Tell Us Your Favorite Kent Boyd Routine

Wapakoneta’s Kent Boyd was a fan favorite since day one due to his determination, demeanor, and dancing. It was no surprise he made it all the way to the finale of Season 7! Of the runner-up’s two performances below, which was your favorite?

Tyce Diorio Broadway Routine [Top 7]

Travis Wall Contemporary Routine [Top 8]

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66 comments on “Tell Us Your Favorite Kent Boyd Routine“

  1. Jenny - wrote:

    I loved both dances with Kent & Niel. Both the baseball routine and the backstabbing friend routine were genius.

    8/13/2010 8:30 PM UTC

  2. Beth - wrote:

    The Travis routine with Neil. One of my favorite dances on this show EVER!

    8/14/2010 4:52 AM UTC

  3. Tracy - wrote:

    I loved Adechike and Kent’s Dee Caspary routine with the chair.

    8/14/2010 5:26 AM UTC

  4. Mary Anne Odom - wrote:

    The Travis Wall -routine with Neil about the backstabbing friend. He showed so much maturity.

    8/14/2010 6:48 AM UTC

  5. Heather - wrote:

    My top three favorite Kent routines were 3. How It Ends with Neil 2. Sundrenched World with Allison and 1. Collide with Lauren. He always displayed such truthfulness and heart in his routines whether he was experiencing Prom, being stabbed in the back, or having the time of his life as a nerd. Thanks for a memorable season!

    8/14/2010 6:58 AM UTC

  6. Michelle - wrote:

    The Travis Wall contemporary with Neil. “How This Ends”

    8/14/2010 7:15 AM UTC

  7. NewViewer - wrote:

    Just some observations. Loved the prom routine with Lauren, but was most struck by the difference in the connection between Kent and Allison. The first time they danced together was the time Nigel and crew really smacked Kent down for playing to the audience rathre than connecting with his partner. Throughout the comments, Allison was nodding her head in agreement. The second time they danced together in the finale show, Kent was more moved and invested in the piece than I had ever seen. He and Allison were very connected. Adam got it right when he said Kent had made the transition to artist. Just a beautiful moment for Kent. He didn’t win (bummed on that) but it looks like what he’s gained personally as a dancer is greater than the title.

    8/14/2010 7:40 AM UTC

  8. Laura - wrote:

    contemporary with Lauren! so cute!

    8/14/2010 8:15 AM UTC

  9. bobetteames - wrote:

    I loved this routine. It was so light and fun. You couldn’t help but move with them. just loved it

    8/14/2010 8:58 AM UTC

  10. Teresa - wrote:

    My favourite routines danced by Kent were probably the prom one, the Tyce Diorio Broadway routine, and Travis Wall’s comtemporary routine that Neil and Kent danced also.

    8/14/2010 9:45 AM UTC

  11. Brittany - wrote:

    Kent and Laurens dance. It was great!

    8/14/2010 10:20 AM UTC

  12. Sandra - wrote:

    My favorite was the routine chorey’d by Travis Wall about the friend’s betrayal.

    8/14/2010 1:43 PM UTC

  13. NewViewer - wrote:

    Can we get an explaination on why Kent was escorted off the stage so fast (with flowers over his head) and he was not part of the celebration when everyone joined Lauren on stage? Please explain!

    8/14/2010 2:08 PM UTC

  14. Anita - wrote:

    My vote was always for Kent. I thought Lauren was a great dancer but she didn’t have Kent’s charisma. When he danced I felt compelled to watch. The dance of the two males’ shattered friendship was the best. I can’t wait to see Kent and the others in Orlando next month.

    8/16/2010 12:03 PM UTC

  15. NewViewer - wrote:


    8/18/2010 7:35 AM UTC

  16. ozone - wrote:

    every single dance kent did was my favorite! He’s the best and should have won! I voted for him non stop but I guess that didn’t help.

    (Worst for kent was disco though)

    8/18/2010 4:06 PM UTC

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