witney…that’s it..Judges starting taking Cyrus our of his comfort zone….You do it for ALL of the other contestants EXCEPT CYRUS….WHY???????

    9/7/2012 11:55 AM UTC

  6. Issac - wrote:

    Hi Cat D.
    I seen the slow ballad! of those couple kissing!
    oh man! that is awesome!
    and I really would vote a dancer female
    If I could go with the same girl
    I would! But the girls are wonderful!
    Either you know I watched SYTYCD!
    Maybe one day if you are doing another result show!
    I am an actor/singer/musician! I am the lead singer/vocals of a man-band HEARTBEAT SUBARU! we are six members!
    Billy Florence, Daniel Butler, Randy King, me, Tripp Puckett, & Carter Scalf. We are from Greensboro, North Carolina
    a new boy-band group okay! Don’t get me wrong! Cyrus is the best!
    –Issac Banks
    From: Heartbeat Subaru!

    9/11/2012 5:04 PM UTC

  7. Kacy - wrote:

    Nigel! I feel it is almost impossible to vote. these are (all) such talented individuals. Each brings their special selfs to the correographiy presented to them. I can only THANK you for implementing the AllStars in to the ongoing shows. I personally did not want to be stuck with enjoying one season of such talents.
    (aside) Not a fan of the new format though.

    9/11/2012 5:27 PM UTC

  8. anthony spencer - wrote:

    i love the way my lil brother cyrus is hanging in there……….everybody got something to say about how is dance and what he’s doing on the show………….ask yourself : whom this must concern: can you do what he’s done: if so why aren’t you on, so you think you can dance……..! make it on the show and then speak……….!

    9/11/2012 5:31 PM UTC

  9. Jay - wrote:

    Dancer all my life and Cyrus is the BOMB! An out-of-the-box seeing the same ole, same ole doesn’t happen with him!l

    9/11/2012 5:36 PM UTC

  10. Paula Key - wrote:

    I agree that Cyrus got preferential treatment and it was not fair to the other dancers who are better dancers. He has dances custom designed to his lack of ability. I think the judges are blind biased towards him. I am disappointed in the show this season due to the show design and dropping people so quickly and keeping Cyrus in the show long past his abilities merit it. I have always loved this show because of the quality of dancers. Cyrus shouldn’t have made the top 20.

    9/11/2012 5:53 PM UTC

  11. lori lee - wrote:

    I Think she is great and love watching her and her Love for the show and dancers.

    9/11/2012 6:06 PM UTC

  12. Jan - wrote:

    This app truly sucks!

    9/11/2012 6:26 PM UTC

  13. Mary - wrote:

    It seems like everyone is hating on Cyrus. First of all, he’s one of the best dancers ive seen, and he’s done good on every genre of dance he has had to do on this show. And was he EVER in the bottom? No! So i think he’s a WAY better dancer than few people give him credit for. I honestly think cyrus and eliana should win. They are the greatest. But, cyrus dies have good challenge, cheon… He’s sort good and it makes me nervous.. I want Cyrus to win!!!

    9/11/2012 6:32 PM UTC

  14. Matt - wrote:

    I watch this show with my wife every year and this year is one of the best. Do y’all not forget it is based on voting?!! Cyrus has not been in the bottom at all and there is a reason! Is he perfect with all the technique, no, but he is extremely likable and it is also about that as well.

    Cheon is a great dancer, but not very like able. I honestly am surprised he is on as a final 4 and not Cole. Cole was great!

    9/11/2012 6:33 PM UTC

  15. Roberta - wrote:

    You dont tell us we have to sign up for Facebook in order to vote ! This is all very unfair.

    9/11/2012 6:36 PM UTC

  16. Patti - wrote:

    This show is supposed to be about OUR favorite dancer— So why so we have Niegel telling the world he will not vote for Cyrus. This is totally tacky and tastless– This is not the Niegel Favorite dancer show it is OURS- Speak up America and vote for whom you want without all the stuffed shirt comments….

    9/11/2012 6:46 PM UTC

  17. Becca - wrote:

    I love Chehon & Eliana. For some reason, I can never remember the other girl’s name. I don’t even remember her before last week. Having said that, I think she dances beautifully, I just don’t remember her. Cyrus should have been gone a long time ago. When he, rather than Cole, made it to the finals, that confirmed that people are not voting on the quality of dance. He’s good at his own style, however, the last few times he danced his solo, I was kind of bored.

    9/11/2012 6:49 PM UTC

  18. Jenny Gibson - wrote:

    It is good

    9/11/2012 7:04 PM UTC

  19. Tkl - wrote:

    Wow Cyrus haters!! You don’t see the other dancers try to animate do you? I think we are missing why he is so amazing. No training EVER and look what he’s accomplished!! I watch him during every dance and have found him to be VERY entertaining all the time. Everyone will remember Cyrus where I won’t be able to tell you a single thing about the rest of them a year from now.

    9/11/2012 8:45 PM UTC

  20. Liz - wrote:

    Cyrus is there because he earned it. Sometimes you can be the best at something but you don’t get far because you are boring. You have to have that it factor. Cyrus you have it. I am so proud of you. I would rather watch you perform than some of that same old jumping around stuff. I think Nigel should have kept his opinion to his self. I thought it was such a downer after that performance. Cyrus I have my tickets to see you in Marietta. Georgia one love!!!!!!!!!

    9/11/2012 8:49 PM UTC

  21. Michael Miller - wrote:

    Cyrus is the biggest mistake in the history of the show. How can he be America’s favorite “dancer” when he is not even a “dancer.”? Nigel and Mary Murphy have an agenda with him, I wish I knew what it was.

    9/11/2012 9:13 PM UTC

  22. Jeanie Borchelt - wrote:

    Cyrus is great for the show but I agree with these other comments. I thought Cole was better than Cyrus. There were many other Dancers much better than him. He is good in his genre but he doesn’t hold a candle to so many of the other dancers who are now gone. Cyrus was lucky to get the dances that he got. He always seemed to get dances that he could kind of get away with and no one would notice how much he couldn’t do. Great kid…but not the best dancer.

    9/11/2012 10:13 PM UTC

  23. Naomi L - wrote:

    I have to agree that Chehon should win!

    Cyrus is a great animator and he has a great personality. But all the choreographers design their routines around him! They “dumb it down” and make him just kinda step around – for the most part. And yes, his moves are really repetitive.

    Chehon has the personality, the technique, the partnering and he has a flair for it all! Hes really strong as well. Not to mention he worked so hard and is definitely not bad on the eyes. He is coming into his own and should win!!

    This show always leaves me wishing I could dance like them. Hey Im only 22 so maybe!

    O yah and Cat is a great host!

    Go Chehon! (And Eliana!)

    9/11/2012 11:06 PM UTC

  24. Barbra - wrote:

    People fail to see that it is America that loves Cyrus…as someone else said on another post it is “America’s favorite dancer” not “Best dancer” the thing happens on all these reality show….AI does not pick the best singer, they haven’t done that in years…it’s always the favorite one….and the MC states “vote for you favorite” at the end of each show. Cyrus is good dancer at what he does, but Twitch and Joshua and Dom were all hip hop and b bop dancer…so why critize Cyrus about what he does….all of the dancer were given their type genre dances this year…look at Eliana and Chehon’s dance last night “ballet”.um let’s be fair with our criticism.

    9/12/2012 1:09 AM UTC

  25. essie - wrote:

    I have totally enjoyed this season……i think Cyrus is an amazing dancer who might not dance well in other genres but he entertains us and connects and that’s why we voters keep him there. Sometimes its not about the best dancer…i think America is tired of the best dancer..sometimes its about the guy we think deserves a break.

    9/12/2012 8:16 AM UTC

  26. A fan - wrote:

    I love watching sytycd. I was very disappointed in the head judge and I think he’s awesome. But the way you did Cyrus on national television was disappointing. I think you should apologize to him, to see his face. Millions of people is watching, I think it’s a time and a place. That was not the place. May God Bless Cyrus and Bless you.(GOD IS AWESOME) A fan of the show

    9/12/2012 10:35 AM UTC

  27. Sara - wrote:

    Nigel you deserve Cyrus. It’s sickening to hear your comments praising him and then being critical of the others on the show that are truly “dancers”. A “one trick pony” animator getting votes on a show that is supposed to be about dancing and not a popularity contest is asinine. Nigel you can keep “your favorite person” and give him the money and cheat Cheron out of it. Any of the other top 10 is more deserving than Cyrus. Had I been Cyrus, I would have fallen on my sword to keep the integrity of the show intact. In fact, I think Nigel (and yes Mary and the other guest judges who praised Cyrus) should say 10 Hail Marys and ask for forgiveness for their conspiracy to keep Cyrus on the show.

    9/12/2012 1:29 PM UTC

  28. Meers - wrote:

    Whatlene, Fan, and Gloria:
    I agree. and i hope the higher percentage of voters have the same opinion as you do. I will just be utterly disappointed if Cyrus wins.
    Not only is Cyrus cut way toooo much slack, but on top of that he is RARELY taken out of his comfort zone. Unlike the rest. He is not versatile, his lines are not good at all.. yes he is a genius at his own style… but ALL OF THE TOP DANCES ARE GENIUSES AT THEIR OWN STYLE.
    Who knows, maybe its PR for the “animation” style, or maybe the crowd just favors him due to his personality. This is not the right competition for a guy like Cyrus, this is a dance competition not an animation competition. Versatility, versatility, versatility.

    9/12/2012 6:56 PM UTC

  29. suemagoo - wrote:

    First of all, people whom cannot use the English language properly have NO BUSINESS criticizing ANYONE on anything. Go back to effin school. Second, Cyrus is amazing. He has done so well in basically every genre that he has been given. His style of dance is so unique and it has consumed the popular vote, obviously. Eliana is the obvious winner, seeing as how she has conquered every single dance and genre presented. HOWEVER, can you seriously say that Cheyon was great at every routine? No! He was HORRIBLE at hip-hop, and he only excels at routines similar to his home-land of ballet. Cyrus has done sooo well – he is a dream contestant.

    9/12/2012 7:24 PM UTC

  30. Torree Abrams - wrote:

    Having just watched the final four perform, I thoroughly enjoyed the showcasing of each dancers’ talents. I’ve enjoyed the fast pace. There is something to be said for charisma and the “it” factor for Cyrus’ success. Sometimes talent is not enough. Still, Chehon and Eliana are the best dancers. Props to Tiffany for rising from anonymity and joining a league of extraordinary dancers. In the end, does it really matter? It has been an entertaining season. That is what TV is about.

    9/14/2012 8:12 PM UTC

  31. Sarah - wrote:

    When people say that Chehon wasn”t great at every routine it was because he was given routines OUT OF HIS COMFORT ZONE. Unlike Cyrus, routines were literally built around him. In almost every group routine or paired routine they had to add some amination so he wouldn’t look like a fool. Yes, he is great, And amazing, but people should take into consideration it is not a show based on personality. And personally Chehon’s made me shed tears because of his emotional connection. Love the show! I post this comment with respect of others opinions.

    9/15/2012 3:16 PM UTC

  32. Jennifer - wrote:

    I could watch Cyrus dance all day, same stuff or not! The “stuff” is crazy good. haha he is AWESOME!

    9/17/2012 10:14 AM UTC

  33. Suz - wrote:

    This has to be the worst season ever!! The beginning was SO rushed and we barely got to see what the dancers could do. The two week break didn’t help either. Some of the BEST performers were unfairly criticized and voted off WAY to early> SOOOOO tired of the Cyrus hip hop dances. Is he good at what he does, yes, but much prefer a modern, lyrical or jazz dance.

    9/18/2012 5:46 PM UTC

  34. Elsa - wrote:

    I love if you thank you can dance because it make me want to dance if I could i well be on the show me and my dance mades have 3 dances we can show you and bet every one .

    11/24/2012 9:08 PM UTC

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