The All-Stars Open Up

The 12 All-Stars have partnered the Season 7 contestants all summer.

We recently caught up with So You Think You Can Dance’s first-ever all-stars. Week after week they’ve put out some of the most memorable performance in SYTYCD history alongside the talented Top 11 of Season 7. Here is what some of the all-stars had to say about being back on the show that launched their careers.

Mark Kanemura has been on tour with Lady Gaga, performed with Carrie Underwood, and more, but it’s So You Think You Can Dance that gives him butterflies. “The show itself gives me so much anxiety and so many great memories too,” Mark said. “It’s nice not to get judged in front of millions of people this time.”

Dominic Sandoval was on Season 3 of SYTYCD. Then he went on America’s Best Dance Crew with fellow SYTYCD finalists Ryan Conferido and Hok Konishi and won. Now he’s back on SYTYCD as an all-star. “Going from solo to crew back to solo has been crazy. This is more fun because we don’t have to worry about the competitive side as an all-star, but we do always make sure our partners look good.” Allison Holker agreed with Dominic and said, “Making our partners look good and easing their minds is our role.”

If Dominic could tour with anyone he’d pick Justin Bieber. “We’re friends,” the all-star said with a smile. Allison had a very different choice, “Any girl my age that’s a dancer would love to tour with Janet Jackson.”

Season 7’s only ballroom all-stars, Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev, have had the pressure on them to dance everything from Argentine Tango to Viennese Waltz. They have been on So You Think You Can Dance as contestants, choreographers, and all-stars. “We’ve done everything but judging. Perhaps we’ll try that in Season 8,” Pasha joked.

Courtney Galiano, Comfort Fedoke, and Lauren Gottlieb have put aside their busy schedules shooting TV shows (they were all on Glee) and commercials to partner the Season 7 contestants. Courtney summed up the craziness of life on So You Think You Can Dance by saying, “I’m blessed to be stressed!”

Neil Haskell and tWitch Boss prepared for their roles as all-stars by taking classes, watching videos, and brushing up and studying their genres of dance. tWitch shared his favorite part of dancing on SYTYCD saying, “It’s the process that I like the most. Performing is amazing, but it’s the whole process which is what really sets off the performance for me. You get to bond with your partner and really mesh. Everybody puts their egos down and you put everything into it to pull off a great piece.”

Ade Obayomi and Kathryn McCormick had performed as contestants on the So You Think You Can Dance stage during this past year. Both all-stars will hit the road this fall on tour with some of the other all-stars, the Season 7 Top 7, and Season 6 champ Russell Ferguson. Kathryn explained, “It was really crazy to me out of all the people they could have chosen, they picked me to come back. It just really meant a lot to me and so I was kind of taken back by it and really excited to come back again and perform. I had just done it…but to be on the stage again and to meet new people that I grew up watching has been amazing. Being on the show is the hardest that you’ll ever be pushed. You’re always exceeding the limits that you think you have and being pushed past that.”

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12 comments on “The All-Stars Open Up“

  1. Sherry M. Brackett - wrote:

    I am 71 years of age and just love So You Think You Can Dance. I believe that this has been the best Season ever and feel it was an awesome decision to partner the dancers with an All Star Dancer from Seasons past. This gives them more insight as to what being a great artist/dancer is all about. I so wished I would have had the opportunity as a young person to persue the world of dance. The closest I got was Arthur Murray Ballroom lessons which I so loved at age 18 and 19. Latin was my favorite and I went dancing every Sunday night in Detroit at the Veterans Building where they had two ballrooms going with one being all Latin. I commend the top three and for my first time cannot predict who will win as they are all fantabulous. Good luck kids and I hope to get to see the Tour this year. Nice work with the new changes as it has made a difference. I also love the introduction of the Ethnic Dances. It’s been educational for me as well as all the beautiful young dancers. Enjoy life to the max in peace and contentment.

    Sherry from Ypsilanti, Michigan

    8/11/2010 6:27 PM UTC

  2. Jen S - wrote:

    I am 37 years old and also love SYTYCD. My dream as a child was to be a ballet dancer but never had the opportunity to pursue that dream. I watch the show with my two children(5 and 3) every week.

    I believe SYTYCD the most inspirational, positive and important program on television. I feel this way because it is focused on the growth and hardwork of real artists. It demonstrates a beautiful way to express the human experience and all of the emotions that we all feel in the continum through the medium of dance. Thank you to the dancers for your willingness to share your development with the viewers. Thank you to the choreographers for showing yourselves through your art and giving to help the dancers grow as people and artists.

    Thank you for giving my children an inspirational, beautiful and positive example to look up to. Many blessings and love to you all.

    Jen S

    8/12/2010 7:35 PM UTC

  3. Annamaria Cancelliere - wrote:

    This season has been my favorite especially with the All Stars joining the contestants. It really made the contestants step up there game I thought. I really loved all three remaining contestants and thought they each were amazing in so many numbers this season. It would have been great to call it a three way tie because they all deserved to win. Keep the All Stars coming next season. I would like to see more judges in different areas of dance not just the three. Travis Wall and Napolean & Tabitha are AMAZING!!!! my favorite there choreography is just so original and at times emotional it just blows you away with every performance. Love this show wish it was on more.

    8/13/2010 8:59 AM UTC

  4. Joyce - wrote:

    Neil needs to be on the tour! He and Kent had 2 amazing routines! PLEASE ADD NEIL TO THE TOUR!!!!

    8/13/2010 7:39 PM UTC

  5. Tammy - wrote:

    Watched the show religiously with my husband and 3 kids. We really loved the All Star format!! Allison was amazing!! The others were great to watch too. She just always made me cry when she danced. I hope they do the same for season 8! Loved the watching the male dancers dance together so different than before. Was hoping for kent to win, Lauren was my second favorite with Robert being third. Although Alex was our initial favorite until his unfortunate injury. Hated the flowers Robert and Kent got for second and third that was horrible, there should be a prize for second place!!!! Can’t wait to see the dancers agian during the tour we have tickets for Toronto.

    8/14/2010 2:18 AM UTC

  6. Sue - wrote:

    Neil has been my favorite dancer and I was so excited to see him this season as a all-star. I would have liked to see him morel. He dances with such emotion and uses his entire body. I hope he goes on tour!!

    8/14/2010 8:25 AM UTC

  7. ruth - wrote:

    Is Neil maybe commited to something else and that’s why he won’t be on tour? It’s a shame, because he is such a great dancer. I wish they would let us know why he won’t be on the tour.

    8/19/2010 8:16 AM UTC

  8. Kathy - wrote:

    I have been watching SYTYCD since it started and just LOVE it! From the try-outs to the finale its just wonderful routines, great talent and so very enjoyable to watch. I especially enjoyed this season’s pairing the new contestants with the all stars (Twitch has always been my favorite) thus I believe inspiring the newcomers to dancers who KNOW what they are going through, and elevating each performance to a new high.
    This season, (as all the seasons past) has been so great to watch. One of my favorite shows, and I am 53! Just incredible talent, amazing choreography and whomever choses the music has an incredible knowledge and talent of their own. A much loved show all around. My only wish was that Alex had been able to complete the season as I feel he would have definitely been standing up there next to Lauren (as much as I appreciated Kent who is simply amazing)
    Thank you to everyone who put their all into making an awe-inspiring series.

    8/24/2010 4:52 PM UTC

  9. Jeneane Sorensen - wrote:

    Love the show and have never missed a season and very few episodes. I do have to say that Mia Mikels needs to go. She talks and emotes too much. She takes up so much time. The show is NOT about her. I miss not having the rotation of judges. But, it’s the dancers we love! Have heard nothing about any upcoming season

    9/6/2010 7:21 AM UTC

  10. Jeneane Sorensen - wrote:

    I forgot – one more thing. Why do we never see or hear anything about Benjie Schwimmer. Wonderfully talented and a great choreographer. What is he doing these days that we don’t see him on any of the dance shows

    9/6/2010 7:22 AM UTC

  11. brenda M - wrote:

    I love this show–I have been watching since the beginning. I love the constructive criticism, and the support that all dancers (except Adechike) received. The new format is great–really shows off the dancers, and brings up their game.

    I love Mary as a judge, and used to like Mia–but after the criticism that she gave Adechike–I was ready to stop watching. She crossed the line to just being mean–didn’t give him any positives, and on the show when he performed brilliantly, instead talked about how she wished Alex was there……..that was overstepping the spotlight.

    Lauren and Kent and Robert were so fantastic as a final 3–I agree that there should be more of a prize for 2nd and 3rd–they all worked their butts off.

    Keep up the great show!

    9/10/2010 6:57 PM UTC

  12. Bogdan - wrote:

    I love you Courtney! I will see you tonight at cloumbus

    10/24/2010 6:49 AM UTC

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