All-Star tWitch Boss Stars in a New Movie

tWitch Boss stars in Stomp The Yard

tWitch Boss stars in Stomp The Yard: Homecoming

Stephen “tWitch” Boss first entered the public eye as a So You Think You Can Dance Season 3 hopeful who was cut right before the Top 20 was formed. Determined as ever, tWitch came back and auditioned for Season 4. He not only made the Top 20, he ended up in second place, and helped earn choreographer Mia Michaels an Emmy nomination for the memorable “Mercy” routine. You can now find the Season 7 All-Star in a number of movies including Stomp The Yard: Homecoming, which is now available on Blu-ray™ and DVD.

Not only does tWitch dance in the movie, he has a number of speaking lines as co-star “Taz.” The dance numbers in the film were choreographed by Chuck Maldonado, who worked with tWitch on Season 4 of SYTYCD for the “Five Guys Named Moe” Broadway piece and the Top 8 Hip Hop group performance. Chuck and tWitch reunited again during Season 7 when the choreographer created a Stepping routine for Kent Boyd and tWitch.

Watch an exclusive clip from Stomp The Yard: Homecoming starring tWitch:

What is your favorite tWitch performance? Tell us in the comments section below.


43 comments on “All-Star tWitch Boss Stars in a New Movie“

  1. Laura - wrote:

    favorite tWitch performance? Mercy. definitely.

    9/21/2010 2:10 PM UTC

  2. Donna - wrote:

    tWitch U Rock!!!

    9/21/2010 2:12 PM UTC

  3. terry - wrote:

    tWitch is my all-time fav sytycd dancer. my favorite routine of all time was “the door” or “mercy” routine. that is, until this year, and the hip hop routine with alex wong!!!!!

    9/21/2010 2:13 PM UTC

  4. Lindsay - wrote:

    my favorite twitch routine is the one with him and alex wong from season 8 :) ) BEST ROUTINE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9/21/2010 2:13 PM UTC

  5. WereTiger - wrote:

    Twitch and Comfort, ‘Forever’.

    9/21/2010 2:21 PM UTC

  6. Debby - wrote:

    Love tWitch! I’m so glad he’s getting to do what he loves as a career – go tWitch!

    9/21/2010 2:25 PM UTC

  7. Gretchen - wrote:

    I LOVE Twitch in anything. But my favorite is when he and Alex did a Hip-Hop

    9/21/2010 2:26 PM UTC

  8. Staci - wrote:

    Hands down the one with Alex…where Twitch was the shrink. Well, the “door” dance was really good too. He an awesome dancer.

    9/21/2010 2:31 PM UTC

  9. Aimee - wrote:

    LOVE tWitch! Such a great personality and style, glad to see him getting more and more!

    9/21/2010 2:32 PM UTC

  10. Debbie - wrote:

    Mercy! OMG! Saw that routine in my head for days. go Mia, she is the boss.

    9/21/2010 2:32 PM UTC

  11. Kathryn Davis - wrote:

    Twitch is incredible!!

    9/21/2010 2:40 PM UTC

  12. Aimee - wrote:

    Twitch is a favorite of mine and I can’t name only one! I pick Mercy, Outta Your Mind, Dreaming of a Broken Heart, and Forever.

    I was so glad to see Twitch back as an All Star!

    9/21/2010 3:03 PM UTC

  13. Jean - wrote:

    Ok, so I watch SYTYCD well actually I think I eat, breathe and sleep it…not really but I am a huge fan. Here’s the thing though I have never really voted, but on season four I was a maniac, HUGE. See I really just liked tWitches style, and his maturity level on and off the floor in season 3 try outs so when he landed on season 4 I voted the whole two hours every week my kids thought I was wacked and looking back I think I was too but hey we all have to have moment like that in our life ya know. So as to my favorite dance I like just about anything he does but I think my two favorites are with Carington on season four, Alex on season seven and also with Kent. Keep up the great work.

    9/21/2010 3:11 PM UTC

  14. nima nikmehr - wrote:

    you are amazing twitch,i really love your works they are outstanding

    9/21/2010 3:14 PM UTC

  15. Antonio - wrote:

    It was a nice surprise this movie. Good dancing anyway.
    Wish he was more used in the flick.


    9/21/2010 3:25 PM UTC

  16. Dawn - wrote:

    I love everything Twitch does.!!!..Every performance Twitch gave was my favorite!! The performance with the door was so effortless…he made it look so easy!! I always looked forward to watching what he would do every week on So You think you can dance. I was thrilled when he came back as a all star dancer this summer. The way he moves is like no other and I can’t wait to see this movie. I look forward to seeing him in many more things!!

    9/21/2010 3:29 PM UTC

  17. kathy snowdon - wrote:

    I pretty much like everything that tWitch does but my all time favourite is the routine with Katie done to Mercy (by Duffy) That was fabulous!!

    9/21/2010 3:30 PM UTC

  18. Jenna - wrote:

    NappyTabs with Alex!!! Season 7 ftw!

    9/21/2010 4:04 PM UTC

  19. yolanda - wrote:

    congratulations twitch.

    9/21/2010 4:26 PM UTC

  20. Bridget - wrote:

    I know it wasn’t technically his performance (because he was an “allstar” at the time), but most definitely the Tabitha and Napoleon hip-hop routine that he did with Alex Wong last season. I can’t remember loving anything as much I loved that routine!

    9/21/2010 4:33 PM UTC

  21. Dawn - wrote:

    My favorite Twitch performance? All of them … he just lights up the world when he dances and I’m so happy that SYTYCD brought him back as an All Star last season… I just hope they keep bringing him back because I never tire of watching him dance. But yes, that routine with Alex Wong was indeed outstanding.

    9/21/2010 5:48 PM UTC

  22. Jenna - wrote:

    I love tWitch!!!! He was outstanding in season 7 as an All-star!!!! I was really sad that he wasn’t on the tour…But I must say Russell held it up!!!! And they did an honorary performance of the Alex and Twitch performance…let me tell you the crowd went crazy!!!! They were amazing and twitch is a kick butt dancer!

    9/21/2010 6:10 PM UTC

  23. Niki - wrote:

    I think the very best peice that twitch was in was the one he did with Alex Wong this past season. He shows great versitility in the “Mercy” peice and the one with the mattress with Carrington, but by far he is a hip-hop dancer and his strengths are within that genre

    9/21/2010 6:30 PM UTC

  24. Zenit - wrote:

    tWitch rocks

    9/21/2010 7:57 PM UTC

  25. Umiko Simms - wrote:

    I so agree with you Bridget! That was the bomb!

    9/21/2010 10:11 PM UTC

  26. Saksham - wrote:

    ma fav routine….twitch rocks….ma best wishes to him

    9/21/2010 11:38 PM UTC

  27. Deidré - wrote:

    The one with Alex Wong season 8!!

    9/22/2010 12:01 AM UTC

  28. sana - wrote:

    I just love twitch I always did this is great

    9/22/2010 1:41 AM UTC

  29. AB - wrote:

    FAV LETS SEE ALL HE DOES and this from an olddddddd lady but he makes me smile. HOPE YOU ARE BK. NEXT YR( SYTYCD). as an ALL STAR.

    9/22/2010 2:07 AM UTC

  30. Net - wrote:

    Anything twitch does is the best.

    9/22/2010 2:21 AM UTC

  31. Lara Cox - wrote:

    Mercy and Chuck Maldonado’s stepping routine. I watched both over and over. Twitch was hot in Mercy but more than hot, he stepped in to replace Billy Bell for the step number. Not only was he awesome, but you could hear him “willing” both of them thru the performance…I could see he was guiding Kent thru it. Not that Kent didn’t hold his own, but I believe it was SO good b/c of tWitch. What a professional and what a sense of humor. He is a true star and all who work w/him are lucky!

    9/22/2010 4:11 AM UTC

  32. Mavis Smith - wrote:

    Love tWitch – glad it’s happening for him – favorite routine is Hip Hop with Alex

    9/22/2010 5:47 AM UTC

  33. DonnaLynn Lee - wrote:

    I have faithfully watched on SYTYCD since you started. Youare simply put “Amazing” Your support of the female dancers is incredible. You deserve every award you get. Love Donna (Canadian) (63 years Old)

    9/22/2010 6:12 AM UTC

  34. Paige - wrote:

    tWitch remains one of the most charismatic performers EVER on SYTYCD, as proved again this year in his all-star turn. Other than the piece with Alex, he outshown those he danced with. With Alex, they both BROUGHT it and showed what fantastic performers and dancers they both are. He needs more exposure – get him back on the big screen in a bigger, better part1

    9/22/2010 8:50 AM UTC

  35. Jan - wrote:

    Go get em, Twitch! I really enjoyed watching every routine that you did. Also enjoyed watching you this last season, you made your partners shine! I’m with Donna from Canada, except I’m in California, and I’m 61, you’re never too old to enjoy great dancing. Thank you Twitch! I love SYTYCD, it’s SO much better, and has such a wide variety of dancing compared to that other dancing show! I’ve watched it since the beginning,I don’t watch the other one anymore.

    9/22/2010 9:50 AM UTC

  36. DLTAF - wrote:

    All of them!!!!!! 1. Mercy 2. Five Guys named Moe 3. Hip Hop with Alex 4. Hip Hop with Comfort and don’t forget Baliwood with Joshua! The guy is phenomenal!!! I hope he never stops wanting to entertain us. I could watch him forever. … and DAMN he’s fine! This cougar loves you!!!

    9/22/2010 10:42 AM UTC

  37. julian - wrote:

    love to twitch and comfort again

    9/22/2010 11:59 AM UTC

  38. StephenW - wrote:

    Twitch is such a BEAST!!!

    9/22/2010 2:52 PM UTC

  39. Sandra - wrote:

    Awesome season 7, especially the routine with Alex. Twitch first caught my attention when he and Comfort danced on season 4. Way to go Twitch!

    9/22/2010 5:07 PM UTC

  40. ADean - wrote:

    I love Twitch. An amazing dancer :D Can’t wait to watch the movie

    9/24/2010 10:52 AM UTC

  41. dizzy - wrote:

    well event though tWitch is a fantastic dancer SYTYCD wasn’t the first time he came into the puplic eye….it was during the “Wade Robson Project”

    I think if your gonna post something about someone, at least get the facts right.

    9/29/2010 10:46 AM UTC

  42. Robin - wrote:

    Everybody loves Twitch. He’s what SYTYCD is all about. Someone with no formal training who works hard enought to make it.

    10/1/2010 6:09 AM UTC

  43. wissal - wrote:

    i loooooove youuu so much twitch you’re ideal for me i missen you so much and i cryed every day when so you think you can dance ended (exuse me if you found a false word i’m not good in english unfortunnitly) i search your videos but i can’t found it

    11/20/2010 11:42 AM UTC

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