Alex Wong Surgery Update

Alex Wong soared through the first 3 weeks of the competition before becoming injured.

Last week, Ballet Dancer Alex Wong was injured as he was rehearsing for his Top 8 week Bollywood piece. He sustained a lacerated Achilles tendon and had surgery today to repair the damage. Good news – all went well according to Alex’s tweet: “I literally just got off the surgery table! Still a bit loopy! :D Im told all went well though! :D”

Many of Alex’s SYTYCD pals wished him well on Twitter:

Jeanine Mason: “My heart is with Alex Wong. He is not just incredible, he is a blessing to dance. I know this will be a quick and healthy recovery!”

Alexie Agdeppa: “I <3 Alex Wong @alexdwong – not only and incredible dancer but an amazing person!”

Neil Haskell: “Pray for Alex. He has a tough few months ahead of him. He’s a strong kid though. I can’t wait to see him dance again.”

Courtney Galiano: “Good Luck @alexdwong with your surgery tomorrow!”

Allison Holker: “Good luck! Love ya RT @alexdwong: My surgery is tomorrow morning!! Excited to start the healing process!”

We wish Alex a speedy recovery. Check back here for more updates on Alex’s recovery.


65 comments on “Alex Wong Surgery Update“

  1. Angela - wrote:

    Alex, I wish you the very best. You brought such inspiration to this show and have touched so many lives with your dancing and your incredibly sincere attitude. Be well and never give up on your dream! Hope to see lots more of you in the future ( after you’re completely healed ) whether it be on the show or elsewhere! You are dearly missed…. :)

    7/16/2010 2:47 PM UTC

  2. Jill - wrote:

    I’m stilling thinking about Alex. It makes me so sad, as he just blew me away with his movement in all the different forms of dance that were presented to him. As a dancer who suffered a life altering injury, my heart just went out to Alex. I know his strength and passion will get him to dance again, probably better than ever. I wonder if Alex has ever used a Pilates Footcorrector? I think it may help him after his rehab! Go Alex, Go!!!!

    7/16/2010 3:26 PM UTC

  3. Tina - wrote:

    I agree with MMcR. To have 2 dancers injured to the point where they have to drop out and within weeks of each other is a bit too much. It’s not fair to the contestants, who have worked so hard for so long to be on this show to leave like that. I’m so glad Alex got through surgery well and recovering. I hope that he will return to the show next year! But it would be understandable if he didn’t. Who would want to risk uncessary injury? Good luck, Alex.

    7/16/2010 3:54 PM UTC

  4. Rose - wrote:

    Alex, I wish you a quick and speedy recovery. When I saw the clip the moment you came down I knew what happened- I tore my gastroc, barely missing the Achilles back in April. I’m not going to lie, it’s not an easy recovery, but work with your physical therapists and orthopedic surgeon and the recovery should go quickly. Good Luck!!!! We want you back on the stage!

    7/16/2010 4:54 PM UTC

  5. Zach - wrote:

    It’s SO unfair, Alex was the best dancer they ever had on SYTYCD!!! HE WAS ROBBED :(

    7/16/2010 10:21 PM UTC

  6. Laurie - wrote:

    Well said MMcR. I too believe there is something wrong in the production this year that is pushing very strong dancers into serious injury. I love the show and watching the dancers develop, but I find this risk unacceptable.

    7/17/2010 8:30 AM UTC

  7. Amie - wrote:

    a big fan of Alex. Alex, i Just love you… wish you full and speedy recovery. Please come back next season!!! Can’t wait to see you dance on the show. all the best.

    7/17/2010 9:26 PM UTC

  8. Lori - wrote:

    Alex, I want to wish a speedy recovery but do not rush it. I am in week 5 of my achilles tendon rupture repair. Keep your foot elevated as much as you can, and wiggle your toes often. Do not rush it, I have heard too many re-repture if you push too fast. When it is completely healed, the chances are you will not re-ruture and it will be stronger than new. Just take it slow – you have your whole life of a great career in dance. You are very talented and you will go far.

    7/18/2010 9:59 AM UTC

  9. Sharon - wrote:

    Alex, we miss you! I hope that you continue to heal and get back on the dance floor soon. Your dancing was absolutely magical, I could feel your heart through my TV screen. You had me in tears, on the edge of my seat and so obsessed with your Out of Your Mind number with Twitch that I have watched it over 40 times and have had to show it to anyone who has walked in my living room. You are absolutely special. Gifted and talented and truly missed. You connect with the music and allow us to feel it through your movement. You were the highlight of my week and lifted my spirits. I only hope you read this and know how your dance moved us and we can’t wait to see you back up on that stage again!!! Speedy recovery :)

    7/18/2010 7:09 PM UTC

  10. Carol - wrote:

    I really wish to see Alex dancing on this show again. I was really disappointed to see him leave :( (((
    I feel less motivated to watch SYTYCD…
    Please come back again Alex! We want to see you dance again.
    We are so proud of you!!

    7/19/2010 12:15 AM UTC

  11. Magrim - wrote:

    Alex your dancing is “angel” like . It makes me wish I could dance (to old) But I’ll be praying your recovery is speedy yet thorough I can’t wait to see you dance again GET WELL SOON.

    7/19/2010 9:54 AM UTC

  12. Benu - wrote:

    ALEX!!!!! Wooooooooohooooo! Speedy recovery Lil Bro! Never Doubt your gift! Success waits for you evermore! After a STUPENDOUS showcase of your talent, any production/company will snatch you up IMMEDIATELY! And besides…if you decide to come back next season, it’s in the bag Bro! You’ll take it next season! No Doubt! You’re A WINNER Regardless! Much Love and Continued Success!

    7/19/2010 5:09 PM UTC

  13. mllea - wrote:

    alex, please do everything you can to heal first. the dancing and love of dancing that you brought to so many people with just those three performances is an incredible gift to us all. please help your body become whole and return to the stage where you belong!

    7/21/2010 3:16 PM UTC

  14. Martina - wrote:

    It makes me tremendously sad when a dancer of Alex’s caliber get’s injured in a stupid (sorry) Bollywood routine. Someone needs to tell these ‘choreographers’ to stop abusing the bodies of these kids in order to do some flashy gimmick stuff that has really no artistic merit. Give them thorough warm-up’s and ballet classes and stop pushing these kids to their demise!!! Grrrrrr…

    7/21/2010 7:58 PM UTC

  15. Palak - wrote:

    love you alex! My heart broke to see you go as well. Hope to see you for season 8, feel better!

    11/26/2010 11:49 AM UTC

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