Tell Us Your Favorite Cristina Santana Routine

Salsa dancer Cristina Santana received strong praise from the judges for her two live performances, but America voted her into the bottom two weeks in a row. Of her two performances below, which was your favorite?

Sonya Tayeh Jazz Routine (Top 11)

Jean-Marc Généreux & France Mousseau Paso Doble Routine (Top 10)

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13 comments on “Tell Us Your Favorite Cristina Santana Routine“

  1. jazminwilson - wrote:

    Any routine or experience with Jean-Marc Généreux is fab.

    Being a Canadian, Jean-Marc Généreux is a star. Not just in dance but his personality and french Canadian humour adds to the experience. Any dancers will be stars working with him and France Mousseau.

    A dream for any dancer. You are blessed to work with such dancers with heart and soul.

    7/21/2010 5:19 PM UTC

  2. Ray Miyake - wrote:

    Definitely the first one she danced with Pasha and Anya, it was HOTT! Others, I would say the Jean-Marc Généreux dance it was good because it was in her genre the snake one, was done well by Christina, but the dance itself was too weird for me.
    I honestly think Christina shouldn’t have gone home when she did. Melinda should have.

    7/21/2010 7:55 PM UTC

  3. Jessica - wrote:

    I love Mark, so any time I get to see him dance makes me happy. But, honestly, I have to say the Paso she did with Pasha was my favorite of the two she danced. And I agree that Melinda should have gone home instead of Cristina.

    7/23/2010 8:45 PM UTC

  4. Cal - wrote:

    I loved the Paso Doble routine. I think the dancers should take a look at some YouTube videos of Flamenco Dancing even if they do not understand the words. There’s plenty of body language and posturing there that they can learn from. It’s a very difficult dance because it has a lot of culture and history to which the dancers might have never been exposed to. Here’s one link you should check out.

    The lighting is not great, but they get their message across pretty well.

    7/26/2010 12:27 PM UTC

  5. MAC - wrote:

    Christina was one of my favorites. All her performances were great. I definitely wished she had a longer run on the show. All 3 of her performances were perfection.

    I stopped watching the show after seeing who ended up in the bottom 3 and who got eliminated. There are dancers who should have had a longer run while others should have gone home. =( Oh well. I will go to the tour only if Christina was a part of the show (ideally I would like to see all 11).

    8/4/2010 4:26 PM UTC

  6. ME - wrote:

    Cristina and Pasha’s Paso Doble was my favorite she should not have left she should have stayed instead Of Melinda Cristina was so talented and very underrated WE LOVE YOU CRISTINA!!!!!!!!!!

    8/13/2010 10:14 AM UTC

  7. Alison - wrote:

    The jazz 1 was awesome!!:D

    8/13/2010 3:53 PM UTC

  8. Sarah El - wrote:

    I love both these routines, but Cristina’s better one is the Paso Doble with Pasha; it was so freakin strong!

    8/13/2010 4:10 PM UTC

  9. Annie - wrote:

    I compleately agree with Ray Miyake, melinda should have gone home that week instead of christina.

    of those two performances I pick the Jean-Marc Généreux & France Mousseau Paso Doble Routine, Loved it! Of course anything with pasha is good ^_^

    8/13/2010 5:59 PM UTC

  10. Jessica - wrote:

    Sonya Tayeh routine!

    8/14/2010 3:33 AM UTC

  11. Brittany - wrote:

    The Jazz routine for sure. That was awesome.

    8/14/2010 11:14 AM UTC

  12. Johsan - wrote:

    I totally agree with ray miyake, she knows what she’s talking about.

    7/17/2011 10:57 AM UTC

  13. Sabatini - wrote:

    Huge Cristina fan. I think she has what it take to even win the competition. Can’t believe she was sent home. It was so unfair. Melinda didn’t deserve to be saved. She was a crappy dancer. Cristina rocks! I still prefer watching her routines more than any of the other eleven’s. Love you Santana!

    3/14/2012 8:21 PM UTC

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