Tell Us Your Favorite Robert Roldan Routine

Contemporary dancer Robert Roldan rose to the occasion week after week and even became the Ballroom Boy of this season.  Of the third place finisher’s two performances below, which was your favorite?

Travis Wall Contemporary Routine (Top 7)

Napoleon & Tabitha D’umo Hip Hop Routine (Top 4)

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41 comments on “Tell Us Your Favorite Robert Roldan Routine“

  1. Kimberly - wrote:


    8/12/2010 10:29 PM UTC

  2. Snookie - wrote:

    Scars was my favorite routine. You were, no you are the best!
    By the way, I loved your bollywood routine also.

    8/13/2010 7:13 AM UTC

  3. Dale - wrote:

    It is interesting how Robert was in so many favorites at the finale but still came in 3rd.

    8/13/2010 7:37 AM UTC

  4. Julie - wrote:

    Travis Wall – Try to Fix You. Viscerally moving. Unbelievable. Without equal this season.

    8/13/2010 7:42 AM UTC

  5. Born in '56 - wrote:

    Robert …my favorite from the begging. I’m so happy the tv audiance got on board with you or we would have missed your inspiring Wahl- Fix You. and your Napy Tabs Clown Hip Hop with Dominic! What a gift you were given to get these dances! You rock! and what a lovee. Enjoy the ride.

    8/13/2010 9:11 AM UTC

  6. ginger - wrote:

    Loved the Travis Wall routine!!!!

    8/13/2010 3:44 PM UTC

  7. Sami - wrote:

    fix you

    8/13/2010 3:47 PM UTC

  8. Lisa - wrote:

    Robert was by far my favorite dancer and the best dancer on the show. I loved him from the very begining. Scars was also may favorite dance of the season, then Robert’s bollywood, and then Fix You. See, all my favorite dances of the season had Robert in it. Of course, I loved Twitch and Alex’s hip hop too, but Robert caught my attention. He was funny, crazy, and was the best at creating a character. I am so glad he made it to the finale because I was nervous for him. He did own the finale too.

    8/13/2010 3:47 PM UTC

  9. Alison - wrote:

    the 1 with dominic!!

    8/13/2010 3:48 PM UTC

  10. Emily - wrote:

    1. Clown Hip Hop w/ Dominic
    2. Barbie doll dance w/ Kathryn
    3. “Heaven on Earth” dance w/ Kathryn, going off to war

    8/13/2010 3:55 PM UTC

  11. Lauren - wrote:

    Travis Wall Contemporary def takes the cake for me! :)

    8/13/2010 3:58 PM UTC

  12. Angelika von Bargen - wrote:

    Try to fix you is my no. 1 – but there were so many more….

    8/13/2010 4:00 PM UTC

  13. Andi - wrote:

    Definitely the comtemporary. I bawled my eyes out. I have been that child and now I am that mother. It truly touched my soul.

    8/13/2010 4:01 PM UTC

  14. Kona - wrote:

    I like the Travis Wall routine better. But my favortie routine of all time was the Robert and Courtney Andrew Chesman African dance routine!!!!

    8/13/2010 4:03 PM UTC

  15. Sarah El - wrote:

    Definitely “Fix You” though I love “Scars” too.

    8/13/2010 4:09 PM UTC

  16. Tracie Bradford - wrote:

    Can’;t pick one because they are both GREAT!! But if I HAVE to pick on I would say the Travis Wall routine!

    8/13/2010 4:15 PM UTC

  17. Krista - wrote:

    Definitely Fix You. It was so emotional and so beautiful!

    8/13/2010 4:19 PM UTC

  18. Michelle - wrote:

    LOVED the Travis Wall Fix You – cried for 1/2 hour after it was over. It was my very favorite, but really, I just loved to watch you dance, Robert! You are amazingly gifted! I especially loved to see you dance to the piece that Tyce did for you & Mark last night! WOW! Talk about fantastic!!! My 2 favorites in the history of SYTYCD together on one stage! Outstanding!! Keep dancing, Robert!! We love you!!

    8/13/2010 4:20 PM UTC

  19. barbara - wrote:

    Loved the Travis Wall routine. It was so emotional each time I watched It back. It was danced with so much feeling! Loved it!!

    8/13/2010 4:31 PM UTC

  20. jenn - wrote:

    Impossible to choose between those two. They were both brilliant. The contemporary piece was amazing and the hip hop blew me away

    8/13/2010 4:34 PM UTC

  21. Kim - wrote:

    I am a Robert fan through and through. He was certainly the most versatile of the male dancers. I was sorry that he didn’t make it to the final two, but I was thrilled to see him in the finale. I cannot *wait* to see him on tour.

    The Travis Wall routine was brilliant. I also loved the Heaven on Earth dance. Scars was #3, but there were so many more memorable performances…

    8/13/2010 4:45 PM UTC

  22. Samantha - wrote:

    Normally I go for the more emotionally heavy pieces, but the routine with Dominic was just so amazing! It’s definitely my favorite paired-piece with Robert this season.

    8/13/2010 4:53 PM UTC

  23. Catherine McNally - wrote:

    I grew to really love watching Robert dance. By the end of the season he was my favorite performer. Loved

    8/13/2010 4:58 PM UTC

  24. Jamie - wrote:

    loved the pillow dance with Lauren and of course, Fix You. :)

    8/13/2010 5:02 PM UTC

  25. Carol - wrote:

    too hard to choose with those too…the contemporary with Alison was awesome and so was the hip hop….I’ll go with the hip hop
    NappyTabs are THE BEST; such style, themes, creativity…unreal!
    Travis is awesome too…amazing contemporary numbers…Go Travis!

    8/13/2010 5:02 PM UTC

  26. Liz - wrote:

    The Clown-Scars hiphop AND his finale broadway piece with Kathryn to Cool.

    8/13/2010 5:05 PM UTC

  27. Royal Reed - wrote:

    I liked both, but will go with travis wall, fix you

    8/13/2010 5:14 PM UTC

  28. Saya Aberial - wrote:

    Definitely the Travis Wall, hands down. I also found the wardrobe amusing; change his hair color and make his a bit paler, and Robert would make a pretty convincing Travis; from far off at least.

    8/13/2010 5:30 PM UTC

  29. Lori - wrote:

    I love the FIx You piece the most! I really Robert dance. Even more than his amazing artist talent I loved the kindness and warmth that he displayed! His love for his mom along with his artistry captured my heart and I wish him all the blessings that he deserves. I also pray that his mom stays well and that they both continue to be blessed.

    8/13/2010 5:51 PM UTC

  30. Melissa - wrote:

    This Travis Wall routine with Robert and Allison (Fix You) was so moving. It is right up there as one of my all-time favorite routines. It makes me cry every time I see it. I hope it makes it to the tour. I was able to see the tour a couple of yrs ago to watch the amazing routine routine between Melissa and Ade that Tyce choreographed. This reminded me of that in terms of its power. Beautiful.

    8/13/2010 6:14 PM UTC

  31. Crowceilidh - wrote:

    Cool and the pillow dance and the argentine tango (which I would very much like to see now that his acting has improved so much).

    8/13/2010 7:52 PM UTC

  32. Linda Gabriel - wrote:

    Ha, I can’t choose one because I loved both of these, but for different reasons. Robert is so versatile – moving and inspiring in one dance, then energetic and quirky in the other. I loved Robert all season!

    8/13/2010 7:53 PM UTC

  33. Linda Gabriel - wrote:

    May I add to my favorite Robert dances, the one he did with Mark in the finale, the pillow contemp with Lauren, and the Barbie doll dance with Kathryn. Ah, Robert, you are awesome!

    8/13/2010 8:10 PM UTC

  34. Khekridhe - wrote:

    Robert’s Travis Wall contemporary routine was absolutely my all time favorite!

    8/13/2010 8:19 PM UTC

  35. DFord - wrote:

    Absolutely the Travis Wall routine,,,Fix You!!! Love it!

    8/13/2010 9:03 PM UTC

  36. Jessica - wrote:

    I love Robert. I thought he was absolutely great. He was my favorite male dancer. Loved the Nap&Tab hip hop routine just a tiny bit more then the Travis Wall routine.

    8/14/2010 3:36 AM UTC

  37. Beth - wrote:

    Travis Wall Fix You, then hip hop with Dominic.

    8/14/2010 4:53 AM UTC

  38. Mary Anne Odom - wrote:

    Travis Wall’s “Fix You”. Felt it was the turning point for Robert. He became a complete performer at that time.

    8/14/2010 6:46 AM UTC

  39. Deb Wessel - wrote:

    Robert was my favorite from the beginning, so many great routines. He just kept getting better and he was always amazed that he was still there! I would have liked to see him win, but Lauren was amazing too, so not so sad. I’m sure all of the top 3 are going to have outstanding careers, would love to see them perform!

    8/14/2010 9:39 AM UTC

  40. Brittany - wrote:

    Hip hop. It was a great dance!

    8/14/2010 10:21 AM UTC

  41. Paige - wrote:

    Both dances were my favorites!! I can’t choose!!! I loved the hip-hop because it was a fun number but I loved the contemporary because it was so beautiful!! One made me cry the other made me laugh but either way i loved them both!!!!! Nice job Robert !!!

    8/16/2010 2:22 PM UTC

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