Dancers for the 2010 Tour Announced

The Top 7 will be go on Tour

The 40-city tour begins on September 19 in New Orleans and ends in Glendale, AZ on November 17. The production will feature this season’s most popular routines as well as original pieces created specifically for the nationwide tour. Tickets go on-sale July 30, 2010.

(See the 2010 SYTYCD Tour Dates.)

The dynamic dancer line-up includes a mix of Season 7 contestants: Adéchiké, Ashley, Billy, Jose, Kent, Lauren, Robert as well as All Stars, including, Ade, Allison, Courtney, Dominic and Kathryn. Also joining is Season 6 winner Russell.


310 comments on “Dancers for the 2010 Tour Announced“

  1. Bogdan - wrote:

    I cant wait to see you tonight! I love you Lauren!!!!!!’!!!!!

    10/24/2010 6:41 AM UTC

  2. kim - wrote:

    im going on wednesday in millawke

    10/26/2010 4:38 PM UTC

  3. Kristin - wrote:

    The Broomfield, CO show was awesome. I will not miss another tour (as long as they come to Colorado, I’ll be there) One of the best shows I have ever seen live.

    11/4/2010 8:11 AM UTC

  4. Kaden Simon - wrote:




    11/6/2010 9:34 AM UTC

  5. Grandma E - wrote:

    In reply to an early post: The cast was aware of the audience on all sides when we attended the Sacramento performance Nov. 9th. What an entertaining event it was!!!! Can’t wait until next year’s tour although we may avoid Arco Arena – the speaker volume was too loud. It was truly painful and ruined many of the songs at the AI concert!!

    11/11/2010 10:12 AM UTC

  6. Brittany - wrote:

    I’m really upset that season 6 didnt get to tour. I really wanted to see Ellenore and Jakob!

    12/7/2010 4:41 PM UTC

  7. Von Brigham - wrote:

    Why dont they sell all the episodes on a cd so we can buy them.I would love to have all the past seasons ?

    7/21/2011 8:43 PM UTC

  8. Liza Davis - wrote:

    I agree – that this show would hold up well on DVDs – I watch the show delayed online, because I don’t have a tv – but I don’t mind at all – because often I replay the performances several times. I think is the best REAL reality show on tv. But I actually think that is an insult – because these dancers are REALLY going above and beyond regular reality and though it is staged, what they are putting out there is more genuine than most anything else you get on “reality” tv. Finally, America is embracing the greatness of dance. I think this show iwill make the U.S. – the world leader in dance for many years to come.

    8/5/2011 10:59 PM UTC

  9. Samantha Solberg - wrote:

    I can’t wait!!!! I’m going this Saturday!!!!!!!

    9/11/2011 4:53 PM UTC

  10. David - wrote:

    I’m rlaely upset that season 6 didnt get to tour. I rlaely wanted to see Ellenore and Jakob!

    2/10/2012 8:51 PM UTC

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