Ashley Galvan’s SYTYCD Journey

Ashley Galvan was injured and unable to continue on in the competition.

Ashley Galvan was eliminated from the Top 7 results show after suffering an injury to her rib that will take several weeks to recover from. Thankfully, Nigel revealed that Ashley’s journey will continue as a participant on the Fall Tour. The morning after her elimination, the Visalia, CA native opened up about her journey on the show and her future.

Despite her game-ending injury, Ashley was grateful for her experience. “I loved every moment and I got to grow as a dancer and do new experiences like Hip Hop and Quickstep,” Ashley said. “I hope to continue in the business.” She was able to grow as a dancer because of the show, and said that it was tough to show growth the first three weeks of the competition because she had two Contemporary dances and one Jazz. Ashley explains that even those styles were different for her because “I’ve never been partnered before or had to dance with a guy before. So it opened by eyes as a dancer and person that there is so much more to dancing than being in a studio and in competitions. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to do Quickstep and Hip Hop and learn something.”

Most of all, Ashley is upset about leaving her new circle of best friends – her fellow dancers. She explained, “We all connected very well. When one of us is injured we’re all there for each other. When one of us is upset, we’re all there for each other. They told me it wasn’t going to be the same without me.”

Ashley’s favorite part about being on the show was dancing with the All-Stars. “Everybody is so great and they all have amazing personalities,” Ashley shared. “For me not to continue further is sad.” Her favorite was the piece Dee Caspary choreographed for her and Ade about being broken. “It was actually the first time that I got to loosen up as a dancer and not be so placed and worry about lines. It was still amazing,” Ashley recalled.

What’s next for the Lyrical dancer? “I’m hoping that I will be able to go on a lot of auditions for different jobs. Just kind of continue my journey – it’s only beginning now. And hopefully I get to work in movies, commercials, and TV work. I hope someday I get to be on GLEE. That’s my dream!”

We wish Ashley a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see her on tour this fall!

Relive Ashley’s smooth moves in our photo gallery.


13 comments on “Ashley Galvan’s SYTYCD Journey“

  1. Mina Farah - wrote:

    Ashley, you were my favorite and I’m so sad that you have to go but I’m glad that you’re able to come on tour! I loved your contemporary routine with Ade! I’m sorry you didn’t get to dance with Twitch, I know he was your favorite! Much Love!
    -Mina <3<3

    7/17/2010 2:07 PM UTC

  2. agb - wrote:

    we were sorry to hear Ashly had to leave. Did she get the same deal as Alex to come back. we hope so. Hope to see them well soon.

    7/17/2010 3:56 PM UTC

  3. amie - wrote:

    we were sorry to hear Ashley had to leave. Did she get the same deal as Alex to come back. we hope so. Hope to see them well soon.

    7/17/2010 3:58 PM UTC

  4. amie - wrote:

    sorry to hear, ashley. did she get the same deal as alex? feel better.

    7/17/2010 3:59 PM UTC

  5. Kathy Lewis - wrote:

    I was wondering what kind of treatment Ashley is receiving for her rib injury and what type of injury it is

    7/18/2010 4:11 PM UTC

  6. AWB - wrote:

    I’m sorry that she had to go, I was so hoping that Jose would have to leave. He seems like a nice guy but I’m tired of him getting pushed on every week, he is not the same caliber of dancer as the others and it is frustrating to see the judges give him an easier time than other dancers (like Adechike) because he has a nice smile. Time for him to go!

    7/19/2010 12:54 PM UTC

  7. Romina - wrote:

    I will miss you so much!!!! I have loved the way you danced e.s the first time you stepped onto the SYTYCD floor!!! I’m a proud Canadian, and I only watched this show for you.

    7/20/2010 9:51 AM UTC

  8. Ulysse - wrote:

    Unfortunately, I hope Nigel will see by all those injury that the current format is NOT working. The best male dancer is out due to injury and the best female dancer up to this point is also out due to injury. This week, Billy is injured not to mention that one of the All star was also injured in this season. I believe that there is a reason for all these injuries and it is that since there are fewer dancers (top 11 instead of top 20) this season, they have to perform many styles with two dances now too fast. They have to fill up the 2 hour show with less people. Will will tell me that in other seasons it was the case too in the end and you are right but in a top 20, they started doing less dances so their body had more time (in weeks) to learn new ways to move outside of their usual dance style. Since they have less time and have to do all those dances at the same time right from the start, it is like doing sports without proper preparation and this is how you get hurt. Because of all this, watching the show is like watching a boat race where the best boats are out of the competition because they crossed the starting line too early, relaying them to the last spots automatically.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that Nigel decided to change the format to eliminate poor dancers but popular (like Philip) to remain on the show week after week while talented dancers (like Janet) are cut. However to be consequent, Nigel should not have pick-up an untrained dancer in the competition because it destroys that purpose and gives us even less time to get to know the personalities of the dancers.

    If things do not change drastically in the next season, it will be the last season I watch of that show which will be a shame because I have been watching it from the beginning.

    7/21/2010 7:00 PM UTC

  9. Pam - wrote:

    I still feel Ashley should have had the same opportunity as Alex – to come back next year!! She is a great dancer and Adam said her performance was the best female performance he had seen on SYTUCD. She had not actually been voted in the B3.
    I wonder if these injuries are because they are pushing themselves dancing with the All Stars!!

    7/21/2010 8:06 PM UTC

  10. Cheryl - wrote:

    Did anyone else think that Ashley seemed to be slighted when she had to leave because of injury? When Alex and then Billy had to leave, they kept showing Alex and Billy in the audience on the dance nights, and they never showed Ashley on the dance night when she had to leave — was she even there? She seemed to get the bum’s rush, and I’m wondering if there was anything else to her dismissal from the show. . .

    7/21/2010 8:58 PM UTC

  11. olga - wrote:

    Yes we felt the same, where is Ashley, how come they didn’t show her in the audience? Why didn’t they make a big deal about it like Alex? Why didn’t they explain more? Is she going to be back in the audience this season? We love Ashley and the show just isn’t the same without her!

    7/21/2010 10:47 PM UTC

  12. Dancemomnj - wrote:

    Ashley is a beautiful, talented dancer with great potential. I agree that she should have been automatically invited back for the next season. Perhaps Ashley has already received job offers? Otherwise, it does not make sense.

    7/22/2010 10:32 AM UTC

  13. Robin - wrote:

    Adechike’s performances were great as usual but it appears the judges don’t want him to win. They are consistently finding fault with his every routine. The same faults can be found in all the dancers are always pointed out only when it comes to him. Also, the bali dance this week can’t compare to the exceptional performance by Adechike in a previous week. Good luck to Adechike. It’s blatant, he’s got a hard hill to climb.

    7/28/2010 9:12 PM UTC

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