Top 4 Results

AdeChike Torbert left the show in fourth place.

Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman and Robert Roldan were named this season’s So You Think You Can Dance Top 3 finalists after an amazing 10 million votes were cast last night. Eliminated tonight was AdéChiké Torbert, 23, a Contemporary dancer from Brooklyn, NY.

This week’s results show also featured special performances by rap sensation Flo Rida, smash recording artist Janelle Monáe and Complexions Contemporary Ballet founder Desmond Richardson.

The final performance show, airing Wednesday, Aug. 11 at 8/7c on FOX, will feature the ultimate showdown between the Top 3 finalists as they compete to impress judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman and capture America’s vote. Immediately following the performance show, the phone lines will open and viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite remaining finalists.

Then, tune in the following night, Thursday, Aug. 12 at 8/7c, for one of the most-anticipated television events of the summer. The two-hour live finale will showcase the judges’ favorite routines from the season, as well as performances by indie rock duo Black Gold; dance sensations Quest Crew; Charlie Bruce, the winner of the U.K. version of So You Think You Can Dance; and tap-dancing siblings the Manzari Brothers. At the end of the celebration, host Cat Deeley will reveal America’s vote, and America’s Favorite Dancer will be crowned live before millions of television viewers.


17 comments on “Top 4 Results“

  1. gs - wrote:

    I am ok with the results…did think the judges tried to skew the voters..
    critique is one thing…opinion for sake of blabbing to hear self blab is
    another…would like to see Mia Michaels out next season….she is dragging the show down…stick to choreography…views are fickle just as
    American Idol people discovered…tour of the losers is not a hot item…
    and viewers value talent and approach by judges….Paula Abdul would be welcomed back by the public and a more professional approach by the judges would be applauded….no hanging on each other’s chairs, goofy crap, stupid comments, nastyness, ugly outfits, underwear as shirts…AI lost viewers and ratings because of Kara and Simon and Ellen (who could not even provide a good joke)…and dull contestants..

    I think the last 4 dancers on your show are all great…fun to watch and each is a winner including Adechike…..maybe he “just didn’t do it” for
    MM..and she influenced the voters….but she does not do it for me and I vote her off…

    8/6/2010 10:24 AM UTC

  2. BJ - wrote:

    I believe the viewers got it right on this one. AdeChike is a superb dancer and quite possibly the best soloist, but he seemed weaker in his partnering skills (although not in his hip-hop routines) than the other competitors.

    8/6/2010 2:31 PM UTC

  3. Dance Fan - wrote:

    Please, please, please add Neil to the tour. 2 of the best routines of the WHOLE SEASON were performed by Neil and Kent. How can you not send Neil on the tour???

    8/6/2010 7:20 PM UTC

  4. Rhonda Norris - wrote:

    OK I have watched this show every season since it has been on. I have always been a huge fan of MIA MICHAELS but this season I feel she has been really crude and racial whats with the comments she has made toward AdeChike, its as if she pushed the voters to not vote for him. Don’t get me wrong all the dancers this year have been awesome but is as if he never had a chance! Its my opinion she should stick choreography and WHERES Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8/6/2010 7:54 PM UTC

  5. Rhonda Norris - wrote:

    I agree with gs above vote MIA off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8/6/2010 7:57 PM UTC

  6. Tina - wrote:

    I love the show but am so sick of Mia Michaels. She seems very full of herself and distracts from the program. I have many friends that have stopped watching the show because they can’t take listening to her comments. We all miss Mary Murphy – she was fresh and real.

    8/6/2010 8:27 PM UTC

  7. Maya - wrote:

    You know I really wished they didn’t vote AdeChike off, because he was a terrific dancer better than Robert. And if Mia Michaels wasn’t so rude, hateful, and disrespectful towards him maybe the viewers would have been more lenient with the votes.

    8/6/2010 8:47 PM UTC

  8. Oleta - wrote:

    A little tip for Mia Micheals stick to choreography. I have not seen you do the dances that they are doing because you can’t move like them. You are a unfare judge and I don’t like it, you seem to pick favorites and do nothing but be rude to AdeChike. Stick to what you know. thank you

    8/6/2010 9:02 PM UTC

  9. Beth - wrote:

    I didn’t hear the comment Mia made to AdeChike but I agree with everyone. I knew it wasnt a good idea to have Mia as a judge this season. Bring Mary Murphy back and dont ever let her go again!!!!

    8/7/2010 6:52 AM UTC

  10. Taylor - wrote:

    I am so PRO LAUREN!! We went to dance together but never had the same classes.. she was on waaay higher levels than I was! GOOD LUCK LAUREN from everyone at Dance Connection and DC2!

    8/8/2010 5:30 PM UTC

  11. Sandra Green - wrote:

    I have to agree that Mia’s comments were very unprofessional. AdeChike is a wonderful dancer and did not deserve her criticism. I thought that Robert was the most improved dancer on the show and I couldn’t decide who I liked better between him and AdeChike. I am glad that both of them will be going on the dance tour.

    I don’t think I will watch any future seasons of SYTYCD if Mia sits on the judging panel again. Overall, I thought this was the best every season except for the judging.

    8/8/2010 6:34 PM UTC

  12. Jessica - wrote:

    Was this HELL’s kitchen or So You Think You Can Dance when it came to Ms. Michael’s critique, especially when it came to Adechike. I’m quite sure that Ms. Michaels wants to keep those big paychecks rolling into her bank account, so a suggestion to her for next year, why not be a little more professional, not be so obvious as to who your favorite dancer is, and offer constructive criticism in a way that will make the dancer walk away with a feeling of I get it, instead of wanting to run backstage and cry. You have disappointed a lot of people this season, so in the words of one of your judges, I HOPE YOU CAN REDEEM yourself in 2011.

    8/9/2010 4:51 PM UTC

  13. Mina Farah - wrote:

    Go Robert! I’m so happy that Robert made it into the finale! Everyone, vote for Robert!

    8/11/2010 8:02 AM UTC

  14. Judy Engel - wrote:

    I thought this season was the best yet. In fact the final 3 contestants are so close that I cannot choose between them. My husband feels the same way. We wonder if the number of voters will drop this week because the voters can’t decide between them. Kent, Robert and Lauren , we love you all.

    8/11/2010 6:46 PM UTC

  15. John Bronson - wrote:

    Note to the producers: Call this one a three-way tie! This is the best and closest season of SYTYCD ever! Last night’s show proved the final three dancers are beyond incredible and as Adam pointed out, have become ‘artists’. I feel it would be pointless to try to pick one out of the three to become America’s favorite dancer. Let’s set a precedent for this show and declare it a tie and crown Lauren, Kent and Robert as winners!

    8/12/2010 6:40 AM UTC

  16. gary - wrote:

    I agree with you 100% Mia Michael’s is full of herself and is very biased. if you go back and look at all the excellent technical dancers that were African American she has always been very harsh and biased. will, Danny, brandon and there was a hip hop dancer about 2 years ago that Debbie Allen had to say enough. she uses all types of rhetorical devices and fallacies to throw a red herring to disguise her racism. oh my god and when she says she is only critiquing i am dumbfounded at how she uses the straw man to tear them down

    8/13/2010 8:10 PM UTC

  17. pat - wrote:

    The right thing happened on the final for SYTYCD. Lauren showed an excellent performance throughout, plus in the final. While earlier impressions had Kent in the forefront after it seemed Lauren would need more votes to match Kent. Kent is a powerful dancer but the final performance was not his best. So much that even Robert overshadowed Kent’s performance. However Robert was already standing at a distance to be able to emerge a champion but he did splendidly in his routines giving an excellent performance as a finalist. The twist was that it seemed Lauren was faced with a fate similar to Billy’s when they came to face lack of voter support. (Though Billy has some minute setbacks, he is an impeccable and brilliant dancer). It was amazing that Lauren once had to be in the bottom three. To cap it all, the finalists were all talented, and they are indeed brilliant dancers. And for sportsmanship, they all appreciate the great experience they had.

    8/17/2010 4:43 PM UTC

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