Top 7 Results

Ashley Galvan was injured and unable to continue on in the competition.

In another dramatic results show, injured contestant Ashley Galvan, 19, a Lyrical dancer from Visalia, CA, was eliminated on Thursday’s So You Think You Can Dance. Unable to compete in Wednesday’s performance show, Ashley was placed in the bottom three with the two dancers who received the fewest of America’s votes: Billy Bell and Jose Ruiz. Judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels, and Adam Shankman then announced that due to Ashley’s injury, she was unable to continue in the competition and therefore eliminated.

This week’s results show also featured special performances by singer Christina Perri, members of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and Dizzy Feet Foundation scholarship recipients Fernando Martin-Gullans and Lauren Vayser.

The competition continues next week on a very special episode celebrating the milestone 150th episode of America’s favorite dance show when the Top 6 (Billy Bell, Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman, Robert Roldan, Jose Ruiz, and AdéChiké Torbert) dance three routines – one with an All-Star partner, one with a fellow contestant and a solo – on a two-hour live performance show Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on FOX.

Tune in the following night, Thursday, July 22 at 9/8c, to find out which dancer will be sent home next and to see performances by Latin music superstars Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull; members of the American Ballet Theatre; and two So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars.


28 comments on “Top 7 Results“

  1. christina - wrote:

    Loved watching Twitch and Comfort do hip hop together. Now can we please get Russell and Little C to do krump?!!!!

    7/16/2010 9:45 AM UTC

  2. Jane - wrote:

    Get Well Soon Ashley! I guess that’s what happens when REAL dancers practice hard (with a heart) during a very difficult routine. Now we have only 5 good dancers left. Wish Jose would get voted out next week, guess someone up there liked his smile as well. Dominic schooled Jose and just made us realize how much he really doesn’t belong in the competition. Mediocre even in his own style….sad really. Glad he wasn’t in the opening act last night, his mediocre dance would have distracted me from admiring real dancers.

    7/16/2010 10:26 AM UTC

  3. Kristen - wrote:

    I am very sorry about Ashley………she was a great dancer on the show. At least she can go on the So You Think You Can Dance Tour this year. I can’t believe they have already had 2 injuries on So You Think You Can Dance this year. Ashley, just make sure to keep you head held high and be patient with your injury and make sure to get better before you dance again!

    7/16/2010 11:57 AM UTC

  4. sue - wrote:

    So sorry to lose Ashley this week, but then I don’t want to lose anyone. It gets harder and harder to see the dancers leave. Keep up the good work!!!!!

    7/16/2010 12:31 PM UTC

  5. Carol - wrote:

    So sorry about Ashley but glad she can go on tour keep the spirit ashley see you omn tour

    7/16/2010 2:03 PM UTC

  6. Jon Ella - wrote:

    Why is everyone so hard on AdeChike. It is even rubbing off on the contestants.

    7/16/2010 8:45 PM UTC

  7. carol - wrote:

    SYTYCD needs to protect dancers w/more preventative stretch and yoga warmups. And limit the amount of routines. The amount of rehearsal time not to mention performance time is huge for this type of weekly show and these kids have an entire future ahead of them. I am sure that Fox and Nigel Lithgoe can afford to have an inhouse “trainer” to help these dancers stay fit! Come on NIgel…. help keep these kids dancing safe!!

    7/17/2010 5:16 AM UTC

  8. RandR88 - wrote:

    They kept saying that Jose was in the bottom because of his routine with Courtney. I think it was because of his routine with Dominic. It became glaringly obvious, compared to Dominic, that Jose just isn’t that great. Dominic unwittingly DESTROYED Jose in that performance. The best surprise this week though was Billy and Lauren’s magic shoes…AWESOME. It was a bummer to see Billy in the bottom. And why the heck is this the “injury season”??? What’s going on?

    7/17/2010 7:58 AM UTC

  9. Mina Farah - wrote:

    I’m so devastated that Ashley is out of competition! She was by far my favorite and she defiantly was the best female dancer!
    It’s such a shame that the two best dancers in the competition left because of injuries! At least she gets to go on tour!
    Such a Shame!

    7/17/2010 2:03 PM UTC

  10. Gab - wrote:

    Please bring Mary back!!! Mia is an extraordinary choreograph but as a judge is a very very bad one. Kudos to Cat for taking Adechicke’s side. I loved Nigel till this year but “SIR”, your favoritism is disgusting. Congrats for the new show formula, having the All Stars to help is paramount. SYTYCD could be the best show on tv but the judging this year sucks big time. It’s a shame. I don’t care if Jose has a very big heart, he’s not a top 7. This is a DANCE competition and not a HOW BIG YOUR HART IS competition. Please keep these kids healthy. Again this is a dance competition and not a surgical one.

    7/19/2010 9:33 AM UTC

  11. Jay - wrote:

    Can anyone tell me why Jose didn’t perform in the opening dance number on Thursday last week? You can just see him at the end when he pushes in Cat on the sofa–but he didn’t dance the routine. I’m sorry if this was already discussed–

    7/19/2010 11:57 AM UTC

  12. Julie - wrote:

    I am so tired of all the judges blowing Jose’s ability to “dance” into something it is definately NOT! This is a dance competition, not a heart competition. Even if I don’t agree with the judges, I usually respect their opinion. Not this year! They are so busy putting excellent dancers like Adechike down and making excuses for non-talent like Jose. I don’t care if he is sweet or has a lot of heart. All I ask is that you judge his dancing, not his personality. If you start doing that, I guarantee your comments will be different!

    7/21/2010 4:41 PM UTC

  13. Amber - wrote:

    OH I’m just so sick of Jose. I dont care how much he smiles. He needs to go. This is a dance competition and he cant cut it. For the last several weeks he hasnt been performing in the Opening dances on Thursdays with the Allstars. All of the other dancers are there but not Jose. And then you had the nerve to criticize Billy for not dancing the Opening number when he is nursing an injury. What the hell? This is not an even playing field. EVERYONE should be treated equally. I wish the judges would quit sugar coating the way they speak to Jose. They dont need to be mean but just honest like they are with all of the others. He needs to be off the show. Im so upset that we will have to watch his solo again…. cant we just hit replay because its the same one over and over.
    WHY WHY WHY didnt you guys send him home. He knows he doesnt compare to the others, it shows on his face. Ridiculous. I have never been more frustrated with this show. What are the judges afraid of? I dont blame Billy for taking the week off. You guys have seen the injuries this season. I dont care what the doctor’s say…

    7/22/2010 6:47 PM UTC

  14. Wendy - wrote:

    Julie, you are right on! Jose needs to go. They actually compared him with Adechike this week – I would be P.O.’d if I was one on the other dancers. He rolls around and the others actually dance – and yet, he’s still here! Is this a dancing competition or a smiling competition? His lack of dance ability – other than b-boy – is embarrassing! “But his smile is so cute!” has gotten boring. Nigel should stop this travesty of justice before the show loses credibility and viewers.

    7/22/2010 7:32 PM UTC

  15. VICK - wrote:

    The Judges or not objective and they dont follow their own rules. Billy didnt dance, therefore he should have went home. This show is becoming so predictable. Mia Micheals still needs to be release after this season. Bring back Mary Murphy, and Nigel stick with your rules.

    7/22/2010 9:08 PM UTC

  16. SHANA ELLIS - wrote:

    I was appalled at Mia Michaels and her complete so called tuff teacher LOVE!! NOt only was he insenitive, but she was just down right RUDE and FOUL!!! A teacheR is tuff but also encouraging, the look on his face and Alex face told the WHOLE story!!
    Bring Mary back PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    7/22/2010 10:38 PM UTC

  17. c - wrote:

    why is billy bell not voted off? He didn’t do a dance for your life and he is still there? Just because he’s the judges favorite doesn’t mean he should get unfair treatment. I think it shows that he is weak since he can’t even try to dance for his life. Everyone else who didn’t dance for their life was sent home. I think the judges made a bad judgement.

    7/23/2010 1:49 AM UTC

  18. Randy - wrote:

    Is there somthing I didn’t undrstand. Two doctors said Billy could perform but He felt like he needed a rest. So the decision was that’s OK! While everyone else danced to stay on the show, Billy you rest and come back next week.
    At least it is a real life lesson, Fairness doesn’t apply to the favorite ones.
    Judges and/or Executive Producer you just lost all credibility to lecture anyone about working hard to achieve your goals.

    7/23/2010 9:33 AM UTC

  19. PJEckler - wrote:

    Has this become the Billy Bell show? He was brought back from last season due to an “illness.” Over the last two weeks Alex and Ashley COULDN’T dance due to injuries. Billy Bell CHOSE not to do, or dance for his life yet they keep him on the show. I kinow life isn’t fair, but this is total crap. It will be the last season I watch this show if they can’t be fair to ALL contestants.

    7/23/2010 3:58 PM UTC

  20. Emily - wrote:

    I don’t think Jose deserves to be on the show he is not nearly as good as any dancer on the show, and he looked kind of scary that night not determined. He is just a street B-boy

    7/23/2010 4:10 PM UTC

  21. R - wrote:

    I don’t even think that Jose has a big heart or personality …. did you see that look on his face that was really scary … maybe he should chill … he really doesn’t belong on the show he is not a real dancer. i think the judges should start looking more at his dancing than his “personality” I never really liked him i tried but he was just really annoying and he is a very bad dancer!!

    7/23/2010 4:18 PM UTC

  22. nicole - wrote:

    This is the first time ever I felt the need to waste my time doing this blogging!!!! I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with SUTUCD! Re-watching past episodes this season and seeing all the critique on the women, yet nothing on how un-technical the men are- come on!!! The people at SOTUCD are obviously aware that more girls watch this show so the boys have an unfair advantage to get votes. To then add that the stupid injuries and that the punk tonight (7/21) can’t even dance! Whatever. I’m really disgusted with how things happened this season! I love Jose, but he should have left long before many of the girls. For example, the tapper had a much better night than many others, but because her evaluation was bad on top that she was a woman! I love Kent, but again because little girls love him, he will win. Why bother watching!!! Why vote???? Why don’t you charge $.50 a vote and give it to a different charity each night so people like me don’t feel our votes are wasted when others have their computers hooked up to some devise that allows them to vote hundreds a time an hour. Why should I vote when my one (or five) few votes don’t matter at all? I’ve stopped voting years ago when I took the time to call in and it was busy and again what would my 5 votes do?
    If you won’t charge for calls, then at least be fair in the evaluations with both the men and women!!!

    7/23/2010 5:23 PM UTC

  23. gs - wrote:

    I am glad to see that Mia Michaels has toned down her approach to
    the critique of each person..and her makeup…that was getting way out!!
    Adding a 4th judge…who can actually judge …is nice also…he just gives
    truthful comments with respect in his tenor…I don’t like the rules change..
    Billy didn’t dance…out he goes…they just think he is a better dancer than
    Jose and they certainly were not going to throw Robert out as they favor him…and billy…I thought they were fudging and giving Billy
    favor….these kinds of actions influence the voters…so look out judges
    you are in for some surprises…
    and I still prefer the approach and antics of Mary Murphy…Mia is to
    bitchy and just plain into herself…seems Mr. Lythgoe would never tolerate such behavior…so I am surprised…he is so professional and always delicate and careful with his words and judgements of these kids…no sense in destroying them….still glad people are supporting
    AdeChike…even though the judges slice and dice him…stand strong

    7/23/2010 9:07 PM UTC

  24. carys - wrote:

    I think Jose should have gone this week-I was amazed they kept him.
    Also, I was horrified to read that Jose doesn’t dance on the group performances on Thursday. There’s something really wrong about that. I don’t dislike him but if he can’t dance to the same standard as the others he should have gone. Maybe Billy was afraid of injuring himself more, since there have been so many injuries this season.
    Injuries can end a dancer’s career. I am so looking forward to next week. Billy please bring everything you have. Robert keeps being in the bottom three I think because he lacks a certain charisma, which is not in sync with his appearance. He is pleasant and polite, makes no waves and is a good dancer, but he doesn’t seem to have the real “it” factor. I was so happy AdeChike was safe-I was willing Cat to say his name and she did-yes!!!!!!! He is doing what he was meant to do here and is overcoming obstacles. It was good to see that Mia related to him better-I think she said that we are getting to see what he really has. The producers have obviously been taking note of the blogs since they brought in a guest judge to defuse the situation-and it has. I didn’t need to mute Mia this week as I did last week. Adam is such a sweetheart. The show has such a young collection of dancers-I think maybe that is why Anthony was not chosen. I would like to see
    dancers who are more mature. This show is not just watched by
    younger people. Viewers cross all age differences. We seem to be left with just the young dancers. Alex was up there but he seemed to fit the current group well in personality. I hope Anthony is there next year. What happened to Henry Rivera-he was phenomenal.

    7/24/2010 9:26 AM UTC

  25. Terri Maria - wrote:

    The collective message here is that the show has lost its feelings of inspiration and hope. In a Country where so many events are happening that are negative and fear is contagious, An hour or 2 during SYTUCD people depend on tuning in to celebrate life and it’s potential. This year there is a definite change to the tone of this inspiring show. I pray that the elements that brought the show to life in the past will get aligned and more beauty will birth. The beauty of Dance was only part of the beauty of the collective.

    7/26/2010 7:14 AM UTC

  26. Klint - wrote:

    I feel Mia is a little unfair with Kent. I think she is equating Kent’s lack of attention span with disrespect for her critiques. I do not believe this to be the case. Think of it like this; Kent is a wound up puppy dog, and every noise and every person in that hall are bouncy balls. When Mia throws her ball and Kent retreives it for her, she isn’t even done with her sentence when, in Kent’s mind, three more balls have been thrown and retreived. It’s not his fault, it’s just who he is. So, Kent, if you don’t want to piss off Mia, you have to pay attention to her balls.

    7/26/2010 5:50 PM UTC

  27. DC - wrote:

    I also agree this show has lost its inspiration and hope. The “magic” was taken from the show. We all loved to watch the top 20 grow and learn, we loved watching new talent emerge. I have nothing against the all stars, but its not the same. And Nigel can’t understand why there are so many injuries this season. I understand completely. This group for the most part is so talented and athletic, that the choregrahers are pushing them to their limit and they can handle it. They are rising to the occasion (despite Mia Michaels critical comments); but they haven’t trained in these styles. Since they are using their muscles differently and dancing at the level of an allstar; I would think injures are prone to happen. These people aren’t super human. When Alex got hurt, and when Mia criticized Adechike on his bollywood number, I was shocked. I could not believe how he could even jump like that….its was a tremendous feat. How easy it must be to sit in a chair and criticize, criticize, criticize. Having a sports medicine expert on the show should help and enlighten the judges.

    7/27/2010 12:11 PM UTC

  28. Caroline - wrote:

    Something happened to my last blog. it seemed to disappear. A glitch I guess. I really want to know why Jose isn’t dancing in the opening routines. Not having to learn and practice another dance during the week is really giving him an unfair advantage. Billy’s “rest” was shouted out by the judges and Jose’s is swept under the rug. Why is the show so biased this year?

    7/27/2010 2:52 PM UTC

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