How to Upload Your National Dance Day Video

National Dance Day is almost here!  Are you ready?  Share your plans with us and show us your moves on Facebook!

1)  Go to the National Dance Day event page on Facebook.

NOTE: You must be logged in to your Facebook account.

2)  RSVP to attend the event.

3)  Below the description of the event, select Video.

4)     Upload your videos to our wall!

Have fun, be creative, and help inspire your fellow dancers!  As Nigel has said, “Prove that the ‘Power of Dance’ can MOVE an entire Country!”


28 comments on “How to Upload Your National Dance Day Video“

  1. hailey - wrote:

    is there another way to upload this video without it on facebook?

    7/26/2010 5:34 PM UTC

  2. Randi - wrote:

    Went to Facebook page. No place to upload the official video. Watched a few of the videos posted. Can’t wait!

    7/27/2010 3:59 AM UTC

  3. elysse - wrote:

    ok, ive been trying to upload the video for national dance day. the official one that tabbatha and Nopolian choregraphed. but i cant seem to find it on the webpage? please help?

    7/27/2010 7:30 PM UTC

  4. Barry Douglas - wrote:

    Our studio showcase is July 31st in honor of National Dance Day and as a working professional dancer for over 40 years I’d like to say that its about time!! We’ll surely be kicking up our heals how you will be too!!

    7/28/2010 4:27 AM UTC

  5. Candice Fliedner - wrote:

    This Saturday, July 31st,The Movement LA,will be hosting a freestyle flash mob dance in Serra Park, across from Union Station at 1:19pm sharp!We will be videotaping this event to raise awareness about our mission and to celebrate National Dance Day! We strive to empower disadvantaged, at- risk youth to creatively express themselves through the exploration of the art, music, dance and culture of House music!!

    7/28/2010 10:32 AM UTC

  6. Laura - wrote:

    Snoopy Rocks on Ice loves the show and wanted to take Nigel’s words to heart we believe that dance can move the whole country so we took nappytabs’ dance move and put them one ice! go to the link to watch!

    7/28/2010 12:06 PM UTC

  7. Retta Henshaw - wrote:

    lauren has a tilted pelvic. that’s why she can’t straighten her back. i have the same thing and didn’t know what it was for years.

    7/28/2010 6:05 PM UTC

  8. Retta - wrote:

    oops using mobile. the whole page didn’t show. so i posted in the wrong place.

    7/28/2010 6:07 PM UTC

  9. Pam A - wrote:

    I want to know if there are any events planned in Myrtle Beach SC for National Dance day where I live and love to dance. I know there is a band playing downtown at Plyler Park from 8:00 pm to 12:00pm. I plan to be there dancing if there isn’t any other event planned. Jah Creations – Reggae is playing.


    Pam A

    7/29/2010 10:24 AM UTC

  10. Balet-dancer from Sweden - wrote:

    Hi to all you out there!
    This is a dance greeting all the way from sweden!
    I just want to say that Dance Day has reached me all the way up here, and the show is being broadcasted over here too. On Saturday I’ll be dancing for sure, and I’m going to convince my friends to dance too. :)

    7/29/2010 11:16 AM UTC

  11. Vicki Devor - wrote:

    wat’s happening in the BIg Apple!! Central Park? Prospect Park?? Bryant Park. PLEASE let me know, want to join! old but still dancing!

    7/29/2010 1:58 PM UTC

  12. Bravo - wrote:

    Hey for people who cant find the official dance day video , u can just go to youtube and look up Dance Day. It should come up.

    7/29/2010 6:08 PM UTC

  13. Donna Caesar - wrote:

    How do I preview/learn the dance routine if I don’t want to open a face book account?
    it seems astonishing that this is the only avenue available to participate in National Dance Day????
    I have been googling and searching, Please help me. I am not stupid really. I’m quite sure I am missing something.
    Facebook is not the world, by the way, in case any one has forgotten.
    I resent that I have to say this on this blog.
    I will copy this to Fox- except- you wind up directed to this Facebook page.
    Very weird indeed.

    7/29/2010 6:25 PM UTC

  14. Daisy - wrote:

    I just love this show, I love to Dance Salsa ,But will Dance everything cause i just love it so much.. I wish I could Dance like them On the show , They are so Great ! Dreams , Dreams !!

    7/29/2010 7:28 PM UTC

  15. Marissa - wrote:

    We taught the campers at Camp Courageous, Inc (a camp for individuals with special needs) a modified version of the dance. They couldn’t stop talking about it and absolutely LOVED being able to dance their hearts out! Thank you for helping set aside an entire day to celebrate the love of dance that can bring everyone of every ability and age together! (Our video is posted on facebook)

    7/29/2010 7:36 PM UTC

  16. joan - wrote:

    Nigel it is not appropriate to salute on the show, it is a militay tradition. I love your show, but I feel you are being disrespectful when you and Kat salute each other. It is military tradition meant for those who serve in uniform.

    7/29/2010 9:17 PM UTC

  17. Marella - wrote:


    7/29/2010 10:06 PM UTC

  18. Angela Gleckman - wrote:

    Love the show! I am a faithful viewer and present dance instructor in the Northeast. I was excited and inspired by the show to celebrate National Dance Day. I am hosting a free dance worshop called “Dance Yourself Silly” at our Atkinson Community Center in Atkinson, NH from 9-11 on Sat., July 31st. I am encouraging all ages to come and learn fun dances and see a few performances from North Andover School of Dance where I teach. I just hope people want to get up and Dance!

    7/30/2010 4:29 AM UTC

  19. Amanda - wrote:

    that was the wrong link, ooops. i didnt want to actuallly post this one video on the wall because im not in it, just thought it was amazing.

    7/30/2010 10:11 AM UTC

  20. Andy - wrote:

    Our Square Dance Club, The Canyon Lake Twirlers, will be attending our CCHA (Cow Counties Howdown Association) Square Dance in Banning,CA on Saturday. Yes, Square Dancing is alive and well and also good exercise! I will Post a Video.

    7/30/2010 5:03 PM UTC

  21. lisa - wrote:

    what i did for dance day to day was i did some pirouette , and pique . and when i woake up in the morning i ran in the bath room a

    7/31/2010 2:52 PM UTC

  22. lisa - wrote:

    what i did for national dance day to day was i did some dance when i woke up . i did pirouettes and piques. lisa

    7/31/2010 2:56 PM UTC

  23. NJ Dance Center - wrote:

    The NJ Dance Center of Tinton Falls, NJ is celebrating National Dance Day with their annual ensemble pool party! The girls and their families plan to share a day of laughter, good times, and most of all DANCE as they celebrate together! They even plan to choreograph a dance to teach their fellow team mates and possibly parents to dance in the grass in bathing suits in honor of this wonderful day! Thank you So You Think You Can Dance!
    Live.Love.DANCE. <3

    7/31/2010 4:37 PM UTC

  24. Za-Beth,Boston Bellydancer - wrote:

    have been in dance,all my life-Ballet,Tap,Jazz,
    performed in the local Nutcracker Suite,Singin’ in the Rain- in the world of Bellydance since the 60′s-have a daughter who is second generation
    Dance is good for your Body, Mind and Spirit-
    I Believe in this -
    Have fun, be creative, and help inspire your fellow dancers! As Nigel has said, “Prove that the ‘Power of Dance’ can MOVE an entire Country!”
    what is the date in 2011 for National Dance Day ?

    10/15/2010 9:13 PM UTC

  25. Za-Beth,Boston Bellydancer - wrote:

    when is the date in 2011 for National Dance Day ?
    would like to plan a Boston .Dance event ?

    10/15/2010 9:21 PM UTC

  26. michael - wrote:

    where can i find the choreography dance i need to know for national dance day??

    6/30/2011 7:21 AM UTC

  27. Shari Ames - wrote:

    I’m from Edmonton Canada and we want to participate too. How do I see the routines, if I don’t have facebook? I’m more than a senior and our 60′s Cheer Team Alumni want to do this.

    7/8/2011 6:44 AM UTC

  28. Cocobean - wrote:

    The video for So You Think You Can Dance Caribbean Style is awesome! It was at a Kiddies Carnival put on by Cocobean Productions in Orlando, FL on National Dance Day. Check it out!

    8/1/2011 7:12 AM UTC

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