Vote for So You Think You Can Dance

Kent and Lauren eagerly anticipate the results

The nominees for PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2011 were announced this morning. And thanks to all of the fans who voted, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is an official nominee in the category of Favorite Competition Show.

Voting begins today at for all 44 categories and will end on Dec. 7, 2010, except for “Favorite New TV Drama” and “Favorite New TV Comedy” which will remain open for voting until night of show.


(Under the TV category, select Favorite Competition Show.)


38 comments on “Vote for So You Think You Can Dance“

  1. Judy - wrote:


    11/16/2010 7:51 PM UTC

  2. Jacqueline Stanich - wrote:

    I love watching these dancers improve every week. I can’t wait for it to come back on…..

    11/17/2010 2:21 PM UTC

  3. Kristi - wrote:


    11/17/2010 2:29 PM UTC

  4. Lisa - wrote:

    I Love, Love, Love this show… it is the BOMB!!! So You Think You Can Dance…You Rock!!

    11/17/2010 2:30 PM UTC

  5. Jil - wrote:

    I love this show. Can’t wait for the new season!

    11/17/2010 2:32 PM UTC

  6. carol - wrote:

    saw the show live in detroit. it was fantastic

    11/17/2010 2:32 PM UTC

  7. kat dudley - wrote:

    SYTYCD is the only decent dance competition on TV. Dancing with the Stars is a joke with incorrect music for the dance involved AND it has devolved into “”casting”… we need an “aging star”, an athlete, a teen “idol” who usually can’t dance period….. AND where are the “stars”, it has become dancing with the hasbeens and wannabees and Bruno’s screaming and histrionics are too over the top .

    Given the atmosphere on the tv of today, however, I suspect that this sub-standard attempt to take up a whole hour will continue and thrive.

    11/17/2010 2:33 PM UTC

  8. Mary M - wrote:

    SYTYCD is such a fun show to watch. I love watching the routines. They really create a beautiful expressive picture of hope, exuberance, and all kinds of emotion. I enjoy this show thoroughly.

    11/17/2010 2:34 PM UTC

  9. Vivian - wrote:

    SYTYCD is the best dance competition show ever!!!

    11/17/2010 2:37 PM UTC

  10. Johnieka H - wrote:

    This is the best show ever ! Ive been watching since it started! LOVE IT!

    11/18/2010 1:11 AM UTC

  11. Michelle Antolik - wrote:

    The best talent reality show. I miss dance so much and this brings me back to my glory days. The choreography and quality of dancers are amazing. The judges are awesome; very credible and realistic without being cruel. The auditions can be quite humorous at times…but when the competition really starts…WOW! I watch or DVR this show all summer. I hope it never goes away….WONDERFUL!!!

    11/18/2010 2:39 AM UTC

  12. Lisa - wrote:

    Look forward to this show all year! Awesome!!

    11/18/2010 4:01 AM UTC

  13. Bev Leroux - wrote:

    An absolute favourite. Amazing talent. Beautiful young people expressing JOY! It’s contagious. I find myself smiling throughout each show and often transported to another level. Choreography is brilliant. Love all the judges and Kat Deeley is perfect!

    11/18/2010 5:28 AM UTC

  14. Betsy - wrote:

    The talent on SYTYCD is amazing! Can’t wait until it begins again.

    11/18/2010 5:52 AM UTC

  15. Violet (Nigeria) - wrote:

    It is a very interesting show that makes me sit close to my TV screen. Robert and Adechike were so real this week and the week before in their performance(Drama)

    11/18/2010 6:47 AM UTC

  16. nada - wrote:

    SUTYCD………..i love this show sooooooo much and i love mrs naigel and the host cat deeley
    this is the best show in the world

    11/18/2010 6:57 AM UTC

  17. Rachana - wrote:

    SYTYCD is the best dance competition show ever!!!!

    11/18/2010 7:15 AM UTC

  18. merralyn - wrote:

    This is my favourite show.

    11/18/2010 8:00 AM UTC

  19. loaa - wrote:

    ilove this programe so much and ithink he is the most beatiful programe in the world

    11/18/2010 9:09 AM UTC

  20. Suzanne - wrote:

    I love this show! Can’t wait for it to return! The dancers are amazing!

    11/18/2010 9:26 AM UTC

  21. Jamee McGaughan - wrote:

    Just want you to know that “older” people love this show, too! It’s THE BEST. I’ve watched every season except Season 1 and in October saw Lauren, Kent, Robert, et al at the live tour show in Atlantic City…INCREDIBLE!!! (I’m 63. gasp!)

    11/18/2010 11:09 AM UTC

  22. Nicole - wrote:

    SUTYCD is the best!!! I never miss an episode!!! The judges are awsum, the host, Cat, is great and ofcoarse the dancers are every season exceptional!!!! Oh and I LLLOOOVVVEEE the idee of bringing back allstars!!!!!

    11/18/2010 11:36 AM UTC

  23. ilham - wrote:

    i like yhe show

    11/19/2010 8:28 AM UTC

  24. ilham - wrote:

    i like the show

    11/19/2010 8:29 AM UTC

  25. cindy - wrote:

    best dance competition

    11/20/2010 1:19 AM UTC

  26. sana - wrote:

    i like this show

    11/20/2010 4:35 AM UTC

  27. lotfet - wrote:

    i love this show very much it is the best show in all world

    11/21/2010 9:41 PM UTC

  28. Mike - wrote:


    11/23/2010 7:54 AM UTC

  29. chegusaran - wrote:

    i love this show
    so many talent dancers
    i never miss this show
    i love it

    11/27/2010 1:47 AM UTC

  30. wendy berlin - wrote:

    There should be one female winner and one male winner. Both should get equal prizes. After all, they are ALWAYS coupled when they dance.
    One time, they let Katy get $50,000. Well deserved. There should be updates on all the dancers to where they are appearing and will appear.

    12/19/2010 8:26 AM UTC

  31. wendy berlin - wrote:

    This is the only true dance show. However, when the winner is proclaimed by the number of phone calls, it turns into a popularity
    contest. Love Adam Shankman. Get rid of Mary and her annoying

    12/19/2010 8:28 AM UTC

  32. Emily - wrote:

    I love SYTYCD. I’ve watched it for some of the past seasons, but Season 7 was incredible. I love Kent, Lauren, Robert, Billy, and Ashley. You know what I love them all!

    1/3/2011 5:46 PM UTC

  33. Emily - wrote:

    Wendy you have a point. And I felt bad for Kent when they announced that Lauren was the winner because they just shooed him off the stage and didn’t let him say anything.

    1/3/2011 5:47 PM UTC

  34. Emily - wrote:

    I saw the dancers live in Milwaukee and they were amazing. I also stayed after with my mom and we met all the dancers and they were the sweetes people I’ve ever met. That was one of the best experiences of my life.

    1/3/2011 5:51 PM UTC

  35. Avon - wrote:

    this show and dances are wonderfull…Like..

    1/9/2011 4:07 AM UTC

  36. Lisa - wrote:

    I LOVE SYTYCD! My husband surprised me with tickets when they came here on tour for my birthday. It was better than any concert, show, or event that I have ever attended. The talent is amazing. Lauren and Kent were just adorable together!
    PS What happened to the judge/ choreographer, Dan? I loved watching him.

    1/16/2011 8:44 PM UTC

  37. bee - wrote:

    make me relax

    2/22/2011 4:38 PM UTC

  38. Vesna - wrote:

    Best show ever

    4/12/2011 5:36 PM UTC

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