Gatorade Gets Involved with Dance

As you heard on Thursday night’s results show, Gatorade is getting involved with So You Think You Can Dance. The winner of Season 7 will receive a Gatorade contract, and become the brand’s first dance athlete. The Top 3 finalists will also be in for a big treat from Gatorade – but you’ll have to watch the finale to find out what it is!

While you wait for the next episode of So You Think You Can Dance, check out our exclusive G-Series Gatorade Interviews with the Season 7 finalists.


11 comments on “Gatorade Gets Involved with Dance“

  1. Brittany - wrote:

    I enjoyed the product placement in the last episode, with one of the All Stars drinking the new pouch gatorade before they performed. I am however pleased with what they are doing for the winner of the show, it’s nice to see that they are using dance for one of their ultra famous sport commercials.

    7/30/2010 7:33 PM UTC

  2. Sam24 - wrote:

    Does this mean that the Gatorade marketing staff will influence the choice of winner?

    8/1/2010 4:27 PM UTC

  3. J - wrote:

    Did I misunderstand ? While dancers are most athletic, they are artists. I have long held that dance is not a sport. Dance is an art. This has come into courts recently rasing the question with cheerleading and gymnastics. The ruling I agree with. Sports have a non subjective outcome. Art is subjective. We see it each week with the opinions of the judges that can sway decisions. I fully support the art and artist and athleticism but not the mis categorizing of dance and hope that Gatorade promotes this as such.

    8/2/2010 10:04 AM UTC

  4. S - wrote:

    Gatorade has already recognized dance in their past commercials. It was for G2 with Serena Williams.

    8/3/2010 6:34 PM UTC

  5. Pavlova - wrote:

    So disappointed that dance has been demoted to a sporting event. While I acknowledge that dancers train as hard as any athlete, I don’t think dance IS a sport. It is and always has been an art form.

    8/5/2010 3:26 PM UTC

  6. Ginny - wrote:

    I’m happy that Gatorade is recognizing dancers as athletes! Look at the coordination, muscle definition, training schedule, diet, etc of a dancer, and they would all be highly comparable to any of the more traditional athletes.

    I think there’s a difference between dancers being considered athletes (vs artists) and dance being called a sport (vs an art form). Dance takes the same dedication, commitment, intensity of training, focus, and muscle training as a sport….but that doesn’t mean it is a sport, or only a sport. It is a form of artistic expression that requires its participants to have certain skills and abilities not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

    Congratulations to the final 3, and FOX for what I think is the best season yet!

    8/6/2010 1:51 PM UTC

  7. Tweets that mention So You Think You Can Dance – Gatorade Gets Involved with Dance -- - wrote:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cultural Dancing, Raymond L. Bennett . Raymond L. Bennett said: it is about time that dancers are in the front! Currently reading [...]

    8/6/2010 2:51 PM UTC

  8. S - wrote:

    We should Look at this from the bright side!!!!!!!!People love sports and dancing being a sport is a good thing !!!!!Dancers will get more credit for the effort they do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8/15/2010 8:01 AM UTC

  9. Phillip Wainwright - wrote:


    I recently learned that Gatorade and So You Think You Can Dance have deemed dance a sport and have decided to back Lauren Froderman. As a dancer, I was ecstatic. I am a dancer of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz graduating in May from Texas Tech University. However, my forte is hip hop. I am the president of Texas Tech’s Hip Hop team and after I graduate I am going to begin undertaking the endeavors that will take dance to new heights. I would very much so like to speak with someone about dance as a sport and what Gatorade and So You Think You Can Dance plan on doing with dance. I would like to help. I am not asking for a sponsorship. Nor am I asking for a job. This is what I want to do with my life and I only wish to become involved.

    Thank you,

    Phillip “KidFury” Wainwright

    2/27/2012 9:47 AM UTC

  10. Caitlyn - wrote:

    For all of you complaining that dance is being “demoted” to a sport, just stop. It is an art form AND a sport. A dancer needs to have the mind of an artist, as well as the aspects of a great athlete. It takes just as much strength and training to dance as it does to play football, soccer, or any other sport. Ballet is by far the most difficult dance genre to master. Many football coaches recommend that the players engage in a few ballet classes because it teaches discipline and technique that makes a huge impact on how well that athlete performs. I think it is about time dance got recognized as a sport.

    3/2/2012 9:30 AM UTC

  11. Alistair Bowen-Davies - wrote:

    As it so happens, the Olympic committee consider Figure Skating, Synchronized Swimming, Gymnastics, and Diving, SPORTS! But they do have a subjective element aswell as an objective one which affect the results athletes obtain.
    This is no different to Ballroom and Latin American dancing. Where, yes, there is a degree of artistic expression, however, certain aspect of this style of dancing is very strictly regulated by the International Foundation. Hence, the term “Strictly Ballroom”. It aren’t just a catchy phrase to sell TV shows.

    7/2/2012 12:40 PM UTC

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