Ellen DeGeneres and tWitch Boss to Perform on Season Finale

Who will be America's Favorite Dancer?

Who will be America’s Favorite Dancer? Tune in to So You Think You Can Dance tonight, Thursday, Aug. 12 at 8/7c on FOX, for one of the most-anticipated television events of the summer featuring a very special performance by Ellen DeGeneres and tWitch Boss.

The two-hour live finale will showcase the judges’ favorite routines from the season and also include performances by indie rock duo Black Gold; dance sensations Quest Crew; Charlie Bruce, the winner of the U.K. version of So You Think You Can Dance; and tap-dancing siblings the Manzari Brothers. At the end of the celebration, host Cat Deeley will reveal America’s vote, and America’s Favorite Dancer will be crowned live before millions of television viewers.

In addition, fans can watch their favorite finale performances from every angle with the new DANCE 360° experience right here at www.fox.com/dance. Beginning tonight, So You Think You Can Dance fans can view the season finale performances like never before. Enabled by 360° video camera technology, DANCE 360° gives fans the best seats in the house, allowing them to experience every step, leap and jump from multiple vantage points. DANCE 360° is powered by MATIvision© and McCartney Multimedia, Inc.

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15 comments on “Ellen DeGeneres and tWitch Boss to Perform on Season Finale“

  1. matt - wrote:

    As an avid watcher of this show, this Ellen and Twitch performance was embarassing to the show…..bad choice by the producers and show execs

    8/12/2010 6:00 PM UTC

  2. Kelvy - wrote:

    Well for the first comment, this is going to sound pretty harsh but, ok here it goes. I was extremely disappointed to see Ellen take the place of Alex. I held the Alex Wong/ tWitch Boss routine in such high regard. I thought it was the best dance of the season. And to have a it taken to such comedic heights just down plays the dance itself. Maybe its just my option and thats all it is. I am no expert, I was just expecting more from the show. But good for Lauren, I don’t want to rain on her parade. Good season and I can’t wait to see what Season 8 looks like. Kelvy “The Fish”

    8/12/2010 6:07 PM UTC

  3. M - wrote:

    First off I’m so happy that Lauren won! But I would like to say that seeing Ellen come out and waste 5 minutes trying to dance was the most disspointing thing that happened all season. I was so upset that I had to watch that joke of a dance when I could have seen Lauren and Kent do that amazing Prom piece by Travis Wall. Note to the producers. I’m all for jokes but on the finale I want real dances and I can’t believe that the Prom piece wasn’t shown. ;(

    8/12/2010 6:09 PM UTC

  4. Vikki Belgeri - wrote:

    I will never velieve in a million years that Kent did not win. Lauren was wonderful but please, all those girls votes for her over Kent, no way in hell. I’m very disappointed, I fear a rook!

    8/12/2010 6:10 PM UTC

  5. Michael - wrote:

    Congrats Lauren and thanks for a great season!

    BOO to the people that decided to butcher one of the best dance routines that So You Think You Can Dance has ever produced. I was sorely disappointed to see Ellen come through the door and even more horrified to see her dancing in place of Alex. You had an opportunity to honor a great dancer (Alex), spectacular choreographers, and a simply amazing routine. I will be erasing this segment from the recording of this finale. The original routine was one that I have watched over and over again, never growing tired of, only being more endeared to it after each viewing. You could have done something memorable, spectacular, and amazing; but instead you decided to attempt to ruin the entire show. It is called “So You Think You Can Dance” afterall. It is was excrutiatingly painful to see the last dance of the season performed by someone who is not a profressional dancer and obviously is not working on becoming one. Hopefully next season, you will make the last dance memorable. I will be doing my best to completely forget the atrocious dance that ended this season. The rest of the show and season was spectacular.

    8/12/2010 6:33 PM UTC

  6. urs - wrote:

    I was disappointed Kent did not win. I tried for a hour to get through and vote for him and always got a busy signal. Maybe they should put up a web site voting poll. I love the show and think having past performers dancing the routines with the contestants is great. You get to really focus on the new dancers. Keep it up “So you think you can dance”.

    8/12/2010 6:58 PM UTC

  7. terry - wrote:

    FOX decided not to air the Finale show of SYTYCD! Shame on you FOX network!

    8/12/2010 7:23 PM UTC

  8. Jennifer Jones - wrote:

    I waited all night to see Kent and Lauren’s Prom Night dance, especially because they were the final two. But instead of a heart stopping contemporary routine, I got to see someone who can’t even dance perform the worst dance ever on the show. Thank you for ruining my favorite season and favorite show. This show will never be the same for me.

    8/12/2010 7:28 PM UTC

  9. Taylor - wrote:

    Saw tonight’s final episode; it was great. All three final contestants were fabulous, as were so many of the other dancers who were eliminated, Billy and Adechike, especially. The choreography on the show is also stellar, as well, and really allows America to get a night out at the shows: kudos! And congratulations Lauren, well-deserved. Now to that obnoxious, disgusting Mia Michaels! Can the producers and director please get her off the show? She ruins the experience with her vicious bias against some contestants, her partially and her overly dramatic and manufactured emotion re certain pieces. Each time I see her she turns my stomach and makes me want to turn off the show. In fact, I don’t know if I’m going to watch it if she’s on next season because I find her so biased and offensive. Even tonight when the show ‘allowed’ her to introduce Adechike’s dance as her favorite (purely for the purpose of quelling the criticism of her as racist), she took that opportunity to ‘try’ to diminish Adechike yet again, praising his female partner in the dance when explaining why she’d supposedly ‘chosen,’ that dance, then rather flippantly saying while waving her hand, ‘….there’s another one,…it’s a duo…..’ That was the effusive praise she heaped on Adechike yet again, belittling him even as he’s about to hit the stage. The SYTYCD audience is a wide and diverse one, much like it’s dancer line-up. We don’t want to see racist or exceptionally biased judges. We don’t want to see judges who discriminate based on gender. Judge the dancer based on his or her abilities and offer them constructive criticism. SYTYCD is a great show that does a lot for dance, the arts, for our nation’s culture and for our nation in terms of uniting people through dance. Unfortunately you are going to lose some of your audience and the wonderful opportunity represented by the show if you keep the toad that is Mia Michaels on. My friends and family are unlikely to watch if she returns next season. Get her off. And likewise, your regular panel of judges needs to be more representative of the diversity in the world of dance. Jazz, Hip Hop, Break dancing, Tap, and so many of the other styles represented on the show come from black dance, yet you rarely have a black or Latino judge on the show and you do not have a black or Latino judge as a permanent part of the panel. That too needs to change. There are too many talented choreographers of all stripes out there. Please do better.

    8/12/2010 7:55 PM UTC

  10. Lauren - wrote:

    The season finale (both days) was fantastic!! I loved many of the choices for favorite dances from the season. I’ve watched the past 4 or so seasons of the show and was wondering – is there ever going to be a “best of season ___” DVD released. Some of the routines on this season were the best I’ve seen in the last few seasons of watching the show and I’d love to be able to watch them over and over – without having to do so through YouTube.

    8/12/2010 7:59 PM UTC

  11. Peter - wrote:

    tWitch and Ellen?? I was looking forward to seeing that number wondering who would be filling in for Alex. What a waste. I think if the judges had been asked to critique Ellen’s dancing on a pre Vegas selection it would have went something like “it’s a no for me”, “amateurish”, or “have you seen this show? The quality we are looking for is so beyond what you just did. Goodbye” I would have preferred a video replay like the Hallelujah number or pick a hip hop all star to dance with tWitch. Well congratulations you have destroyed “one of thee most incredible hip hop I’ve ever seen ever anywhere” Time to fire up Youtube and watch it for real!

    8/12/2010 8:09 PM UTC

  12. D Thompson - wrote:

    I can’t believe that after a whole season’s investment in watching the show, our local Fox affiliate (KWTX) in Central Texas made the narcissistic and idiotic decision not to show the season finale of SYTYCD. Instead, they chose to show a pre-season Dallas Cowboys game. What utter gall!

    8/12/2010 8:10 PM UTC

  13. Are you people Crazy??? - wrote:

    Are you people serious about being upset about the Ellen thing? REALLY?!?!?!?! As a DIEHARD dance fan, I would have to say that Ellen’s performance was clearly… CLEARLY the highlight of last night’s show. I LOVE this show and its underrecognized impact on the infectious state of dance in the younger segments of the American culture (and in effect… worldwide).

    What Ellen did last night was GREAT! It was obvious that she really worked hard in order to make that work and she even stated herself that she is not a professional (or even good at dancing), but dance (IF ANY OF YOU WOULD PAY ATTENTION TO THE SHOW) would know that it is not always about technical execution. It is about the joy that you get from partaking in it. If we were to all be trained in such rigid constraints, there would be no advancements in dance and there would be no need for choreography or any other sort of creativity. Do you think that everyone was on board with what eventually became Quest Crew? I am sure that there were people that thought what they did was ridiculous. I am sure that they feel the same way about the crump routine from last night. There are forms of dance that involve comedy (many broadway and jazz) that were likely poorly received intially. Why not bring more people into dance with the likes of that performance provided by Ellen?

    Enough of this self-righteous and self-elevating arrogance. Loosen up and realize the joy that her performance brought to Ellen herself and those that could see how hard she tried. I think that it was extraordinary and a feat in consideration from her obvious dancing inabilities and her less than athletic condition. If you saw the episode when they were talking about the body composition of many of these dancers being comparable to professional athletes, you would probably have a difficult putting many of these pitiful critics into that same boat and being able to keep up with the likes of a Twitch, Lauren, Ade, etc.

    Just shut it and enjoy and stop being such losers.

    8/13/2010 12:09 PM UTC

  14. Robbie - wrote:

    Ellen & tWitch were fantastic!! NO ONE could have taken Alex’s place – NO ONE! The powers-that-be were 100% right in not even attempting to do that. To have Ellen honor Alex in such a wonderful, joyful, and happy way is what it was all about. Kudos to Ellen! You could tell that she worked hard on dancing her best, and to do the routine with such heartfelt joy was inspiring! I hope that all future seasons of SYTYCD will have the contestants dancing with All-Stars. That was genius! Go Ellen, go Ellen, go Ellen!!!

    8/14/2010 10:48 AM UTC

  15. Mary Smith - wrote:

    looking forward to next season

    9/3/2010 10:32 AM UTC

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