Tell Us Your Favorite Ashley Galvan Routine

After injuring her rib, Lyrical dancer Ashley Galvan had to step away from the competition in order to heal in time for the tour. Of her two performances below, which was your favorite?

Dee Caspary Contemporary Routine [Top 9]

Napoleon & Tabitha D’umo Hip Hop Routine [Top 8]

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31 comments on “Tell Us Your Favorite Ashley Galvan Routine“

  1. Kaitlyn - wrote:

    The hip hop one is my favorite!!!! I like the other one but the hip hop the most. I love most hip hop performances. Like the one with Lauren ad twitch and much more from past seasons.

    7/22/2010 11:58 AM UTC

  2. Alison - wrote:

    Napoleon & Tabitha D’umo Hip Hop Routine [Top 8]

    7/22/2010 12:03 PM UTC

  3. P Pratt - wrote:

    Where is Mary? Mia is definitely not my favorite. Her influence on Adam is not good either. Her use of supposed superior intellect has caused me to DVR the shows and fast forward through her comments. I have not voted once this year because I wait to watch the show so that I do not have to watch or listen to her. The panel was much better with Mary on it. Bring her back and keep Mia doing choreography. I don’t want to hear her “deep thinking”.

    7/22/2010 4:16 PM UTC

  4. Emii - wrote:

    Damn NIcccc JOb they should Move on MAN

    7/22/2010 5:39 PM UTC

  5. Vanessa - wrote:

    I dont think its fair that they let Ashley go home and let Billy stay. Someone should say something. That was not a fair JUDGE call.

    7/22/2010 6:04 PM UTC

  6. Tracy in Atlanta - wrote:

    Your decision to keep all the dancers this week and send 2 home next week seems suspect. Had the African boy Adechke been amongst those whom “danced for their lives”, would the judges been “unable” to make a decision on who goes home? Mia has been uneccessarily “hard” on Adechke all season; just as she was on the other Black dude the other season. Is this show about finding those outside the realm of “Africana” that can dance? I am disappointed in your skewed/negligent means of assessing the dancers.

    7/22/2010 6:07 PM UTC

  7. Elizabeth - wrote:

    i like the hip hop one!!!!!!!!!!! it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!!!!!!

    7/22/2010 6:24 PM UTC

  8. Elizabeth - wrote:

    I miss MMMMMAAAARRRRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( HOT TAMALE TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    7/22/2010 6:27 PM UTC

  9. Tara - wrote:

    I definitely liked her hip hop the best! That is one of my favorite Tabitha and Napolean routines. I’m also glad to see Dominic back. I rarely post comments but as a long time fan (watched every season!) I feel I should post my opinion as others have. I like having All-Stars, hate having Mia judge(would rather listen to Lil C each week), and am surprised to say that Shankman seems to have the most constructive and useful comments for the dancers. Cat seems super-silly and unprofessional this season. I wish she would keep some of her off the cuff comments to herself. I also don’t think it is fair they kept Billy Bell tonight. I mean how many times are they going to bend the rules for him? He got sick…gets a free ticket to Vegas the following year. Didn’t impress in Vegas and they make him #11. He chooses not to dance (which is understandable) and they give him another chance to dance next week. I just don’t think it is fair. If Ashley’s doctor cleared her to dance during her ordeal, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to keep her off that stage! Yes, Billy is a wonderful dancer, but he is not America’s favorite and I’m not sure if he cares that much. Hate to say it but I also DVR so I can ff through Cat and Mia and most of the time Nigel! What happened to rotating judges? Shankman could have taken Mary’s permanent spot and they could have rotated the third judge each week like the good old days.

    7/22/2010 7:20 PM UTC

  10. Imani - wrote:

    Hip Hop

    7/22/2010 9:28 PM UTC

  11. chica - wrote:

    how low

    7/23/2010 5:26 AM UTC

  12. JayDee - wrote:

    Please send Jose home. He is ruining the integrity of this show. He is in waaaaaay over his head and he can’t keep up. Alex and Ashley were injured doing complex and difficult moves. Meanwhile, Jose sits on the edge of a stage because that’s all he can do. Not right.

    BTW, I prefer the Ashley and Ade routine. If you are choosing for the tour and decide on the hip hop then you need to change her costume. Those pants were awful!

    7/23/2010 12:06 PM UTC

  13. Jessica - wrote:

    I like the hip hop routine the best. And I agree with some of the previous statements– I miss Mary and the rotating of the third judge. I also can’t stand Catt this season. I mean I never really liked her anyway, but this year she is really getting on my nerves. I also don’t think it was fair for them to keep Billy this week. Both Ashley and Alex were OBVIOULSY upset about not being able to dance due to injury, and Billy got cleared and CHOSE not to dance– that’s crap.

    And Tracy in Atlanta: Jose’s not caucasion either but they didn’t get rid of him. And both Russell (season 6 winner) and Joshua (season 4 winner) were black. So you’re statement is without merit.

    7/23/2010 8:58 PM UTC

  14. Marie - wrote:

    loved both! but i think Cosmic Love was my favorite. They both danced it so well

    7/26/2010 1:04 PM UTC

  15. Patty - wrote:

    I was impressed with Ashely’s hard-hitting hip hop routine. So good to be so totally out of her element and style. Sorry you got hurt, Ashely :(

    7/27/2010 12:33 PM UTC

  16. Anderson C - wrote:

    Far and away, the Dee Caspary routine. It was just breathtaking.

    7/28/2010 7:15 PM UTC

  17. Nico - wrote:

    First of all, Jose has been in the show 3 weeks too long. We are not fools, we know he cannot dance, and he wasn’t dancing in the Thursday choreographies, simply because he is not adequately trained. His smile that Mia likes so much will not turn him into a fabulous dancer overnight. He should have been sent home before Alexi and Cristina. To put him at the same level as the rest of the contestants is offensive to them. The amount of training and effort they have gone through to be there does not compare to what Jose does. Hopefully this will be the last we see of him! Mia should be removed from the panel of judges simply because her comments on occasions have been rude and disrespectful, to say the least. Like when she said that she missed Alex when Adechicke replaced him, or that they may have made a mistake when they sent Cristina home instead of Melinda. She thinks she gives deep comments, when the reality is that she is so full of herself…… Please bring Mary back and the rotation of judges. So far the season has been the least enjoyable of all. I hope that Nigel will realise that to keep the show running he will have to turn things around.

    7/29/2010 12:19 PM UTC

  18. Crissi - wrote:

    I’m all in favour of new styles, innovation and take risks. But please, pasodoble MUST be danced by a man and a woman only! To see two men doing a pasodoble hurts my eyes. And I should know….I’m from Spain.

    7/29/2010 12:32 PM UTC

  19. Keisha - wrote:

    I am a big fan of Nap Tabs and love all their hip hop routines. They are really fun to watch and move to the grove with. They are great choreographers and hope they stay on the show forever. On the other hand I love the contemporary routine because I love the emotion and meaning behind those types of dances. As for a judge I love to hear what Lil C has to say. I miss Mary too.

    7/29/2010 5:57 PM UTC

  20. NiceBlackLady - wrote:

    The Hip-Hop routine!!

    7/29/2010 7:20 PM UTC

  21. gs - wrote:

    I do think it was totally unfair to let Billy stay after he did not dance when cleared to do so…and that Jose was injured and did not dance in the
    opening dance how many weeks and was allowed to continue….interesting how the bottom 3 came out and glad the two boys are OUT…nice to see Mia Michaels TONE DOWN her makeup and her
    approach to the contestants…a little more rationale and kinder…more
    professional I think.and glad to see a fourth judge…different people ..but I still miss MARY….where is she anyway….why no more? the show needs her energy….and I read here and there that Mr. Lythgoe might get more involved in AMERICAN IDOL…boy does he need to..that thing SUCKS…worst set of contestants so far…and judges..THANK THE LORD AND PASS THE BANANAS THAT ELLEN IS GOOOOOOOOOONE AND SIMON COWELL ALSO..he was wearing very thin on me…and he still dressed inappropriately for a national TV gig…ugly undershirts on TV? casual dressing great…but he can afford a shirt and button it please….I would love to see a whole new panel to assist Randy Jackson…people who KNOW MUSIC..
    ….and what ever happened to samba, mambo, quick step, waltz etc on this show? geesh..all contemporary, jazz story stuff…how bout some real dancin??????? glam clothing….etc?

    7/30/2010 7:07 AM UTC

  22. Ricardo Munoz - wrote:

    Cosmic Love was beautiful!!!!!
    This dance might have been her 3rd contemporary in a row…however this is when she broke out and did an amazing job. She lost herself in the music like the judges wanted. Gave me the chills!

    8/4/2010 10:43 AM UTC

  23. Sarah - wrote:

    Hip hop definatly it was beast!

    8/6/2010 8:07 AM UTC

  24. Firefly - wrote:

    Dee Caspary Contemp most definitely :) Gorgeous work.

    8/10/2010 9:15 AM UTC

  25. A>C> Bray - wrote:

    Season 7 was the best season yet. I love the way it was set up. Keep up the good work.

    8/12/2010 8:14 PM UTC

  26. Alison - wrote:

    I liked them both equally!!:D i love hiphop but contemperary is defintly right next to it!!!:D

    8/13/2010 3:52 PM UTC

  27. Stefanie - wrote:

    cosmic love for sure… i still watch that dance over and over, i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. but i really like the hip hop ninjas too…. but cosmic love is so so special.

    8/13/2010 4:26 PM UTC

  28. Royal Reed - wrote:

    napoleon & tabitha, are amazing! so this routine by ashley

    8/13/2010 5:54 PM UTC

  29. Jessica - wrote:

    Dee Caspary routine was my favorite of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it 20+ times!

    8/14/2010 3:32 AM UTC

  30. Brittany - wrote:

    Nappy Tabs wins again! My gosh. What HAVEN’T they done that isn’t amazing this season?

    8/14/2010 11:13 AM UTC

  31. SMS - wrote:

    They honestly are both a tie for me. The Hip Hop routine is so fun, and the contemporary is just beautiful. If they do put Dominic on the tour I think they should let Ashley do this hip hop routine, it would be so fun to see live!

    8/15/2010 7:30 AM UTC

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