Lauren Froderman Talks About Her Journey

Lauren Froderman is America's Favorite Dancer!

Just hours after being crowned America’s Favorite Dancer, Season 7 champ Lauren Froderman opened up on a press call about her experience on So You Think You Can Dance. The 18-year-old was still in shock, very appreciative, and she’s looking forward to the tour.

Lauren received great compliments throughout the season, but the one that stuck with her the most was judge Mia Michaels’ comment on Wednesday night’s show. “The most memorable comment that will stick with me forever is when Mia Michaels said if she was still dancing she’d want to dance like me. I look up to her – the whole dance community looks up to her – and it means so much to me.”

In the first-ever all-star season, Lauren said that dancing with all-stars “really pushed us to work even harder because they really brought something new to the table, and we were still trying to figure out how dancing on TV works. They made our lives easier and harder at the same time. I’m grateful.” What was the best advice she got from an all-star? “The ones who told me to be confident in myself and not think about it being a competition. I was always so nervous for ballroom because it’s not my style, and Pasha would always tell me to be confident and that I knew the steps and i just needed to be in character and let go. Sometimes you hold back because you’re scared but you need to just let go.”

During the first few weeks of Season 7, Lauren got some criticism about smiling too much and dancing like a competition dancer. How was she able to overcome that so well? “I was raised as a competition dancer and acknowledging the audience is what we were trained to do. Being on the show made me realize it’s not all about the audience. It’s about getting into the character…and having the audience want to come in instead of trying to pull them in. The all-stars are definitely a big help on how my performance improved. They were always the best support for us contestants.”

The last girl standing didn’t expect she was going to win. Lauren shared, “I was completely shocked. I really, really thought it would be Kent. The whole room is filled with teenage girls screaming for Kent. He gets a ridiculous amount of fan mail. I am so honored and humbled that it was me. I never dreamed it was going to be me.” Lauren explained her mindset throughout the competition, saying “I wanted to stay as long as I possibly could and I wanted to learn and I wanted to grow. I wanted to be with these new friends and this new family that I made. I don’t think there was a moment where I thought I would win, but there were moments where I wanted to stay.”

After Cat Deeley announced that Lauren is America’s Favorite Dancer, it was so loud in the studio she didn’t get a chance to say anything. “I was just so blown away; I did not expect to win. The fact that so many people believed in me and supported me was just so crazy. The feeling that knowing people are very happy for you and they don’t even know you and are voting for you is so crazy. I feel so blessed and so humbled and nothing will replace the feeling of happiness I felt last night.”
What’s next for the recent high school grad? Of course she will be heading out on the 40-city tour this fall. After that, Lauren “would like to go into acting and get an acting coach. I’ve been singing for the past two years and want to keep training in that. I want to be as versatile as possible because I’d like to book jobs and work in movies and TV. Especially right now while I’m still young and have a ton of energy.”

America’s Favorite Dancer would like to say, “Thank you and I’m just so grateful. I’m just so honored to be America’s Favorite Dancer and just to inspire people. It touches me to be able to experience this and have a positive impact on somebody’s life. I’m just really grateful.”

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29 comments on “Lauren Froderman Talks About Her Journey“

  1. sandy - wrote:


    8/13/2010 11:17 AM UTC

  2. Lindsey - wrote:

    Are you and Kent dating yet?!

    8/13/2010 12:59 PM UTC

  3. Mina Farah - wrote:

    I really wish Robert won :(

    8/13/2010 1:32 PM UTC

  4. ginger - wrote:

    Kept my eye on her right from the start. Enjoyed her every single week even though I was voting for Robert due to a family connection. I’m thrilled she won ans wish her the best in her future!

    8/13/2010 3:42 PM UTC

  5. Michelle Martin - wrote:

    Congradulations Lauren!!! You are truely an amazing dancer who started the show a little girl and ended it a woman. You are an inspiration to many people. You make one hell of a black widow.

    8/13/2010 4:14 PM UTC

  6. kathleen - wrote:

    Lauren totally deserved to win. She was great with whatever they threw at her and continued to improve in her character portrayal. Her dancing was already incredible. Congratulations Lauren! Embrace your win and own your talent. You are formidable!

    8/13/2010 4:38 PM UTC

  7. Carly - wrote:

    First, congratulations to Lauren! Loved all the top 3.
    Now, this photo is what I hate about this season. Really…Dom and Twitch hoisting her up for the victory lap? I HATE how the All S. horn in on everything. I know that the guys from THIS season were there, celebrating. Why couldn’t the All Stars step back FOR ONCE and let this season’s crew have their moment? Good grief!

    8/13/2010 6:53 PM UTC

  8. jackie - wrote:

    what a beutiful dancer lauren is , she dances from her heart and it really showed every week up there on stage , she put 100% into every jeanra that was given to her and the proof was in the pudding last night !!! well done lauren although the final 3 was very deserving of the title as well,,, you made a very big impression on me and even though i used to teach dance to over 100 girls ,,,dance never leaves your soul and i have never cheered as much as i did when you won last night eccept cheering for my own girls who have very special places in my heart.. your family must be so proud of you !!! you go girlie !!!!

    8/13/2010 7:46 PM UTC

  9. dallys - wrote:

    i really didnt care if kent or lauren won but i dont like robert

    8/14/2010 5:53 AM UTC

  10. dallys - wrote:

    you made a insperrasoin to me lauren thank you

    8/14/2010 5:57 AM UTC

  11. yoyy - wrote:

    lauren dances from her heart and it really showed every week up there on stage

    8/14/2010 6:19 AM UTC

  12. yoyy - wrote:

    Congratulations Lauren

    8/14/2010 6:20 AM UTC

  13. joan fay arico - wrote:

    please, please bring Mary Murphy back and let Mia be the one who guest visits…Mia is such a drag and so into herself..we love Mary and her wonderful energy…love Adam and Nigel…not Mia

    8/14/2010 12:15 PM UTC

  14. LindseyJane! - wrote:


    8/14/2010 7:13 PM UTC

  15. Milomama - wrote:

    Best season ever. the top 3 did all deserve to be there. Please, Please, Please keep the all-star format. Made the season so much better. Was going to stop watching because last season was kinda boring.

    8/15/2010 9:38 AM UTC

  16. Christopher Kringle - wrote:

    It was a sham, Kent was way better than her. She was in the bottom 3 several times and saved by the judges. She was kept as the “token” female. This seasons way of judging and competing with all stars was pointless. It was nice to see the past contestants, however, it was like cheating on your homework. We watch to see new people and new dances, not see the old return… wasnt that why they were voted off in the first place?

    8/15/2010 12:05 PM UTC

  17. JT - wrote:

    Lauren is an amazing and beautiful dancer. I am so happy that she is the season 7 winner. BUT…can she do hard-shoe Irish??? So You Think You Can Dance needs to add Irish dance to their mix most definitely!!!!!!!!!!

    8/15/2010 12:32 PM UTC

  18. Annie Z - wrote:

    You have had my votes from the start. Your sweet face and incredible talent are a pleasure to behold. I understand your feeling of the new family you have. You will treasure them all because you all were incedible.

    8/15/2010 6:35 PM UTC

  19. Nancy - wrote:

    I so knew you were going to win, Lauren and I figured that out many weeks ago when you were the last girl standing! You’re an amazingly talented girl and your family must be so proud! You ARE so versatile and able to succeed in any genre, a great asset for any dancer. I wish you many more years of success and please don’t ever give up dancing. Hope to see a lot more of you!! Love the All-Star format, hope it continues for many more seasons!

    8/16/2010 12:10 PM UTC

  20. emily f. - wrote:

    lauren i loved u from the the start, but i thought kent would win because all the girls loved him. i loved you and was so excited you won! go girls! i can not wait for tour and i hope i will get to see you! you were the best dancer on the show, and you deserved to win!

    8/16/2010 2:17 PM UTC

  21. Mira - wrote:

    I agree that this year’s set up with the all stars evidently made it easier for the contestants to shine. The competition doesn’t look as challenging as it used to be. All stars should have been brought in at the point contestants have to perform 2x in a day… let them earn it first! It is nice to see old faces but up to some extent.

    The last episode got boring too! You have to realize, people can easily tivo and rewatch the performances anytime. Could’ve been more creative adding a bit more variety to the show. Ellen Degeneres was a surprise, the Quest was a new flavor (with familiar faces too)… the rest we couldn’t care less. More of those unexpected performances should’ve made the show more special and memorable.

    8/17/2010 7:30 AM UTC

  22. Colleen Dales - wrote:

    Lauren – you worked so hard. You deserved to win 100 percent. Your growth was incredible from beginning to end, and the best part is you were not at all expecting it, and you could tell the humble shock and appreciation on your face. What a great start to a young adult life! Go girl! I am so inspired, you are beautiful and grounded – keep those qualities always!

    8/21/2010 7:19 PM UTC

  23. nancie snow - wrote:

    Are you kidding me, lost all respect for the show when you totally dissed one of the most magnificant dances I’ve ever seen! Go back to school judges, you have lost your minds!!! The dance to Jar of Hearts was awesome! You two keep dancing, the judges don’t know what their talking about. They need to keep their day job!!

    8/24/2010 5:23 PM UTC

  24. Mandy - wrote:

    This show isn’t about winning, though. It’s about dancing– because that’s what you love to do. Once you get into that character, once you get to that point where the competition doesn’t matter, than you’ve really one. People wanted Kent and Robert to win, but I wouldn’t say that they lost.
    They just didn’t get voted as America’s favorite dancer.
    They danced for their hearts.
    And Lauren’s an exceptional dancer, I have to say. Dancing is all about being able to know where your body is in space, and how to copy movements. She did that! She could do hip-hop, ballroom, contemporary, you name it, because she could copy movements and knew where her body was in space.
    Wish you the best, Lauren!

    8/25/2010 8:33 AM UTC

  25. Tina - wrote:

    Look alike; Lauren and swedish princess Madeleine

    8/31/2010 11:31 AM UTC

  26. Abby - wrote:

    i was sooo happy lauren won, i loved her so much she reminds me of me actually i have quirkyness about me too i loved all her dances, especially the prom one with kent, my sister and i think that you guys make a cute couple hehe
    congrats lauren you deserved to win from start to finish i loved watching you t hroughout the season, i wouldnt mind seeing the tour but maybe next year, congrats again you really deserve to be America’s Favorite dancer, i look forward to seeing your face on my garotade bottle and the dance spirit magazine, great job your an amazing dancer, i hope to be like you when i get older. :)

    9/12/2010 8:00 AM UTC

  27. summergirl1 - wrote:

    Lauren deserved to win, she proved that about half way through the season. Would love to see Lauren on Broadway!

    9/12/2010 8:14 PM UTC

  28. manoj - wrote:

    congrats lauren. Ur hardwork, dedication, an urge to learn something new has resulted in this huge success. May u achieve even greater heights in ur life & always keep that cute smile on ur face. May God bless u

    7/5/2011 10:41 AM UTC

  29. Ian Evans - wrote:

    I love Lauren ever since the auditions. She has the most energetic personality that is so contagious.

    10/28/2011 5:22 PM UTC

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