Soyon Takes Home Another Emmy!

Soyon An takes home her second Emmy for Costume Design.

Congratulations to So You Think You Can Dance’s Costume Designer Soyon An who was called this morning by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Soyon was informed that she was nominated and won the 2010 Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes For A Variety or Music Program and Individual Achievement. The nomination was for Season 6 episode #615A, which included the gorgeous Can-Can outfits Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras wore for SYTYCD’s first-ever Can-Can performance. View all of the costumes from that episode. This is Soyon’s second Emmy win. Both awards were for her work on SYTYCD.

Congratulations, Soyon!

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6 comments on “Soyon Takes Home Another Emmy!“

  1. Dorothy Wakefield - wrote:

    I like the new format with the contestants dancing with the All Stars rather than each other. The dance routines are better, the contestants improve faster, and the show is much more enjoyable. I do have two concerns: the increase in injuries I believe is due to the increased pressure on the dancers to be better than best with each dance; the judges are feeding into this by an increase in personal references rather than giving objective info regarding their dance performance; the choreographers are givng more complex routines it seems to get more praise from judges and win an award for their routine (see Lithcore [sp]) comments about a tough routine last week. These kids are amatuers for the most part, let’s not run their careers with injuries from unnecessary, inappropriate pressure from others. One of my favorite shows. Dorothy W from Pinole

    7/21/2010 6:29 PM UTC

  2. Darlene Downing - wrote:

    I wish sytycd would put the season’s out on dvd. It would be so great to be able to set and watch the performers dance over and over again. It’s such a joy to watch this show and see such great talent. Please put the show on dvd.

    7/29/2010 10:14 PM UTC

  3. Lisa Clements - wrote:

    To Soyon, Producers, Choreographers,
    As a person who is passionate about dance, who sees the value that it can bring to both the participant and the viewer, I am thrilled that SYTYCD has opened up the dance world to such an enormous audience! This show is influential in inspiring, educating, and moving people on so many levels. With that power comes responsibility.
    I am dumbfounded by the creativity and originality of so many costumes, in all different genres! Soyon does incredibly beautiful work, but I have to say I am disappointed in the sleezy Vegas showgirl looks that pop up here and there. Having a MA in dance and being a dance costumer for over 12 years, I understand that the costumer has a responsibility to the choreographer to convey the intent and feel of the piece. In your case, direction probably also comes from the producers/ directors. But you (as a group) also have a responsibility to your viewers and to the next generation of dancers and creators. Somehow costuming trends (mostly in ballroom) have slid into the tackiness of crotch fringe, boob tassels, lingerie, and fabrics that make them look mostly nude. What is this telling your audience? That how sexy they are or the more skin they show is more important than their talent and expression as a dancer? Is dance an expression of the soul or the libido? Shouldn’t we respect women more than that? Sometimes a piece is about intimacy, but you can still use your talent to dress them in a tasteful way. I understand and completely agree that the body is beautiful and the musculature and lines should be complemented and shown… but there is a limit. Unfortunately that “line” has moved dramatically toward the skanky pole dancing look in just a few short years. Of course no one person is to blame… Ballroom costumes have been trending that direction for some time now. But, if you choose to costume these dancers in a classier and more modest way, you use your vast influence to further the beauty of the art form. And, more importantly, you would help these impressionable young dancers value the integrity of their dancing and respect for themselves.
    Again, Soyon, so much of your work is brilliant! And thank you to the choreographers for creating amazing, insightful, and expressive pieces– and to the directors/ producers for bringing the benefits of dance to mainstream society!

    8/1/2010 8:20 PM UTC

  4. bunhead - wrote:

    The above comment (Lisa Clements) expresses beautifully what I have felt for a long time. As a dancer and a mother, I would love to be able to sit down with my daughters and watch a dance show without feeling uncomfortable about a lot of the costumes. It detracts from the beauty of the dance and is degrading and unnecessary.

    8/2/2010 8:31 AM UTC

  5. Angela - wrote:

    I also agree with the two comments above. Great quality of costumes, but the style of the costumes distracts and even downgrades the dancers and choreography. Keep Vegas in Vegas and keep the class in the dance.

    8/3/2010 9:12 PM UTC

  6. heather - wrote:

    i think the outfits are ridiculous. they look cheap. rhinestones on street clothes, wow i’m so impressed. get a clue.

    8/14/2010 10:05 AM UTC

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