Tell Us Your Favorite Alexie Agdeppa Routine

Although Alexie Agdeppa’s run on Season 7 was short, she was able to perform a couple of times on the big So You Think You Can Dance stage. Of her two performances below, which was your favorite?

NappyTabs Hip Hop Routine (Top 11)

Alexie’s Jazz Solo (Top 11 Results)

We want to know what you think. Leave a comment below.

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3 comments on “Tell Us Your Favorite Alexie Agdeppa Routine“

  1. BJ - wrote:

    I loved Alexie’s hip hop routine, and not just because Twitch was her partner. She did everything the routine called for and did it with a saucy, understated style that fit the routine perfectly. The criticisms related to her being too “cute” were completely off-base. In the end, she left the show before she had a chance to show us what she can do, while two less competent dancers remained. It’s another example of the questionable judging that continues to be a problem this season.

    7/20/2010 2:47 PM UTC

  2. Peace. Love. Dance! - wrote:

    My favorite dance was her hip hop dance. It was one of those dances where you wanted to get up and dance right along with them! It was my favorite dance of the night and I was shocked and sad to see Alexie leave! She is one heck of a dancer and I know she will definitly make it as a pro dancer!

    7/21/2010 9:04 PM UTC

  3. Jessica - wrote:

    I actually really liked her hip hop routine–despite the judges comments. And I don’t think she should have gone home when she did. I think Melinda should have, or may be Cristina (though I favor the ballroom/latin dancers).

    7/23/2010 9:39 PM UTC

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